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The following story is fiction about young, naive psychologist and his aggressive young clients. The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  You should, of course, read Part 1 first.

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Appointment with the Psychologist
Attitude Adjustment – Part 2/2


It has been a couple of months since I've finished with Mr. Kinlan officially.  However, at least once or twice a week, he comes by my house for, how shall I call it, a session.  As you surely guessed, he is not looking for physiological help as such but to exercise the power he has over me including his sexual release.  Although the exact details vary he takes the role of a mentor, master or father figure while I'm reduced to a little boy.  I have terrible mixed feeling about all of this – both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.

Whenever he shows up, he takes full control of the activities we engage in.  He always undresses me completely before he interrogates me about what I did since his last visit.  I tried to evade a bad boy spanking once by lying and it was a disaster.  Mr. Kinlan immediately detected my mendacity and I was forced to confess both my lying and my original failure.  This earned me a strapping rather than the usual hard hand bad boy spanking.  Mr. Kinlan used his own heavy garrison belt with me bent over and holding my ankles.  He gave me a dozen very hard strokes which turned my buttocks into a bright red massive pain center and reduced me to a blubbering mess.  He then took pity on me and cuddled me as I sat on his lap and cried.  When I could speak, I apologized and promised never to lie to him again.  Soon after that I was on my knees between his legs nursing on his big hard penis.  I was rewarded with a big load of semen which I eagerly swallowed.

When I've been a good boy it is a lot more pleasant because then he just spanks me with his hand giving me a nice warm and erotic feeling in my buttocks.  This is good because he then carries me to my bed and has intercourse with me.  I'm already hot by the time his hard penis pounds my prostate and I climax promptly.  It is a wonderful feeling and lasts a long time because Mr. Kinlan then cuddles me in bed.

When I'm home alone in the evenings, I wear a little boy's sailor suit with short pants unless I'm doing chores when I wear just a little boy's T-shirt and short-shorts as work clothes.  Mr. Kinlan says that little boys like me should not have any man hair so every five days I smear a depilatory on both my pubic area and axillae so that they are completely smooth and hairless.  I wear the cartoon briefs all the time which enhances the feeling of being just a little boy.

I continue my practice and have normal relationships with my other clients.  I've even gotten a few more students on the school contract thanks to VP Rydel's recommendations of the great job I did with Mr. Kinlan.  I dread to think what might happen if word got out my relationship with him.  Fortunately, Mr. Kinlan has kept quiet about it.  He realizes that if I'm exposed, then he will lose me and he does not wish that to happen.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm starting with a new patient, Russel Oakman.  I'm always fearful with a new patient that I might get another Kinlan type and that would be very difficult and complex.  When I first saw Russel I relaxed for he was even smaller than I by at least ​an inch​ (​2.5 cm​) and I did not think that he would or could pounce on me like Mr. Kinlan had done.

Mr. Oakman was referred to me because he was a bully.  What was not in the preliminary paper work was an important detail.  He did not bully smaller, weaker kids but stood up for them against the older, bigger bullies.  That, of course, would have been fine if it stopped there but it did not.  He bullied kids bigger than he but who were weaker either in mind or body.  He was quite happy to tell me this about himself.  The usual sort of comment – "Pick on kids your size." – certainly would not help since he picked on kids that were bigger.

I got into trouble the very first session.  Initially, Mr. Oakman declined to use the couch instead took the easy chair near its head.  Normally, I sit there so when the client lies down I'm not in his sight lines.  After a few minutes, he decided to try the couch which left me looking at him directly and he could look back.  The bulge in his tight jeans grew to massive proportions and I was drawn to it.  I could not help but to stare at it for Mr. Oakman was short and only fourteen-years-old.  It did not help me any that he rubbed his crotch several times within five minutes while he still talked and I just nodded.

"You seem fascinated by this, Doc, I'll take it out and you can really see it."  He quickly opened his jeans and released his penis as he did not have on any underwear.  "It will be more comfortable for me."

