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The following story is fiction about discipline of a teen.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Of course you should read Part 1 first.

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Almost the Worst Day – 2/2


As I expected Susie was now more frequently being bossy and threatening spankings while Mom laughed.  Nothing actually happened but her orders were also stuff that I was going to do anyway or relays from Mom.  It was the next weekend that my problems increased.

Both Jade and Susie had a party invites for the late afternoon and our moms decided that in the morning we would go to the museum in the city.  The girls both wanted to see the fashion exhibit and Robbie and I would study mummies and sphinxes.  We were well on the way when fate gave us a whack.  The traffic report told of a massive traffic accident and pileup so bad that the road was not going to be cleared for hours.  The museum visit was postponed.  Jade instantly suggested going to the Mall to shop but her mother squashed that idea just as fast.

“Let’s go to the cabin.” suggested Robbie.  It was then that I learnt that they had a family friend who had a cabin by a pond in the forest so that’s what we did.  On the way we got some food and were there in a short time.  It was very nice place.  Robbie wanted to go swimming and immediately started to strip.  The girls loved the idea and quickly changed into bathing suits Jade had there with Susie borrowing one of hers.  Jade then covered the now naked Robbie with sunblock.  He was quite happy to be nude so he could swim and was totally unconcerned about all the females about.

The problem was that I did not have a swim suit.  I made objections but was reminded that everyone had seen me naked complete with a hot red bottom just a few days before and that I was being silly especially with Robbie being nude.  “But that is different – he is just a little boy.” I protested.  Unfortunately Mom said she would make it the same unless I stripped.  I decided that naked without a red butt was better than naked with a red butt.  Beside the water looked great on the hot summer day.

Susie was there immediately with the sunblock and although I wanted to do it myself that was not permitted.  “You can’t reach everywhere, Willie.” I was told.  Soon my helpful little sister had her paws all over me.  It was great getting into the water especially since it hid my nakedness and got me away from her.© YLeeCoyote

After a while I got, shall we say, rambunctious and was splashing and dunking everyone.  That was my undoing for I ignored Mom’s directives to behave nicely and everybody’s cries to “Stop that!”  I was having a great time until there was this great pain in my ear.  Susie had my ear in her talons and was dragging me out of the pond.  It was not that she was so strong but unless I followed her I felt my ear was coming off.

Susie pulled me to the empty table and suddenly I was bent over it.  Mom materialized on the other side and was holding me down.  “Be still, Willie.” and then “Get my hairbrush, Susie.” she said.  This, obviously, was not good.

A moment later Susie was behind me and asked enthusiastically “May I start spanking the naughty boy, Mother?”  And start she did with great vigor instantly.  There wasn’t any warmup with a hand but just a torrent of WHACKS with that heavy hard hairbrush on my wet bottom.  I was amazed by how much pain my little sister could inflict so easily.  It was even more surprising that she could lecture letting me know that I was “A very naughty, LITTLE boy.” among other defects.  Shamefully I was soon crying like I was a little boy.

To ease the pressure on my back during the spanking from Sussie, I had grabbed the sides of the table and was still holding on tightly.  “You are a very naughty little boy.” said Robbie and he started to spank me with his hand.  I was about to get up but Mom reapplied the pressure on my back and I was forced to remain in position as Robbie spanked me.  It really wasn’t so hard and I could bear it easily at least physically and I even stopped crying.

There was a pause and I was relieved that it was over when I was whacked with a vengeance.  At first I thought was it was Mom or Mrs. Pulver or even Jade.  It wasn’t.  It was Robbie using a flip-flop.  The fake rubber paddle increased his force many fold and I yelled in pain.  Over and over he WHACKED me hard.  He even kept saying stuff like: “Naughty little boys get spanked.”  I was sobbing, much to his delight, when he stopped walloping me.

I was parked with my nose on a tree while the others enjoyed some more time in the pond.  After a while I was allowed to go back in.  The cool water felt great on my red-hot bottom.  Of course, they all teased me, especially Robbie.  I didn’t dare to retaliate.

We had lunch after rinsing off under the pool shower and then headed back home.  The girls remained in their bathing suits since they would shower properly back home and then dress for their party.  Neither Robbie nor I were allowed to put our clothes on.  We were told we could dress after we showered – at home.

While we traveled, the girls gossiped and I whispered to Robbie about how wrong it was to spank another boy especially one who is bigger.  That was very counter productive for Robbie giggled.  “Just like sis thought, I’m BIGGER than you.  It was easy to see that today LITTLE HAIRLESS BOY and we all agreed while you were kissing the tree.”  Much to my embarrassment, he was right.

When we got home, I had to wait in Mrs. Pulver driveway while Mom got our stuff from the car and I could rush inside.  Unfortunately, some of the other kids saw me naked with a hot-red tail and commented with laughs.  The ultimate touch came at bedtime after Susie returned from her party.  She crowed about spanking me especially that she made me cry like a baby and that she saw that Jade was right about little Robbie having a bigger pee-pee.  She even said that she looked forward to spanking her naughty little brother again … and again … and again.

It was another horrid day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 24, 2021

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