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The following story is fiction about a boy who wants to be spanked.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  There are some links at the end about the character referred to.

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All I Want for Xmas Is


I like to read.  From what I can tell from my friends and classmates is that I'm unusual for most of them prefer to surf the internet or even watch TV (because they like the huge screens) or playing sports.  Me?  I like books.  Well, not all of them but the honest to goodness adventure stories books, books with page after page of line after line of the printed word.  I'm actually a bit fussier than that for I want the adventure to be about boys or even just one boy.  And it should go easy on the technology.  No such nonsense as some super nerd hacking the bad guys' computer while he is riding shotgun coolly pounding away on his laptop with a wi-fi connection as the older partner drives like a maniac as they speed across the city to prove what heros they are.  Give me a break.  Please.

Some of the best stories are about naughty boys because they get spanked.  They get spanked by all sort of adults – fathers and uncles and neighbors and teachers.  Now, I don't get spanked – ever!  I'm a very well behaved boy even getting good grades but it would not matter if I was the naughtiest boy ever.  You see the world has changed.  It's not just that my parents are modern but even the world is modern.  I've went looking on the web and learnt that there are several theories why spanking is a terrible thing to do beside hurting a boy.

Of course, I've tried spanking myself.  It was a disaster worse than a force five hurricane.  I even tried both a belt and a slipper but it wasn't any better.  I managed to get a couple of my friends to do it or get it by making a spanking the end result of a game – winner spanks loser.  This was better but still pretty lame.  We were just too weak to make it effective.

After that I considered asking a grown up.  But I didn't.  I was afraid they would just tell my parents and I would have a lot of explaining to do.  You see, my mother is a psychiatrist and she would talk and talk and talk with me about it.  I know because she did it before with other things.

I've asked a couple of my sitters when occasionally I'm fortunate enough to get a guy sitter.  (Won't ask any of the girls because always want to get me naked to perve on my body.)  They smiled and said that they couldn't because my parents had forbidden them to punish me and would tell their parents and others.  "Sorry, kid, but no way."© YLeeCoyote

I was out of ideas and was trying to accept that it was a hopeless quest.  I figured that when I was a mid-teen my friends and I would be stronger and we would be able to give each other real spankings.  Five years is a terribly long time to wait and dream.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was almost Thanksgiving and we were going to the family gathering at my grandparents' house.  My parents, especially Mother, had a long talk with me about my younger cousins who would also be there.  "Son," they said, "You are NOT to disillusion them about Santa Claus.  They are young and entitled to have the joy of believing in him just like you did until last year."  Just to be sure, they indicated that if I didn't perhaps he would not visit our house.  Well, maybe some lies are OK.

Strangely, just about the same time, I discovered Hanukkah Harry who is the Jewish counterpart of Santa Claus on an old SNL® clip.  It was strange that he was never talked about by the Jewish kids when they spoke of their presents during the holiday.  I asked my classmates about him and they laughed and asked if I believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost.  They did explain why the TV bit I saw about him had him giving things like socks and pants.  "We usually get one special thing like you do but with eight days for gifts, a lot of practical stuff also."

Well, if we Christian kids always write to Santa, then what if I wrote to Hanukkah Harry?  This I figured would be my only chance, for next year I would be far too old to believe in him any more than in Santa.

Dear Mr. Harry,

I'm Ronny and this is the first time I am writing to you because I only recently learnt about you.  I have written to Mr. Claus in the past but have not gotten what I really wished for.  No, it not because I'm naughty for I am a very good boy who listens to my parents and teachers and do my chores and get good grades and all.  Since your busy season is past, I hope that you have some time for me especially since you are more forgiving of minor faults than is Mr. Claus.

What I want is a SPANKING.  A good old-fashioned spanking with my pants down while over the lap of grown up with a strong arm and a hard hand.  A spanking like I've read about over and over in the biographies and story books.

However, it seems that spankings are out of fashion but I still want one to really know what they are like.

I was really delighted at how well you filled in when Mr. Claus was ill as was shown on TV.  I have faith that you will find a way to fulfill my wish.

Thank you very much (in advance).

Shalom  (I found that is the proper greeting.)


I put my letter in an envelope, addressed it to Hanukkah Harry, Mt Sinai.  I went down to the park to mail it.  I put it into the hollow tree which is the special (magical) post box just like I did when I was little for the letters to Santa.

Then all I could do was wait and hope.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was just before lunch on the Friday before Christmas and I was told to go see the Assistant Principal Lichtenberg.  "Don't worry, you're not in trouble, Ronny." added my teacher.

Mrs. Lichtenberg explained that the high school drama club was putting on a play that night and a couple of the players were sick.  They have one understudy and are going to shift some other actors but they need one more.  "You only have a couple of lines and you will have a radio thing in your ear to cue you.  I've checked with your mother and she said it is up to you."

Now that was a real surprise.  I was hesitant but she convinced me and I even looked forward to the cast party after because of the way she described it.  "OK.  I'll do it."

"Great.  I'll make the arrangements.  They pick you up here after the bell and take you to rehearsal and fit your costume." she said.

* * * * * * * * * *

At the rehearsal I learnt about the part.  I was to be a naughty boy back in Edwardian England.  They did not have any trouble with the costume fitting me as I was the same size as the boy I was replacing.  I was playing a servant's kid in a fancy household.  My part was to clear dishes during the play's dinner party until the end when I was to drop the tray and make a mess.

When I did that, there was a commotion and I was yelled at for being careless and several said stuff like: "That careless lad should be punished."  It was then that the Master's eighteen-year-old son, Frederick, grabbed me and said: "We have had enough of your shenanigans, boy."

Again there were several "He should be punished." comments.  Suddenly a chair was pulled from the table and Frederick sat on it.  I had expected all this but not the next part.  He yanked down my shorts and then my underpants and pulled me over his lap.

That got me screaming and then it happened.  A SPANK.  A hard spank on my bare ass.  Nothing like my friends had given me nor like a birthday spank.  This one was hard and HURT.  And then another real SPANK and still another SPANK just like in the stories.  I was soon yelling without any prompting.  Then it all stopped – except the pain in my bottom.  I was even crying like a well-spanked boy should.

I was stood up fortunately with my red bottom to the audience (which was applauding) rather than my privates and my shorts were pulled up.  "Will you be a good boy now?" I was asked.

"Yes, Sir." I replied without prompting.  I exited as I was supposed to and I heard one more prompt: "Merry Christmas from Hanukkah Harry."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 11, 2018

Please note that Hanukkah Harry is a creation of Saturday Night Live® (SNL®) TV show.  You can see the sketch here although you may need a proxy in the EU.  The transcript is here  More info is at

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