I should have told him to cover up and probably would have anywhere else but it is good practice to get clients to open up so being negative is not the first reaction in the office.  Perhaps I should have told him that it was in appropriate behavior but, in all honesty, I was mesmerized by his most generous endowment soaring up from a thick wide nest of pubic hair.  Since his scrotum was taut, I could also see that his testicles were large.  I was taken aback and thus silent which gave him an opportunity.

"I see that you like my big hard cock, Doc.  Come on over a take a closer look."  He was stroking it as he spoke.  "You really want to.  You want to know how it feels."  I was confused and mute.  I remember seeing a drop of preejaculate glistening at the tip of his tumescent penis.  He kept up the one-sided banter and I succumbed.  I stood up and stepped closer.

He grabbed my hand and pulled down so I dropped to my knees and my face was close to his beautiful organ.  I wanted to flee but I couldn't.  It looked as luscious as Mr. Kinlan's did.  "Touch it, Doc.", he said, "You know you want to."  I should have jumped back but I couldn't and slowly reached out and took hold of the shaft.  He pressed my head closer.  His musk filled my nostrils and I was lost.  I gave it a lick.  Very much like Mr. Kinlan's.  Then I was sucking it enthusiastically and was rewarded when he ejaculated a large, tasty portion of his semen which I quickly swallowed.

"You been practicing, Doc.  You did that very well." he said.

I did not know what to say.  I think I hemmed and hawed some.

"Stand up, Doc." he ordered and we both stood.  "You are a very naughty boy for attacking a patient.  What would the Board say?"  He paused and I could not even try to regain any semblance of control.  He yanked my jacket off and then opened my belt and pants.  With a little help they dropped exposing my cartoon briefs.  He was very fast on the uptake.  "Naughty little boys get SPANKED."  He sat and pulled my briefs down.  "Yes, you are a hairless little boy.  It's right that you should wear cartoon briefs."

He pulled me over his lap and the first spank landed.  It was very hard and hurt.  He was very strong which is how he survived bullying the bigger bullies.  Soon I was in agony from his spanking.  He spanked even harder than Mr. Kinlan did.  It got more and more difficult not to cry and not to go limp and eventually I did both.  Sometime after that, he stopped and sent me to stand with my nose in the corner and my hands on my head noting that is how little boys are punished.

Through the pain and humiliation I was feeling I realized that Mr. Oakman had taken control of me just like Mr. Kinlan had perhaps more easily as I was enthralled by his penis and rushed to meet him halfway.  Now I was under the control of a second teenager.  After a while he called: "Come here, Telly."  I bent down to pull up my pants but he told me to leave them.  He was sitting behind my desk and I was standing with my pants down about my ankles, like a naughty school boy before the VP who had just paddled him.  "Why don't you have any hair, Telly?" he asked pointing to my bald crotch.

I did not want to tell him but I knew that I could not lie.  "I use a depilatory every few days." I explained.  Then he asked about my briefs.  Again, I was worried about telling all.  "I have to wear them."  In a little while he learnt about Mr. Kinlan but did not tell me to report the events of today.  Then he left.

* * * * * * * * * *

My first session with that pussy boi of a shrink was a real surprise.  I caught him staring at my package and then had lots of fun with him.  I bested older guys for a long time but Telly is the oldest and a professional man to boot.  I don't think he's telling me everything about not having pubes and those cartoon briefs but I still have five fucking <lol> sessions to go.  I'm certain that I will learn more each time.  I'm already looking forward to him going down on me again and even fucking him.  I'm sure that he isn't supposed to have sex with patients so he'll be easy to deal with.  I'm already looking forward to the next session.

I was not disappointed with session number two.  The pussy boi was obedient and docile.  I really love it when I can control older guys and he's the oldest by far.  Initially, he tried to resist but I quickly dominated him.  I decided to punish him for being so insolent before moving on to plow his pussy-boi ass.  It was quick work to strip him to his birthday suit.  Without it, he definitely looks like a little boy since he is without pubes, somewhat of a runt and had been wearing superhero briefs.  He seemed a little frightened when I dragged him over my lap for a spanking.

