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Adjusting Father


Colin was not thinking of very much as he walked home from the school bus stop.  He was on the early bus because the coach was sick.  If anything was on his mind it was the fine spring day and that soon he would be finished with high school.  As he approached the house and barn he remembered that there would be extra chores to tend to since Mother had gone to help his aunt a few days ago.

As he approached the house he heard noise from the barn.  Strange he thought since nothing should be happening there.  The barn was just a relic of bygone days but he had loved playing in it as a kid as did his siblings and all of their friends.  It had also served another purpose since the animals had moved on to the butcher many years ago – that of the traditional woodshed.  Many a time he had gotten his butt strapped and worse there by his father who constantly found cause and justification in The Book of Proverbs.

As he approached he heard the all too familiar sound of the strap hitting a young rump and the accompanying scream.  Very strange! he now though knowing that his younger brother, Edward, was still at school.  As he stepped into the shadow behind the door he was transfixed by what he saw.  It was his father with the strap and his target was the now red hot bottom of his kid sister, Katelynn, who was lying over spanking bench.  It was one of the very few home improvement projects that his father ever finished.  Kate's clothes were scattered as if they had been ripped off and thrown about.  His father was half naked with neither pants nor drawers.  He was erect.  "It's your duty to obey me, girl.  It says so in the Commandments.  Your mother is away and you must serve me."

A chill ran down Colin's back and his blood ran cold.  He had heard that before.  The first time was six years ago when Mother was away.  Then he was a weak and helpless boy with not even a single hair by his dick.  He had played hooky and gone fishing.  He never expected that his teacher would call at dinner time.  He reluctantly but unresistingly, as his father crushed his upper arm in his strong hand, went to the barn.  Yes, he knew that he had earned a spanking and knowingly had run the risk.  He stripped at his father's command and bent over the spanking bench his father had thoughtfully constructed.

Colin knew that he was going to get it – hard.  He resolved to take it like a man and not cry.  Two hard cuts of the heavy harness strap had put him into agony.  The third made him howl like a banshee.  After that he howled and cried just like he had when he was a little boy over his father's lap being spanked.  He was totally out of control and laid helplessly as his father yelled and scolded him.  Eventually, the strap stopped hitting but the pain and howls and cries continued.© YLeeCoyote

Colin hardly heard what his father was saying about how nice his hot red ass was and how like a girl's and how horny he was and that Mother was away a long time and that it was his duty to obey and serve.  What he did remember – like it happened only yesterday – was his father's rough hands running over his hot butt and pressing into his butt crack.  Then his hard, rough fingers brutally forcing their way into his hole.  First one and then another and another until he was open.  Then the unexpected horror of his father's rock hard cock ramming it's way deep into him as he screamed at the brutal invasion; at the violation; at the rape; at the violent, sinful destruction of his innocence.

Colin remembered the pain as he lay there for hours until he could drag himself to bed.  And then it all happening again the next day; and the next until Mother returned and he was left in peace.  He was left alone for several weeks.

Then on the full moon it happened again.  His father dragged him out to the barn and spoke of breeding him again because Mother was unclean.  Then, still again, the next night.  It hurt less but Colin could not understand any of this.  What he understood was that each full moon meant two or three trips to the barn; to be brutally ravished again and again.

Just as suddenly at it started, it stopped after almost three years.  He expected it to happen again but it didn't.  It was when he heard his younger brother, Edward, crying in his bed that he knew why.  Edward was only twelve while Colin was fifteen and becoming a man with a beard.  He was relieved but the memories hunted him and he knew what Edward was enduring and must be feeling.

Time passed as it always does.  Colin was becoming a man and more knowledgeable in the ways of the world and sex.  Much was still unknown to him but he was certain that what his father had done to him and was doing to Edward was wrong.  Yes, going to the authorities would stop that but it would also remove the breadwinner and drive the family into poverty and shame.  Colin saw no solution nor even a place to seek help.

Transfixed, Colin stood still staring at the loathsome scene for sometime.  He knew that he must act but how?  Now, no longer the weak and helpless little boy but a powerful youth.  Without any plan he rushed forward and drove his body at his father's.  Perhaps his strength was not equal to that of his father, but he was young and fast and driven.  His father; their father fell.  "FLEE! Kath flee!" he screamed at his terrified little sister.  The lass ran from the barn and stopped not know what to do.

Colin was not sure of what to do either.  His father was coming at him in a blind rage; roaring vile obscenities and curses.  He picked up the wicked strap; the strap his father had used on him and both of his siblings and lashed out with it.  It caught his father in the face the first time and then like a whip wrapped about his legs the second time.  Colin pulled hard and his screaming father fell again.  One does not have the think about what one must be done with a wild beast.  Colin pounced on his father and bound his arms behind him.  He grabbed another strap and wrapped it tightly about his father's neck choking him as he dragged him over the spanking bench.  The strap was long and strong.  He tied it about his father's neck and to old hooks long ago installed to hold other beasts.  To be sure that old man was now helpless he tied his ankles to the spanking bench.  He tied his father with his legs spread had he himself had been for severe beatings.

