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The following story is fiction about a young girl dominating her older but immature brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The story is presented as a series of chat logs.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Asking The Guru


Sunday, the 1st, 8:00pm:

HeatherOne: Hello.

Guru:  Hello.

HeatherOne:  Is this the Mr. Guru who wrote those wonderful stories where a girl controls her immature big brother?

Guru:  Yes.  Why?© YLeeCoyote

HeatherOne:  I'm having the same problem with my brother.  He's ever so immature – although he's 15 he acts like he's just 8.

Guru:  How old are you?

HeatherOne: I'm 12 almost 13.  I'm very mature both emotionally and physically.

Guru:  What do you expect me to do?

HeatherOne: He needs a good spanking.

Guru:  That is something you need to talk to your parents about.

HeatherOne:  I've tried but they don't want to do anything.

Guru:  Well, I can't spank him.  We're probably thousands of km apart and even if we were close I would not try because I would get into trouble.

HeatherOne:  Actually I want to spank him not for you to spank him.

Guru:  I can't hold him down any more than I can spank him.

HeatherOne:  I want you to tell him that he should be spanked by me because of his terrible behavior like you wrote about.

Guru:  Even if I agreed that you are right and told him to get over your lap why would he listen to me?

HeatherOne:  I spoke to him and explained that he was naughty and all that so he deserved to be spanked so he would improve his behavior.

Guru:  Obviously, he did not agree with you.  He probably even laughed at the concept.

HeatherOne:  Unfortunately he did but he did listen to my complaints about his misbehavior.

Guru:  Then maybe he will change.  He's likely to grow up and as he matures change his ways.

HeatherOne:  I want to encourage him to change.  He does admit that he does not always behave properly.

Guru:  That's good.  Because you are talking so there is hope for change.

HeatherOne:  Can you tell him that I should spank him?

Guru:  I'm not in charge of him so I can not do that.  Nor can I put you in charge of him.

HeatherOne:  Oh.

Guru:  If he admits he been naughty then you might get him to ask for the spanking you agree he deserves.

HeatherOne:  Thank you Mr. Guru.  I'll give it a try

Monday, the 2nd, 8:00pm:

TopBrat:  Hello.

Guru:  Hello.

TopBrat:  I'm Heather's brother.  She spoke to you yesterday about me.

Guru:  Yes, I remember.

TopBrat:  She said you thought she should spank me.

Guru:  Not exactly.  I told her that if you admit you have been naughty and agree you should be spanked then she could spank you.

TopBrat:  How would spanking help?

Guru:  It would discourage the behavior that earned you the spanking because you would not want it to happen again.  It's not guaranteed but it can help if you want to change.

TopBrat:  I guess.  She said I act like a kid and that I shouldn't be like that.

Guru:  Is she right?

TopBrat:  Maybe.  I've heard others say it also.

Guru:  Do you like that?

TopBrat:  NO.

Guru:  So she is right.

TopBrat:  Well …  yeah.

Guru:  Well you and your sister agree then.  Now the question is should she spank you to punish you for your past misbehaviors to help you change.

TopBrat:  Would it hurt?

Guru:  It should – otherwise it would not be effective.

TopBrat:  How would it happen?

Guru:  We already know she will agree when you ask her so after that you would get over her lap and she would spank your bottom.  The exact details are not important now.

TopBrat:  I have to think about it.

Guru:  That would be good and even talk with Heather.

TopBrat:  OK C U later.

Tuesday, the 3th, 8:00pm:

TopBrat:  Hey.

Guru:  Hello.  Have you thought about things?

TopBrat:  Yes, a lot.  I'm not positive but Heather almost convinced me it would be a good thing.

Guru:  I guess you have more questions.

TopBrat:  Yes.  We do.  Can we make this three way?

Guru:  Sure.

HeatherOne:  Hello.

Guru:  Hi.  I understand you have some questions.

HeatherOne:  Yes.  How would this work?

