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The following story is fiction about a youth who slips under the control of his younger brother and likes it. There are scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Abdication Has its Perils


I was only twelve and my brother, Lance, was nine the first time it happened.  We were alone for the afternoon and I was supposed to watch him.  I did not like to watch him but there was one great thing about doing so – we did not have a babysitter.  He was playing in the back yard with his friend and I was behind the garage with my bud and doing what any pair of stupid red-blooded boys do at twelve – trying out a cigarette.  About an hour before Mom was due home, my friend left and I discovered that Lance was up in our bedroom at the computer.

"Hey, stupid, I found a great new site.  You'll love the hot pictures."

I knew my brother.  "I don't care about seeing a volcano."

"It's not that kind of hot.  Trust me.  I know what you like – skin."  When I didn't run over he continued.  "I'll bet that Dad will love it and then you will find it hot."

I decided to humor him and take a look.  Then I could look for some skin pixs.  Well, he was right.  The pix really was not hot but my tail would be if Dad saw it as showed the fag in my mouth complete with the camera's date/time stamp.  I probably would be grounded for a month and have to endure the shame of a babysitter again.  I saw that Lance immediately caught my reaction to it and wanted something.  "Nice fake, Lance, but dump it before Dad sees it, please.  He knows that you're good with editing photos."© YLeeCoyote

"It's not a fake and I can prove it when I show Dad."  He paused a long time.  "He'll punish you more than he did last time."

«Fuck!» I thought.  He knows what Dad promised me that if I tried smoking again.  I did not know what to say.  I did not want to have to beg my kid brother for anything.  But Lance had a plan and quickly let me know what it was.

"OK.  Here's the deal.  You need to be punished.  We both know that."

«Where the fuck was he going?»

"You get your choice.  Either you get over my lap and get spanked … or … you get it from Dad who's much bigger and stronger and probably get grounded for a year as a bonus."  He paused a few seconds.  "Your choice, big brother."

Hell, I was trapped by a blackmailer three years younger than I.  "Promise?  Cross your heart and hope to die promise?"

"Sure.  I spank you and Dad doesn't see the picture – ever – unless you take revenge."

I took a couple of minutes and agreed.  I felt that Lance would keep his word and knew that if he reneged that it would backfire.  I may call him 'Stupid' but he certainly is not.  "OK, deal."  We shook on it.

"Get the hairbrush, please."  I did not argue as it was pointless.  I went for the brush that Mom favored and when I returned he was sitting on his bed and just patted his lap.  I handed him the brush and was about to bend over when he started to open my jeans.  I objected and he reminded me that a proper spanking is always on the bare.  I lost my jeans and my boxers and got over his lap.

He gave me a few hand spanks which did not hurt much.  I changed my mind when he switched to the brush.  Those SPANKS really did hurt.  They didn't hurt as much as Dad's hand or Mom's brushing but they hurt.  I knew I was being spanked.  I did yelp a bit but he did not make me cry although my eyes were very wet.  It was a relief when he switched back to his hand as I knew that was his wrap up.  He told me to get up, gave me a hug and hoped that I learnt my lesson.

I was most chagrined, embarrassed and humiliated.  My little brother had done a number on my butt and it worked better than when Dad did for I went more than year without trying another fag.  I truly felt that I had been fairly punished for a real misdeed.  Absolutely no hypocrisy for Lance knew that neither of us should smoke and he surely did not.  (Dad had admitted that he had smoked a little in the past.)  As much as adults say that the slate is wiped clean after a punishment, that is rarely the case but I was sure that Lance was different.

Lance kept his word and even surprised me by not taunting me with any reminders.  After a couple of months, I stopped worrying about his reneging for then he would have gotten into trouble also.  I had learnt to have a lot of respect for Lance unlike my friends who sneered at their little brothers or were sneered at by their big brothers.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was also most a year later the next time it happened.  Lance was now ten and I was almost thirteen.  Three of my friends and I were given detentions.  Hell, I can take an extra hour of school especially when I can do homework.  It becomes an even trade.  The complication is when Dad learns of it, he spanks me.  That was going to happen this time because I was supposed to take Lance to the dentist after school.  It is only a short bus ride – the bus stops a block from the school and a block from the office.  Lance was at my home room at the dismissal bell ready to go.  I told him I was trapped.

