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The following story is fiction about discipline of a teen.  The story contains scenes of spanking and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Almost the Worst Day – 1/2


While all this was happening I was certain that it was the worst day of my life.  Now that the day has ended and I’m safe in bed (except, maybe, from the monster that lived under the bed when I was little) I have the horrid premonition that things are going to get worse; much worse.

It was not a good day at school for I got three hard pops from Mr. Laboon for disrupting the class.  I was innocent but Laboon blamed me and took me into the hall.  I had to empty my back pockets and lean against the wall.  Then he did his very best to bust my ass with his frat paddle.  He swung and I howled.  Repeat twice.  That left me with a very hot red butt.  He is the acknowledged hardest paddler in the school and it acceptable to howl rather than taking it silently.  Only the big senior jocks with buns of steel take it quietly.

When I got home from school, I found that Mother had gone out and left orders for me to go and stay with Mrs. Pulver, our next door neighbor, until she returns.  Even though I’m fourteen and go to high school Mother does not let me stay alone.

Unfortunately, instead of some of Mrs. Pulver’s yummy home made cookies with milk for a snack, I got a blistering lecture and was parked in the corner with my pants down and hands on my head for misconduct at school.  I was ordered to think about my terrible conduct and the upcoming consequences.

It was not long before Jade, her daughter, showed up.  The twelve-year-old girl was positively gleeful.  “Someone’s gonna to get SPANKED!” she chortled.  That thought had occurred to me but I figured not until I got home.  She explained: “When my brother Robbie is going to be spanked he is parked in the corner with his pants down just like you are now.”  You can imagine my utter joy on hearing that but I did not imagine the worst.© YLeeCoyote

It was a little later that Mrs. Pulver returned to the room and I was told that it was spanking time after more lecturing.  Jade, who was standing behind her, was grinning throughout it all especially when her mom pulled down my underpants.  I don’t have to tell you what Jade stared at.  I was quickly pulled over Mrs. Pulver’s lap and she started spanking with her hand not caring that my butt was still red from the paddling earlier.  I managed to keep quiet and not kick much.

Mrs. Pulver asked Jade to fetch the hairbrush to continue.  Naturally, the girl rushed to comply and then said: “May I help like I do with Robbie?”

“Of course, dear.  You need to learn how to spank bigger boys.” and Jade proceeded to whack me with the brush.  I was already tender and she swung that brush hard.  It was six hard blows she bestowed on my tender butt.  After a few more whacks I was crying much to Jade’s joy.

“He cries just like little Robbie.” she proclaimed.  Mrs. Pulver then continued with the evil brush until my butt hurt more than it did from the paddle and I was bawling like a baby.  That brush hurt so much that I kicked off both my pants and underpants before I was parked in the corner again.  After a while Jade came and led me to the kitchen table with orders to do my homework.  I was not permitted to dress.  She also managed to add a big dose of humiliation by commenting that Robbie had a bigger penis.  Not sure if it was true but it hurt nevertheless.

A bit later with Jade carrying my pants as their rule was no pants until the next morning she took me home.  Of course my kid sister Susie was there who happily enjoyed seeing my junk hanging out and my tail a glowing fiery red.  Jade parked me in a corner to wait for Mom to finish something.  Then she took a lot more credit than she was entitled to for my greatly diminished status telling Susie everything.  But worse was her telling my kid sister that she must get more involved with my discipline just like she was with her own brother.  “It does not matter that he is older – it is a sister’s duty to help with his discipline like I’ve told you before.” she expounded just a Mother come in.

Susie took it to heart immediately.  “Mother, I’m ready to do my duty and help with Willie’s discipline like Jade does with her brother.”  Most unfortunately Mother did not reject the idea.  “Willie, go washup for dinner and don’t bother put on your pants.”  It was clear that she was adopting Mrs. Pulver’s rule.  That certainly was not good at all.

After dinner I was sent to do my homework and then just before bedtime, Susie carrying a hairbrush came to my room and said that Mom wanted to see me.  Downstairs it was lecture time again and Susie, just as Jade had, watched happily that my junk was exposed.  Mom knew that her duty was to spank me for poor behavior even though Mrs. Pulver had done so.  My objections to Susie watching were dismissed out of hand as I had been half naked for hours and beside she been watching you getting spanked for years.  I suspected that she peeked for some time.

With that settled, it was right over her lap and my abused butt was abused further.  Mother spanked my tender butt with her hand for a while then called for the hairbrush.  Susie immediately stepped forward and asked “May I help, Mother, like Jade helps her mother?”

I gave a quick silent prayer but the Gods of Mercy must have been off duty for Mother agreed.  “Yes, Dear, it is time you learnt how to spank boys.  You’ll be babysitting soon.”  My dear loving sister responded instantly with a several whacks on my very tender bottom.  Mother gave her instructions and she whacked me more effectively.  A few more and I would have been crying but Mother took over.  She made short work of the job and soon turned me into a blubbering baby.  I guess that was better than my sister doing it.

“Bedtime, boy.” said mother sternly.

Susie grabbed my wrist and started to the stairs saying: “Come along, boy.”

I objected and said I could go by myself but Mother snapped: “Do as you are told or do you want another spanking?”

Susie escorted me to bed after a detour in the bathroom to supervise brushing my teeth and peeing.  When I objected, Susie gave me a WHACK with the brush and I shut up and tried to forget she was watching.  Then she put me to bed.  “Good night little boy.  Best be good or you will be spanked again and I’ll cheerfully help again.”

As I lay on my tummy sobbing and trying to sleep, the horrors of the day played and replayed in my head reinforcing the idea things were going to get worse.  Much worse and very quickly.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. July 30, 2021

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