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The following story is fiction about a youth and his girlfriend submitting to his kid sister and her boyfriend.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I tell you to read Part 1 first?

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Achieving My Dream – Part 3/3


Myra and Randy were at the Mall for an afternoon of fun together.  They had plans to dine and take in a show like they were much older.  What that actually meant was to eat at the food court and see the latest and greatest movie in the typical mall multiplex.  Of course, there were lots of other teens about for they all had similar schedules.

It was at lunch before the movie that they noticed Tami, Kerry's girlfriend in a mixed group without him.  They did not think anything of it at the time nor even that she and Jack, one of the guys with a reputation of being a Romeo, went off to the rest rooms at the same time.  Myra snapped a pic showing Jack's hand on her butt.  It was only because Randy also went on a similar mission that something came to light.  Randy noticed that Jack was not where he expected him to be – in the men's room.

He mentioned that to Myra and continued eating.  A while later they noticed the pair returning together and concluded that they must have been sharing one of the family rooms.  Myra took a pic showing their lustful grins and holding hands.  "That slut tells my brother that she is his one and only but she is certainly cheating on him." she said with disgust.

"Lying is disgraceful!" said Randy.  "She should dump him rather than lie."  Myra agreed and they went off to the movie.  They were delayed a bit getting there because of some window shopping and got in just in time for the feature.  Fortunately they had gotten their tickets earlier.  What they noticed was the couple in front of them were far more interested in each other than the movie.  It was when things were over that they saw Kerry and a girl stand up and both were adjusting their clothes.  Myra took a couple of pix and the pair remained unseen.

"It looks like your brother is just as dishonest as his girl – he isn't any more faithful than she is."© YLeeCoyote

"Yeah, he should be spanked – the lying rat." said the feminist in Myra.  On the way home the two considered how they could punish both of them.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was dinner for six that evening.  Kerry and Myra's parents believed in knowing their kids' friends so they each had a friend as a guest.  Everyone spoke about their activities during the day.  Kerry and Myra were surprised to hear that both Kerry and Tami claim how they had been thinking about each other and how much they missed each other all day long.

Myra managed to shift the conversation to the news about the election.  This let her bring up the topic of honesty.  "It's disgusting how those politicians LIE all the time." said Myra.  "If any of us did that we would get soundly spanked."

"I know I sure would if my parents knew." added Randy.  "What about you, Tami?  What do your folks do if they catch you lying?"

Tami really did not want to discuss anything about spanking particularly her own spankings and most certainly not with little kids especially her boyfriend's kid sister and her boyfriend.  But she was trapped for Kerry's mother pressed her for an answer.  "I would get spanked." she admitted reluctantly.

"I would expect so, Tami.  Just like the rest of us – when we lie, of course." emphasized Myra thinking about the plan she and Randy had hatched.  Although it seemed like it would never end, dinner did conclude and the olds went out admonishing the children to behave properly and to mind the rules.

It was when the four were gathered in the family room that Myra and Randy pounced.  They started on Kerry and asked him how he could be thinking of Tami while he was making out with Georgia in the movie.  He, as expected, denied anything of the sort but there were two witness and even a couple of pix.  Myra and Randy were insisting that Kerry should be punish for lying.  Tami (playing the hurt innocent) was most offended for he was being unfaithful.

Kerry's protests were over ruled.  Tami actually encouraged the two younger ones to spank Kerry as they said he deserved for she felt that she was a mistreated woman.  Of course, those two did not need any encouragement and they took special delight in stripping him of his clothes in front of his wronged girl.  In response to his objections, they pointed out that she surely knew and had seen what little boys like him had in their pants and it would not shock her in the least.  He was most embarrassed but he could not fight them off.  In quick secession he lost his shirt, jeans, sneakers and finally even his underpants.

It turned out that Tami was shocked by what she saw, er, more accurately what she did not see – pubes.  Kerry had to confess that his kid sister and her boyfriend had shaved him as punishment.  He was quite embarrassed and the spanking had not even started.  Randy got him over his lap and clamped him into place.  As he liked to, he started spanking with just his hand gradually getting a nice warm pink glow in the target rump.  Then just as Kerry thought he was only getting a hand spanking, Randy took the flip-flop from Myra and began the real spanking.

That first spank with the paddle-like flip-flop immediately changed the game.  The pain inflicted was an order of magnitude greater and so was the reaction of the spankee.  He yelled and was quickly taken past his limits so that he was crying like a real little boy.  Tami was quite amazed and even complimented the two younger ones.  That was something she would not have done had she had any expectation of what was next.

