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Recently there was an interesting report that Italy's highest appeals court had ruled that it is a father's obligation to keep the adored son in the manner to which he is accustomed, even if he is a qualified lawyer in good health and nearly thirty years old.  The court ruled that Alfredo was not responsible for keeping himself "where labor conditions do not satisfy his specific qualifications, his attitudes and his real interests, so long as there is a reasonable possibility of satisfying his aspirations within a limited time, and support is compatible with the economic possibilities of the family."  [See the news article: Italian Court Rules That Son Knows Best About Leaving Home by Alan Riding, The New York Times, April 6, 2002.]  That gave me an idea based on the rational principle of the connected world in the same way that if one believes in Santa Claus then one must also believe in Jack Frost and the Easter Bunny.

The following story is fiction and does not make any representations about the real people in the suit.  It contain scenes of parental discipline including spankings, shaving and humiliation.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Alfredo Grows Up


Alfredo was delighted at the ruling from the highest appeals court that his father would have to continue to maintain his allowance and provide room and board until he found suitable employment commensurate with his high qualification.  He even bought all the newspapers to have the clippings of his victory.  He was glad that everyone knew.  He basked in the admiration of his friends.

Contrarily, Dr. Giuseppe Camacho, Alfredo's father, was not happy at all and was quoted saying:  "I've supported him for almost three decades so that he would have the best education for a high paying profession and now he wants to start at the top and until then be a leach.  I won't have a lazy playboy in my house.  There will be rules; strict rules and hard consequences for violations."  The doctor could not help comparing Alfredo with his younger siblings, Maria and Roberto, who both moved out within a year of graduation to become independent adults.

He spent several hours crafting the rules.  They bore an uncanny resemblance to those that were in effect when Alfredo was not even half his current age.  In short, if Alfredo wanted to live at home supported by his father like a little boy, then, by all the saints, he would be treated like a little thirteen-year-old boy just entering secondary school.  That night at dinner, junior was presented with the rules and he had until 1800 the next day to either move out, get a job or comply.  The matter was not open for any discussion at all for this was in accordance with the order of the high court.

Alfredo could not believe what he read.  He had more freedom when he was primary school!  He was quiet certain that father would never resort to corporal punishment.  Why he hadn't been spanked since he was fifteen – half a lifetime ago.  He totally forgot the rules and when he went out the next morning.  He met several of his friends and eventually returned to the family castle.  His key did not open the door and there was a card reader there as well.  He had no other choice but to ring the bell.  His angry father responded and led him to his den.  He was lectured soundly for a long time for missing dinner and being out late so late that it was already passed his bedtime.  Immediately after the lecture, Dr. Giuseppe started to remove his errant son's clothes and sat on one of the side chairs.  Alfredo objected strenuously but was told this was in the rules and there was nothing to discuss.  Then for the first time in more than a decade, his father lowered his pants and pulled him over his lap for a spanking.

It took the good doctor all of a half dozen SPANKS to realize that this was not good for his hand.  He was quite glad that he had anticipated this and reached for the hairbrush he had prepared.© YLeeCoyote


He watched as his thirty year old son's bottom turned pink and then red not much different than when he was a boy of twelve.  He could tell that there was a real effect from the way Alfredo was breathing.  He gave him another set and was really surprised by the result – sobs and tears.  "You will follow the rules, Alfredo Camacho; understand?"  He punctuated the question with a few more hits right on target.

"Yes, papa, yes." he sobbed.

"Pick up your clothes and bathe and then to bed, boy." dad said firmly.

"Yes, papa."  Alfredo started to pull on his pants.

"Carry your clothes, boy."  Alfredo was surprised but did as he was told.  Stark naked he rushed through the hall and after dropping his clothes in his room raced to the bathroom.

A few minutes later he returned to his room and put on the boxers that he liked to sleep in.  And then in walked his mother without knocking.  "Came to say goodnight, son.  Let me check that you washed properly."  With that she took hold of Alfredo's head and checked his ears and behind them.  "Looks OK; let me see your hands."  She examined his hands and nails.  She sent him back to the bathroom to clean a couple of nails.  When he returned she told him to remove the underwear and to put on his pajamas that are the proper sleepwear for a boy.  He was hesitant both for modesty and comfort.

"Do as your mother says, Alfredo … unless you want another spanking tonight."

"But, papa…"

"Don't be silly, boy.  Your mother and I have you seen you naked before.