I took my time spanking him so I could savor it longer.  I enjoyed watching my hand prints form on his cheeks as I spanked.  It must have happened the first time but I was rushing to much to notice it being caught up in the experience.  Soon, however, the prints spread like ivy over his ass until it was completely red.  He cried like a little boy again.  I learnt that another dude was forcing him to be bald and wear the kiddy briefs as well as being his pussy-boi.  He was definitely jealous of my big package and sort of worshiped it.  I don't really care why he is like this but I love it.  He has a hot mouth to give great head and has a tight ass to fuck.

The next couple of sessions were about the same.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was quite a surprise.  I dropped in to see Telly and have a bit of fun.  When he showed me in, he was nervous and he was evasive.  If I had learnt anything about him, it was when he was naked with a hot red butt and crying on my shoulder that he confessed everything most readily.  It was clear what I must do – strip and spank him.  The first part was very easy since I had him kick off his sneakers and remove his socks.  I removed the T-shirt and his short-shorts easily.  I gave his pubis a feel and said: "My little boy still hasn't any man-fur." which made him blush although his dicky was pretty stiff.  It was when I pulled him over my lap that I saw that his ass was red like after I had spanked him.  It was clear why he was nervous.  I gave him a good spanking and quicker than usual he was crying.  I continued until he was bawling and limp because he had been a naughty boy.  I held him until he cried himself out and then grilled him until I learnt about Russel Oakman.

I certainly believed him when he explained that he was under Mr. Oakman control just like he had come under mine.  The only thing I was mad about was that he had not confessed at the beginning.  I made a quick decision to fill each of his holes and then worry about this Oakman dude.  Telly was especially appreciative of my dick and its wonderful jizz and begged forgiveness for not telling me the first day.  He explained that it was against the rules to talk about a patient.

My first inclination was to tell Mr. Oakman to lay off but he could then rat out Telly to the Board and everything would be lost. Telly said he was not likely to disappear after the six sessions any more than I had.  I had to make a deal with him.  Sharing I did not like but that certainly had to happen in some way.  One thing certainly was appealing was to simultaneously plug Telly at both ends.  I even thought that I might dominate Mr. Oakman and make him and Telly a 'team' since they are both short.

I was waiting for Mr. Oakman in Telly's office as he had his last session.  When he came out, I introduced myself.  He was surprised but remained calm when I told him that the Doc was mine and now that his treatments were over, so were the bonuses.  As I expected he did not like that and told me so in no uncertain terms and even where I could go.  He was even smaller than the Doc and I decided that I could just overpower him like I had the Doc.  "Last chance, Mr. Oakman." I said, "Now push off."

"And if I don't, boy?" he retorted.

"Then I'll have to make you."  I went for him and I got a gigantic surprise for he caught my hand and flipped me over so I was sprawled on the floor.  He was laughing and that turned the red I was seeing into a deep crimson.  I went for him again.  This time was worse.  After I was on the floor, he got my arm twisted up behind my back and applied so much pressure that I thought he was going to rip it off.

Damn he was a fucken strong tiger.  He tied his belt about my wrist, looped it around my neck and ordered me to give him my other wrist.  When I hesitated he increased the pressure and I did what he ordered.  He tied it and I could not move my arms. "I really HATE bullies that pick on guys smaller than themselves.  You need to be taught a lesson, boy."  I was lying prone when he grabbed the waist band of my jeans and he pulled me to my knees while my head was still on the floor.  He was really strong!  There was not anything I could do trussed up like a pig for sale in the market.  He reached under me and pulled my heavy belt free.  He then opened my jeans and yanked them down.  My boxers went south the same way.  "You are to count and thank me as I beat your sorry, worthless ass, boy."

Then it landed with a crash.  It was blinding pain as he hit me with my own heavy belt.  Several times more it struck with the same result.  "You can start counting, boy."

Then he hit again and I said "Four."

"No, start at one, boy."

There was another WHACK and I said. "One."

"You did not say 'Thank you, Sir.  Let's start again."

I got at least ten WHACKS before I was counting and thanking to his satisfaction.  He stopped by the time we got to forty (actually fifty) I thought that there was an inferno in my rear.  I was also sobbing from the pain.

