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The following story is fiction about a youth who avoids being sent to Juvenile Hall but doesn't escape the punishment of that place.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving, nudity and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Avoiding Juvenile Hall


My hearing with the juvenile court judge did not go well at all.  The only reason that I was not put into some holding cell in the court house was I was not quite fourteen.  I still had some two weeks until my birthday.  The 'rents were fuming all the way home and I tried to make myself invisible by sliding down in the seat of the car but Dad would not have any of it. He yelled at me to sit up properly and to use the seat belt and shoulder strap.  He's always yelling at me.

Once we were home it did not get any better.  After being told that I would have to change my evil ways, I was sent to my room which was better than having to listen to more lectures.  A century ago I would have run away to be my own man.  I would have signed onto some sailing ship to go to see the great wide world and never have to listen to my parents raving again.  But now the child protection agencies would just drag me back or worse.

I was surprised that we had company for dinner – Mrs. Chandler along with her fifteen-year-old son Jake and her smart-ass twelve-year-old daughter Carla.  I was casual friends with Jake.  He was strange for he was both a tough guy and a goody-goody.  He was even polite to the brat who was his kid sister.

I was surprised that I got an invitation to spend the next week (a school break) with them at their cabin.  Their cousin, Marie, would also be there so that Carla would have company and I was to be the company for Jake.  They explained that there was a lot of stuff to as it was by a pond and in the woods.  Mrs. Chandler would work on her book.  I learnt a new term – in loco parentis – for Mrs. Chandler would be my temp mom in full charge of me and I would have to follow the same rules as her son did.  I never heard him complain so I neglected to learn what the details were figuring that out there nothing would matter.  I loved the idea of being away from the 'rents.  Also, there was still the threat of being sent to Juvenile Hall after I turned fourteen.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Two nights later my bag was packed and sitting by the door for when Mrs. Chandler came by to get me.  I was excited.  A few hours later I was completely disoriented as we drove up to the cabin in the woods after so many twist and turns.  The place was pretty ancient.  It was off the power grid and don't even ask about cell phones coverage.  There was small wind driven thing that provided enough electricity to power a small refrigerator, the water pump and heater.  The cabin was tiny.  Mrs. Chandler got one bedroom and the girls the other.  Jake and I were in the main room with sleeping bags on top of a mattress on the floor.  Once the lantern was out, it was dark so I did not worry about privacy and the females were in their rooms anyway.

The morning brought lots of shocks.  All my things except my toilet gear, activities stuff, books and my notebook were gone.  Even the clothes that I had worn the previous day were missing.  Jake did have any clothes either but he was not surprised nor did he seem to mind.  He just said "Good morning." to everyone and went outside to pee in the outhouse.  He dragged me along.  He told me that Mother would explain.  When I said I would runaway, he asked where.  He noted that I was naked, did not have anything at all and beside, which direction would I go?  I was effectively lost before I started.  I was trapped.

Mrs. Chandler explained a lot but I did not like it.  I wanted to go home but she said that was impossible as there was not any transportation.  After that she explained that I was out of control and that the next time I got into trouble I would surely be sent to Juvenile Hall.  "You definitely won't like what the tough guys there will do to you and you won't be able to even go to trade school because you won't have a decent high school education.  Your future will be in the penitentiary … unless you change your ways … immediately."  If she was trying to scare me she was doing a great job.  Unfortunately, a lot of what she said was true.  Then she told Jake to explain our rules.

"Yes, Mother." he said.  "First and foremost, Mother is in charge and Carla and Marie are her deputies who must be obeyed just like Mother.  Second, if we don't do as we are told or otherwise misbehave we get spanked.  Third, since little boys have no need for modesty, we are not permitted to wear clothes."

I objected as you might expect but it did not make an iota of a difference.  I pointed out we were not little boys any more and that Carla was much younger.  I was told to be quiet and even Jake tried to make me comply.  It was Carla who first decided to put an end to my 'rebellion' as she called it.  She moved over to the couch and ordered me to get over her lap for a spanking for disobedience.  I refused and Jake whispered into my ear that "You better do it or Mother will spank you until you are willing to get over Carla's lap."  He insisted that he was absolutely serious and that resistance would be much worse.  He did have a point and there was no escape except into the woods where I would starve or worse.