Guru:  Initially, your brother would have to ask you to spank him but then you would direct the action because that makes you the authority figure and he is the naughty boy who will cooperate knowing that he earned the punishment.

TopBrat:  I guess that would be the hard part.

Guru:  Yes, it would be especially the first time.  It would be easier after that and maybe not even necessary.  You could ask your sister to spank you but starting tomorrow rather than right now.  A general long term request.

HeatherOne:  That would be good – then I could always spank Andy when he misbehaves like Mother should have done a lot of times.

TopBrat:  Would that be a good thing?

Guru:  Yes, because you would not have decide each time.

Guru:  Then Heather would lecture you about your misdeed(s) and what you should have done instead.  She would be doing this as she undresses you.

TopBrat:  WHAT? Undress me!

Guru:  Of course.  Naughty little boys are undressed for the spanking.  It makes the spankings more effective.

HeatherOne:  That sounds good.  When I spank the little boys I babysit, I do that.

TopBrat:  Even my underpants?

HeatherOne:  I know what a boy has in his pants.  Beside seeing the little ones my friends and I babysit, there are lots of pictures on the web and I've seen some of my girl friends' brothers stuff.  Most were small but there was one that was at least 8 inches (20 cm)!

TopBrat:  That's a monster.

HeatherOne:  It sure is.  I know you don't have anything like that, Andy.

Guru:  There is not any reason to be ashamed of your body.  Once you're getting spanked you're not going to worry about her seeing your junk.

HeatherOne:  What then?

Guru:  Ideally, Andy would lie over your lap but he's probably bigger than you so you should sit on the bed so his weight is supported by the bed rather than crushing you.  If that doesn't work, then over the end of a couch or a bed.  The position must be stable so neither of you can fall and get hurt.

HeatherOne:  This is getting complicated

Guru:  Not really.  It's just mentioning details that you need to be aware of.  Now that they are mentioned it will be automatic.

Guru:  The ideal implement is your hand, Heather.  But that may not be sufficient so you need something more.  A mother's traditional choice is a wide back wooden hairbrush.  You probably don't have one and they can bruise.  Ditto for a game paddle.  A strap or belt is difficult to control in the over the lap position.  A flip-flop is very effective.  It's the right size and packs a good spank.  In many ways it is like what the British call a Plimsoll (sneaker) especially when they just use the sole.

TopBrat:  I don't know about this.

HeatherOne:  We should try this Andy.  It will help you.

Guru:  You don't have to do everything perfectly at first.

HeatherOne:  Like how?

Guru:  Well, suppose you sat on the couch or bed and Andy got over your lap.  Then you could see how it feels.  Even give him a few spanks on his pants.  It would be more like a birthday spanking but you both could learn how it feels.  Maybe a little bit of a warning lecture.

HeatherOne:  I want to try.  How about it brother?

TopBrat:  I have to think about it.

Guru:  OK.  This is a good point to leave you two to think about everything.  Bibi.

Wednesday, the 4th, 7:30pm:

HeatherOne:  Hello.

Guru:  Hi.  So what happened?

HeatherOne:  We tried it dressed and playful.  It was great to have my naughty brother over my lap even dressed and just for a play spanking.  We tried several variations of positions to find the best one.  I practiced saying 'get over my lap now' and he practiced obeying.

Guru:  Congratulations.  You sound like you want to spank him more than ever.

HeatherOne: For sure!

Guru:  How does your brother feel?

HeatherOne:  I'm not sure.  He said he would talk to you.

Guru:  OK.  I'll wait and see what he has to say.

HeatherOne:  c u later.

Wednesday, the 4th, 9:00pm:

TopBrat:  Hi.

Guru:  Hello.  How did the trial spanking go?

TopBrat:  Not bad.  We did not do much.  Heather sat and told me to get over her lap and gave me a few spanks on my jeans.  We did this a dozen times with slight variations.  Nothing hurt.  It was very strange listening to her lecturing while I was in the spanking position and she was play spanking me.

Guru:  How did that make you feel?

