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This is a Goldilocks story where Goldie does not even have a walk-on role.  This is what might happen after Goldilocks ran away from trespassing in the Bears' house and is definitely fiction.  It contains scenes of spanking and flogging.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Papa was not happy with the headlines in the morning paper.  The primary message was just fine.  Some examples: Goldie Found!  Little Girl RESCUED  Smoky Saves Her.  The secondary message was not.  It was the stuff that witch-hunts and pogroms were based on: Horrifying experiences of a darling little girl in bear's den.  The stories went on at length about the precious little blond, blue-eyed, virgin being so innocent and good.  And how the horrid bears had practically scared her to death and chased her away.  It was only great fortune that she was found by a ranger before she died of exhaustion and starvation alone in the woods.

The afternoon papers were even worse.  The talk of anti-bear zoning was the most mild for others were getting ready to drive them out and to hunt them down.  A band of boys had come by and thrown eggs and rotten fruit.  Also couple of windows were broken by rocks.  The bears were justifiably terrified.

Papa told Mama to pack up and for they had better stay elsewhere until this situation was cleared up.  They left none too soon for as they entered the woods, couple of trucks pulled up in the front yard.  They were filled with hate-enraged, anti-bear, drunken bigoted hooligans.  They had more than a lot more to throw than fruit.  The scared bears heard gun shots and then saw the flames as the house was torched.

As Mama cried in Papa's arms and Junior was being traumatized more vehicles arrived.  It was the forest service and the Sheriff; there had been a lot of talk in the village tavern the night before.  One truck was a fire eater and immediately started to empty its water tank on the flames.  Other fire fighters ran the pump unit to the stream and hooked it up to the engine.  Other hose lines were run and in a few minutes the fire was under control and soon extinguished. © by Y Lee Coyote

The Sheriff and his deputies were also very busy.  The bigots could not drive away because the only access road was blocked.  They were too drunk to run very fast or efficiently.  The deputies soon had them roped together.© YLeeCoyote

By now the Bears were watching what was happening when a couple of boys ran by.  The Bears recognized them as two of the rock throwers.  Papa bounded out from his cover and whacked each one on the rump – once.  When a 700 pound bear hits a 130 pound boy, the boy goes sprawling.  Papa picked up one and Junior the other.  Even a little bear is bigger and stronger than a boy.

"These rock-throwing vandals need to be taught a lesson, Papa." declared Mama firmly.

"Absolutely, dear." agreed Papa.

"Can I spank this one, Mama?" asked Junior hopefully.  He knew from many painful experiences exactly what taught a lesson meant.

"'May I', dear." corrected Mama, nodding.

The grammar lesson was lost on Junior but not Mama's nod.  He sat on a fallen log and hauled his boy across his lap.  Already he was having fun and he hadn't even raised a paw yet.  It was then that he realized that the boy was covered in some sort of artificial skin like humans usually were.  He hooked his claws into to it and it shredded easily exposing the boy's real bottom.  With his other paw resting on the boy's back, the helpless boy could not do anything but yell.  Junior raised his paw and brought it down hard on the boy's exposed rump.  The boy howled in pain.  After a few more SPANKS, the boy was bawling like a baby and had a flaming hot red bottom.

"That's enough, dear." said Mama.

Junior stopped but the bawling continued.  Papa swapped the two boys and Junior then spanked the other one in the same way until Mama told him to stop.  The result were also the same – a bawling boy, with a hot red bottom with the faux skin removed.  Junior's parents realized that allowing him to punish the boy would help him cope with the trauma of being driven out of their home.

The Bears then returned to the damaged house with the half naked, crying boys.  Their shirts did little to cover their nakedness.  Papa talked with the Head Ranger and the High Sheriff.  Arrangements were made for temporary housing until the Bears' house could be repaired.  The adult criminals were marched off to the gaol to be dealt by the Lord in the morning.  By now most of them had wet their pants.  The boys quickly told who their accomplices were.  They were properly fearful of the Sheriff's means for extracting confessions and information.  The three other juvenile delinquents were quickly rounded up and all five spent an unpleasant night in the Sheriff's custody.

The Lord held court in the morning.  The five rock-throwing boys were first.  After discussion with Papa Bear, they were each sentenced to spanked by Junior in the village square this market day even the two that had already been spanked.  The adults where treated more harshly but fairly.  The trucks used for the criminal acts were confiscated.

All the town kids and those in for market day gathered to watch Junior Bear chastise the caught boys.  Junior did not give the previously spanked boys as hard spankings as the other three got publicly.  The other kids (and some adults) thought that it was great fun watching the three boys get it.  It was fascinating to see the young bear shred the miscreant's garments to expose their buttocks and some other parts.  They loved to watch how his large paw converted the exposed buns into swollen red-hot painful butts as effectively as their fathers' paddles converted theirs.  The five boys were then tied to a bar in the square for the rest of the day, fully exposed.

The flogging were significantly more painful and even bloody.  Each man was strung up and then stripped for the hangman's cat-o'-nine-tails.  The hangman had learnt his trade in Service to the Crown and knew how to swing the cat most effectively.  Each man was howling by the third stroke of the vicious cat.  The hangman worked his way down the back of each criminal until the thighs.  Many blows were aimed to wrap around to inflict pain on the convict's front side as well.  The cuts would take weeks to heal and they would carry scars for life.  They would not forget this day until they were in their graves.  Paying the restitution and fines was more difficult for the hooligans had little.  After taking the little they had they were sold into slavery.  The Lord wanted peace and tranquility in his domain.  Tax revenues were greater that way.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 3, 2000

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