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The following story is fiction about a boy whose antispanking plan misfires.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Thermionic setup this scenario in the forum

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Twelve year old spankee
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Antispanking Plan Misfires


The Saturday started like most others with the whole family having breakfast.  It was the four of us – Mom, Dad, my big brother, Stevie, and me.  Stevie thinks, well occasionally, when he not being an asshole.  I won't ordinarily use this expression but it fits in this story for it usually would get me a spanking and my mouth washed out with evil, foul tasting soap, but here it is.  Now Stevie is so stuck up that he acts like his shit doesn't stink.  He ain't got nothing to be stuck up about except he almost a teenager while I'm two years behind him.  Well, that has nothing to do with anything he did and in a decade we'll both be in our twenties and then he have nothing to boast of.

Well, back to this morning.  Dad was not happy with my stupid big brother.  He did some very stupid things and folks complained so Dad was lecturing him.  They were in the family room but both Mom and I could hear it all.  Mom, as she often tells me, told me to learn the consequences and avoid them so I wouldn't get my bottom (that what she calls it) roasted.  Somehow Dad lectures don't hurt inside when they are directed at Stevie rather than at me.

* * * * * * * * * *

My day was ruined right at breakfast.  The folks were unhappy with the stunts I had pulled the last couple of days.  Dad was going on and on with his lecture and I was almost – but not quite – wishing he would move to the spanking so I could get it over with.  Then I was saved by the bell – his phone rang and he answered it.  Of course, if it had been MY phone and I answered it that would have been rude and disrespectful.  Life is not fair.

Dad put his phone away and said: "I have to get to the shop immediately.  We will continue this later."  Then he rushed out leaving my ass safe for a few hours.  Mom left a few minutes later as she had plans leaving me and my pesky kid brother, Lenny, alone for the day.  It was raining and Lenny wanted to build a model which meant he would leave me alone.  I figured I better do my homework because dad always asked about that when he roasts my tail.© YLeeCoyote

Then I got a brilliant idea.  Well, it seemed like it was that then.  Two large glasses of prune juice, a few hours latter and several trips to the bathroom ignoring the heavenly soft roll of toilet tissue my crack was a stinky mess.  I was sure that Dad would not spank me and get his hand dirty.

Unfortunately, Dad immediately developed a counter plan when he took down my jeans and boxers.  "Stevie the condition of your bottom is a disgrace.  It is filthy and it stinks.  You should be ashamed of yourself."

Two minutes later I was sorry that I pulled this stunt.  Dad did not let me pull up my pants but made me remove them.  Then it was up to the bedroom to strip completely.  After that then the horrors started.  Dad was going to give me – almost thirteen-year-old me (well, in eight months) – a bath.  Then he got me into the tub and started.  Lenny stopped building his model and stood in the bathroom doorway.  He watched with a great big smirk on his face.  Dad was pissed; I was being humiliated; Lenny was enjoying it.  Then Dad dried me and picked up from where he was interrupted by the phone in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

It hard to believe that even my stupid big brother would think that having a dirty ass would get him out of a spanking.  I'm not sure that anything short of an accident and a hospital stay would do that.  So after Stevie got bathed like a toddler during which time he was imitating a beet especially when Dad did his bat and balls and his crack, that Dad got around to his spanking.  Of course, now Dad was pissed that his eldest son did not know how to keep himself clean.

The spanking was harder and longer than usual.  As always Dad pulled him over his lap although this time he was starkers and gave him a hundred hard spanks.  I counted although before it was half over Stevie was bawling.  Then Dad parked him in the corner for twenty minutes.  Mom gave him a pillow to sit on for dinner.  He was not allowed to dress, so his stuff was hanging out.  Not that he has much to hang out.  It's barely bigger than mine and doesn't have hair yet either but he was blushing all over.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Sunday morning I thought the repercussions from my dirty crack caper would be over but I was wrong.  The folks introduced a new rule for me – twice daily crack inspections.  A baby wipe would be used to check if my crack was clean.  Mom and Dad did the first few but then Lenny got into the torture.  The results of the check were recorded on a chart hung on the refrigerator like a bed-wetting chart.