He opened the door to the consulting room and called for a condom from the Doc.  I did not have the strength to even beg him not to although he surely would not have listened to me then.  Of course, he had beaten me and that gave him the right.  He got down behind me and poked at my hole with his very hard rod.  Then he got a good grip on my hips and pressed forward.  I pushed back hoping to ease things but he just rammed in fast and hard.  I was not sure if the pain was greater in my hole or my butt cheeks.  What I was sure of is that I was trussed up and he was having his way with my beaten ass.  All this was compounded by the fact that my own cock was hard and something was feeling good inside as he pounded my ass.  It felt so good that I came.  Then he came and proudly announced it.  "You got a good tight pussy, boy." he chortled and he rolled me over so I was supine although lying on my arms.  "You were such a good fuck, boy, I'm going to reward you with a hand job."  He reached for my cock and stopped.  "No need to jerk you off, boy, I fucked you so good that you came.  Well, you can be my bitch and we'll have more fun another day."

I was totally devastated!  He had whipped my butt and fucked the jizz out of me while Telly was watching.

"Doc, get me that shaver you have in your desk."

I was not sure what he planned, but I was sure that I would not like it.  "Please, Mr. Oakman, don't shave me." I begged knowing that I was helpless.

He grabbed my cock with one hand and held the shaver in the other.  "Pussy-bois like you don't deserve to have man-fur." and then he proceeded to shave my pubes off.  It went terribly faster than I expected as it had an edge trimmer which could handle the long hair without clogging.  Then he untied the belt and I pulled my arms back to the front.  As soon as the blood got recirculating, I felt my smooth pubis and it was horrible.

* * * * * * * * * *

I certainly expect that Mr. Kinlan and Mr. Oakman would clash although not this soon.  After Mr. Oakman left I started to do some paper work and then I heard the skirmish in the waiting room.  Both voices were familiar to me, so I just stayed in my consulting room.  They would have to work this out as two alpha males must – with one proving his dominance over the other to the satisfaction of both.  When to door opened I was surprised that it was Mr. Oakman asking for a condom.  Obviously, he had won and now was going to put Mr. Kinlan in his place beneath himself.  I guess that he had looked through my desk that first time when he gave me corner time.

I surveyed the scene before me.  Mr. Kinlan was in a modified kowtow position with a glowing bright red rump.  Mr. Oakman opened his jeans and rolled the condom on.  Fortunately for Mr. Kinlan it was a lubricated condom.  Mr. Oakman mounted him like he was a bitch (literal sense) and took him roughly.  I'm glad he did not take me that way.  This scene would have made for a fine paper but how could I publish anything like this.

Well, Mr. Oakman did not take very long to climax and after he withdrew, he turned Mr. Kinlan supine.  It was clear that he enjoyed the mounting of his rival.  "You're such a good fuck, I'll reward you, boy, with a hand job to get your rocks off."  Of course, what that really meant was that he was going use his power some more to force Mr. Kinlan to climax at his hand.  Instead he discovered that Mr. Kinlan had had a prostatic climax.  He called him a "bitch" and asked for the shaver (again from my desk) and removed Kinlan's pubic hair ignoring his pleas not to.

I have to admit that it was exciting watching all this and I was rubbing my own hard penis through my pants.  "Stop that Doc." ordered Mr. Oakland.  Of course, I obeyed.  He pulled Mr. Kinlan to his knees and beckoned me over.  The Doc has a little problem, boy.  Give him a BJ to take care of it.

It sure felt great than Kinlan was on his knees before me and about to pleasure me.  That he was doing this under orders from another only slightly diminished my pleasure.  He got me exposed and began.  I took hold of his head but I could not exercise the control that they did.  Nevertheless, my semen went into Kinlan's stomach.  Oakland took a few close ups with his phone camera without Kinlan's noticing.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a fantastic rush to beat and fuck Kinlan and then make him suck off the Doc.  After the Doc came, I told Kinlan to thank him for the tasty treat he had just gotten which he did.  The Doc had a great smile when that happened.  Then I told him to stand and face me.  Clandestinely, I took another picture showing his bare pubes and told him to dress.

"We have things to discuss, Jarred.  We can do that over dinner.  Come along.  You may go home Doc."

As we headed to find a place to eat, I was sure that fire I lit in Kinlan ass would make him cooperative especially when I showed him the pictures.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 1, 2011

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