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The following story is fiction about a youth submitting to his kid sister and her boyfriend.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I tell you to read Part 1 first?

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Achieving My Dream – Part 2/3


It was a few days after I first spanked Kerry and it was a school night.  Our parents had gone out telling us to behave properly, do our homework and chores and that Kerry was in charge.  The usual stuff.  We both made the usual noises and they left.

I went to Kerry's room to see how he was dealing with the fact that Randy and I each had spanked him and taken his pubes as well his sucking Randy's much bigger cock.  "How's my little boy doing?" I asked as I walked into his room without knocking.

"I'm OK, Ma'am." he responded very respectfully.  He did not yell that I should get out of his room, especially since I did not knock, as he always had in the past.  Obviously, he had changed for I wasn't the despised kid sister to verbally abuse anymore.

"You understand that I am in charge now and will not hesitate to spank you again if you misbehave, little boy." I told him firmly (although it probably was redundant).

"Yes, Ma'am." he replied respectfully.  A few more questions and I learnt that he had been fantasying that I spank him for a while so that now that it happened it seemed normal to him.  I certainly could live with this new paradigm.  Then I spotted the test paper on his desk with a great big red F.  That gave me a new opportunity and I took it.© YLeeCoyote

I held up the paper.  Within two minutes he admitted that such a terrible failing grade earned a good hard spanking.  I ordered him to strip and he did so without hesitation until he got to his briefs.  "Those too, little boy, I've seen your little bald pee-pee already.  It isn't any different from any other little boy's."  He pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them.  Just like the little boys I babysat he didn't try to hide his bald crotch out of a feeling of modesty or shyness.

I picked up his flip-flop from the floor and sat on his bed.  "Over you go, boy." I said as I patted my lap.  He obeyed.  I got a good grip on his waist and gave him a few hand spanks to warm him up and also I liked seeing my hand prints form on his bare botty.  Then I switched to the flip-flop and got serious about the spanking.  I gave him more than thirty hard spanks so that his botty turned bright red.  They hurt for he was yelling and promising to study and to be a good boy even without prompting.  When I was finished spanking, I gave him fifteen minutes in the corner.  I really enjoyed doing this and watching him stand there.

When the time was up, I called him from the corner, wiped his face and had him put on his pants.  "Take out the garbage, little one." I ordered.  That it was my chore was all the better even though it was just a short walk down the hall to the garbage chute.  When he returned I made him strip again and get back to studying until bedtime.  I told him that time wasting on video games, texting or the like was absolutely prohibited.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Friday afternoon and the next week was midterms.  I was caught up but my brother had managed to slip behind.  It was late afternoon when I checked his assignments and the like.  I told him that he was grounded for the weekend so that he would have time to study and he had also earned a spanking.  He was well trained by now so he stripped without a word or any hesitation.  Randy was right that without pubes he did not feel like a teenager so he behaved more like the little boy matching his grade school boy maturity level.

It was over my lap again.  I simply love him in that position.  We both know precisely what our relationship is.  As always I started with my hand to enjoy my pink hand prints before moving on to the big wooden spoon that Mother never uses for cooking anymore.  After a dozen good whacks, Kerry was getting the message.  I gave him a second dozen to be positive that message was well delivered.

I had just finished when the door bell sounded.  Checking the time, I saw that I was late.  "Kerry, open the door and let Randy in.  Tell him I'll be ready shortly and I'm sorry to be late but that was because I was delayed by you.  Do the best you can to entertain him." I ordered.

"Yes, Ma'am." he replied dutifully.  I went off to get ready for my date.  I paused as I closed the bathroom door to be sure Kerry was following instructions.  I was confident that Randy would find something entertaining to do while he waited for me.

They went into the family room and I got into the shower.

* * * * * * * * * *

As the naked Kerry let me into the apartment, he explained why my date was late.  I was surprised and annoyed.  I took Myra's message as carte blanche for me to have some fun with the troublesome little boy.

I grabbed his pee-pee and lead him into the family room.  "Making your sister late for a date is most definitely a spanking offence."  He surprised me not agreeing immediately like he had doubts so I added: "And since I'm the injured party, I get to spank you."

"Yes, Sir." he replied like we had taught him.  He is so changed now that just being firm gets him to comply with our orders.  I got him over the end of the couch and I could see how Myra's spanking had already given him a red butt.  That made me fully hard because it was so damn sexy.  Right after I pulled my belt from my jeans I also unbuttoned them for already I required more room.  I got into position, folded the belt and ordered Kerry to stay still.

I gave him a good stroke and he gave a yell.  I'm sure that Myra heard it and appreciated it.  He jumped up and I ordered him back down warning of extras if he got up before I told him to.  Over and over I used that belt hard for delaying my date.  He was crying like a baby when I stopped.

However, I was rock hard and could not go out like this.  I dropped the belt and was about to have Kerry suck me off.  But I could not take my eyes off his throbbing red-hot rump. Then I understood why those baboons in the zoo got mounted so much – their red rumps were an irresistible attraction.

I needed release desperately and NOW!  I had planned to get another BJ from Kerry but his HOT-RED BUTT was absolutely irresistible.  I grabbed the bottle of hand lotion (that his Mom kept on the end table) and squooshed a mess on my steel rod and some on the target.  I stepped forward and pressed forward.  I did not care what he thought but only of my great need.  Gradually he yielded to my irresistible force and I rammed all the way in.  I pumped away a few times in that tight hole.  That was all it took to make me explode.

Myra came in just as that was happening and I was pulling out.  "You're a real MAN." she said and handed me some tissues to wipe myself off.  As I adjusted my clothes she apologized for being late, thanked me for dealing with the naughty boy and reminded him to get to his studies as soon as he stopped crying.  Then we went off to our show.

We agreed that the evening had a great start.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L. May 25, 2016

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