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The following story is fiction about time travel.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I'm sorry that this is going to sound like an old sci-fi film plot but it's really true.  Honest.  Trust me.  It happened to me when I was brash young man of fourteen.  We lived next door to a crazy old guy, Mr. Fettiplace, who thought he was an inverter and his garage was filled with his useless contraptions.  Dad used to humor him and listen to his stories so I heard them all.  Somehow, the fates must have been against him for he never sold anything but just scraped by on his pension.

One day I went past and there was another contraption inside.  It was bigger than most and I went to get a better look.  It reminded me of a carnival ride cage and the door was open so I got in to look at a control panel.  I did not think he would mind.  When the door swung closed after I got in, a light came on, so I could see better.  There was a panel and there was a date some thirty years ahead.  When I leaned in to try to read some markings, I accidentally pushed a button.  There was a whirling and the thing shook for a couple of minutes and then all was quiet.  I got out.

I saw immediately that the world was different.  I recognized my block as the houses looked the same but the cars were very different.  The old guy's place was deserted as it was boarded up.  My house looked shabby – it needed painting and the yard was the mess that my parents talked about when I slacked on my yard chores.

Then it struck me – I was in the future.  The old geezer's thing really did work.  I was in the future!  WOW!  I was puzzled to be sure.  Did I exist in this future so that there were two of me?  What would I do if I was alone?  I still looked fourteen and even in my own present I needed to finish high school.  Would I be sent back?  Could I go back?  Was this even my world?  How would I get food?  Hundreds of question flashed through my mind.

As I stood there wondering, a beat up vehicle drove into my driveway.  I watched to see who would get out.  A man got out of the car and stood by it a bit.  He looked just like my father did – a man in his low forties.  But here my dad would have been seventy if the date in the contraption was correct.  Then it struck me – it was me!  All those paradox things about meeting yourself must be wrong.© YLeeCoyote

I walked over to my future-me and said "Hi."

My future-me turned and looked at me for a while and then spoke.  "Oh, it's that date.  Fettiplace warned me that this might happen.  He was upset that I, er, you took a ride in his time machine.  You might as well come inside."  I followed him inside.  The place was a mess.  He got a couple of beers from the frig and gave me one.  "Here you are old enough and I ain't got no milk."  He made some space for me and we talked for a long time.  I learnt about Fettiplace's machine.  I was a copy and would self-destruct in a few hours.  My real self was still back home in the machine.  That's why he put it into the garage.

I also learnt that I – the real-me who hadn't time traveled – had gotten a major whipping for trespassing and all.  It was, as Dad put, "A spanking that I would never forget." explained the future-me.  "And he was right."

"Why have we become so slovenly?  This place is a disaster area!" I demanded.  "Mom and Dad would never have allowed us to become this way.  We would have been spanked."

"Well, they're gone now many years.  And I ain't got no decent job and I've stopped caring." the future-me replied.

"Well, I care!" I said (perhaps a bit loudly).

"Well, it's your fucken own fault – you cut school too much and thus we only had shit jobs for life.  Wouldn't have this house except it was paid off years ago by Dad." replied future-me.

I studied what I had become and I did not like it.  Slovenly, pot-bellied, soft.  Well, I'm not going back to make changes but I have one opportunity to change future-me I realized.  I opened my belt and slid it free of my jeans.  Then I grabbed future-me and yanked him over my lap.  I gave him a few cuts with the strap and even through his pants he felt them.  I was right, I was much stronger and future-me quickly gave up struggling.  I lifted future-me up, opened his pants and yanked them down.  I even yanked down his filthy underpants.  Then back over my lap he went.  He was screaming like a like boy so I knew this was the right position.  I strapped him long and hard.  I continued to strap him even after he was bawling.  This was the one and only chance.  It was important that he remember this for a long time.

I held him like Dad used to hold me after a spanking to remind me that he loved me and that the spanking was to teach me a lesson.  I held future-me for hours.  I had nothing else to do as I would vanish in a little while.

I got a funny feeling and kissed future-me goodbye.  "Try to live better, me."

* * * * * * * * * *

I was yelling as the strap hit my hot ass.  I was back in my normal time and Dad was giving it to me as the future-me had reported.  Mr. Fettiplace was watching.  It was the middle of the spanking and I still remembered the future.  I did not like it.  I resolved work at school like the future-me said I should do.  Maybe my future would be better.

In a little while I was alone, bawling my eyes out laying on my bed.  I was confused for there were two of me although one was fading quickly.  I had a strange feeling that I should not play hooky any more – ever.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 12, 2010

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