TopBrat:  Strange.  She said things that I did not like hearing but which were true.  Some of the stuff she talked about made me realize I was naughty or immature or that I shouldn't have done that stuff.  It made me feel bad.

Guru: Did it feel wrong to be over her lap?

TopBrat: Mmmmm … good question.  Not really.

Guru:  Did you feel guilty when it was over?

TopBrat:  Yeah.  How can I stop that?

Guru:  You need to atone for your misdeeds or whatever.  Penitence and punishment are the way.  It sounds like you are feeling remorse which is the start.  Spanking would be the punishment.

TopBrat:  Is it that simple?

Guru:  You have not committed real crimes, Andy, but just little boy misdeeds so it is that simple.

TopBrat:  Maybe I should let her spank me?  What do you think, Sir?

Guru:  It has to be your decision freely arrived at so I won't say what I think.

TopBrat:  I don't know about her seeing my junk.

Guru:  Well, you could do it a couple of times with your underpants on or even better a jock which leaves your bottom exposed.  But your junk is not any different than what she has already seen.

TopBrat:  I guess but it still feels strange.

Guru:  Well, rather than thinking of her as your sister, think of her as a sitter.  Your babysitter undressed you and bathed you.  She said she spanked some of the kids she sat that way.

TopBrat:  The jock is a good idea.  It certainly would stay out of the way.

Guru:  Well, think about it and talk with Heather.

Thursday, the 5th, 5:00pm:

TopBrat:  She spanked me.

Guru:  Well congratulation on making a decision to try to improve yourself.  That's a very manly thing to do.

TopBrat:  er, thanks.  It was very weird.  It didn't really hurt but it was very strange being over her lap almost naked.  Part of me felt like a little boy who was getting spanked not that it hurt but the jock strap seemed out of place.

Guru:  You don't have to wear it.

TopBrat:  I guess but then Sis will see my junk which doesn't seem right.

Guru:  Why not let her be your sitter who undresses you?  I don't think that would feel wrong.  It would be a package deal – it is usual for a babysitter to undress a little boy for a spanking.

TopBrat:  When you put it that way it sounds OK.

Guru:  As a sitter she seen a lot of boys naked so you wouldn't be special that way.  But it does make the spanking more effective.

TopBrat:  Would she act like a sitter rather than a sister?

Guru:  Certainly.  What did she spank you with?

TopBrat:  Her hand.  It did not hurt.

Guru:  It a good way to start.  She should move up to using the flip-flop but not full force or for very long.

TopBrat: Our folks will be out tomorrow evening so that might be a time to try.

Guru:  If she contacts me, I'll suggest that you are ready to move to the next level if you like.

TopBrat: Sure.  Gotta go now.  Bye.

Thursday, the 5th, 9:00pm:

HeatherOne:  I spanked him.

Guru:  Congratulations.  Please tell me about it.

HeatherOne:  We discussed the simple start idea you gave us and did it that way.  Andy undressed to his jock strap and then got over my lap.  Most of his weight was on the bed.  I just used my hand for a couple of minutes on each check.  I loved seeing my handprint form.  I could never make him cry with just my hand, for his butt is too hard and big.  I also lectured him a little.

Guru:  That sounds very good.  What did he say?

HeatherOne:  That he felt guilty and the spanking helped him to repent.

Guru:  I chatted with your brother and got good vibs from him about the spanking.  He authorized me to tell you what we said.  Andy admitted your words had greater impact when he was over your lap than usual.

HeatherOne:  Does that mean we can go further?

Guru:  Yes.  It would be good if you were his sitter rather than his sister for a while.  He's much more comfortable with being naked with a sitter than with a sister.  Suggest that his babysitter will undress him totally.  Try to avoid the word 'baby' until you are doing it.  It would be good to avoid looking at his manhood at first.

HeatherOne:  Yessss!

Guru:  You need to spank harder so start using the flip-flop but keep it moderate.  Basically, move up a level.  Keep lecturing as that gets him in the right mind set.

HeatherOne:  Should I discuss this with him?

