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The following story is fiction about a boy getting spanked.  It is a fantasy ludicrously extrapolated from a minor event to a lifestyle that is atypical.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Anointing My Kid Sister


It was happing again.  We were in the bathroom.  I was naked.  I was over Mom’s lap.  I was being spanked with the evil bath brush once more.  My kid sister, Karen, was peeking because the door was open.  She was grinning at my misfortune.  “She‘s watching again.” I yelled before my eyes would fill with tears blinding me and my crying would effectively gag me.

“So what.  It’s good that your sister learns how to spank a very naughty boy.”

All this had happened before.  It had happened hundreds of times before.  That brush kept hitting my bare bottom with all the usual results.  Although this time something extra also happened.  I was twelve and my dicky was getting hard.  I had recently learnt that when it was hard it felt good.  So something must have been good.  A few more hard whacks and I could not think about it because I was crying so hard from the pain.

Even later I could not figure out why I had been hard.  What I noticed was that after that first time I got hard whenever I was spanked by Mom.  It did not happen when I was spanked by Dad unless Karen was watching (peeking).  I would even get hard if Karen just mentioned that I was going to be spanked and she was looking forward to or that she had seen me spanked.

Something new happened after Karen turned twelve and was babysitting Sammy.  I overheard her tell Mom “I spanked naughty little Sammy with my hand just like I watched you spank Benny so many times.”© YLeeCoyote

“That’s very good, Karen.  Naughty little boys – and some not so little – need have their pants taken down and spanked when they are naughty.”

“I’ve heard you tell that to Benny many times when you spanked him.” she answered, “so that’s just what I did.”  I got very hard hearing that exchange.

Other times I also heard her boasting to her friends that she had spanked a couple of the naughty boys she babysat.  They all praised her and added “You should spank your naughty brother as he such a pest.”  Since I heard that several times I think they wanted me to hear it.

“If only.  I’ve long thought about spanking the big brat.  He surely deserves it a lot more than the ‘rents do it.” she said.  Well, I practically came in my pants when I heard that.  The images I jerked off to in my bed expanded to include Karen just like they included Mom spanking naked me.

Normally, I’m a very shy sort and am appalled if Mom catches me without my pants yet when she takes them down to spank me that seems right and proper since naughty boys are spanked without their pants.  That also got included in my fantasy images of Karen spanking me.  It was always very vague why she was spanking me but it was the proper thing to do and I believed that she definitely had the right just like Mother had.

I wondered many times what it would be like if Karen did spank me.  Would I like it like in my jerk off fantasies or hate it because of the pain?  Even the mere idea of asking her to spank me was beyond comprehension so I could not do that.  Since in the fantasies I always accepted it, then I figured that if it happened I must also accept it as my fate.

* * * * * * * * * *

When it actually happened it was a complete surprise.  Now that we were older and Karen was even babysitting, we had more autonomy.  One day our parents left us alone and I was supposed to be home by seven.  I was out until eight and Karen lectured me about it with good reason when I returned.  Naturally, I got a stiffy then.  She was even better live than how I imagined she would be in my fantasies.  I just stood there, staring at the floor, as she lectured me occasionally saying “Yes, Ma’am.” as appropriate.

I can’t imagine what she was thinking of my responses but I must have sealed my fate with my answer when she actually said “I should spank you, Benny.”

“Yes.  I’ve been naughty and you should spank me.” I responded having dropped completely into my fantasy world.  What started as a stiffy at the beginning of the lecture had now swelled to a tent pole.

Karen started immediately to strip me naked as was her right in my fantasy.  I quickly lost my shirt, jeans, sneakers and socks leaving me just in my boxers.  Then the moment of truth as she put her thumbs in the waistband and pushed them down to my ankles.  Of course, she now had a clear view of my engorged junk for the first time but I did not try to hide it because I was just a naughty little boy not entitled to modesty as he was stripped for his spanking.

She sat down on the couch and pulled me over her lap at an angle and spanked me for the first time with just her hand.  I was surprised at how hard she spanked.  I started to plead for her to stop and yelling “I’m sorry.” and “I’ll be good.” but she continued with great zeal.  It did not hurt that much but I got to sobbing after which she parked me in the corner with my hands on my head.  It was not just my nose that was bumping the corner but my hard dick also.

My head was spinning when she called me from the corner and got me back over her lap.  This time she put a leg over mine and was holding one of my wrists to my neck.  I howled for the next spank for she was now using her hairbrush.  Each and every spank sent a wave of pain through my body and I was really hurting just like when Mom spanked me.  Soon I was bawling and it was a good thing that she had locked me in place for otherwise I would have wiggled free.  She made me do some more corner time.

When she called me from the corner the second time, I knew that she was in charge even before she said “Benny, I will spank you whenever you are a naughty boy just like Mother does for I am in charge.  You CAN NOT resist me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am” I said knowing my fantasy had become reality and I was powerless to reverse the metamorphosis.  Would it continue and if so how?

I could only hope that I had wished carefully as Aesop warned.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 25, 2020

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