"But, papa," whined Alfredo, "I have hair there now."

"NOW!"  Alfredo removed the boxers and stood before his parents, naked for the first time in more than fifteen years in front of his mother.  He was blushing and held his hands over his privates.

"Stop being so silly, Alfredo.  I've seen it all before.  Besides I want to be sure that you washed under your foreskin like we taught you."

Alfredo turned bright red. "MOTHER!" he said in shock.

The response was immediate.  SLAP!!  "Don't you ever use that tone with me, young man!" said his angry mother.  With that she immediately checked his penis roughly pulling back his prepuce.  "Well at least you did this properly." she said holding out his pj's.

Before the shocked Alfredo could reach for them, his father spoke.  "The boy has gotten to big for his britches, dear.  Alfredo, come with me."  The three of them went to the bathroom and Alfredo was directed back into the tub.  "You seem to think that you can be an insolence brat.  You forget that your mother and I make the rules here – not you, boy."  He went to the medicine cabinet and got the mustache trimmer.  Returning to son, he ordered him to raise his arms and quickly ran the clipper over them.  "Sometimes boys think they are men just because they get a little body hair." he quipped as he checked that the boy's pit were smooth.  "Hands behind your back, boy."  The boy obeyed as if he was in a trance.  "This has to go also." he said as he pushed the ever hungry mower into his lazy, thirty year old son's pubes.  In a couple of minutes ninety percent of the bush was litter about Alfredo feet.  In three more minutes the rest was also there.  "Now to bed, boy."

Alfredo, as if in a daze, walked back to his bedroom and docilely put on his pj's under his mother's watchful eyes and hopped into bed.  She tucked him in and kissed him good night like she did when he was ten.

He slept restlessly as naughty little boys often do because of the pain in his bottom and the trauma of losing his pubes and axillae hair.

It was 0600 when his mother woke him.  "Time to get up, son." she said cheerfully.  When he hesitated, she gently asked if he wanted another spanking.  He got up and she told him that he was expected at the table in a half hour properly dressed.  He groaned when he saw the public school outfit with short pants that she pointed to.

At the breakfast table, his father told him that he would be punished strictly if he did not follow the rules.

"Yes, father." he said dutifully.  After breakfast he was required to study the want ads for appropriate situations.  Since there were not any and he did not have any pending interviews or follow up calls, he was directed to go back to his room.  He was to change into his PE kit and clean his room and help his mother with other tasks.  He also discovered that his closet was locked and the content of his dresser changed.  He had not been a happy puppy at breakfast and by lunch time he was quite unhappy.  Back in his school dress clothes, he had lunch with his mother and then sent out to play but strictly admonished to return by 1800 to get ready for dinner.

He hid the best that he could in the small nearby park hoping that he would not be noticed especially by his friends.  Returning, he was not so lucky for several of the neighborhood kids saw and laughed at him – almost thirty and in a short-pants schoolboy's outfit when even they wore longs in primary school.  He was very quiet at dinner.  He was not happy that his accustomed wine was replaced by soda.  After taking out the garbage and watching some TV with his parents, he bathed and went to bed obediently.

The next few days followed the same pattern.  On Saturday he was permitted to dress in regular casual clothes (appropriate for a schoolboy) and play since there were not any chores for him.  He was permitted to eat with his friends and was not required to be back until 2100.  He chose to eat at home.  (At least that what he said although his parents though that his friends probably did not want a school boy with them in public when they were looking for partners.)

On Sunday morning it was back into the dress clothes for church.  He begged to be allowed to dress in long pants.  "No, you are quite properly dressed for a young man without a job living at home with his parents."  Since it was church, no one laughed – out loud that is – but Alfredo was certain that everyone (even the priest) was snickering at him.  Then he was told remain in them for the visit to the grandparents.  He begged not to go but was told that the entire family would be there – all his uncles and aunts and siblings and cousins – and it would be an insult not to be there.

The afternoon was a horror.  All his siblings and cousins, both young and old, had fun at his expense and he was seated with the younger kids rather than the adults.  His twenty-something cousins were the worst and kept directing him back to be with the teens who teased him mercilessly.

