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The following story is fiction about a youth submitting to his kid sister and her boyfriend.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Achieving My Dream – Part 1/3


"You're just a big BRAT!" declared my kid sister, Myra, a few days after I celebrated my sixteenth birthday.  It happened shortly after I got home and I was really high after hanging with my buddies and sharing a six-pack (compliments of a big brother).

Of course, I couldn't take such insolence from a mere thirteen-year-old girl so I snapped back: "So what are you going to do about it?"

"Take you over my knee and spank your bare brat botty like you so richly deserve." she replied with great confidence.

* * * * * * * * * *

That was a trump card!  Let me explain.  It was a few months ago that she first said it: "You're just a big BRAT!"  It was just the usual sort of banter between siblings and I just scoffed at her at the time.  It was hours later when I was in my bed, in the dark, alone and with my hard cock in my hand that I started having a strange new fantasy.  A [disembodied] female voice was telling me that I was a very naughty little boy and that I had earned a spanking – a good hard spanking on my bare botty. (Yes, it used that babyish word.)  I rolled onto my side and gave myself a few spanks as I vigorously jerked off.  I had a most glorious orgasm.© YLeeCoyote

That was the first of many delightful orgasms.  However, it was after a couple more times with this fantasy that I recognized the voice.  It was quite a surprise that it was that of Myra – my kid sister.  I was horrified since she was three years younger than I.  It would not be honest to leave you with the impression that she was a baby for she most certainly was not.  For the last couple of years my buds had been commenting how she was developing with tits and all and was actually pretty.  We assumed that if she had grown breasts that she must also have had a bush not that I ever saw it.  It was about the same time that I was starting to get hairs down there proving that I was growing up.  I certainly would not have admitted it back then but she was developing at a younger age than I was.

At my party my buds insisted that I must be spanked, just like happened at kids' parties.  Now all of us were concerned about being macho men rather than sissy boys so you can imagine that I had to endure a really hard spanking from the pack and could not object or howl but had to endure it stoically like a man.  (This had also been the procedure on their birthdays which I participated in.)

What was different was that I got really hard and was even close to creaming on my best bud's lap.  I also was not thinking birthday but punishment spanking.  It was later when I was alone in bed that I got release fantasying that I was a naughty little boy over my kid sister's lap for she was, somehow, in charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Yes, Ma'am." I replied, "That's what I deserve and you should do it."  Obviously, I was not thinking but playing out the wonderful fantasy inside my head.

My kid sister is as sharp as a razor and reacted in an instant.  She grabbed my belt and dragged me over to the couch where she sat down.  Then just as fast she opened my belt and jeans.  They dropped a bit and she grabbed my undies and yanked them down also pushing my jeans past my knees.  I was too surprised to react since I was partly in fantasyland.  She even pulled me over her lap just like I was a little boy.  I guess that she had experience with the kids that she babysat.

Once she gave me that very first real spank I was immediately and totally transported to my fantasy world.  I was just a naughty little boy getting the spanking I so richly deserved on my bare botty from his in charge kid sister.  She spanked me for a while and although it did not physically hurt (like those spanks from my buddies did) they propelled me deep into my fantasy world.  Suddenly though the spanks turned painful.  Her bag had been on the couch and she had retrieved her hairbrush.  When her heavy, wide, hardwood backed hairbrush connected with my bare butt, it made a really deep impression.  I gave a mighty howl.

I was rewarded with many more spanks.  Since I was in my fantasy world, I was just a little boy so I did not have to be macho and soon my howling turned into sobbing and then I was bawling.  That's what a naughty little boy does when he is getting his botty spanked good and hard and long with a heavy hairbrush by his mommy or his babysitter or, especially, his kid sister.  That the spanker was just a thirteen-year-old girl rather than a big woman did not matter.  I was impressed that she was doing a great job and wondered about that.

While I was still crying and over her lap, she got me to admit that I was just a naughty little brat who needed regular spankings on his bare botty to help him keep his promises to be a good boy.  Eventually she lifted me up and dragged me to the corner.  "Think about how being a naughty brat gets your botty roasted." she commanded putting my hands on my head.  I stood there for a long time with my hot red botty on display.  I thought I heard talking but incorrectly assumed she was on the phone as I would soon learn.

This changed my life forever.  My kid sister was not just a little girl now but a powerful Amazon warrior who saw me as a little boy.  I was just a naughty brat whom she could spank until he was a contrite blubbering baby.  Suddenly, part of my safe fantasy world had been transported to the real world and I was trapped in it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was one puzzled boy as I was standing in the corner with my red-hot butt on display because my kid sister had seized control of me.  It was my very first time in the corner like this because my parents did not punish me with spankings and corner time.  When I was little, there had been timeouts spent stuck in the corner but not with a red-hot tail.  My reverie was broken by Myra calling me from the corner.  I bent down to pull up my pants, she ordered: "Leave them down, Kerry and get your hot butt over here.  I've seen your pee-pee already so you ain't got anything to hide, little boy."

