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The following story is fiction about two brother whose relationship take an unusual turn.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Adjusting the Relationship


I was almost ten when the horrid, tragic accident happened and I became an orphan.  Fortunately I was not thrown under the millstone of the child protection agency for my Aunt, my mother's sister, took me in.  A few months later, happily, I was adopted by her and my uncle.  My new family even came equipped with a brother.  Norman was uncle's son and aunt's stepson so that we were not actually blood cousins but now he was my adoptive brother.

Norman was three years older than I and we got along well.  I was the little kid brother and he was the all-knowing big brother who taught me lots of stuff (that they don't mention in school) and protected me.  I was doing well considering that I was an orphan.

As we both got older, he became the brother-in-charge more frequently as the olds went out.  When he became a GREAT BIG TEENAGER he knew that the world was his to rule (subject, grudgingly, to parental acceptance) and that of course meant I was always in his sights.  Once we were alone and the 'rents not due back until past my bedtime, he managed to find that I was naughty and thus deserving of a spanking.  He, most benevolently, offered to give me the spanking I so richly deserved rather than tell the folks which meant that I would get a much more severe spanking from Dad.

Usually it was a trumped up charge but a couple of times it was legitimate like the very first time which was just staying up a bit past my bedtime.  Although he frequently said it wasn't a school night to the folks, he wouldn't give me that break.  He hinted that he would be gentle and ordered me to get over his lap.  I did not like the idea but I did as he said.  He got a firm grip on my waist and then gave me a few light spanks.  I though he was finished but he was just getting going for he yanked my pj's down and started to spank harder.  He gave me a dozen moderately hard spanks but much lighter than Dad's.  He finished with one really hard one (I guess to show me he could really spank me) and let me up.

As you can guess, that was just the start.  I was on the top of the slippery slope and he was gonna push me to slide down to the bottom.  That first spanking set the precedent and after that he had me over his lap every time although most were just play (birthday type) spankings.  He was proving he really was in charge.© YLeeCoyote

I guess that I could have lived with that for a couple of years but he got it into his head that it was the older brother's duty to bash the younger one.  All his friends did it or if they were the younger one got it.  I could not avoid it.  Basically, it was bullying but I had to tolerate it although I was always on the lookout for an escape and preferably to turn to tables.

* * * * * * * * * *

Biology provided the answer although it took a year for it to happen.  First I noticed that my body was changing.  When I was suppose to be looking up to Norman I found that I wasn't.  It was like he had shrunk.  Actually he had stopped growing and I had caught up and was overtaking him.  It was no longer possible for him to bully me for when we looked eye to eye the sight line was horizontal.  He backed away from confrontations especially as I stopped taking any shit from him.

It started simply enough one evening when we were alone and he had left in charge by our parents.  We were in the family room and Norman told me to clean up the mess we had both had made and started to watch a movie.  Actually it wasn't what he said but the way that he said it – as a command from great authority.  Well at thirteen I just wasn't going to take that from a not-even-sixteen-year-old-asshole.  We got to argue and it got physical.  Soon we were rolling on the floor wrestling.

It was then that I made the wonderful discovery that I was actually stronger.  Since I was also taller, it immediately and obviously followed that I was the BIG BROTHER and that therefore I must be the brother-in-charge.  Of course, I had to convince Norman of this self-evident truth.

It was quite delightful when I got him prostrate and was prone on top of him.  Of course, he was struggling but I had a good grip on his shoulders and my legs entwined with his.  This let me put all my weight on him keeping him down and even to hump his ass so he could feel my hard cock.  It wasn't so much that I was thinking of fucking him but of raw power which got me (just like a lot of other guys) hard.  I was also whispering (in a normal tone of voice) sweet nothings into his ear.  Well, he probably didn't think they were so sweet for they were about me being in charge.  With time, my weight on him took its toll for it was hard for him to breathe deeply which made him feel weaker.

I brought him partially up pulling him back with my arm about his neck (continuing to restrict his breathing) and opened his shorts.  Instantly after I yanked his shorts down, I sat and pulled him over my lap, pinning his legs between mine.  I gave him a mighty spank and he howled.  A few more spanks and he was yelling for me to stop and then that changed into begging.  Now it was he who was rapidly tumbling down that slippery slope into the abyss of submission.  A few more hard spanks and he was convinced as was clear from his whimpering.

"Who is in charge?" I demanded feeling very much in control.  He mumbled something and I insisted he speak loud and clear.