Because Mom had meetings a couple of afternoons a week, they taught Lenny how to do the check.  It bad enough when your olds do a check like this but it is even worse when your kid brother does it.  Just imagine him saying: "OK, Babykins, drop your pants and bend over so I can check if you cleaned your butt."  I wanted to refuse but Dad warned me that if I did, that would earn me another spanking.  And that spanking would be with a belt and delivered by Lenny.  I certainly did not want that to happen.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was a pleasant change in Stevie's attitude towards me once I got to be his Butt Crack Monitor.  Imagine – almost thirteen (like eight months is almost) and he can't be trusted to wipe his own ass properly.  There was a nice side effect as he promised me all sort of stuff if I keep all of this a secret.  He was rightfully worried that the guys would kick him out of their group if they knew.

Truth be told, he really could keep his tail clean for he never failed any of the checks.  He suffered through a week of these checks before he confessed to Dad that it was deliberate plot to get out of a spanking or at least make it unpleasant.  He even apologized to all of us for causing us to have an unpleasant duty.

It was that, true enough, but I loved that he was embarrassed enough to be humbled by it all.  It was a small price to pay for me.

* * * * * * * * * *

After I confessed to my plot Dad wanted to know how I thought I should be punished.  I told him that the checks themselves were of plenty punishment.

"No, Stevie.  The checks were not punishment even though you did not like them.  They were to make sure that you were clean."

I was stuck and looking at another spanking as being grounded or losing my allowance were even worse options.  "A spanking, Dad, as usual." I told him and he agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad asked me what I thought.  That always a hard question because I think my big brother usually deserves more spankings than he gets since his crimes are not all reported.  But, in two years I would face the same penalty scale and not have any room to bargain.  If I understate, then Dad ignores me.  It a difficult thing to do.

"A spanking but not nearly such harsh one like he had last time.  Stevie did suffer from the checks." seemed the best I could do.

Dad smiled (a good sign) and turned to Stevie.  "Your brother is more sympathetic than I am.  You want your spanking from him?"

I understood why Stevie turned pale.  It was a horrid choice.  He knew that I would never try to be brutal (since Dad would kick my ass for that) but Dad's spanking would be much harder.  Naturally, I would love to spank my big brother and he would hate it but it was his ass on the line.  I suspected that Dad was testing both of us.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad was playing games with us again.  Games that he usually wins.  I was not sure what he was thinking.  I took a chance.  "Lenny, please give me the spanking I deserve."  That would make it his problem.

Lenny was confused and it showed on his face as he did know what expression he wanted.  I have to give him credit for within a minute he made a decision.  "Stevie, go to our room, strip and wait in the corner."  I glanced at Dad and he nodded so I went.

It seemed like a long wait but when Lenny called me from the corner he was sitting on the bed and told me to get over his lap.  He was sneaky for the bed supported me rather then him.  It was strange feeling his small hand holding my waist rather than Dad's big hand.  He gave me a few spanks with his hand but they were gentle taps compared to Dad's as he's much weaker.

Than without warning there was a SPANK that really hurt and I yelped in surprise as much as pain.  "That's your flip-flop, Stevie.  It will do what I can't alone."  Then he proceeded to give me a couple of dozen SPANKS on each cheek.  I knew that I was being spanked for sure and I thought about that a lot afterwards.  He told me that the spanking was over and to show Dad, which I did.

"Your brother did a good job." said Dad and I got dressed.

I took me a couple of hours before I thanked Lenny for spanking me reasonably.

Unfortunately, he likes to remind me everyday that he has spanked me for real and would be delighted to do it again.  I just hope he doesn't tell anyone.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 31, 2014

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