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This story was inspired by the challenge picture of a boy in pj's playing in his bedroom from a furniture advertisement.  Click to open the image off-site.  Much of the story is of the boy's dreams which are in his imagined present as a grownup and several nights worth are run together.  The narration shifts arbitrarily.  The nautical language is that of the boy (and the ignorant author) and may not be technically correct in the real world but is fine in this imagined universe.

The following story is fiction about an imaginary pirate.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, flogging and execution.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

The Adventures of Quincy the Feared


It was almost his bedtime and ten-year-old Troy was ready for bed having bathed and put on his pajamas, however, there was one more thing that was vital to do.  He was at the wheel that steered his great three masted, square-rigged PIRATE SHIP into the wondrous universe that consumed his nights and, truth be told, much of his day as well.  He did not have to be at the helm himself for he was the feared and respected PIRATE CAPTAIN Quincy the Feared.  He could have just stood sternly on the bridge with an inscrutable face and given orders but he liked to be the helmsman and actually physically control his great vessel.  It brought back happy memories of long ago when he was just a midshipman.

He considered the possibilities and made his command decision.  He turned the wheel to the new course and returned the wheel to the crewman.  Then he gave his orders to the mate who would have the sails adjusted.  He expected nothing to happen for half a day so he returned to his cabin and got into his bunk.

When his mother looked in a little later, he was fast asleep.  She thought he was getting his rest but he was in the mist of a great battle and would soon be exhausted.

It was a great triumph for it was a treasure ship disguised as simple trader.  When they foolishly tried to run, a couple of well-placed shots quickly crippled them by shattering their mast and their helm.  They boarded and the marine guard was inadequate for their task and soon lay slashed and dying on the deck.  Some of the crew quickly joined his pirate crew and he left the rest on the crippled hulk after stripping it of provisions and the heavy chests of gold.  They torched it as they sailed away.  They saw the flames for hours.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Things were going well and our Captain was most joyful.  Then came the report.  One of the new crew men was insubordinate for he had questioned an order.  Of course, he must be made an example of.  He was young and healthy and the Captain did not want to lose him.  Flogging would leave him with a lacerated back – open to infection which could be fatal.  He chose a safe alternative – the strap.

The young man, a youth actually was stripped and stretched over a cannon.  The bosun held the heavy thick leather strap – a fearsome thing a hand wide and three spans long.  "Ten, bosun, well laid on." he ordered without showing any emotion.

"Aye, Captain." acknowledged the bosun.  He raised the strap and swung it hard so that it landed on the exposed ass with a great vengeance.  The youth howled.  His ass turned red.  Two burly pirates tightened their grips on his wrists and ankles to keep him in place.  The second stroke landed and his ass turned redder.  He howled again even louder than the first time.  The holders retightened their grips.  After the third cut and howl he went limp.  The Captain was most glad he had this alternative to flogging for he was sure the youth would not have survived that.

After the tenth cut was delivered the youth was bawling like a baby.  The bosun picked him up and tossed him over his shoulder.  He then carried him to the forecastle where he put him in his hammock.  He stayed there for a day before getting up.

* * * * * * * * * *

The thief was caught red-handed.  He was about to slip over the side of the ship with a purse of gold coins.  It was more than he could earn over a lifetime and the odds were that he would never even make it even half way.  He was being held roughly by others of the pirates.  Since he was struggling they were even rougher causing him pain – but that pain was nothing like that which was to come.

My cabin boy roused me with the report of the crime and I was now on my bridge.  "String him up to the shroud." I commanded.  In less than a minute it was done.  "Get the gold." I ordered my cabin boy.  He scampered down and got the bag of doubloons hanging about the thief's neck.

There was not any doubt about his guilt but I showed the glittering gold to the crew as the sun rose.  "Fifty!" I said not bothering to specify what for all knew.  His tattered blouse was ripped from his body and the bosun took the heavy cat from the brine bucket and approached the criminal with a smile.  He knew that there weren't any limits for this flogging.

The cat was raised and brought it down hard on the criminal's back.  He screamed and the bosun said: "One."  Again and again the cat slashed his increasingly bloody back.  The man's screams got weaker with each lash.  When the bosun said "Twenty-five." he fainted.

"Water." ordered the bosun.  Two buckets of sea water were thrown on the man's bloody back.  He almost raised his head from the sting of the salt.

"Continue at eight bells." I ordered and the crew got back to work.  He would stay there and suffer both from the pain and cuts of the cat and from the blazing sun.  He earned it for his betrayal.

When the flogging continued the first cut caused another scream but he did not faint again.  After the fifty he was left hanging in agony.  He begged for water and to be cut down but he would stay there until dawn as an example.

At dawn, I ordered him to be cut down and sent on his way exactly where he was caught.  He was much further from land but unburdened by the heavy gold.  "Good riddance."  I never knew if the sharks got him before or after he drowned.

* * * * * * * * * *

My cabin boy was naughty and we both knew it.  He had skipped some of his duties and now his butt would pay.  There was not anything to discuss now that I had scolded him so I simply told him to strip.  This was quick since he was only wearing a shirt and pantaloons.  Once he was starkers, he got over my lap.  I got a good grip on his waist and began spanking him with my hand.  I was not gentle and soon his ass was bright red from the interior fire I had lit and he was crying.  I hoped he had learnt his lesson and stopped.

Before he dressed, he promised to do better.  "I hope so for next time it will be the strap, boy."  He shuttered at that but kept quiet.  "Do your work, boy." I said going to the bridge.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a beautiful day and I took my time getting home after school.  The result was I had not done my chores and Mom was really, really angry.  I tried to explain that I had not forgotten and there was still plenty of time to do them but it did not help.  "Go to your room, Troy, and wait for your father."

"Yes, Mother." I said.  I'm too old to say mommy and mom is not as respectful as the longer form.  I doubt that it will make any difference.  It could have been worse for she could have said to wait in the corner.  I don't like that since it means that I must drop both my pants and undies and stand with my hands on my head.  Not only is it boring but it is uncomfortable especially if I forget to use the toilet first.

I get a school book and start reading it.  If Dad catches me playing any games, it gets me extras.  He can't complain about my doing school work though.  It is only an hour before he shows up.  Mom has already told him her version but at least he listens to mine.  I can't tell if it has helped any but at least I had my say.

"Ready for your spanking, boy?" he asks.

That's really a silly question.  I'm never ready for a spanking.  I just accept them as I cannot do anything else.  I strip as Dad requires me to, thankful that we are in the privacy of my room with the door closed.  As least no one else will see.  Once naked I get over Father's lap for the inevitable.  Dad's raises his hand and bring it crashing down on my tender butt.  It hurts, of course, but that is what this is all about.  I bite my lip to keep from yelling at least at the beginning.  After a couple more hard spanks, the pain is intense and I yell for each additional spank.  I wish I knew if being quiet and taking it like a man makes it any easier or if that makes Dad spank harder to make me yell.

When Dad was satisfied, he stopped.  We exchanged some standard nonsense and Dad sets the timer for my corner time.  I am glad that he closed the door on the way out.  I let my imagination take over as I wait for the timer to ring.

I'm in such a shameful position for a feared pirate captain.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 27, 2018

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