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The following story is fiction.  A young man finally gets away from his parents and discovers that there are rules to be followed.  This story is about a judicial, public spanking and humiliation.  Three variations are available – no sex, private sex and public sex.  If these subject are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Apartment House Republic Justice


Ken was thrilled.  He had graduated from college and had gotten a job hundreds of miles from home.  Unlike college which was just a sixteen minute bus ride from his parents' house and where he had lived all his life, now he was going to have his own apartment in a distant city.  His mother was horrified that her baby was moving out.  "Mother, I'm twenty-two and a capable adult.  I can take care of myself.  I'm not a little baby anymore."  Even his father took his side which he rarely did when he had disagreements with his mother.

A century ago, before all sorts of marvelous inventions such as the washing machine, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner, microwave and takeout food a young man could not live alone but had to stay in a boarding house.  The proprietors of the boarding house provided the domestic support that a distant family could not.  One shrewd developer set up a project for young men and women that allowed the sort of behavior that would not be acceptable in an normal apartment complex.  There was a loud sound system by the pool and a couple of party rooms.  The neighbors did not complain about the noisy and late activities of twentysomethings because they all were twentysomethings interested in the same things or they would have selected other developments to live in.

The developer was really calculating.  He knew that twenty-some-things were still inherently rebellious and fighting their parents – or any other sort of authority that was similar – so he made few rules.  To keep order he created a micro-republic where each tenant was a citizen and left the law making to them.  This, of course, put a whole different light on things.  The landlord's own rules were pretty simple: pay the rent and don't wreck the place.  The system worked and the occupancy rate was very high.

Ken was delighted with the place and immediately leased an apartment.  He was absolutely delighted with the freedom from adults' rules.  Perhaps he should have found some more common place for he had always lived at home where he was somewhat pampered with maternal services.  We won't discuss if he was a spoiled brat but Ken quickly ran afoul of two Apartment House Republic (AHR) Laws.

Within a couple of weeks, he failed apartment inspection.  Although the AHR did not care how messy things were, it was very concerned with food remains.  Old food attracts rodents and bugs so there were strict AHR Laws concerning garbage.  The first time he was warned.  The second time he was cited and ordered to the AHR Court.  That same week he was also cited for forgetting his laundry in a machine.  Again, it was only his problem if he left his clothes in the dryer and they wrinkled or in the washer and there was dye transfer.  But when someone else had to waste their time waiting for his non-return and emptying a machine that was rude and inconsiderate behavior that was not tolerated.© YLeeCoyote

That Friday evening he was before the AHR Court.  He was the only defendant and with two charges the Court was harsh.  "Twelve strokes with the strap in the pillory."  Several Court Officers grabbed him and his clothes were pulled off.  He was quite outnumbered so his struggles were in vain.  Actually, they were counterproductive as they angered the others.  A few minutes later he was locked in to the pillory.  There was a slight pause as the jailers caught their breaths.  Ken was shirtless and bent over at the waist.  With his neck and wrists locked into the stout wooden frame he could not move.  His pants and underpants were lowered hobbling him which meant that his sneakers and socks could be removed.  A hand gripped his privates and he was warned that if he attempted to kick as his pants were removed, he would be a most unhappy boy.  He stood still after that.  Next his legs were pulled apart and strapped to rings in the floor.  He was ready for some innocent merriment.  Actually, to be more precise, prepared for the innocent merriment of his party loving neighbors.  As people filled the room, Ken became more and more repentant and was promising himself that he would conform to the AHR Laws most diligently.  He was most uncomfortable and terribly embarrassed to be to so completely exposed with his stuff hanging down and his rear positioned as a target.  After someone had passed in front of him he saw that a large placard had been hung on the wall that declared the he was FELON and listed his crimes.

It was at ten that the auction began.  Each stroke was auctioned off and the proceeds when to the general party fund.  Rex, a tough guy as his name implied, won the first and last five.  Before he started Rex went around to Ken's head and promised him that this was going to be great fun and hoped that Ken would enjoy it as much as he would.  Rex did not take very long to get into position with the strap having a lot of experience.  He raised the strap and brought it down very hard on target.  Ken yelled in pain.  The crowd watched the red stripe form on Ken's butt.  Everyone knew how effective Rex was with that strap.  The next six cuts came from various people including a couple of girls.  None of them were as hard as Rex's first killer cut but when they landed on the same territory as the first one, they hurt a lot.  By the time they were over, Ken's butt was a deep crimson, swollen and painful.

The other citizens of the AHR were watching with great glee.  The atmosphere was more sexually charged than usual because the underlying domination/submission caused many to secrete sexual pheromones.  The more experienced were delighted that Rex had won the auction for they had previously seen him totally crush other convicts.  Recidivism was essentially nil after a full treatment by Rex.

Ken was dreading the last five due from Rex.  His first was harder than any of the other's.  Again he spoke to Ken.  "Just four more for the little naughty boy." he cooed with mock concern.  "I hope you're having fun."

