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The following story is fiction.  It is a scene of a spanking.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

After reading Nialos Leaning, Santa Strikes Back about a how Santa reverted back to the old ways, I got inspired.  I suggest that you read his story before mine to set the mood.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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After Santa Left


Andy, er, sorry, Drew as he insisted he must be called now that he was going to be a teenager in just 5 months, 2 weeks and a day, lay naked on his bed, his red hot bottom exposed.  His sister, Alice, just two years younger, was on the other bed in the identical position in their shared bedroom.  They were both very confused about the events of the last few hours.  In fact they were confused about time itself

It was Christmas evening; the clock said just one am.  The apartment was as quiet with even the roaches asleep.  They were both trying to figure out the events of the recent past.  They had been shooed off to bed by their parents at nine but they managed to stay out until ten when they were threatened that Santa wouldn't come if they weren't in bed in five minutes.

Drew's wrist alarm woke him at 12:30 and they had both snuck down the hall and hid behind the living room couch.  Alice wanted to see the red-suited one and Drew insisted that he did not exist.  In their haste setting things up, their parent had left the tree lights on (for shame – it could cause a fire – they should be spanked) lighting the room with a soft glow and the milk and cookies that Alice had set out.  The milk and cookies were on the bookshelf which they used instead of a mantle.  Two empty stockings hung below.

"See the milk and cookies untouched and the presents are here." said Drew.  "It proves that fatso was not here."

"Does not." retorted his sister who stilled believed but not like she had believed even just last year.  She did want to believe but now that she was ten it was so very hard.  There was a strange rustling noise and suddenly right in the middle of the room appeared Santa with a large bag.  The two kids were breathless with awe.  He dropped the sack on the floor and pulled a note book out of his pocket and flipped through it.  He found the entry he was looking for and tisk-tisked softly.  Andrew and Alice had not been good this year although they had made lots of promises.  The record showed that they really hadn't even tried to be truly good.© YLeeCoyote

Santa heard a quiet little noise, a noise that a mouse might make, but was enough for him.  Even with out turning he called: "Andrew and Alice come here."  Stunned the two spies did as expected.

"Merry Christmas, Santa." said Andy.

"And Happy New Year." said Alice.  "May I get you the milk and cookies." the little hostess added.

Santa looked at the two and asked: "Aren't you suppose to be in bed and asleep?"  Drew thought of answering but when he saw Santa's stern look, Andy simply said: "Yes, Santa." and his sister concurred.

"According to my records, you two have been pretty naughty this year."  The two nodded.  Naughty boys and girls know very well when they have been naughty.  "What happens to naughty boys and girls."

Drew saw (at least he thought he did) where this was going.  "No presents."  And then as an after thought added, "except for coal."

Santa was looking for something else and the kids tried: "Grounded?"  "No TV?"  "No web?"  "No allowance?"  "Extra chores?"

Finally Santa told them.  "They get spanked."  Both gasped.  They had never been spanked (except for birthdays and that was fun).  Spanking was for kids in fairy tails and story books.  Spanking was NOT for them.  They both wanted to run back to their beds and wake up from this nightmare but they couldn't.  Santa continued: "They get spanked on their bare bottoms.  And you two are going to get it now because you were spying in addition to everything else."

"Oh", said Santa, "I almost forgot."  He snapped his finger and two pairs of pj's vanished leaving two embarrassed pre-teens blushing in front of him.  "Andrew, you're first." he said patting his lap.  Andrew placed himself on Santa lap, glad at least his privates were now covered.  He did not know when he was well off.  Santa raised his hand and brought it crashing down on Andy's bottom.  It got an immediate reaction as if a bomb had gone off.  Before the echoes of the first howl faded there was another SPANK! and still another.  Santa was an expert and in short order Andy was a very well spanked boy bawling.  He no longer cared about his sister watching.  He only cared about his tortured bottom.  As he did his spankers' dance, his sister watched his still immature boy parts flopping around.

Her revelry was broken when Santa said: "Alice."  She fearfully did just as her brother done and got across Santa lap.  Even before the first blow had landed she was sorry that her brother had not been right about Santa's existence.


Santa spanked her less hard than he had her big brother, but it was more than enough to make her regret being naughty and to sob, cry, promise everything and bawl just as her brother had done.  When Andy saw her do the spankers' dance he winced that he had acted like such a baby himself.  With some difficulty, Santa found 'corners' for each of them to stand in with hands on heads.  Then with a threat of dire consequences if they moved, Santa vanished as magically as he appeared.

