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Asking for a Paddling


I’ve been at my homework steadily since dinner was over.  Dad was very unhappy with my grade on the test paper that I brought home today.  He spent ages lecturing me about the importance of doing well.  He boiled it down to some simple things.  If I fuck up my grades then not only might I not graduate but those tentative college admissions would vanish and so could the scholarship offer and even the promised slot on the team.  My future prospects without college were dim.  They are much dimmer than Dad’s were thirty years before because the world has changed.

So somehow that lecture got to me this time and when he sent me off to hit the books I did so.  He also said that he would paddle me later.  I most certainly was not looking forward to in the least.  At least he was fair about it and put it off so I could study without the distraction of a freshly roasted butt.

Anyway, it is now almost bedtime and my buddy, Tim, texted me.  He asked how I’m doing for he knows that I fucked up that test and figured I was going to have a ‘discussion with Buddy’ and my dad.  Yeah,  Dad did promise to paddle me before bedtime I tell him.

And this is when I realize I have a dilemma.  It’s practically my bedtime and Dad is not here.  “Should I remind him?” I ask Tim.

“Do you want a paddling?”© YLeeCoyote

“Of course not.”

“Do you want TWO paddlings?”

“Double NO!”

“Then it’s a no brainier, Tad.  Avoid it tonight and you are sure to get it tomorrow and with a bonus for forgetting.  Maybe even for breakfast and then everyone will see your red tail in the shower.”

“Yeah.  You’re right.  I better go see him.”

A minute later I was in the family room where Dad was watching TV.  I was carrying Buddy, which Dad hand crafted his in high school shop class.  “Dad, it’s almost my bedtime and you promised me a paddling tonight.”

Dad was surprised.  “Do you want a paddling, Tad?”

“No, Sir.  But I do not want to wait a day and even risk extra for trying to avoid it.”  Dad took Buddy.  Buddy had forged a special bond between us since we both knew exactly how it roasted butt.

“Position.” he said and I dropped my boxer briefs and lay over the end of the couch.  The position was all too familiar.

Dad found his spot instantly and I felt the paddle touch the target spot on my tail and pull away.  I knew that it was raising and I grasped the seat cushion tightly.

WHACK!  It was a hard blow right on my sit spots and I let out a low yelp.  It hurt like it always hurt and then came the second blow.  It was just as bad.  I gripped the seat cushion extra tight for Dad was in good form tonight.  The third was an absolute killer and I gave a howl.  I wondered if Dad smiled at that or not but I would never know.  I braced myself for the fourth which was just as horrendous.

I was lost after that.  Each and everyone not only seared my rump but my soul.  I broke down and cried as well as howling.  In all he gave me ten very hard WHACKS.

Dad dismissed me with an admonition to work hard at school.  “You have to keep up your grades, Tad.”

“Yes Sir.  I’ll do my very best.”

“Go to bed.”

“Good night, Father.” I replied and rushed buck to my bedroom with my undies in my hand and got into bed – prone of course.

I texted my buddy: “Ass on fire.  Dad was pleased I showed up.  It was the right thing to do.”

And I really applied myself and did better for the rest of the year.  I really wanted to avoid another discussion with Buddy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 25, 2020

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