"You're going to catch it when Dad finds out.  He'll dock your allowance until you pay for the missed appointment and spank you twice."

Regrettably he was right.

"Give me the bus money and be at the bus stop when I get back so we can get home together."

"But I'm supposed to take you."

"I know the way.  Bus #24 to Spring Street and then a block walk to 58 Grant Avenue.  Same bus returning or do you want to explain to Dad?"

I gave him the money and after detention waited for him at the #24 bus stop as he said.  It was all OK and we got home on time.  "It was then that he told me to get the hairbrush unless I wanted to get spanked and worse by Dad.  Same deal as last time."  Reluctantly, I agreed.

When I got the brush, he told me to strip – completely even my socks – and then ask for a 'right good and proper spanking'.  I was trapped.  Dad would have spanked me at least twice and grounded me and who know what else.  I got the brush and stripped.

"Please, Lance give me a right good spanking for messing up today."  I felt so little and embarrassed.  I was the older brother and should be spanking my younger brother rather than him spanking me.  Just like the last time, I deserved to be spanked yet I was too afraid to face my father so I was submitting to my little brother.  He had taken charge as if he was the older brother and was giving me orders.

Feeling like just a little boy I lay over Lance's lap.  I was the naughty, naked, little boy and he was the authoritative, dressed man.  He put his hand on my waist to hold me in place.  Unlike with my father, I could physically have easily got away but I couldn't do so.  It was like I was chained in place over Lance's lap.  He gave me a few light spanks with his hand.  Physically they did not hurt but emotional they were worse than Father's.  I almost burst into tears.  Then Lance started to use the hairbrush and the pain was intense.  Well, it seemed that way and I yelled with every hard SPANK.  I lost track of how many times he whacked me for I was soon crying.  By the time he stopped, I was a well punished, bawling, little boy who had gotten the right good proper spanking I surely deserved.

I muddled through dinner, and retreated to the bedroom as soon as I could claiming homework to do and went to bed early.  Lying on my stomach, like properly spanked little boys do, I had a strange feeling that something had changed in my relationship with Lance.  I was having trouble wrapping my head around this concept – I was a properly spanked little boy and it was my kid brother that delivered the punishment.  I was bigger and stronger yet I had submitted to him.  I had granted him authority over me and I doubted that I could rescind it.  I had effective abdicated the position of big brother to my kid brother although I did not realized it back then.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next two years, Lance spanked me several more times and with increasing frequency.  It was always in situations that if I got spanked by Lance I would avoid being grounded and/or spanked by Dad.  In some ways it became easier since our folks were increasingly absorbed with work and their friends along with their assuming that we were growing up and did not need the close supervision that we did when younger.  Shortly before I turned fifteen and Lance was twelve I had a couple of beers with my friends.  When I came home Lanced smelt the stuff and called me on it.  There is something about his way with me that did not let me lie to him so I owned up.  As always, he gave me a choice – confess to Dad who would ground me for a month or get my tail roasted by him.  I chose his spanking me for grounding lasts forever and a spanking is over quickly.

He did have surprise for me.  "Tony, you are too old to only be taken over my lap like a little boy so you are going to get it with the strop."  He then showed me Grandpa's ancient razor strop.  It was a wide, thick piece of leather more than two feet long.  "Dad got punished with this when he was your age."  I remembered Dad telling us about it a few times.  It was very scary looking.  "After I roast your butt, I will take you over my lap because you also still need that little boy type of hand spanking."  This was escalation but Lance had always been fair and little boys don't drink.  I stripped as directed.  I hated doing that even though we were naked frequently with each other but because it was a part of the punishment I did not like it.

Once I was naked, Lance had me lay over the padded arm of the couch.  That gave me lots of support and assured that I would not move.  That was important he explained: "You could get injured if you move as the strop was about to land and we certainly don't want that to happen."  As usual, he was right.  We both got into position and he started.  He swung the strop and it was like a pair of hot irons landed on my butt cheeks.  I howled to wake the dead.  I grabbed my ass and howled again.  "Back into position, Tony." he ordered calmly.  I complied slowly, now dreading the next stroke of the strop.  My fear was most justified.  I wondered if I would wake the dead with my yells.

