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And There She Is!



Trembling beneath the smelly wool blanket, she hears the footsteps coming up the stairs, claws scraping on bare wood, heavy feet thumping.  Terror urges her to flee while simultaneously holding her in place.  Damp, hot, wreaking breath assaults her face even through the layer of cloth.

"Someone's been sleeping in my-y-y bed."

Covers rip back, light stabs her eyes, and three great brown heads with black eyes stand inches away from hers.

"And there she is!"

More horrified than her mind can accept, the girl with the curling golden hair faints.© YLeeCoyote

The stench awakens her, raw, pungent animal odors wafting through the room, striking her like a huge wave.  Urine and feces?  The rotting of some leftovers of a kill?  And some more familiar fragrances.  Honey, she identifies at last, and oatmeal.

She cannot move.  Opening her eyes at last, she finds she is tied to the dining table, knees bent and spread wide, hands tied above her head.  From the remaining tatters, she can tell that her white cotton dress had been torn away as well as her bra and panties.  Her body, however, seems to be in tact. © by Y Lee Coyote

Very near her three large bears appear to be preparing a meal in the kitchen.

"Should we stuff her first?" asks the middle one, who seems to be doing something that is making a crunching sound.  "I always prefer them stuffed."

"Oh, I don't know, Mother," grumbles the largest.  "Sometimes it's nicer to eat one that hasn't been stuffed."

"I wanna stuff her, Momma, please, please.  I never got to stuff one before."

"You know, he's right, Julius.  He's never stuffed one before."

"Oh, Mother," says the grumbler.  "He's still a boy, how can we be sure he can do it well enough?  Besides, I was really looking forward to eating this one without it."

"I know, I know," shouts Junior.  "Papa can eat her first, then I can stuff her, then Mama can eat her, and Papa can stuff her again to make sure it's done right."

Three rough tongues protruding from between sharp teeth drip with anticipation.  The largest bear moves into position, head between her legs, while the smallest exposed a hard cock twice the size of a man's.

Another scent reaches her nostrils, that of her own sex ripening and opening to meet the eager tongue.

"Wait!" cries Momma.  "First we must show her what happens to naughty girls who trespass when no one is at home.  Roll back her knees and expose her bottom."

Lifting a wooden spatula from the jar by the stove, Momma deftly applies this liberally to the girl's bottom and thighs, finishing with a long, painful series of blows to the now flooded pussy.

"There you are, Julius.  Have a nice drink.  But don't be too long.  I'm not sure Junior can wait."

As the huge tongue snakes inside her honey pot, the golden-haired girl quakes with pleasure and wonders whose bed she is sleeping in tonight.

The End

© Copyright Ladikath, June 18, 2000

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