Things were fine for the moment but this was not a permanent solution.  To free his father would be disastrous; to call the authorities seemed the only option.  Edward had now returned from school and found his distressed sister.  Upon hearing that his brother was fighting with his father he rushed into the barn to assist.  It came to him immediately what should be done.

"Let's beat the wickedness out of him." he shouted.  "Like he beat the wickedness out of us.  Leviticus 18:17 is most clear."

Colin smiled at his brother.  Whatever else was to be done, this would come first.  He found another strap and began to use it.  Their father's bellowing continued but as they continued to strap him the tone changed.  The three of them laid the strap on as hard as they could each in turn; repeatedly.  The bellowing changed from threatening demands to those of pain and then pleas for mercy.

Mercy was never present in that place over the years and this day was not an exception.  The three youths returned the excess of their father in kind three times over.  They talked about what to do.  Then Edward asked it they remember that strange tool that they had played with over the years that they found in the barn – the one stamped "BURDIZZO".  Of course they did but in all their years of playing, they never knew exactly what that pliers-like thing was made for.

"I found out what it was for recently.  It is to castrate animals; to make male calves into steers; to crush the wildness out of them."

Edward walked back with the Burdizzo and hefted his father's balls which hung hot and heavy in their sack.  "See all one has to do is to find the cord."  He was feeling for it and when he found it placed the tool in position.  "And then squeeze; squeeze very hard."

"NO, have mercy.  Please don't…." yelled Father but it was too late.

Edward closed the tool and squeezed it closed.  Their father screamed in pain.  Edward then used both his arms and squeezed it even tighter so that the jaws were almost touching insuring total destruction of the cords.  As Colin searched for the other cord, their father again begged for mercy.  Colin just repeated the operation on the other side.  Their father screamed again as he was unmanned.

"Soon they will die and waste away." said Edward with authority.  "He is no longer a man."

Kath reached out and grabbed the dying balls.  "They are getting cold already."

Colin rubbed the red-hot checks.  "These are so sexy.  Just like the baboons at the zoo asking to be fucked."  He slipped his fingers between the red globes and rubbed the hole they were no longer hiding.  He ran a couple of fingers in remembering what he was taught some six years before.  Father screamed again.  He opened his jeans and pushed them down in front.  His already hard cock sprang free.  Its eye seemed to look at the hole it wanted to enter and lead Colin forward.

With the vivid memory of six years earlier he rammed in as their father screamed.  With great satisfaction he pumped in and out until he came twice.  Edward had similar feelings and also filled Father's butt with his own baby-maker.  They left him tied and went to the house.  Leviticus 18:22 no longer applied.

It was late that evening when Deacon Saffer brought Mother home.  The two of them listened in horror at the entire story starting with the earliest abuse more than six years ago and Colin concluding with: "Deacon Saffer and Mother, I could not let him to that to dear innocent little Katelynn.".

"You did the right thing." said the Deacon, "It was, unfortunately, necessary.  The other deacons will agree."

They all  went to the barn.  Father was whimpering and his sack was cold and swollen.  The Deacon hefted the swollen sack with the cold, dead gonads and declared: "It not good to leave him this way.  They could cause problems as they decay.  It best to remove them."  The Deacon was a vet and fetched the necessary stuff from his vehicle.

"Let me free" Father was yelling."

"In a little while, Dohner."  You get blood poisoning if they are not cut off.  They are long dead.  This must be done." the deacon declared most authoritatively

He washed the area with an antiseptic which provoked howls as it covered the bruised skin and then put a band around the sack above where the cords were crushed.  He sterilized a curved knife and without a word lopped off the excess sack with the dead testes.  Father shrieked as the sack was cut.  There was little blood because of the tight band.  Father continued to shriek as the knife sliced through each of the ruined cords and the other side of the sack.  The Deacon gave him a slap on the rump like he did when gelding a horse.

They untied Father and lead him to bed.  He was too weak to resist.  As Mother feed him some soup, the Deacon explained.  "You best keep your mouth shut about all this Dohner.  First, you'll be laughed at for no longer being a man; for being made a eunuch by your boys.  Then you'll go to the penitentiary for rape and incest.  You can guess what the tough, horny convict sinners there will do to a eunuch child abuser.  And your family will need charity.  Best that you just go back to work on Monday."

It was after church on Sunday that three of the deacons stopped by.  They came to instruct Colin in his duties as the man of the house as his father was no longer qualified.  It was a duty that they did when a man died but this was not the first time under these less common circumstances.  One of those special duties required that Colin must also carefully watch his eunuch father.  He was directed to be very strict as he was a long time sinner in need of much correction.  Edward and Katelynn were instructed to obey their older brother and that they must accept both his leadership and discipline. 

After six months, the whole community wondered about the new Mr. Dohner who no longer was yelling and fighting with everyone.  Mrs. Dohner just praised the Lord.  Colin enjoyed being at the head of the table.  All slept better.

All, except Father, who was often heard crying at night.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 19, 2002

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