Ken looked up at his tormentor with his tear filled eyes but did not say a word.  It was not that he was so cleaver but that there was little to say and none of it would have helped him.  Ken took it as a sign of strength.  He took up the strap and quickly stepped into position.  He liked to strap young men and had paid for the privilege so there was nothing that would make him go easy.  He raised the strap and brought it down hard right on target.  Ken, to his credit did not yell like for the first cut but managed to keep his mouth closed.  Most were surprised.  Rex was wondering if he had misjudged Ken as he delivered the ninth and tenth strokes.  Ken was in agony but he had resolved not to yell.  The eleventh and twelfth strokes were almost anti-climatic.  His lip was bleeding from where he had bitten himself.

The group was surprised that Ken has done so well.  Previous convicts had cried and yelled for mercy from Rex's onslaught.  Ken was left locked up for a while.  Several caressed his red-hot moons.  After he was released a couple of the girls danced with him.  He remained naked since even the idea of anything (even underwear) touching his painful tail was scary.  Ken left early so he could try to cool his hot tail in a cold shower.  He would think about dates later – when he could sit again.

Ken looked up at his tormentor with his tear-filled, fearful eyes and whispered: "Please, Sir."  He hoped that his begging for mercy would help.

"You'll do as I say, boy?"  asked Rex.

"Yes, anything but don't hurt me any more.  Please."  Of course, anything meant everything to Rex.

As the eighth stroke landed, Ken yelled in pain even though it was a lot less hard than the very first stroke.  The ninth through twelfth cuts were about the same.  Ken's tail was bright red and very painful by then.  Rex reached down and opened the straps restraining Ken's ankles and then lifted the hook that held the pillory closed.  Before Ken could fall over, Rex got beneath him and grabbed him in a fireman's carry.  Ken was not up to objecting that his hot red tail was still exposed nor did he totally comprehend Rex's announcing: "It's bedtime for this naughty boy." with that he also picked up the bag with Ken's clothes.  Only later would Ken realize what a humiliating situation he had gotten into by being carried off like a spoil of war when he recalled the loud laughter and applause.  Even if it had not been true that Rex took him to his den, everyone would assume he had.

A few minutes later Rex deposited the limp Ken on his bed.  Rex then quickly stripped down and got the lube and a condom from his nightstand.  Ken spread some of the lube on his own hard shaft and rolled the condom over it before applying the lube to Ken's hole.  A few minutes of finger play made Ken realize what was about to happen but Ken kept a heavy hand on his back so he could not move until Rex mounted him.  Once that happened and with his grip on Ken's shoulders Ken was totally his.  The mess from his orgasm proved that Ken liked what was happening.

Ken looked up at his tormentor with his tear-filled, yet defiant eyes not knowing what to say.  Rex sneered at him.  "I'm going to break you, boy.  I've done it with far better men than you, boy."  Those experienced in these punishment sessions expected that Rex would do exactly as he promised.  Many panties got damp with anticipation while pants shrunk.

Rex was very experienced and had practiced some nasty techniques. He saw Ken as an arrogant jerk and was going to have his way with him.  Instead of just folding the long strap, he also twisted it and aimed low at crease below the butt.  He swung extra hard and was delighted at the results.  Ken howled like a scared wolf cub for the pain was intense.  The group only realized that Ken was sounding like a wimp or worse not seeing the details.

The next three cuts were even worse for they landed directly over the place where the eighth had been.  Ken's howls were even louder.  When Ken stopped howling he turned to begging.  "Please, no more. I can't take anymore."

"I paid for one more, boy.  Your ass is mine."

"Not the strap, please.  Anything but not the strap."

That was exactly what Rex wanted to hear.  "Your ass is mine."

Even if Ken had understood what Rex had meant, he was not in any state to discuss the matter.  Ken was in extreme pain as Rex took a condom from his pocket, opened his pants allowing his hard shaft to spring up.  He then rolled the condom over it and stepped behind Ken.  Once in position he pressed his hard rapier against the half exposed rosebud.  Even if Ken had expected this he could not have resisted the powerful thrust that propelled Rex's rapier through his sphincter and deep into his poop chute.  Ken's surprise and his painful tail did not prevent him from getting an erection.  As Rex fucked himself to a climax, Ken was getting his love nut pounded.  The response was predictable although Ken would have preferred it not to have happened especially as everyone could see.

Ken was blushing all over by the time Rex filled the condom.  After he withdrew, he pulled the condom off and tossed it onto Ken's clothes so that he would have a souvenir.  It was not long before Ken could hear the comments of his neighbors.  "Rex really roasted that pussy boy's bottom." said one girl as she ran her fingers over the red-hot checks.

"Yea.  And the little pussy even liked it because he was hard and shot."  There were several other who laughed.

Ken was released a half hour later after many had closely checked how hot his buns were.  Although he tried to quickly retire to his apartment to nurse his pride and roasted tail, he received several propositions none of which were to his liking.  He would continue to get such offers for weeks.

In the morning Ken found a smaller version of the placard taped to his door.  Like the large party room one, it declared that he was a convicted felon.  It would remain for two weeks.  Ken was changed by his punishment.  He so feared being strapped publicly, he made sure to properly dispose of his garbage and never again was late to remove his clothes from the laundry machines.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 18, 2009

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