After five strokes I was bawling like a little kid.  I should have been able to take this but I couldn't.  Lance pulled me up and then over his lap as he sat on the couch.  He spanked me with his hand and I kept howling.  It was shameful that I crumbled from my little brother's punishment.  He led me to the bathroom and told me to pee-pee as if I was a little boy and then put me to bed where I cried myself to sleep promising myself not to drink again.  I was just a little boy having been spanked by my big brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

You may have noticed that I never told of my spanking Lance.  That is because it never happened.  Lance did get into trouble but Mom or Dad always dealt with him.  It is just that we had very different personalities.  He liked to be in charge while I was not the 'leader' type.  When he was still eleven and the folks reminded me to "keep an eye on your little brother" that was hardly necessary.  Besides, once he started to spank me it sort of followed that he was the brother-in-charge.  Actually, this was not a big deal since we were pretty well behaved and did not need much correction.  I've already explained that I submitted to Lance's spanking me in rather than endure Dad's grounding me along with a spanking from him.  Also, just like Lance promoted me to the strop, Dad had also done so.  But being over Lance's lap for a spanking always made a deep impression on me.  I really felt punished, resolved to be better behaved in the future and I did.  When Dad punished me it was not as effective as he was the 'enemy' being the adult.

Between Lance's twelfth birthday and my fifteenth, Dad had a real talk with both of us.  Both Mom and he were pleased at how well we were doing and that we were getting along ever so well.  Not only did we not fight like siblings often do, but Lance had never complained that I had been mistreating him in anyway even though I was in charge so much.  Dad was even pleased that we managed to behave so well perhaps even better when we were on our own than otherwise.  Lance recognized the compliment immediately and thanked Dad for it and I followed suit.  Unfortunately, the conversation did not end there.  Dad then said he assumed that I had been disciplining Lance when I was in charge but I must have been fair and reasonable because Lance had never complained.

"I don't spank my brother, Father.  Lance is better behaved than I."  I said not realizing that I had kicked over the can of worms.

Dad looked quizzical at me before he spoke.  "Have you been doing stuff you shouldn't, Tony?"  I knew I was in trouble.  Lying to Father was absolutely far out of bounds.  I did not know what to say.  Lance answered first.

"Father, Tony hasn't gotten away with anything."

In a few minutes it was all in the open.  It was revealed that Lance's leadership qualities were such that he watched me more than I watched him and whenever I messed up he called me to task.

Soon I admitted it.  "Lance spanks me when I mess up, Father, and it is effective.  He is very fair about it."  My brother confirmed it.  Dad was not sure what he should do.

"It working well, Father," said Lance, "there isn't any reason to change things.  I like being a leader and Tony doesn't.  I've been elected Class President and he's never even run for anything."

It took the folks a couple of days to decide.  "We accept your abdication as big brother, Tony."  I stopped them so that they could explain that big new word – abdication.  I had to concede that I had done that without realizing the consequences.  They continued: "Lance is next in line for the position so from now on he is the Big Brother with all the rights and responsibilities of the position."

Lance was beaming.  "I promise that I will do my very best." he said.

Dad went on to explain that Lance, as the older brother, was in charge of me, the younger brother.  This included the authority not only to continue spanking me but to set rules and to check up on me.  Lance was quick to act and immediately led me off to our bedroom to discuss my new rules.  Since he was in charge, my rules had to be more restrictive than his (set by our parents).  When I complained, Lance noted that he could set them even further back like I was a couple of years younger than he was.  I quickly withdrew my objections.  (Truth be told, he actually gave me a slightly later non-school nights curfew.)

* * * * * * * * * *

Lance, thank goodness, remained reasonable although he was stricter.  He had promised that he would keep silent in public about our reverse-relationship provided that I did not force his hand with public disobedience or insubordination.  He even suggested that I could tell my friends it was our parents who had gotten strict and set more restrictive rules which was not exactly untrue.  Lance even promised to try to phrase his orders as "suggestions" when he told me something non-privately.

