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The following collection of stories are fiction.  Some contain contain a scenes of sex (gay and straight; adult and teen) and some spanking.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Of course, one should practice safe sex more carefully than my fictional characters.

These stories are part of the First Annual Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival (BSFSF-2003) organized by Mat Twassel which requires a story not to exceed 18 lines of 70 characters including the title and blank lines so as to fit on one screen.  I have formatted each story to fit that requirement.  Since the end of the festival, Mat has been putting up challenges in the form of outlines for additional stories.   Items 8 and after are in that category.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

My BSFSF-2003 stories are on this page.

  1.  Terror in the School Shower  (teen, sex)
  2.  Midsummer's Night Mystery  (teen, sex)
  3.  Une Leçon Parisienne  (teen, sex)
  4.  Pilgrimage to Canterbury  (M/t, spank)
  5.  Dalliance on the Beach  (Adult, spank, sex)
  6.  Summary Punishment  (M/M, spank, sex)
  7.  Beach Coming
  8.  Breakfast  Adult
  9.  A View to the Future – 1  (teen sex)
  10.  A View to the Future – 2  (teen sex)

Please note that this page is designed to display these one-screen stories as they would have been seen on regular computer monitors before the miniature screens of smart phones and proportional fonts.  If your font size allows seventy characters monospaced lines then you will see it properly.  If your font size is too large for your screen width, the lines will be folded but the text will be there and readable.

Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival for 2003


1:  The school shower can be a scary place for a scrawny freshman especially when the big macho senior comes in.

Terror in the School Shower

   It was almost 6pm when TJ slipped into the school shower sure that
the jocks had all gone home already.  He was a scrawny runt of a
freshman; picked on a lot and he did not want to be caught in the
shower with them for he knew that he would pop a boner and....
   But even the best plans fail and suddenly in walked Jar -- wearing
just his extra set of muscles.  TJ's jaw dropped as the huge senior
approached him.  Even despite his fear, his young cock saluted.  A
smile; a wicked smile formed on Jar's face.  "Happy to see me, fag!"
   TJ had backed into the corner by the time Jar reached out and
grabbed his rod.  "Nice piece of meat."  It was the one part of him
that was not undersized.  TJ quivered, knowing he was dead meat, and
closed his eyes.  He did not see Jar drop to his knees and engulf his
cock.  The hot mouth felt great and only after he ecstatically
exploded did he realize he just gotten his first blow job.  When Jar
pressed down on his shoulders he was sure he was dreaming.  He opened
his mouth and happily accepted Jar's oozing manhood to reciprocate.
   His lustful dreams had come true.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 14, 2003

2:  A hot summer night with cousins can be exciting.© YLeeCoyote

Midsummer's Night Mystery

   It was a hot summer night half a century ago and I was sleeping
nude at my Uncle's dacha.  Suddenly I woke up and realized that I was
tied eagle-spread.  It was absolutely pitch dark.  All was silent.  I
felt hands caress my body. They moved slowly about me.  Rubbing my
chest and tweaking my nipples.  Massaging my legs and then moving up
to my prick; I was erect in just seconds.  Which of my cousins was it?
   Then the hands concentrated on my shaft.  I was oozing pre-come
like a leaky tap.  I was close to coming when the hands stopped their
wonderful ministrations.  I had horrid thoughts of being left in this
unsatisfied state.  I bucked my hips fucking the empty air.
   Then I felt the hot breath and the long hair of my 'tormentor' on
my groin.  It was pure bliss as I was engulfed by that hot mouth with
an active tongue.  Seconds later I exploded into that wonderful hot
pit.  I was sucked dry before the mouth abandoned me.  One tug and the
rope released and I heard the door latch closed.  I was alone again.
   In the morning my cousins Jack and Jill both asked "Did you sleep
well?" with twin Mona Lisa smiles.  I never found out who it was.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 18, 2003

3:  A fourteen year old boy goes to Paris for a special coming of age experience.

Une Leçon Parisienne

   Brayden could not have felt better.  Just yesterday he had turned
fourteen.  Now he was on the way to visit Oncle Antoine in Paris.
Ever since his big brother had hinted at what wonders awaited him
there his cock had been hard in anticipation.  Taking the train to
Dover, the steam packet to Calais and then on to Paris unaccompanied
to meet his uncle was a rite of passage in itself to savor.  The dens of
iniquity that transform boys into men were not provided by proper
Edwardian society but were available in reputedly very immoral Paris.
   Hours before he had stuffed his handkerchief into his underpants to
prevent embarrassing stains.  He was glad; for wherever he looked --
at fields or sea -- he imagined beautiful bodies; naked and waiting to
be explored deeply.  Only after Church and the family dinner on Sunday
was he taken to the profane house.  He had his choice of several pul-
chritudinous entertainers.  He stayed up the entire night.  Exhausted
but transformed he traveled home on Mayday in time for school Tuesday.
   He would never forget how he repeatedly ejaculated deep in the hot
throat and luscious derriere of the swarthy François.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 20, 2003

4:  A fifteen year old boy feels very guilty and gets help from his uncle in another country.