He should never have let his young cousin Antonio who was only fifteen get him to lose his temper but he did.  Antonio's father, his youngest Uncle Cristoforo who only ten years older than Alfredo came to deal with the unruly children.  Antonio quickly admitted that his behavior was inappropriate and in response to his father's question about an appropriate punishment immediately pulled off his belt and handed it to his father.  After a brief pause, said: "Twelve according to the schedule, sir."  His father nodded.  "And, of course, this.  Dear cousins, please excuse my improper, childish behavior that disturbed our time together and even the Sabbath with my strapping."  With that he dropped his trousers and boxers letting his cousins see his well developed genitals and pubic bush as he bent over for his strapping.  (His pride in his manly equipment far exceeded any embarrassment in having to expose it which was exciting in itself.  He also knew that Alfredo would have to the same.)


"Thank you, father." he said as he pulled up his trousers having taken his punishment without yelling like a macho young man is expected to do to gain the admiration of his cousins and peers.

"OK, Mario, your turn." said Cristoforo .

"Oh, no father; it was not my brother but cousin Alfredo." said Antonio.

"Alfredo?" asked Uncle Cristoforo.

"Yes." several replied.  They knew what certainly would, er, should happen.

Alfredo was trapped.  After the forthright action of young Tony, there was nothing to do except the same.  "Yes, Uncle Cristoforo." he said.  "And the same, Uncle Chris." and turning to the group he made a poor apology in a whiny voice: "Cousins, please excuse my behavior and disturbing our gathering."

Tony kept up the pressure.  He handled his belt back to his father "Please use my belt father since Alfredo does not have his own."

Since Alfredo was hesitating, Uncle Cristoforo got impatient.  "Drop them, boy and assume the position."  His cousins all giggled as he lowered his shorts reveling his tightie-whities briefs.  Then they saw that he was hairless when he lowered them and assumed the position.  His great embarrassment caused his equipment to shrink and try to hide compounding the problem.

"Father, with all due respect, sir, according to the schedule cousin Alfredo should only get nine since he is a hairless little boy."

"Quite so, Tony.  Since you have accepted responsibility and punishment for your misconduct so well and it is your belt please take care of this fairly like you do with your brother.  I need to get back to the others."

"Yes, father." said Tony with a big smile, delighted that the adult responsibility was assigned so publicly.  Marco would be delighted to tell if he was unfair. As Cristoforo returned to the adult table, Tony pleasantly said: "Please assume the position, Alfredo."  After he bent over, his young cousin applied the belt with great vigor.


Not only did he strap hard but he alternated the strips between two locations.  First the sensitive crease at the bottom of the bottom and, second, right across the middle.  Tony's strategy worked.  There were two very red blazes across his cousin's bottom and, even more important, Alfredo had jumped and complained while be strapped.  Since you're a hairless little boy and jumped, you can spend fifteen minutes in the corner with your hands on your head.  Regardless of the argument, Tony's prestige had soared and Alfredo's plummeted as everyone laughed at this turn of events.

On Monday, Alfredo found that some of the job listings did not seem as beneath him as they did in the past.  He wrote several letters and dispatched them with his resume before doing his chores.  He hid in a cinema for the afternoon where he hoped he could forget he looked like a schoolboy and where he would not be laughed at.  Unfortunately he got home late by a couple of hours.  Father was quite displeased.  After a long lecture on responsibility he told him to strip and to assume the position.  You will receive six of the best.  You are not to move until I tell you to.

It was the first time he had been caned.  The flying rattan seamed like a white hot rod of steel as it seared his bottom six times in just four minutes.  A half hour later, after bathing, his mother's inspection yielded a problem and he was forced to return to the tub to shave his pits and pubes as he did not yet deserve to have man-hair yet.  With the pain fresh in his bottom he did not argue.  He was prone in his bed trying to sleep to escape his misery a little latter.

In the morning he dispatched several resumes even going back and checking the previous week's papers.  Many more jobs seemed to be within the acceptable range.  A couple of days later he started to make follow up calls and arranged a couple of interviews.  He was permitted to wear a regular business suit for the interviews.

It took about a month before he received a job offer and another few days before a good offer came.  He accepted and started work.  He was again treated as an adult and a couple of weeks later his father stopped paying his allowance.  Alfredo did not complain.  The next month he even made a small contribution to the household expenses.  Unbeknown to him, his father put that into a special account for his future.  Now, well motivated, he made an excellent impression on his employer who rewarded him with a promotion and a raise.  Everyone was very proud.  The sort of position he had yearned for before was now in sight with just two more promotions.  He moved out to share a flat with a friend.

His parents were quite pleased.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 18, 2002

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