"You are." he squeaked as I gave him a few more spanks to emphasis his lowly position and then parked him in the corner to contemplate how he was just a naughty little boy under my control.

I had my own thoughts that I had to get into order which were what rules I should impose on my defeated brother.  Number one was, naturally, that I was in charge.  While the second was that any and all disobedience would be punished with spankings.  The rest did not seem very significant.

After he stewed a bit in the corner, I called him and explained the basic rules emphasizing that I was going to be strict.  "It's very simple – you misbehave you get spanked.  Is there anything that you don't understand about this?"

Starting at the floor, he whispered: "I understand."  I told him to do the clean up and started watching the movie.  I let him watch when he was finished but not get dressed.  I would have to wait and see if I had just won a battle or the war.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was very careful not to push my brother to rebellion by only telling him stuff that he would have done by himself or was minor.  Then one afternoon he was very late from school and I pounced like an owl on a field mouse so that he did not know it was happening until I had him gripped tightly in my talons.  "You're late, boy.  This is spanking offence.  Now drop your jeans and get over my lap."

I can't tell what he said since it was far from polite.  "You got a choice, boy.  Get over my lap or over Dad's in a couple of days when he gets home.  Incidentally, Mom is sure to ground you until then."  If looks could kill, I would not be writing this but I just reminded him that he agreed that I was in charge.  He said I wouldn't.  "Yes, I would." I countered.  I let that sit for a bit and added: "Care to test me?"

I sat on the bed and patted my lap.  "Let's get this over with, boy." I said.  "Any more delay and you will earn extras."  I really did not want him to test me because I did not want to tattle, but I hoped he would not take the chance.  He capitulated I'm happy to say although he tried to dissuade me but he did make the most fateful move of dropping his jeans and getting into position.  I was glad that he could not see the Cheshire Cat grin that I was sporting.

I gave him a few hand spanks and then pulled down his undies.  "You know a proper spanking is on the bare, boy." and then I restarted.  After a few good hard spanks I was glad that I had prepared the flip-flop and switched to it.  He gave a huge howl at the first whack.  "You're too big a boy for me to just use my hand." I said and continued until he was in tears.  I got him up and hugged him.  "I'm sorry but you know the rules.  If you don't want to be spanked, you will be a good little boy."  I put him in the corner for a few minutes contemplation.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I found that I was spanking my brother every eight to ten days.  It was always for minor things like being late or missing curfew, playing video games rather than doing homework or being slow with his chores.  I also noticed that he would always get hard just like did.  I understood why I was erect for I was exerting the power but why he was that way eluded me.  There was also something else that I noticed and that was neither of us had gotten spanked by our parents since I started spanking him.  Since I was monitoring his behavior, apparently mine was better.

One time he was putting off doing his homework so he could play video games and that was bad for me since it made the folks more attentive to my conduct.  I gave him a verbal push to hit the books but he gave me a lot of attitude.  Some of that persisted even then so I ordered him to drop 'em and bend over as I pulled my belt from my jeans.  Once I got that serious, he got the message, backed down and presented his butt for my belt.

I had given him five good hard cuts and as I delivered the sixth one, Dad walked in.  That had to be a game changer.  Dad demanded to know what was going on.  "Norman needed a reminder about doing his homework before playing video games and I was giving it to him, Father."

Dad looked incredulous and turned to Norman who meekly said: "Yes, Sir."  Dad was totally dumbfounded when, under interrogation, I admitted that I had been doing this for five months.

"I'll have to think about this.  Meanwhile, Norman put on your pants and get to your homework." said Dad.  I went back to mine with the distraction of worrying about what Dad would decide.  I had to worry about it a couple of days.  Then at dinner he said: "Norman agreed that he was not being forced and you both have been behaving better so the arrangement may continue unless there are problems.  When you two are alone, then Trent is in charge."  We both agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Soon after that I realized that Norman liked being submissive to me (or should that be that he liked me being dominant).  I knew that I was most happy about dominating him.  I decided on a change so after school on Friday I ordered Norman to get over my lap.  He looked puzzled for he really had not been naughty but he did not give me any lip.  Once he was in position, I rubbed his bottom and gave him a few gentle hand spanks.  "Boy, I have decided that you behave better after being spanked so from now on, once a week you are going to get a 'maintenance spanking' so that you will remember to be a good little boy."  Then I gave him some real spanks using the light paddle I had made.

When his bottom was properly rosy, I stopped and got him up.  I hugged him and he very softly said: "Thank you, BIG brother."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 26, 2016

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