Pilgrimage to Canterbury

   Henri greatly regretted his malfeasance.  He remedied the situation
as best a 15 year old could but his feelings of guilt were still enor-
mous.  He knew he deserved punishment but could not confess to anyone
in all of Paris.  Desperate he wrote his Uncle Oswald, the headmaster
of a Canterbury public school, confessing all and begging for expia-
tion.  Within a week, he received a reply with a Thomas Cook voucher.
   When his widowed mother visited her sister he seized the opportu-
nity.  The train to Calais took all night; the sea was rough as the
packet steamed to Dover.  Unexpectedly, the great cathedral drew him
in to commune with his deity within its awesome stone walls as he made
his way to his uncle, wise and experienced in ways of boys.
   After dinner they retired to the study for a long discussion.  It
made him feel better.  When instructed he bared his bottom and bent
over.  Each hard cut of the cane seared his soul as well as his flesh.
On his immediate return to Paris, the hard wooden benches of third
class emphasized the effectiveness of le vice Anglais.  His soul and
flesh healed; his guilt assuaged.  He never regretted the trip.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 24, 2003

5:  A couple happen on a beach on a hot summer evening and….

Dalliance on the Beach

   Pat pulled over immediately after rounding the curve.  The beach
was so fantastic and inviting; the setting sun gleaming off the
rippling ocean.  They could not understand why the place was deserted
nor did they care.  They abandoned their car and instinctively shed
their clothes as they ran to folic in the surf nude like little kids.
Exhausted, they fell on the sand and stared at each other as they
dried in the still hot air as the stars slowly twinkled on.
   With longing they gazed into each other's eyes and realized that
they not alone.  There was a myriad of sand flies; very hungry ones.
Sam rolled over as one sank her fangs into some succulent and tender
flesh.  Pat came to the rescue.  There was another one -- right on
Sam's left butt check.  SMACK!!  She was squashed flat.  Sam yelped at
the spank as a pink hand print formed about the remains.  SMACK!!  Pat
got another.  Again and again.  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!
   The spanking aroused them both.  Soon they stopped noticing the
sand flies as they sucked each other with frenzied passion.  Even
their tormentors could not stop them from their lusty coupling.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 26, 2003

Some may wonder about the gender specified in this brief work.  In many insects it is only the female that feasts on mammal blood.  One  reference that actually discusses the sand fly is: although probably with far more detail than you wish to know.  And I apologize to the purists who object to the use of fangs in this tiny beast.

6:  From the contest rules: «What happens if my story has more than 18 lines?  BSFSF Officer Koccick will swat your butt with a hard rubber billy club.»  At least one author did so and even flaunted the transgression.  That gave me an idea.

Summary Punishment

   It was late as I struggled home and the police cruiser cut me off.
"Get in, boy!" he barked.  I did; I knew better than to try to run
from Officer Koccick.  Soon we were under the highway behind the
deserted warehouse.  "You know what you fucked up, boy."  I nodded; I
knew all too well and that I had even had the audacity to flaunt it.
"OUT!"  He was twirling his black billy club -- a cubit long hunk of
hard rubber.  "Strip!"  When I was naked, he pushed me over the hood.
I saw stars each time his truncheon crashed into my butt.  I had to
bite my lip to stop from crying out; Officer Koccick hates sissies!
   He pressed the end of that club against my asshole.  I gritted my
teeth fearing the intrusions but not daring to move or even to speak.
He stepped back and I watched as he opened his pants and freed his
cock from its protective cup prison.  Did I see a slight smile as he
ripped open a packet and rolled the black condom down his huge shaft?
He stepped behind me and pressed his great steel-hard, club into me.
It was great.  We stopped for donuts and coffee when he drove me home.
   But I wish he hadn't made me lick my cum from his filthy cruiser.

© Copyright A.I.L., November 26, 2003

7:  So much eye-candy on the beach.

