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The following story is fiction about a teen boy who gets spanked by the barber.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a sequel to part 1 which should be read first since it defines the title character but the important point is that the Apprentice Barber is only seventeen.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Apprentice Barber Is a Master (3/3)


The two boys walked slowly to their doom.  Well, that is how they felt about what they were charged to do.  Fourteen-year-old Ken had been ordered by his father, in no uncertain terms, to get a proper haircut before dinner or he would be eating standing up.  Alongside him was his eleven-year-old brother Joey who shared the unwanted quest.  Just to make sure that everything went according to plan – the parental plan that is – appointments had been made with the barber and the haircut prepaid.

Ken's concept of a proper haircut was very different from that of his father.  The young man knew that the old man was stuck back in the last century when boys wore ties to school and had short hair.  Ken wanted his hair long and flowing.  Joey looked up to his brother as a hero, emulating him in every way possible, had the same hair issue.

Bob confirmed the identity of the two when he checked his appointment book when they entered the barbershop.  He also noted that the letter from boys' father was there explaining the situation.  Ken took his seat in the barber's chair and the barber asked: "What can I do for you, young man?"  Ken launched in a long explanation explaining the style he wished which would require little more than a few snips to even out the ends.  After listening patiently, Bob asked: "Are you sure you don't want something a bit shorter and more appropriate for school, young man?"

"I told you what I wanted." snapped the boy angrily.  "Now get to it."  He felt that he had appeased his father more than enough just by being in the barber's chair.

Bob picked up the clippers and the boy jumped up.© YLeeCoyote

"NO CLIPPERS!" he shouted.

"That is NOT what your father ordered and paid for, boy." retorted the barber holding up a letter.  "I have my instructions and authorization to enforce things." exaggerated the barber.  Ken could not respond for he knew what his father's most definitive instructions about his haircut surely were.  He knew that if he did not get one, his father would take the strap to his ass.

"You still get one choice, boy." said the barber with a wicked grin.  "You can be spanked here and now or when you get home.  You will be spanked at home if I report than you did not ask for the proper haircut.  Which will it be?"

"A proper school haircut, please?" said the boy thinking that would end the spanking issue although he still would have to get the dreaded haircut.

"It's good that you said that but you have already earned a spanking because you asked only AFTER knowing the penalty for not saying it before.  So which will it be – spanked here or spanked at home – boy?"

Ken considered what his father would do when he got home and even longer term and decided that a spanking from the smaller, younger barber would be the better although still undesirable option.  "Here, Sir." he replied not smiling at all.

"Remove your jeans and underwear please." said Bob with a smile for he was most delighted to have opportunity to spank the young miscreant.  The barber sat and Ken got over his lap.  He was not happy about the situation but at least nobody but his brother was watching.  Joey was watching with anticipation as he never tired seeing his brother spanked.  His smile gave Bob an idea.  "Please get the hairbrush with the wide back from the second drawer, Joey."

As Joey handed him the hairbrush, Bob asked: "Is this what your father uses to spank you two?"

"No, Sir.  Mother uses a hairbrush but Father uses his hand or his belt." responded Joey.

By now Ken was well secured over Bob's lap and Ken felt his hands giving him a few light exploratory spanks.  He knew this was gonna to hurt very soon.  "Please show me how she does it." ordered the barber.

Joey started to demonstrate but Bob told to actually demonstrate how she did it.  Joey then swung the hairbrush and connected lightly with Ken's butt saying: "Like this."

"That did not leave a mark.  Surely she spanks harder than that.  Do show me."  Joey was not sure what to do.  He secretly wished that he could spank his big brother but was afraid to.  Now he was being ordered to.  "Do it." repeated the barber authoritatively.  Joey brought the hairbrush down hard so that it made a resounding WHACK.

His big brother reacted with a yelp.  Joey saw a red oval form just like it did when his mother whacked his brother.  "That's more like it, Joey.  Let's see a few more and EVEN HARDER SPANKS."  Now having tasted of the 'forbidden fruit', Joey was now emboldened and did as he was told to.  A dozen times he raised the hairbrush and whacked his brother's bare bottom which was well positioned.  Each time he managed to do it a bit more forcefully.

While Joey was learning to how to use a hairbrush from the barber, a young lady of about twelve walked in with her little nine-year-old brother.  They stood there, silently, enjoying the show unnoticed by the brothers.

Bob then raised his own hand and brought it down on the now tenderized bottom of the teen over his lap very hard.  Over and over he spanked most forcefully and soon Ken broke and started crying.  That was what Bob loved – his spankees forced to yield to his power.  He stopped and directed Ken to stand in the corner with his hands on his head.

It was only then that the brothers noticed the new arrivals who had been watching Kenny's bottom turn red.  Ken immediately tried to hide his junk and his face turned as red as his nether cheeks were.  Since his eyes were tear filled, he did not immediately recognize the young lady.  "No need to cover up, boy.  You don't have anything she hasn't seen many times before." said the barber with a chuckle which made him blush even more.  Joey did his best to hide his smirk.

"Hi, Kenny." said the girl recognizing him from school.  Ken wished that he was dead rather than being seen crying, sans pants and spanked by a girl from school.

Bob addressed the familiar newcomers.  "You are early.  Please have a seat and I'll be with you shortly."

"Joey since your brother is, er, busy thinking about things, we'll do your haircut first.  Into the chair please."  As he put the apron over the boy, he asked: "What sort of haircut for you, boy?"

Joey knew what had to be the one and only proper answer to avoid a spanking.  "A proper school cut, please." he said fearing for his bottom more than losing his hair.  As the barber transformed him, he thought about how much fun it had been spanking his big brother with the heavy hairbrush.

A few minutes later Bob said: "OK, you're done." and removing the apron.  "Next!"

As Ken came from the corner, he again tried to hide his junk and was admonished again.  After being seated and covered with the apron, he was asked what he wanted.

"A proper school cut, please." he replied, his still hot bottom reminding him of the correct answer.  When done he was quickly evicted from the chair so the young boy could take his place.  Ken could not avoid being closely watched by the smiling young lady for she held his underpants for him to put on as if he were her little brother.  "I can do that myself." he said reaching for his underpants.

"Little boys who get spanked in public need help dressing." she retorted.  "Now lift your foot, Kenny."  Ken had no choice so he obeyed and was helped dressing.  She had a big smile as she dressed him.

The brothers left as soon as he was dressed.  Joey, not being a fool, quickly apologized to his big brother for spanking him while insisting that he did not have a choice and if he had refused the barber would have used the hairbrush himself.  That certainly would have been worse and asked for forgiveness.

At dinner, their father said they looked much better with their new haircuts.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 6, 2016

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