I shuffled over to stand in front of her hobbled by my jeans.  She had huge smile as I stood in front of her, quite exposed still feeling the fire she lit in my butt.  I was rubbing my butt with one hand and covering my crotch with the other.  "Strip.  Get totally naked, boy."  I must have hesitated for she added: "Or do you need more discussion with my hairbrush to understand?"

I certainly did not need more of such discussion, so I stripped as she ordered.  While I was starkers in front of her, it gradually became normal.  My mind was rationalizing that it was proper that she was the one in charge and I was just the well-spanked little boy.  The boy she had just spanked into a bawling baby.

"You have been sorely needing a good spanking for a long time, Kerry.  And this was just the first.  Things are going to be different around here from now on.  Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I mumbled sealing my fate.  Of course, I couldn't say anything else because I was in a fantasy.

"Turn around slowly, boy, so I can inspect your red-hot botty."

"Yes, Ma'am." I said and as I turned I saw Randy.  He was Myra's boyfriend and, like her, thirteen.  He was wearing a huge smirk.  "What's he doing here?" I demanded.

They both laughed. "Keep your position, Brat.  Randy has been here since the beginning and been giving me pointers on how to spank you.  Thanks to him my hand is not sore for he handed me my hairbrush and directed where I should strike your naughty booty.  I've also seen that he's a lot more of a man than you."

They laughed more and I looked and saw that Randy's crotch was bulging.  Not only was he sporting wood but he had a lot of it.  "This is private.  Randy you have to go."

"Sure.  That will give me time to post the video of you.  How long do you think it will take before it goes viral, boy?" he asked.

Of course, that put me into panic mode.  "You got to delete that vid." I implored.  I was quickly informed that it was safely stored up in the cloud.  Of course, he meant that he could share it anytime he chose so I had better behave.  Randy sat next to Myra on the couch.  His track pants were bulging indicating a monster hidden inside.

"Kneel boy." ordered Randy.  I stood frozen.

"Kneel right there, boy." ordered my sister pointing to the floor in front of Randy.  I obeyed.  "Randy has a problem which you caused and now you going to solve." she said.  "Take down his pants."

"NO!" I shouted.

They both jumped up.  Somehow Randy had my belt in his hand and Myra grabbed one of my ears.  As she pulled, I followed and soon was draped over the end of the couch with my butt up.  Without any warning, Randy raised up his arm and brought it down so that the belt landed right across my sore butt.  The pain was unbearable and I let out a howl.  He gave me a few more and reducing me to a little boy begging for mercy.

"Ready to solve the problem you created, boy?" Myra asked?

"Yes, Ma'am." I responded totally defeated.  A minute later I was on the floor kneeling between Randy's legs and staring at his tent.

"Take down my pants, boy."  He raised up and I pulled his pants and boxers down.  His huge cock stood rampant from it big bush.  Myra was right that he was a lot more man than I was.  "Lick and suck me, boy." he ordered.

I was afraid to resist so I obeyed.  I licked him a while and then took the head into my mouth.  That was very difficult but Randy helped by grabbing my ears.  Now he completely controlled the action.  Back and forth he pushed and pulled me as I tried to please him.  When he exploded, I had to swallow because he did it directly into my throat.

I hoped that was the end of it and that they would let me crawl back into my shell and disappear.  I was allowed to get up and they mocked me for having a hard on (proving I was enjoying everything) and that it was no bigger than Randy's was soft.  He did find a use for it, however.  Randy grabbed it like a leash and started to walk.  I followed not wanting to be separated from my cock and soon was in the bathtub standing with my hands on my head again.

Myra handed the clipper to Randy who was still holding my cock.  I watched in horror as he easily mowed down my bush.  While I was looking with dismay at my pubes lying at my feet, Myra got me wet and covered with shaving cream.  "We can't have this nasty stubble, boy." she said as Randy took the razor and continued making me into a hairless little boy.  It did not take him very long.  I was told to shower and report back to them in the family room for inspection.

When I reported, I had to wait for they were making out on the couch.  They were very understanding and Myra promised that she along with Randy's help would take good care of me.  Randy was just enthusiastic.  "You will never want for a well-deserved spanking, little Brat."  he explained.  I was dismissed.

Back in my room.  I lay down (on my side) to think.  My fantasy had more than come true but would it be too much?  I hadn't any way to be sure.  My cock was hard, my baby smooth pubis felt good, the pain in my botty … well I sorta liked that also.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. May 20, 2016

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