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This story is fiction and deals with m/m spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The opening line of this short story was given as an example of a terrible start; one that a reader should run from.  Well, the brat in me said "that ain't necessarily true" and this happened.

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Johnny Dumbass Gets an Attitude Adjustment


Hi.  My name is Johnny Dumbass and I'm 16 years old, 5 foot 10 and I have brown hair and this and that and … well, that's enough of that except to add that I'm drop dead handsome and have a fantastic body and my jeans fit perfectly.  They fit just perfectly to show off my tight bubble butt and big bulge.  I'm even hotter in the summer, with a tight wife-beater and well worn tight cutoff jeans.  An extra cleanup crew is needed in the mall because of all the drooling from the lusting hordes following me about.

So I was walking across the blazing asphalt to get to the mall entrance when I heard this strange sound – it was sort of like clapping but not quite.  I shift over a couple of lanes to check it out and even cool me is amazed.  Like, I heard about this but thought it went out half a century ago.  Some poor kid was getting spanked.  Yea, SPANKED!  His old man was sitting on the tailgate and his victim was naked.  STARKERS.  His T-shirt and shorts were on the ground and I got to see his briefs (they still make those?) fly off as he kicked.  I just stood there staring like a dumbass as his butt turned from pink to red to crimson.  Man; it must have burnt like hell.  Then it was over.  The man lifted the kid up and he apologized and promised not to tease his kid brother again.

This was unreal!  I don't know why but I found it funny and was giggling when I was grabbed.  The bruiser was one big SOB.  He guided me over to the man.  "This punk thought that your spanking Zack was funny, Father."

I'm dead meat for sure, I figure.

By now the kid has gotten dressed but he's not whining at all and he apologized to his kid brother.  His daddy looks at me strangely.  "OK boy, I'll give you a choice.  Matthew will hold you in position and I'll give you six with your belt or Zack will give you what he just got so you can see how funny it is."© YLeeCoyote

Well, that's a no-brainer to me.  I chose the spanking from Zack.  He looks about fourteen so how hard can he hit?  He gets a great big smile, sits on the tail gate where his father had been and waits.  Matt releases my arm and gives me a little shove.  I'm savvy enough to know to strip and get over Zack's lap.  Matt could take me apart without working up a sweat.

I give a "Whoo" for the first spank and think I know what to expect. The spanks get harder and harder.  This is no breeze!  I'm pleading like a friggen wuss!  In a couple of minutes I'm bawling like a sissy baby.  I immediately have great respect for Zack.  He broke me in a couple of minutes and took a lot more from his much stronger Father.

"That's enough, Zack.  I think he's learnt his lesson." says his old man.

Mercifully, he stops.  I get up.  "I'm sorry I laughed.  I didn't know how much it hurt."  He accepts my hand and we shake.  His kid brother hands me my clothes.

"Zack, we'll pick you and Johnny up at six."  said their father.  "Mind your brother, Johnny."

"Yes, Father." says the kid.

Zack, Johnny and I head for the entrance chatting.  I'm curious about Zack.  Johnny interrupts us.  "Zack, I'm proud of you.  This was the first time Dad didn't make you cry like this wimp."  Zack snaps at his brother who quickly recovers. "I'm sorry.  I got a big mouth.  'Xpect you going to spank me for being so rude."

The kid had as much spunk as his brother.  "No Johnny.  I did act like a wimp unlike your courageous brother."  (Besides, I probably would hurt my hand on his butt but why am I thinking of Bogart and Rains?)

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 9, 2008

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