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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of a youth being stripped, corporally punished and gay sex publicly.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

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Adam's Double Initiation


Adam was a new citizen of Assville having moved here less than three months ago with his guardian.  Slowly the almost seventeen-year-old youth was beginning to make friends at school but he really did not have any yet.  He had also learnt about the extra fixation (in his humble opinion) that the village had for spanking butt -- particularly bare butt.  So far he had been lucky and had only experienced such tail warming privately at home and not at school or, even worse, in the public square.  Just as he had passed the age of consent for sex, he was also considered of age to receive public paddlings in the square.

In his time here he had seen several other dudes get their seats warmed to a bright red state.  He found it exciting provided that he did not consider the possibility that it could happen to him.  He had lost count of the number of times that he saw his classmates called to the front of the room, bent over the teacher's desk and get paddled or strapped.  Almost always the unlucky student's jeans would be lowered or skirt raised so that only their thin underwear was the only protection.  Twice a couple of guys had been wearing only their jock straps and got it on their bare butts.  But that was not the worst.  A couple of teachers insisted on bare butts and pulled down the spankee's underwear.  Then everyone could see the guy's balls or the girl's slit as they were bent over the teacher's desk.  A few times he saw a miscreant on stage and punished in front of the entire school during assembly.  Each and every time the miscreant was completely stripped to his or her birthday suit and then publicly punished.  The ninth graders were actually put over the laps of the vice principal and spanked -- usually to tears.  The upper class (wo)men were placed over a horse and paddled or strapped.  Only a few of those managed not to cry.

Back where he came from pantsing a kid was considered the thing to do but that was not in the same league as what was happening here.  He did manage to ask about it and discovered that the practice was just to get someone in deep trouble so that they got the full (dis-)assembly treatment.

It was not until two days ago that he got to see a public paddling in the village square and that turned out to be a double header (or should that be a "double tailer").  He had no idea of why Jen, a pretty fifteen year girl, was paddled and then parked for four hours in the pillory.  What he knew was the from the time that he saw her being stripped by the Constable so that she was bare from her waist to her ankles he had a hard-on.  As he watched, he exposed an entire roll of film documenting the entire session from her losing her jeans and panties, through the paddling and then her session in the pillory.  He was particularly proud of the shot he got of the poor lass bent over.  It showed her bright red bottom, the cute little rosebud of her anus and, best of all, her pretty pussy.  The wonders of a telephoto lens.  He got a few shots of the other woman who was paddled but he was a lot less interested in her for she was ancient (i.e., at least twice his age) and often covered with her skirt.

The next day in school he experienced being popular for the first time.  He expected that the guys would be interested in the pictures but was surprised that even the girls were.  The start of his downfall came when Spark offered to buy some of the pictures.  He agreed and several others wanted some also.  He took orders and that night printed them up.  He was smart enough to make extras.© YLeeCoyote

In the morning as he was selling the pictures at school the vice principal did not appreciate the commotion.  He then ranted about their vulgarity, their pornographic nature before confiscating them.  Two hours later Adam was being stripped on the school stage in front of the entire student body.  The stripping was done by two ninth-grade girls.  They slowly removed everything he was wearing until he was standing facing the entire student body in his birthday suit.  Then he was placed over the horse and tied to it.  He felt that the VP besmirched his manliness by ordering him tied to the horse without asking as he had done with the other older youths.

He was not ready for the strap striking his upturned butt as it did.  He howled as it hit and the searing pain flooded through his body.  He was glad that he was tied for else he would have jumped up embarrassing himself even more.  The strap crashed down again and again until his bottom was one searing mass of red hot pain.  It was with great difficulty that he managed to keep from crying like a little kid.

He was untied.  Lectured once again and forced to stand on the stage until the assembly was over.  Then he was required to s-l-o-w-l-y walk up the aisle and stand in the corner of the hallway for the next period.  It need not be said that rubbing was not permitted nor was it considered appropriate behavior for a young man.  He was required to be macho if he was ever to hold his head up again in this school.

At the end of the day, his home room teacher gave him a sealed envelope neatly addressed to him using his full legal name.  It was a summons to appear that very afternoon in the Magistrate's Court at four o'clock.  He was accused of dealing in pornography.  The magistrate gave him three options.  To plead guilty as a minor and get a class 5 paddling in the village square or to go to trial as a minor or to go to trial as an adult.  After Adam and his guardian were shown the evidence they decided that a guilty plea as a minor was the best option.  Since the school had already punished Adam that day he was to report to the village square on Friday at four for his punishment.

And promptly at four on Friday, Adam reported to Constable Coyote at the spanking bench in the square.  He had asked his guardian not to come so that he would not see his public disgrace.  Thanks to wonderful reporting of Radio WOTK's village hall reporter, there was a large crowd to watch the spectacle.  After the experience he had at the school assembly, he wished that he was not so popular today.

The Constable was very business like.  He checked the court orders.  Adam was ordered to strip completely (except for his shoes) and place his clothes in the bag.  He then asked Adam if he wished to be tied down or would he be able to take it without jumping up.  He carefully warned Adam that moving required extras and being tied in the middle was most embarrassing.  Upon determining that this would be worse than what he had gotten at school, Adam chose to be secured.