I accepted the formalized subordinate position pretty well as it was not much different than where things where heading for on their own.  There was one thing that I was concerned about, however, which was that Lance could ground me as well as spank me.  I had gotten into this situation because I wanted to avoid that.  Lance said he felt that spanking me was more appropriate and effective and would only use grounding if he felt it necessary to ensure that I did my homework or if I violated my curfew repeatedly.

"Hey, if you follow the rules, then I won't have any reason to punish you in any way so it is all up to you.  I'm not going to set impossible or contradictory rules." Lance said.  I knew he would keep his word.

After my birthday, there were still three months left of my freshman year.  The new rules actually gave me more time for school work and it helped my grades.  I only got spanked by Lance twice in the first month.  One time was because I did not do an assignment and the other was because I stayed out late on a date.  (Yes, she was worth it.)  Lance decided that for the last month of the term I should study extra hard for the finals.  I agreed that was a good idea but he also said that I should not date until exams were over when more relaxed summer vacation rules would go into effect.

I'm very sorry that I broke that rule.  It wasn't even a chick that I was that fond of.  I came home late and stinking of her cheap perfume so Lance could tell what I had been up to.  I was caught and Lance punished me immediately.  As always, I stripped and assumed the position.  I got six with the strop which seared my butt so that I could still feel it days later.  I did not yell as much as earlier times so in that way I was growing up.  Then it was across Lance's lap for some little boy hand spanking and the ever necessary lecture.  Lance was getting better at doing that and I felt very bad about my stupid disobedience.  I fell into the little boy mold again as I cried from that spanking.

Then Lance added a new punishment – he shaved my pubes off.  He stood me in the tub and used the hair trimmer Mom had used to save on haircuts when we were little boys.  I actually did not have any time to protest for immediately after he got me into the tub, he just grabbed the clipper and mowed a couple of swaths right through my bush.  Of course, I squealed but that gave him time to clear cut more than 80% of my bush.  There was nothing left by then.  He, in his usual methodical way, then got me wet and lathered up so he could use a safety razor to remove the stubble.  I showered and lamented the loss.  I certainly could not risk getting close to any girl and letting it be known that I was as bald as a little boy.

When I returned to the bedroom, Lance was listening to A More Humane Mikado which surely was a warning message.  When the song was over, he said: "I'm going to shave you twice a week until your finals are over to keep you from the girls.  And if that does not work, then I'll ground you.  It is most important that you do well on your finals, Brother."  It was not until morning that I realized that the guys would see me in the showers after gym.  Lance suggested that I make up some story to explain; perhaps that I lost a bet.  Lance really made that punishment fit the crime for after that when major exam periods came, I knew enough not to date and thus keep my pubes.

* * * * * * * * * *

As the years passed, I was very comfortable with Lance being in charge.  He was fairer than any parent and we kept it private even as I made my way through college.  We had a long discussion about that after I graduated high school and I decided he should continue to be in charge of me.  He did a very good job of keeping me on track which I am most grateful for.  Lance was also glad of the relationship for he loved being in charge.

There was one exception not to tell anybody rule that very first summer and I agreed we would tell.  Because we had both done well in school, Dad made a special effort and we all went to The Windy City for a week's vacation.  There, at the hotel pool, we met a couple of cool birds, Nina and Jena.  Not only that, they were pretty as well as the perfect ages for both of us and we wanted to date them.  It would be nice to go to places without the 'rents beside they wouldn't want to go to the teen clubs that we wanted to see.

After Nina accepted my invite, Lance and I went to get some sodas.  On the way Lance actually asked for my permission to tell them about our situation because Jena could only go if Nina, her older sister, approved of him.  He wanted to make the counter threat not to allow me to go unless he was ok but said my dating was strictly up to me in this case.  When we got back, Lance explained it was double or nothing with the date.  Nina questioned me about that and I 'fessed up that Lance was in charge of me and I needed his permission.

Then I added "I agree with Lance that it should be double or nothing because if my brother ain't good enough for you, then neither am I.  Beside, we can go alone while you two are stuck in the hotel without dates.  We're brothers and look out for each other."  They were quite shocked about our relationship and especially that I liked it for Jena was not happy with her big sister in charge of her.

We had a ball that night and since the folks were out doing the adult bit we had some private time with the chicks back at the hotel.  It was really neat double dating with my brother.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 15, 2009

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