Guru:  Definitely.  Andy suggested that tomorrow when your folks are out you can try things.

HeatherOne:  OK.  Thanks muchly.  Bye.

Friday, the 6th, 9:00pm:

HeatherOne:  Hi.  It was great.

Guru:  Hi.  What happened?

HeatherOne:  We played little kid and sitter as you suggested.  We got going right after our 'rents went out.  First he changed clothes so he was dressed more like a little boy who would need a sitter.  Then I took him to his room and told him that he had been very naughty and I would have to spank him.  He accepted that well saying: "Yes, Ms. Heather".  As I lectured him, I removed his T-shirt and then his shorts.  When I put my thumb in the waistband of his briefs he object and begged me not to remove them.

Guru:  That is certainly not unexpected.

HeatherOne:  I just told him that little boys get spanked naked and lowered away.  He put his hand in front of his junk.  No need to try to hide that, Andy.  I sat on the bed and got him over my lap.  I started with my hand like in many of the stories and then switched to the flip-flop.  WOW!  What a difference.  I didn't feel anything but he did.  I was careful to keep it moderate but I made his ass glow bright red.  The lecturing was a help because he was promising to be a good boy by the midpoint.

Guru:  You did very well, Heather.

HeatherOne:  I parked him in the corner and told him to put his hands on his head.  He is there right now.

Guru:  That was a good move.  Don't over do the corner time and do comfort him.  Get him sitting on your lap and cuddle him.  Remind him he can avoid more spankings if he behaves properly.  Then put him to bed.

HeatherOne:  I'll do that right away.  He has had fifteen minutes in the corner now.  Thanks again and bye bye.

Saturday, the 7th, 9:00am:

TopBrat:  My sister spanked me last night.  It was very weird.  As she lectured and undressed me, I began to feel like a little boy.  As she spanked me with the flip-flop it actually hurt so I did feel like a naughty little boy being punished.  After corner time she cuddled me which was very nice.  I felt sorry for the things that I did but should not have.  Then she put me to bed after washing my face and even making me pee while she watched.

Guru:  That was quite an experience.

TopBrat:  You were right that I wouldn't worry about being naked once the spanking really got going.  It helped that she did not pay much attention to my junk.  If she was naked I would have stared a lot.

Guru:  Staring is rude and causes problems.  Since she did not stare, your penis was no more special than your knee, say.

TopBrat:  Never thought about it that way.

Guru:  I get the feeling that you feel you would benefit from a spanking regimen.

TopBrat:  Maybe.

Guru:  Do you think your sister is more mature so that she can do better making decisions?

TopBrat:  Maybe.

Guru:  Then it's discussion time with her to resolve how you two should continue.

Friday, the 20th, 9:00pm:

HeatherOne:  Hello.

TopBrat:  Hello.

Guru:  Hi.  How are things working out?

HeatherOne:  Very well I'm delighted to report that my brother has accepted the new order.  I'm in charge and he gets spanked (naked) when I decide he should be.  His behavior has improved a lot.

TopBrat:  It's working for me as I don't get into trouble like I used to.  The spanking are very effective and I don't care about being naked with Heather.  I can see that she is more grown up than I so it's right she is in charge even though I am older.

Guru: Sound like you have resolved the problems you first spoke with me about.  I'm very glad that it worked out.

TopBrat:  Yes they have.  But there is one more question we have.  I have a little bush now and Heather wants to shave it off because she says that only grown up boys should have one.

HeatherOne: That's correct.  I think that without it Andy will remember that he a little boy and be less likely to get into trouble like the big boys do.

Guru: Andy, you agreed that Heather was in charge and she makes the decision including when to spank you.

TopBrat: Yeah.

Guru: Is this any different from all the other things she decides?

TopBrat: I guess not.

HeatherOne:  Exactly.  So any more objections?

TopBrat: No.

Guru: A right choice, Andy.  I'm sure Heather will allow you to have pubes when you grow up.

HeatherOne: Thank you.  We'll go now.

Guru: Goodnight.

The End

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