I then got my first spanking in many years and from a girl two years younger than I.  I was not prepared for what happened.  It was just a few spanks with her hand to start which I hardly felt at all.  I was figuring that this was going to be easy when things changed.  Carla shifted so that she had a leg over mine and held one of my wrists up to my neck.  Then she switched to a hairbrush.  This was like being hit with a little plank of hard wood – which it was.

I was howling in a few minutes.  I am shamed to have to admit it, but soon I was crying and she kept spanking me.  My ass was on fire and that was all that I could think of.  Certainly in this situation I did not care about my modesty.  After a seemingly eternity, she switched back to her hand and now even that hurt.  Although I was a big fourteen-year-old male I was bawling like a baby because a mere tween girl spanked me with her hand.  It was quite devastating and I did not want it to happen again.

I was stuck in a corner to think about my terrible behavior with my red hot ass on display.  Jake had the pleasure of doing the dishes as I was on display.  Eventually, we were permitted to go out wearing the only 'clothes' permitted – a coat of sunblock.  It was then that Jake showed me around the place.  I must say that the woods were very tempting to explore and the pond perfect for swimming, make that skinny dipping, and other stuff.

At lunch I tried to get the naked rule changed and to be allowed to wear shorts to hide my pubic hair (and, of course, my dick).  I was careful not to say big bush since that would sound like bragging since Jake had his closely trimmed.  Jake gave me a very dirty look and kicked me under the table like I was doing something wrong.  OTOH, both Carla and Marie quickly agreed with me with big smiles.  I should have sensed that was not a good sign.  It was after lunch was over and everything cleared away that the horrors were unleashed.

The girls went inside and soon returned with a batch of stuff.  I was told to sit on the end of the table.  At Carla's direction, Jake then explained that there are many ways to skin a cat.  In this case shaving my pubis would solve the problem of my pubes being exposed.  I protested that was not what I meant but shut right up when asked if I wanted another spanking which, of course, I didn't.  I was required to lay back and Jake was told to hold my shoulders down and my head was propped up so I could watch the action.

"Be very still so you don't get cut, Paul." advised Carla as she and Marie commenced to clip my pubes short with small scissors.  Obviously, they also got to examine my junk as they barbered.  Once I just had stubble, they got me wet and covered with shaving cream.  I got a big boner as they handled my junk while removing all my hair so that I was like a little bald boy once again.  They were both very proud of the job they had done.

"That solves your pubic hair exposure problem, Pauly, most nicely." said Marie with a big shit-eating grin.  I was afraid not to agree with her although I immediately missed my patch of man-fur.  I wondered if I had kept quiet if I would have just been trimmed like Jake was.

Just before bedtime, Carla had me get over Marie's lap.  She gave me a few hand spanks and asked what I would be getting if I had misbehaved.  I gave the obvious answer and I was sent to bed.  I now fully realized the immense power that the girls had over me.

I had a whispered conversation with Jake about things.  It boiled down to this was his normal life and I had not seen it because it was kept private.  "A couple of years ago" he explained, "I got out of control and Mom clamped down.  I've gotten use to it and as long as I behave, I don't get spanked.  Mom arranged that I speak with some of the guys that had been to Juvenile Hall and as bad as this is that even worse by far."

I asked him if they still would have shaved me if I hadn't spoken about my pubes showing.  "Probably, but it is hard to say.  Just let it be a lesson to you that you shouldn't complain, do as you're told and be respectful."

* * * * * * * * * *

I played it cool in the morning and Jake and I were allowed to explore the woods alone.  It was fun but I thought it would also be a good time to jerk off.  I was sure that Jake would want to also but then I learnt about another rule.  I had to ask permission first.  Additionally, they could watch and even order me to do it."

"They won't know." I said.

"I'll have to tell them.  Clara can tell if I'm lying so I have tell the truth.  Sorry, Paul.  No spanking the monkey unless you want a spanking."

Things were worse than I thought.  Every time I started to get used to the rules, I learnt that there were more.  At lunch Jake confessed the almost transgression and was praised for getting it right.  I was also commended for obeying and they promised to reward me for my obedience.

