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The following story is fiction about a boy who bullies his younger step-brother and then pays for it when the situation changes as they both grow up.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Dear Mother and Father,

I have decided to ABDICATE the position of elder brother in favor of Jared on our shared birthday when he turns twelve and I fourteen.  I do not do this hastily but after a year of careful contemplation and discussion with Jared.  We have agreed that he is far more qualified than I for the position except for the trivial one of chronology.

Further, since Jared will now be the elder brother, it would most appropriate that he is in full charge of me, the younger brother, in all regards.  I fully understand that includes setting the rules of my conduct and disciplining me when required and even being the one from whom I receive my allowance.  Should you feel that I required any discipline, it would be best that you request Jared to take care of the issue.

Your younger son,
Timothy #2 son

I accept the responsibility of being the elder brother,
Jared #1 son
 © YLeeCoyote

I don't think that I could have imagined anything like the above letter when our parents got married three and half years ago and Jared and I became brothers.  I was a cocky ten and half year old who thought that he was the Creator's gift to Earth.  Although I was not able to convince the 'rents of that, Jared was only eight and half and I easily dominated him.  Of course, I now regret how I treated him for it is now his turn to dominate me.  It is said that payback is a bitch and it is.  One of the reasons for my abdication is that Jared promised he would be kinder if I did.  He was becoming harsher and I realized it was just a matter of time before I formally yielded to the inevitable.

I got off on the wrong foot back shortly after the marriage by bulling Jared on a regular basis.  Back then I was bigger so that I could do it and, of course, he was still only eight-years-old.  At first it was minor but shamefully, I kept things up for more than two years.  I thought that everything was great and it seemed that Jared was like a toy for me while I was the big brother for him to worship and emulate.  What I did not realize was I was teaching him to be a bully like I was and that in a couple of years he would be capable of doing exactly that.  In fact, it was worse because he was both bigger, stronger and was testosterone driven.  He shows every indication of far surpassing me, his teacher, in this regard.

When we first became brothers we were both average in development but that changed with time.  Jared was ​4′5″​ (​135 cm​) when he was eight and grew ​a whole foot to 5′5″​ (​some 30 cm to 165 cm​) by the time he was twelve.  I was just ​4′7″​ (​140 cm​) when I was ten but only grew only ​a half foot to 5′1″​ (​fifteen cm to 155 cm​) by the time I was fourteen-years-old.  Jared had a corresponding gain in weight much of which he had made into hard powerful muscles attached to large strong bones.

One of my favorite things to force him to do, was to stand naked next to me in front of the mirror in our room.  For the first year I was always bigger in every way.  I made sure that he knew that and that it meant that I was in charge.  The second year I was beginning to have second thoughts about this.  Unfortunately Jared noticed what I was unhappy with and that was he was growing at twice the rate I was.  By the time I was twelve and he was ten-years-old, he was turning things about.  He started to reverse the roles we had been playing.  Where once I was saying stuff like "Who bigger?" he was now saying it.  I was now expected to tell him that he was.

With time he became more and more insistent and it got worse for he started puberty early while I still lagged far behind in that regard even to now.  Although my penis was a little bigger at the beginning it had hardly grew any while his had grown like a weed to some ​five hard inches​ (​thirteen hard cm​) by the time he was twelve.  I know because he had taken to making us measure each other's bodies every month.  The make matters worse for me, he also grew a lot of man hair – in his crotch, pits and even a cute little mustache – while I remained a little boy still yearning for puberty to start.

I could not avoid wrestling with him at all.  It was bad with some clothes on but worse if we were naked.  Jared was always naked and as we fought he would strip me.  I always had to surrender and to admit that he was superior.  He liked to finish up using a school boy pin which forced me to stare at his hard cock jutting from his hairy pubis practically poking my face.  It did not happen immediately but soon I was having to kiss his hard cock and say that he was much more of a man than I was.  If I hesitated, he would grab my immature pee-pee and force me to report the sizes of both our dicks.  The other favorite was with me prone and him on top forcing my legs apart with his and pressing his hard cock on my crack.  (I'm sure it is just a matter of time before it becomes more intrusive.)

By the time I became a teenager and he was eleven, there was a new reality that I did not like and which he was most pleased about.  It was a Saturday morning and the 'rents had left us alone for the day with me in charge.  We were charged to do our homework, some chores and then had permission to go to the park.  Jared was supposed to mow the lawn but he ordered me to have it done by eleven or else.  I told him that it was his job and to do it himself while I did my own chores.

At eleven, he taught me what or else meant.  "The lawn is not mowed as required.  Your willful disobedience has earned you a spanking."  I told him to do it himself and that I was in charge.  That did not help at all.  He grabbed one of my wrists, twisted my arm behind my back and dragged me over to the bed.  After he sat down, he pulled me over his lap and began to spank me with an old hairbrush.  The ​three by four inch​ (​7.6 x 10 cm​) oval back and study handle was made of hard oak and he swung it hard.  I struggled to get free but he had gotten a leg over mine and kept my wrist high up my back holding me down so I could not move away.  I was howling after a few WHACKS and promising to mow the freakin lawn.  Jared spanked away and I lost control as he reduced me a bawling baby.

A few whacks later he stopped his assault and stood me up.  Although I was not ready to do anything, Jared was for he quickly opened my belt and jeans and yanked them down.  My boxers quickly followed and then I was pushed back down into the spanking position.  The pause was to bare my ass for he now resumed spanking me.  He was now just using his hand, rather than that hard evil brush, but his hard spanks hurt for my ass was tender from the brutal hairbrush assault.  Initially, I was promising to be good again but he continued to spank me long and hard.  I was fully bawling like a baby by the time he stopped ripping up my red hot tail.

