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The following story is fiction about a modern psychologist.  The story contains scenes of spanking and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Appointment with the Psychologist
The Difficult Son


Mr. and Mrs. Nickelson were at their wit's end.  Their son, Gino, was out of control.  Well, more precisely he was out of their control raising hell both at school and at home.  The high school VP called: "If your son, Gino, does not change his ways, he will be expelled."  In response to the question of other options, he replied: "Decades ago I would have paddled him but that is no longer permitted.  We don't have facilities for detentions with the overcrowding and cutbacks.  Sorry, you need to get him to shape up yourself."

The parents did not know what to do.  Adherents to modern methods they had failed to instill proper respect for civilization and for proper authority in their son.  Their poor attempts at discipline were scoffed at by their son.  In response to his bemoaning the issue to his coworker, Mr. Nickelson was given the name of a psychologist with a good recommendation.  "Dr. Picard did wonders for our son.  He got to the seat of the problem and it only took three sessions."

An appointment was made and Gino taken to the office for his first session.  Gino thought it was all a joke.  "I ain't crazy." he laughed, "I don't need a shrink."

* * * * * * * * * *

The office was not like any Gino had seen in movies.  There were not any posh furnishings in the small one room office nor even an ancient magazine but just a couple of simple chairs and a small desk.  The doctor did not even look like a doctor.  He was not a dumpy old guy with a beard in an ill fitting suit but was less than thirty and dressed in a tight polo shirt and jeans.  There was not any doubt that he worked out from the size of his muscles.  Gino was even impressed by the six pack that showed through the tight shirt.© YLeeCoyote

"I'm Dr. Picard.  I understand that you are Gino Nickelson and that you are a lot of trouble at home, school and elsewhere."  Gino decided he did not like the way things were and rushed for the door only to discover that it was locked.  He demanded that he be allowed to go but the doctor just laughed.  "Not until we complete the first session young man.  Your parents have already paid me, so I must deliver."

The doctor looked at some notes and handed the paper to Gino.  "Is this a correct list, boy?"  Gino was surprised to see a long list of things others felt that he should not do and stunned remained silent.  "I can see from your face that it is.  Such behavior is most certainly unacceptable.  You shall change your ways, young man." The doctor paused for a couple of minutes.  "Your unacceptable behavior has earned you punishment.  If you continue with such behavior, you will be punished again.  Your parents' efforts have been ineffectual.  The school's options are limited.  Your parents have approved of the treatment that I'm am going to give you which has proven to be effective over the centuries."  He paused again.  "The treatment will be repeated if your behavior continues to be unacceptable."

With increasingly wide eyes, Gino watched as the doctor moved his chair to the middle of the room and then extracted a leather paddle from the desk.  It was a hand wide and cubit long.  "Come here, boy.  It is time for your spanking."

"WHAT!?"  Gino had heard of spanking in ancient times, like in centuries past, but thought that it was unlawful now.

"I have found that the old methods are most effective.  Now come here.  It will mean extra if you do not cooperate with me." said the doctor most calmly.

"NO!" said the boy defiantly.  The doctor stood up and easily caught the boy in the small room.  The authoritative and strong man physically controlled the boy, without any difficulty.  Then it was easy to open his belt and pants and force them to the floor hobbling the lad.  The doctor sat and pulled the boy over his lap and got a steel-like grip on his waist.

"Gino you have greatly misbehaved.  The doctor raised his hand and began to spank.  He spanked hard and each and every spank reverberated through the boy's body.  After a dozen on each cheek, the doctor paused.  The boy was begging him to stop and promising to be good. That was for not cooperating, boy.  Now we will get to the main spanking."  The doctor picked up the paddle.  With the first contact the boy howled anew at the intense pain.  Over and over the paddle was raised and brought down hard on the naughty boy's behind turning it into a hot, red pain center as the leather repeatedly wrapped about the curved target.  Soon the boy was crying and then bawling.

To Gino it seemed like an eternity before the spanking stopped.  Dr. Picard was so strong that although Gino had kicked a lot he remained in place but his jeans and underpants got kicked off.  Now when the doctor stood him up and parked him in the corner with his hands on his head he was half naked.

Gino did not hear his mother come in a little while later.  When the doctor gave Gino the lecture he made sure that the boy understood if he misbehaved he would be spanked again.  He was also told that he had better show up for his next appointment.  With his face still wet from his tears, his eyes red and his ass on fire, Gino replied: "Yes, Sir."

Gino's mother took him by the hand and led him out of the office, down the hall and into the parking lot where his dad was waiting with the car.  It was only when they got home did he realize he was still half naked.  Put to bed, he lay prone and cried.  One thing he knew was that he did not want another spanking like he just had gotten.

Mr. and Mrs. Nickelson wondered if the doctor's treatment would have the desired effect.  "Don't worry, Dear," said Mr. Nickelson, "the doctor said it usually takes a few sessions for changes to be apparent.  Let's be patient."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 17, 2011

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