After lunch the girls changed into swim suits and the four of us went to the pond.  "We still have half hour after lunch before we may go swimming." said Carla.  "Jake, you may relieve yourself."

He thanked them and after accepting some lotion proceeded to jerk off completely ignoring that he was performing just like a trained pet on show.  He did not take very long and when he came he shot hard and with many squirts.  It certainly was fascinating as I had never seen another guy cum before.  Again he thanked his sister for the privilege of jerking off in front of her and Cousin Marie.

"OK, Paul, since you were a good boy this morning you may relieve yourself now." said Clara holding out the lotion.  I tried to decline but was told it was not an option.  It took me a while to get it up and climax which was not nearly as manly as Jake's exhibition.  I tried to think of the prettiest girl in my class that I was in lust with but all I could see were the three people I was with.  It certainly was better to come than not but that it was under orders certainly diminished the joy.  Swimming was fun however.

* * * * * * * * * *

After a couple more days, I could not continue to be well behaved.  After all, there were all these many rules!  They decided to teach me a hard lesson.  Rather than getting spanked over one the girl's lap I was bent over the table and tied to it.  I was helpless and my ass was well positioned for a strapping.

The strapping came first.  They used a belt on me.  I howled like a banshee when it first hit me.  It was a searing pain that started in my butt and reverberated throughout my entire body.  "This is what happens in Juvenile Hall." and the belt struck again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  I was bawling and in agony.  I was certain that this was terrible and did not want it to continue but it did.  "What happens in Juvenile Hall is even worse." I was told.

I was left to cry for a while.  I was told the fellow inmates in Juvenile Hall get to release the spankee.  But they each extract a heavy price."  It was then I felt a hand on my flaming tail and it was soon stroking my butt hole.  Then a finger was shoved in and then several more.  I was begging them to stop but was told that would just get laughs in Juvenile Hall.  The fingers were replaced and I wished that they hadn't been.  Jake was forcing himself into me and there was not anything I could do to stop it.  My resistance was futile for soon Jake had penetrated me fully.  He fucked hard.  I got hard from it although I was being raped.  When he was finished they left me alone for a while.

I went to bed immediately after being released.  I found that the sleeping bags had been rezipped to be one double and I was with Jake.  I did not have a choice as he held me from behind and lectured me about being good.  He explained that if this had been Juvenile Hall, then some tough would be telling me that I was his bitch and that they wouldn't use condoms like he had earlier.

I was very subdued for the rest of the week.  I followed all the rules very carefully now having a true fear of getting sent to Juvenile Hall. There was one more major surprise left for me when I got home.  I had strict new rules exactly like Jake's and his sister even had complete authority over me just like our parents.  As a constant reminder I had to be naked at home or the Chandler's house.

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess that it was natural that I assumed that I could skirt some of the rules now that I was back in school and my own home and NOT under constant supervision.  Within a few days I found out that I was wrong.  Every day I got questioned by Carla about my behavior.  She was checking up on my activities to make sure that I stayed on the straight and narrow.  At the cabin I already had gotten used to her seeing me naked and it wasn't so bad when she handled me to shave me (although I wished she didn't) but just like she could with Jake she could tell when I was lying.  As you might have guessed, I had been jerking off without permission.

She taught me that it was not always fun for before she roasted my tail she jerked me off.  Unfortunately she was rough and forced me.  It was not fun.  Neither were the spankings that followed.  I was obedient enough that I would bend over my bed and she would use a flip-flop on me.  That is a downright nasty thing.  I would always end up crying.  I was not even allowed to ask for permission to jo for a week then.

Jake and I became best friends because we had to follow the same rules which were different than the other guys had.  I did better in school because of the restrictions which I guess was a bonus.  Even more important I kept out of trouble.  The unofficial taste of Juvenile Hall was definitely more than enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was kept under this very strict regimen for six months and then things were relaxed a little bit.  Jake agreed that I could safely ask not to be shaved but to be clipped like he was.  A month later that also happened.

Things did not become normal for me until I was seventeen.  Everyone agreed that I had changed for the better.  I never got sent to Juvenile Hall and I did graduate from high school with good grades.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 20, 2013

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