In an hour of their time he returned.  He called them from their corners and they stood in front of their judge, jury and executioner.  "That is just a taste of what will happen if you misbehave again.  Understand?"

"Yes, Santa." they said in unison.

"Oh, one other thing.  You got to stay naked until the sun rises more three times.  Anything you try to put on or cover yourself with will resist.  Now go to bed."  And they did.

They ran back to their room to get away from this monstrous Santa and to cover up.  The apartment was chilly as the heat was turned down at night.  Once there they tried to put on pj's.  As they pushed their hands into the sleeves the garments they suddenly shrunk to Barbie size.  When they dropped them, they returned to normal size.  The same thing happened with the blankets and sheets when they got into bed.  This is why we found them laying naked and uncovered.

Drew lay there quite a while thinking harder than he ever thought before.  He could hear his kid sister sobbing and he did not like that.  He felt that he had failed as the big brother to protect her.  They might fight at home but outside he was her brave guardian knight.  He could also feel the chill of the room and he assumed that Alice did also.  He got up and got into her bed and cuddled about her very tenderly.  They both were warmer and his little sister stopped crying.  He apologized that this had all happed even though he did not know any of the how and why.  If only he had not set his wrist alarm on his eighty-nine function wrist watch.

"It not going to be fun without clothes for three days, Drew."

"Actually, it will be only two, sis.  It's for three sunrises." he explained with wisdom of being almost a teenager.

"I guess it won't be too bad if it is only mom and pop that see us.  Remember that they bathed us for years and even wiped our bottoms when they changed our diapers.  But there are going to be two problems."  His sister was listening intently with a rare show of respect for her big brother.  "Mom and dad will be on our case if we look at each other.  We have to not do that."

"I won't look at you, ok."

"That won't work.  We will look because were interested even if we try not to.  Why don't you look in the closet all the time?"

"I don't know."

"Because you know what is there so you don't look.  Like we looked at the guinea pigs last year once and then it did not matter which one was the boy and which was the girl.  Do you remember when we used to take bath together?  We did look very much then."

"What do you want to do?"

"I want you to look at me; even touch me.  Santa made us naked so it must be ok." he said trying to sound very sure of himself.  "And to do the same to you."

Alice thought awhile.  "Yea, you're right.  I don't look at your face all the time because I know your face.  Put on the light."

Drew did put on the light and they did examine each other.  They tried to explain what was what but they found that they did not know as much as they thought.  But they did accomplish their mission.

They slept huddled together for warmth.

In the morning their parents could not believe their story although they did believe the shrinking clothes demonstration and the still red bottoms.  They understood a lot more when they found Santa gifts and note.  They also worried about what would happen at dinner.  The four of them also got together with Uncle Ben's family who lived upstairs.

Drew and sister slipped away to their room.  "Remember that I said we had two problems last night?  Alice nodded.  "This afternoon is the other one.  We have to go the Uncle Ben's for dinner; it the family tradition."  Alice kept nodding.  "I'm going to call Kev and Sue and invite them down so that they won't stare at us at dinner."  (Kev and Sue were their cousins and the same ages.)

Kev and Sue were quite shocked when they got to Andy and Alice's room.  Their hosts were naked.  A long explanation resulted and the cousins were glad to have a preview.  Kev even came up with a better word – they were nude – rather than naked.  This sounded much better and less shameful particularly since Santa wanted them nude for two days.  Then they told the immediate set of parents that dinner as usual even though they were nude.  They did not want to spoil the family tradition so please tell Uncle Ben and Aunt Martha that this is what Santa ordered.

Back in their own bedroom Kev and Sue had a talk.  What they had observed is that Drew and Alice has gotten over their nudity and since they decided it did not matter, found that it did not matter.  A surprise was hatched.

Drew and Alice actually found it to be fun streaking through two halls and up two flights of steps to get to the other apartment.  Of course, it helped that the destination door was open.  Then it was their time to be shocked.  They found that their cousins were also nude.  "We're just following the etiquette glide lines to make our guests comfortable."  This resulted in a great big group hug.  (Followed by an examination to reduce interest.)

When they were called for dinner four very surprised parents all had one question.  Sue slowly explained that they were just doing exactly as they had been taught – make your guests comfortable and Drew and Alice are much more comfortable this way.  The kids had a great time at dinner although there were a few problems for the parents.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 22, 1999

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