The younger couple being prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner went for Tami next.  Just like her boyfriend, her lies and unfaithfulness were exposed with even better photographic evidence than for Kerry.  She was dumbfounded.  She got the same treatment as Kerry had gotten for she was stripped.  Her protests were all negated by her earlier words when she was encouraging the spanking of Kerry.  It was though his teary eyes that Kerry first saw his girlfriend naked.  This did not bother her as much as being naked in front of the controlling and dressed younger kids.

This time Myra was to do the spanking.  She was about to get the naughty girl over her lap when Randy said to wait a minute.  He rushed out of the room and returned in a minute with a towel.  "This slut is wet!" he declared as he roughly wiped her wet slit with the towel before she knew what he was doing.  "Now get over Myra's lap, naughty little girl." he ordered the blushing girl after spreading the towel protectively over Myra's lap.

Myra was delighted to have her hated big brother's naked, arrogant girlfriend over her lap.  She spanked with her hand for a while.  Probably longer than was necessary to be effective since it was ever so much fun.  Then, like Randy had, she switched to using her hairbrush and that quickly broke the girl as her butt turned into bright red pain center.  Her other end was a first class bawling and howling center.

The spanking over, the two spankees were parked in corners of the room.  The young spankers were more than delighted with watching the two fidget as they served their corner time.  After about twenty minutes they called the red butted liars from the corner and had then stand in front of the couch where they were siting.  Myra lectured them on the errors of their ways.  She took care to include: "You both have been unfaithful to each other.  You have been LYING to everyone about how you are a couple."  Although it was more comfortable with their hands at their sides rather than on their heads, this did not compensate for the shame of being lectured while standing naked like little children.

As soon as they were allowed to dress, Tami insisted on going home.  Kerry was required to escort her but had strict orders to return immediately.  Myra and Randy took advantage of the privacy to gain release of the tension from their erotic activities during Kerry's brief mission.  "That was quite wonderful, Randy." said Myra as they cleaned up.  "I'm so glad that you're a real man and not a boy like my brother."

"Thanks and you're wonderful too." he responded.  They were glad they enjoyed each other saving their gloating about the day to after Kerry had returned.

When Kerry returned, he grunted: "She dumped me." and rushed off to his room and slamming the door.

"That's no surprise." Myra said, "Even a slut does not like a two-timer."

"The naughty little boy is unhappy." noted Randy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Today is definitely the worst day of my life.  Myra and Randy ganged up on Tami and me after the olds went out.  Now I have an angry ex-girlfriend and a hot red ass.  I just got back from taking her home while being subjected to a constant invective filled barrage of complaints.  When we got to her house, I learnt that she wanted to spank me or she would talk about how my kid sister was in charge of me.  (Thank goodness she does not know how Randy treats me.)

I was trapped and agreed.  I had to give Tami my belt and drop my jeans and underpants before bending over the hall chair.  She put her all and then some into swinging my heavy leather belt at my ass ten frig'en times.  Every cut made me yell in pain especially since I was still tender and sore from Randy's spanking me with a flip-flop.  I was crying by the time she forced me out while I was still fixing my pants.  She even ridiculed me because I was hairless and smaller than all the guys she had seen.  I was lucky to get back home without meeting anyone I knew.

Once I was back home, I made a bee line for my room and slammed the door.  I dropped my jeans and undies and collapsed on my bed.  Prone, of course, and still sobbing a bit to lick my wounds and figure out how I got here.

A few months ago I was a normal guy with a little fantasy that I wanted to be spanked by my kid sister, of all people.  Well that happened but then things got out of control super fast.  I hadn't any idea how bad it was going to get when Myra and Randy ganged up on me soon after I got my wish that she spank me.

Her spanking me was all I wished for and wanted but I totally lost control after a couple of spankings from my kid sister.  Suddenly it was like having a full-time, strict, nasty babysitter who spanks for the slightest transgression, real or imagined, all the time.  She was in my face perpetually and I was trapped.  My fantasy was a bottomless abyss I had fallen into and could not get out.

The trouble was that her spanking me was only part of what happened.  Her boyfriend Randy joined fores with her and together they shaved off my pubes turning me back into a little boy and I had to service his large cock.  They both spank me frequently now.

The only thing that seems clear to me is that I have a far better understanding of the maxim Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 2, 2016

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