After a brief rest period, I mowed the lawn with my tear stained face and hot red butt on display for anyone who cared to look.  He only allowed me to wear shorts when we went to the park rather than jeans even though it was still pretty cool so that I looked strange.

After that spanking, Jared knew he had the upper hand and became more and more controlling.  We were alone often enough that he could remind me that he was the superior man and I just an inferior boy.  Everyday he seemed to be bigger and stronger and more demanding.  Somewhere he learnt some fighting tricks so that he could turn a simple pat on the shoulder into painful touch that made me crumble like I had been poleaxed.  I regularly got punched in the upper arm, like jocks greet each other, that I hurt much of the time.  In short, I had showed him how a mean and nasty big brother treats his kid brother and he learnt all to well.

Jared was also innovative for he came up with additional and novel ways of controlling me.  One tactic was to frame me for things that he did.  The first time was with exquisite timing.  He managed to break a small window just as the 'rents came home.  He yelled at me so that they would hear: "Timmy, you are in deep trouble – you know that you should not be throwing the ball at the house."

Of course, the 'rents were furious.  "Timothy, wait in your room.  I will deal with a very naughty little boy in a little while." ordered Father.  I was in shock but Jared led me away with a tight grip on my wrist.  I wished I had said something immediately but Father was furious and Jared said to be quiet as he led me away.  Once in our room, he warned me of direr consequences of denial and gave me a swat on the butt.

When Father came a while later he was holding me and told Dad that I was sorry and understood that I was to be punished.  Actually, I was scared of Jared and it would turn out to be his word against mine.  Dad said that the cost would be taken out of my allowance and I would be spanked immediately.  Jared was most helpful and undressed me.  He whispered that it would be less embarrassing than if Father did it.  I was not sure but he was doing it already.  Father just watched until Jared led me over to him.  I was already practically crying as I was bent over Father's lap.  "Please don't be too hard on him, Father," said my deceitful brother, "he did not mean to do it."

I soon learnt that Father spanked very hard using just his hand.  In just a couple of minutes, I was crying and then bawling from the pain.  When Father was done, Jared helped me to the corner.  Even through my crying I heard Father praise Jared for being helpful and supporting his naughty brother.  Jared came to me while I was standing in the corner and patted my hot roasted butt and whispered how easy it was to get me spanked and more.  Unfortunately he was right for he came off as the good, helpful boy and I as a little devil.

Jared other new tactic was to get me deprived of things I wanted to do.  One day, I was going to go to new hot must-see action flick with my friends and Jared asked if I had finished the book report that was due on Monday.  "Plenty of time tomorrow." I said.  Unfortunately Mother heard and corrected me.

"Timothy, it would be best to finish it today so that you don't have to rush.  Beside we are going to your grandparents for dinner and you wouldn't be able to work on it tomorrow."  Jared taunted me by saying that he would tell me all about it later and I would be able to see it on video in a couple of months.  "Jared, that is most kind of you." said Mother.  Again, I was screwed while Jared came off smelling like roses.

A couple of weeks later he used a variation of that in another way.  We were alone for the afternoon and he checked and saw that I had not done all my homework and was planing to go out.  He then ordered me to stay and do my homework.  I refused and he said that earned me a spanking.  My objections were quickly suppressed when he said that he would tell Dad that I had refused such good advice.  As directed, I fetched the dreaded hairbrush, dropped my pants and laid over his lap.  He quickly reddened my ass with that hard brush and I promised to stay home and do my work.  He went out to play.

As my thirteenth year progressed, things got worse and worse for me.  The 'rents saw Jared as the great and wonderful son and me as the problem child needing a lot of attention, watching and disciplining.  Jared was increasing the pressure in every way he could and I found that I was helpless to fight back.  Whenever I insisted it was not my fault but his, our reputations insisted that I was a liar and worse.  Jared suggested that I give up my position as older brother and promised (as an inducement) that he would ease up on me.

The one hope I had that I would be able to fight back was dashed when I overheard the 'rents talking and heard that my side of the family were all extremely late bloomers.  I was approaching fourteen and I had not seen any indication of puberty starting.

I surrendered and with my big brother's help, wrote the letter above.  Even before it took effect, Jared eased up on me and life started to be better as I got into less trouble.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a year now that Jared has been my big brother and in full charge of me.  I've learnt to accept my lower status and Jared as become a pretty nice big brother looking out for me and keeping me in line.  He is certainly strict and I well know that any misstep on my part will be punished.  I also do not get punished unless I mess up.

One thing that I don't like is that Jared keeps my rules such as for curfew appropriate for a boy two years younger than he which means I must be home at least two hours earlier than my friends.  They are aware of my special situation and that Jared has great power over me.  Several times they have seen him spank me.

I don't have any problems in public with strangers for Jared does look a lot older and our relationship seems quite normal.  He has even developed a five o'clock shadow that enhances the impression.

I've also learnt that this situation is entirely of my own doing as I have hinted throughout this report.  If I had just been nice to Jared at the beginning, rather than being a nasty bully, I would still be the big brother and now on equal terms with Jared but I taught him to act differently.  He has told me that and also insists that abdication is forever so that I am permanently his kid brother.  Because of the rules I had at the start, when I finally start growing pubes, he will remove them so that I can not forget that I am still a little boy and under the control of my powerful big brother.

That makes me a little sad but deep inside I know that my big brother knows best which is why he is in charge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 28, 2011

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