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The following story is fiction about CP in a school setting. The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired by the image and the caption that I found at which is no longer there.  The original caption: «‘Those naughty boys are going to get such a spanking across my knee when I find them,’ thought Miss Miller the supply[UK/US: substitute] teacher as she slowly freed herself.»   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Apple for the Teacher


I’m Gryder the custodian of Lookout County High School.  The principal, Dr. Newenham, and his staff tend to the students and the task of pounding some stuff into their empty heads.  I have the responsibility of building maintenance.  It was after ​5 p.m.​ (​1700​) this day and I was making my rounds on the second floor to make sure everything was shipshape as it should be.  Class dismissal had been two hours earlier and all the clubs and groups should have also left so that the classrooms were all cleaned and secured.

I had just entered Room #213, assigned to Miss Miller, and flipped on the lights when I heard and saw that things were very much amiss.  First, there she was tied up and on the floor, and second, someone had just run out the other door.  I rushed out into the hall to pursue whomever.  I saw three boys run into the stairs.  I immediately used my radio to order my crew on the ground floor to apprehend them and returned to assist the young lady.

The attractive Miss Miller was a dedicated teacher.  She was putting in far more time and effort than she was paid for in the hope that it would impress the administration and she would be hired full time.  Meanwhile, she struggled as a substitute teacher which is why she was working late.  She was bound hand and foot and there was an apple stuck in her mouth preventing her from screaming.  That was the first order of business and then I untied her.  Fortunately, I had arrived before the young MONSTERS could ravish the damsel.

The assault victim was just telling me that this day had been bad, particularly the third period thanks to troublemakers Gutter, Lebrun and Vinke.  They were a year older than most of their classmates because they were behind.  The three had returned after classes were over tendering false apologies for their conduct with an ‘apple for the teacher’ which they used as an uncomfortable gag.

Just then my two janitors, Mr. Niland and Mr. Springer, arrived with the three perps.  They all had their hands bound behind their backs.  It was fortunate that my men had some cords to tie the garbage bags which now were employed in a much more significant way.  Two of them were soaked as my most resourceful janitor had stopped two of them by throwing the cleaning water from the bucket on them and the other had tripped the third hooligan who was only slightly wet with the business end of a dripping unwrung mop.  Although they were dirty and stank, it was sanitary because of the bleach used.  As the blue faded from their jeans, it proved that the bleach was still active.© YLeeCoyote

“THOSE ARE THE MONSTERS!” she yelled as they were shoved into the room.  “They should be severely thrashed and spanked.”

“I’m sure that the court will deal harshly with them, Miss Miller.  Most certainly send them away to the reformatory and then to the state prison for many years.  Of course, they will be well beaten there – probably every day.” I said, mainly to scare them.  And it showed on their faces for obviously they never thought about that possibility.  “I’ll call the cops now.”

“Oh, please don’t do that.” whined Gutter, the first one.

“We were not going to harm her at all.  Honestly.” pleaded Lebrun, the second of the trio.

“Really we were just having a little fun.” explained (sort of) the third sociopath Vinke.

“So terrifying a lovely young lady is your idea of fun.”  I stepped to that scum and grabbed him by the balls and squeezed hard.  He felt that even through his jeans and screamed.  “Now that’s what I call fun, boy.”  My men agreed and did the same to the two others with identical reactions.  The three were as pale as ghosts.  I could see that Miss Miller approved.

“I want to give them the spanking of their lives – before the cops get them.” said the lady.  It was quite a surprise but I felt that she was most certainly entitled to that.  I immediately decided that we would help her by softening them up for her; otherwise, she would have a difficult task with hard teen boy butts.

“Of course, Ma’am.  Permit us to, er, prepare them for you.”

“Excellent, Mr. Gryder, thank you.” she said with a huge smile.  My men smiled but the bad boys looked scared, perhaps even petrified.  That was great.  Conveniently, they each were wearing heavy leather belts which we easily pulled free of their jeans before yanking them down.  Their boxers quickly followed leaving them half naked.  We then pushed them over the student desks of the first row and ordered them to stay in that position.

It was a sight that promised to get better as we added color to those moons. Their belts were perfect for the task at hand and we started to swing them hard.  None of those ineffectual couple of pops on thick jeans given by the teachers in the halls but more than fifty hard cuts from those heavy leather belts that painted those moons.  At first just a delicate pink soon followed by a secession of deeper and more robust reds climaxing with a very rich crimson.  I must report that the three did not appreciate our artistic skills and kept yelling.  Some yells were howls while others promises and still others pleads for mercy.

The three of us apparently wore the bullies out as my father would have said when he had cause to talk of roasting my ass many years before.  It was now Miss Miller’s time to follow through on her understandable need to spank them.

I had Mr. Springer bring a chair from the Teachers’ Lounge that was a good spanking chair and a clean drop cloth from the paint shop to protect her dress from the wet and dirty boys who might have accidents and any lingering bleach.  Once she was settled, I ordered Gutter to shuffle over to her and lay over her lap.  He was clearly embarrassed that she could see his junk which was trying to hide after that hard strapping.  He was roughly manhandled into position by Mr. Niland and Mr. Springer who seemed to enjoy doing so.

No doubt that Miss Miller enjoyed bringing her hand down hard on Gutter’s tenderized hot red tail especially since she was rewarded with a howl.  In fact she was rewarded with howl after howl.  Then Mr. Springer handed her ruler and she got even better responses.  She was also lecturing the very naughty boy and after a score of whacks with the ruler he burst into crying.  She showed us her beautiful smile.  She decided that it was sufficient and ordered him up.  Gutter definitely wanted to rub his roasted tail but couldn’t with his wrists bound.  Nor could he do the spanker dance because his jeans were about his ankles.  It seemed appropriate.

Before proceeding with the other two problems clowns, Miss Miller fetched her purse and extracted a heavy hairbrush.  I smiled knowing that it would be more effective than that light ruler she had just used.  The next miscreant, Lebrun, was gotten into position.  She started with a hand spanking which, of course, was effective because of the earlier strapping.  After she switched to the hairbrush his howls were much more robust reflecting the greater pain inflected.  He too was soon bawling much to our delight.

We moved onto Vinke, the third bully with a repeat of what Lebrun had just received.  He responded in an identical fashion.  The three red-tailed trouble makers were then ejected from the building by my men.  I helped Miss Miller to pack up and escorted her to her car.

I reported everything to Dr. Newenham the next morning and Miss Miller confirmed and elaborated with many details.  He read them the riot act and wrapped up with “… any more trouble from you and you will be expelled immediately.”

Everyone in the school was amazed at how their conduct changed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 20, 2020

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