Beach Coming

   I first saw him coming off the boardwalk.  He was built and I could
see all of him; all but what was covered by his tightly packed but
still very revealing Speedo's.  His nimble tongue -- licking at that
ice cream cone.  If only he was doing that to my stick or me to his!
   He headed toward me.  I was straining my own Speedo's as I stared
alternately at his bulging basket and long tongue.  He spread his
blanket a few feet away from me.  I saw he was getting hard also.
   He stretched out facing me; I turned to face him.  I'm sure that he
was cruising back.  His tongue practically wrapped about the entire
cone.  He was smiling; at me surely.  He was now as hard as I.  Our
eyes locked.  He stuck the whole cone in his month.  If only it was my
cock that was in that hot mouth being licked by that talented tongue.
I would sure quickly reward him with some sizzling hot man-cream --
far better than a freezing ice cream.  The cone was soon gone.
   He spread sun screen on his front.  "Dude, please do my back."  I
sat on his thighs and leaned forward to coat his back.  My cock
pressed on his bubble-butt; he pushed back.  I creamed instantly!

© Copyright A.I.L., November 26, 2003

8:  The condensed outline: Joe and JoJo are a loving young-middle-aged couple and have sex at the breakfast table after their high school senior daughter, Amy, leaves for school; but there is a complication.


   "Bye, Mom." yells Amy as she dashes off to school.  Joe, Amy's
father, coming down the stairs thinks: "Eighteen and still slamming
doors."  He quickly forgets about that seeing JoJo bent over the sink
-- her still pert boobs not sagging and her tight ass practically
poking through her nightie.  He grabs her and gives her a kiss; one
like Amy's latest boyfriend gives to Amy; to him JoJo is still just as
alluring as when they first met in high school two decades ago.
   They suck face like they are teens; her cunt dripping and his cock
straining against his pants.  He can't stop and rips open his pants
and shoves down his shorts.  His cock rebounds and hits his belly.  He
pushes her down on the kitchen table knocking dishes to the floor.  He
easily drives his potent tool deep into her hot, welcoming pussy.
   They never heard Amy return for a book.  When they are finished and
uncouple they see her; mouth agape.  "AWESOME!  For old folks you sure
can still do it." Amy stammers, "Gosh, there is life after thirty!"
   JoJo glances at the clock.  "Damn it, girl, you missed your bus and
you're going to be late for school -- again."

© Copyright A.I.L., December 7, 2003

9:  Compressed outline: The narrator, narrator's older brother and older brother's girlfriend are on a family picnic.  The narrator is caring for a toddler on the grass, and the others chatting at the table.  The girlfriend is wearing a short skirt which the narrator learns is most revelling.

A View to the Future – 1

   Two year old Ted had just plopped down allowing me to look at my
mooneyed big bro, chatting with his girlfriend at the picnic table.
What the hell did he see in her?  She was a slut wearing just a skimpy
tube top and short skirt and way too much face paint.  Yuck!  She even
was sitting with her legs spread wide; hussy-like as granny would say.
Then I realized that things were even worse for she was not wearing
panties; not even a thong.  Her slit was bare for one and all to gawk
at.  And I do mean bare for it did not have any hair at all and it
should have with those 36D boobs drooping all over.  Her floppy lips
were bright red; her love button erect -- ready to be pushed.
   I shifted my gaze to my brother.  His muscle shirt accented his well
developed form -- the envy of everyone.  It was the body that I loved
and knew so well.  His snug shorts held his package in a tight curve
keeping his privates private.  If he had been hard it would have been
most obvious.  I was happy that he was not aroused for it meant that I
had satisfied him well this morning.  But why was he wasting time with
that ho?  He had me, who loved him now and forever, to fuck always.

Questions: What gender did you assign to the narrator?   Why?   Suppose it was the other gender – does the impact of the story change?   How?

© Copyright A.I.L., December 8, 2003

10:  This is another response to the same challenge as the previous story but with very different concept.

A View to the Future – 2

   Two year old Ted had just plopped down allowing me to look at my
big bro, chatting with his girlfriend at the picnic table.  Really
close now they were staring at each other's mooneyes.  Her short skirt
was pushed up and I could see her engorged beaver between her wide-
spread legs as she had 'forgotten' her panties!  His cock was hard and
actually poking out of his shorts; most understandable for his hand
was sliding up her soft thigh.  I was riveted by this action.  His
fingers danced through her curly hairs working their way to her love
button.  He reached it; she twitched at his touch.  Her hand slipped
under the table.  Damn it!  She going to stop him.  She found his hard
shaft; even slipping her hand inside his shorts.  A drop of pre-cum
glistened on the tip of his shaft.  She was rapidly stroking him as he
caressed her.  They were kissing; French for sure.  He even had a
finger up her pussy.  They played with each other until they both
came; her pussy pulsing and his cock blasting directly at me.
   I put the camcorder down; this video is going to cost him!  Or
should I use it for his birthday present?  He'll appreciate that.

Questions: What gender did you assign to the narrator?   Why?   Suppose it was the other gender – does the impact of the story change?   How?

© Copyright A.I.L., December 12, 2003

The End of Collection

© Copyright A.I.L., November–December 2003

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