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The following story is fiction about a guy who fails to do his simple tasks and knows that he will be stropped for it by a younger guy when he gets home.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Donny was trying very hard to concentrate on the road and the other cars as he drove home.  Somehow it was always Donny and never Don even though he was the first in his cohort to get his driving licence.  He was keeping to the right and going a bit slow as he really was not anxious to get there.  He was very glad when he could turn onto his off-ramp.  It was easier to drive on the quiet streets rather than the main highway.  The down side was that it also meant that he was closer to justice.  Justice takes many forms.  This time it would not be a blindfolded woman with a scale but a youth, in prime condition and a strong belief that spankings were the proper punishment.  Donny was also hoping that fourteen-year-old Dax and Vicky, his twelve-year-old kid sister, would not have company to witness his punishment that evening.

Donny had been trying to figure a way out of this dilemma so that he would be able to sit the next day.  Actually, he would have three days since today was Friday and it wouldn't be until Monday before he would have to sit publicly.

The late notice had come just today and he had been called exactly when his lunch period started.  He had forgotten to post the checks and the envelopes with them were still in his pack after a week.  There really was not any excuse for this happening.  Donny skipped lunch so that he could hand deliver the checks.  He knew that was not any excuse for such careless forgetfulness and he surely would pay for this mistake later but skipping lunch might avoid additional punishments.

Since he had gotten the phone call, exactly one thing was occupying his thoughts.  Donny knew that a trip to the woodshed was now on his schedule.  This day Donny would have to follow the protocol used by his family since great-grandpa was a youth.  He had been required to follow it since he had turned thirteen, like all the other boys in the family had in the past and would even in future generations.  Once it was decided that the woodshed was called for the errant youth had to go to his bedroom and strip completely.  He had to stay there until called except to do his chores and for meals regardless of who was about both in the house and the yard.  After the treatment in the woodshed, he would have return to the house and apologize for the infraction.  He would not be allowed to dress again until the next day.  Donny hated it but that was the long time family custom and there was not any way to avoid it.

Donny put the car into the garage and went into the house.  Laura was in the kitchen preparing dinner.  They exchanged the appropriate greetings and she pointed to the refrig door.  Just as he had feared, there was a slip there, listing several chores and, in thick red letters at the top, the dreaded word: WOODSHED.  It certainly was not unexpected but he was not happy that mowing and raking the lawn was on the top of the list.  He wished that he could put off the outside chores for the next day but the lawn had to be cut this evening.© YLeeCoyote

Donny went to the bedroom and stripped.  He heard the girls giggling in Vicky's room which meant that she had company.  He was not happy about that but there was nothing to do about it.  He wondered if Dax would have company also.  He hoped not but there was nothing to do about that either.  Donny started on his chores.  He wished he could wait until after dark to mow the lawn but then he would be even more noticeable with the lights on.  He got the mower and started.  It would be good to finish before dinner as it would show his obedience.  If he was lucky, he would just finish right before dinner time and be able to sit at the table without a sore butt.  Donny hated standing and eating with his plate on the sideboard.  At least when sitting, his shaven genitals were hidden by the table while when he was standing all could see them and his glowing red-hot tail as he went back and forth to the table to get his food.

While Donny was vacuuming, Dax came home with a friend.  There was still almost an hour before dinner.  Donny realized that he was going to have eat standing with both Vicky and Dax's friends present which would more than double the embarrassment level.  Life was a bitch thought Donny as he rushed to finish vacuuming the hall.  Not finishing his chores was likely to earn extras in the woodshed and one thing was for sure – he did not want extras.  The four teens made their way downstairs and Donny could feel their eyes examining his body as if it was on display in a store window.  Actually, they just noted his presence as they greeted him having seen it all before.  As he was putting the vacuum cleaner away, he was summoned.  "Woodshed time, Donny."  The simple order was more than sufficient for even the slightest hesitation would add to his punishment in this strict household.

The woodshed was now just a symbolic place since there had never been a woodshed with this house.  Donny knew that there was not anything to discuss nor even to appeal for he had forgotten to do what he should have and subjected the family to avoidable difficulties.  He walked out to the wooden table in the back yard.  On the way he picked up the razor strop (first used on his great-grandfather many years ago) and the blanket.  He placed the blanket over the end of the table and got into position.  His legs were spread and his butt was facing the house for all to see.  His nose was on the table top and he gripped the sides with his hands.  For now the grip was loose but in a few minutes it would be a death grip.  Donny remembered the awesome pain the strop had inflected on him in the past.  He was sweating in dreadful anticipation.  He waited with the fearsome strop lying across his back.

After a few minutes, he heard them coming and that reveled the butterflies in his tummy.  Then Dax spoke.  "I'm greatly disappointed in you, Father.  This is the third time you have messed up like this.  Twelve cuts."  Donny tightened both his grip on the table and his bite on the sock in his mouth.  He hoped that he would not scream for that would earn extra.  Dax took the strop from his father's back and got into position.


"One." said Dax"s friend Ray.  Donny realized that this punishment was definitely a show.  Dax waited until the stripe showed before continuing.

The strop was raised and brought down hard on his upturned butt.  Each and every cut seemed to sear his butt and racked his body with pain from his ass up to scalp and from his ass down to toes.  It was on the fifth cut that he yelled.  That earned an extra.

Donny was throbbing with pain when Ray said "Thirteen" and Dax replaced the strop on his back.  It was over.  Well, the actual stropping was over but the pain would last for days.  Donny took some solace that he had not cried.  He was still trying to compose himself when Laura called everyone for dinner.  When he turned, he saw that everyone was on the porch which meant that the girls had been watching as well as Ray.  Donny did his best not think about that.  It certainly was not the first time his stropping was witnessed by his kid's friends.  Of course, with his tail still super hot from the roasting, there was little else he could think about.

Once everyone was seated at the table (except himself) he asked for permission to speak.  Dax granted it and he made his feeble apologies and asked for permission to have dinner standing.  Of course, after a stropping he never really wanted to eat very much.  Donny's rational mind knew that what happened to him was becoming more common place and all the teens thought that it was normal especially since it was  even sanctioned by the new family laws but Donny was three times as old as Dax and still held old fashioned beliefs.

Of course, he ate standing up while his son and daughter along with their friends and his wife sat.  Donny believed that they stared constantly at his hot-red bottom and his bald crotch although it was not at all of any interest to them.  His food seemed tasteless because of the great pain in bottom.  It was at times like this that he wondered why his son had taken after his father and spanked him rather than the other way around.  One thing he did know for sure – there was not anyway to change it – for he did not have the mental strength to seize control back from his authoritarian son.  He blamed his own father for being excessively strict and crushing his sprit.

After dinner everyone gathered to watch the spectacular on the giant TV.  Everyone, but Donny who stood with his nose in the corner and his hands on his head for the entire show except when he was fetching refreshments for the others.  Later, in bed with Laura she reminded him how fortunate it was that Dax had assumed to position of head of the household for not all parents are so lucky.  Their parents had not been and only three others of the twelve families on the block had such good luck.  Several other mothers on the block were definitely jealous of her good fortune of not having to deal with rebellious teen children.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 21, 2009

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