WHACK!!! went the first stroke of the heavy tawse and Adam yelped.  This was a heavier weapon than the one used at school and swung by a stronger arm.  Adam was glad that he was restrained.  He lost count after twenty blows and just lay there limply as the Constable continued until the assigned number was reached.  He was allowed to rest before the second part of the punishment.

After the rest period, the Constable picked up the bundle of birches and approached Adam stretched out on the spanking bench.  The birches were placed on Adam's red hot and already swollen butt to judge the distance.  Adam winced as he felt the gentle touch.  He feared what he knew would soon happen when they touched him in anger.

His fears were quite justified.  The bundle came crashing down inflicting pain even greater than had the tawse.  He yelled.  The Constable gave him a stick to bite on.  He bit down hard on the stick and managed not to yell for the remaining nine kisses of the birch bundle.  He knew he was now bleeding where the sharp bits of the birches had cut.  The Constable filled his bucket with water from the fountain and dumped a handful of salt into it.  This will prevent infection, lad, but it will sting.  Then he gently emptied the bucket on Adam's bleeding, swollen and red hot butt.  The salt in the open cut stung but the cold water soothed at the same time.  Adam practically bit through the stick.

The village clock was striking five as Adam was untied.  As was the custom, Adam was directed to the doctor's office for an examination and was expect to report back before the half hour.  Of course, he was required to walk this by himself and naked.  Village custom permitted heckling but not any contact.  He was not happy being popular now.

The doctor checked his heart and sprayed some antiseptic on the cuts.  He then directed Adam to return to the pillory.  Adam was smart enough to empty his bladder and have a long drink.

The Constable locked him into the pillory at 5:30.  Adam knew that he would not enjoy the next six hours but hoped that he would be home by midnight.  For more than an hour everyone was carefully checking him out.  Naked and bent over his ass and its hole was fully exhibited to all and his cock and balls were viewable from all points of the compass.  The crowd was a happy one and did not do anything nasty much to his relief.  Actually, most were sympathetic to him.  One of the things he was glad of is that he never lied about the size of his cock, for the sight of so many attractive bodies of both sexes starting at him caused him to be aroused.  A fact not ignored by the crowd; actually expected and welcomed.

By seven, the crowed thinned out as there was nothing more to see.  A little latter Simon came around.  Adam knew of Simon.  The talk was that he went Don Juan one better -- he fucked with guys as much as gals.  And according to rumor he hoped to fuck everyone in school.  He carefully circled about Adam and then stopped to talk with him privately.  There were still people coming and going.

"You got six hours in this, Adam?"  Adam nodded.  "Started at 5:30?"  Adam nodded.  "You know that the Constable is off at 10?"  Adam shook his head.  "And takes the key home with him?"

"WHAT?" declared Adam in shock.

"That's right, you're in here until the other Constable comes on at six in the morning."

"That's more than six hours extra!"

"Yes and it is worse than that, Adam.  You got a very cute butt and are in a very good position for it to be used.  Think about what happens after midnight when only the horny teens are about and the constables are snoring the night away.  Particularly the blue balled ones that think that they are studs and did not score with their dates."

"They wouldn't!  Would they?"  Adam said in fright.

"They have in the past.  Have you got any friends to protect you?"  Adam truly regretted telling his guardian to stay away now.  "I thought so." continued Simon, "Ask the Constable about Section 666-fu of the Village Code.  I'll be back a little later."

The Constable came by and Adam spoke with him.  He learnt that Simon had told the truth about the schedules.  Then he asked about section 666-fu.  The Constable took out the copy of the code and looked up the relevant section.  He smiled as he read it.  "This has not been used since I've been here but it is very interesting.  Then he read it out loud: Except for minor females, a prisoner in the pillory may request release into the custody of any person who on the request of the prisoner fornicates with the prisoner."

Simon returned after a little bit.  "Would you like a 666 release or should I come back after midnight and join the gang bang crowd?  By the way, you'll have the smallest audience before nine."

Adam felt backed into a corner.  Should he ask Simon to fuck him or wait until later and get ganged banged.  Not a happy choice.

Simon pushed his case.  "I'll be gentle with you and make it fun.  I'll guarantee that it will be much better that what will happen later when they are all acting like they are tough macho men and just ram it in.  Dry!"

It took a long time for Adam to say it.  And then he had to repeat it for the Constable.  It was very hard to do but exciting at the same time.  Adam's cock was responding to the exciting concept in spite of himself.

Simon opened his pants and his cock sprung out at the ready.  He slipped on a condom and started to play with Adam's butt hole.  As he promised, he was very gentle and careful of the soreness from the tawsing and birching.  Gradually, Adam relaxed and his hole opened accepting one, then two and then three fingers as Simon kept his promise.  Simon used a lot of lube and then he replaced his fingers with his solid rod.  Adam did not know that it was almost in him until it had already happened.  Then Simon began pumping in and out trying to hit Adam's prostate as much as he could.  The strategy worked for Adam became fully aroused and was dripping pre-come.  Simon kept at it as he loved this sort of coerced fuck.  Adam was loving it despite his reluctance.  Both youths climaxed and stopped.

The Constable released Adam into Simon's custody.  Simon tied his captive's hands behind his back and put a leash on his equipment.  It was then that Adam saw that there had been a smiling audience to his deflowering by Simon.  Simon led Adam away.  Many of the audience followed for the party Simon was giving.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 26, 2000

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