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The following story is fiction about kids spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Babysitters Beware


I'm Tyler.  I'm almost twelve and the 'almost' is the problem.  Mom is away and Dad sometimes has to work nights so because of state law he has to get a babysitter for me.  I don't need a sitter, baby or otherwise, for I'm almost a man.  I can see that in the mirror every time I'm naked for not only am I a jock with nice muscles but I already have a bush and my penis is no longer just a little boy's dicky.

A couple of months ago I really had fun with some stuck up girl of thirteen.  After we were alone, Freda insisted that it was time for her to bathe me.  I told her that I could shower by myself but she insisted, even giving me a few hand spanks on my butt to convince me.  I'm sure that hurt her hand a lot more than it hurt my butt which is hard, toned muscle but I was pissed because she yackked about how girls mature earlier than boys so I went along and got into the tub.

It was nice that Freda washed me.  In fact it was so nice that I had a great erection.  That sure gave her a surprise when she washed it with her hands for it erupted.  Not only did it stain her blouse but it made her shriek.  That was very naughty of her – taking advantage of the 'little boy' she was in charge of.  When I was in my boxers (no more pj's), I confronted her about it and said she had to be punished (just like many sitters had punished me over the years).  I told her that if she refused I would tell about her abusive and sexual misconduct.

Freda folded quickly.  I sat on the bed, pulled – actually pealed – off her spray-on jeans and got her over my lap.  Naturally, I got a good look at her pussy and bush which was smaller than mine.  It was fantastic spanking her.  I loved seeing her ass turn pink, having my hand prints on her cute ass and then turning it bright red.  Then I shooed her out of my room and sacked out.  I jerked off a couple of times thinking about it all.  She never wanted to sit me again.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

This time Dad found a new sitter for me.  "I found a young man to sit you."  He blabbed on about how he understood my not wanting an arrogant girl for a sitter so he managed to get a young man who would understand me better and all that crap.  Jerad was a couple of years older than I but a wimpy nerd.  I would have preferred a jock type but still far better than a girl.

Jerad was totally hopeless at any sport so we could not play any kind of ball.  He was doing well in the scouts and offered to help me with knots.  Little did he know that I knew a lot of knots already having played many tie up games with my friends.  I just got some rope from my room and we started to do stuff in the family room.  He was talking about the 'rabbit going through the hole and around' to make some knot while I fashioned a length of rope into quick draw handcuffs.

When he asked what I was doing, I showed him.  It was a great big surprise for I easily slipped one cuff over one of his wrists and zapped around and got other wrist.  While he was saying "WHAT?" I pulled things tight which secured his wrists behind his back.  It was just as easy to get his ankles together.  So after just a couple of minutes he was bound hand and foot (as the expression goes) on the floor.  I also realized that I was stronger than he was while doing this.

He had to concede two things.  First, that I was really good with knots.  Second, that he was my prisoner.  I have to give him credit that he understood these facts even though he did not like them.  He did ask to be untied but I refused with a laugh.  I must give him credit for not whining or yelling.  Dad was right that a boy, unlike a girl, sitter would understand me better.

After a while I said: "Jerad, you're not really doing the job you are being paid to do – you are just lying there."  I paused to let that sink in.  "That's quite naughty and dishonest."  He didn't bother claiming that it was my fault as that was far too obvious but remained silent.  "You should be punished for such bad behavior." I added.  "Don't you agree?"

"I guess." he said quietly which showed that he understood it was up to me.

"Naughty boys get spanked.  Right?"

"Yes." he said after some hesitation.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir.  Naughty boys get spanked." he replied.  We understood each other without having to make a deal.

I rolled him into a good position and helped him to his knees.  Then I had him lie with his chest on the ottoman leaving his ass up and unobstructed.  It was easy to open and take his belt.  "This will do quite nicely.  It's just the thing to punish a naughty boy."  It was just as easy to open his pants and pull them down to his knees.

I did not expect tightie-whities as everyone wanted to move onto boxers or fancier stuff.  I guess that what nerds like.  Of course, it did not matter as I pulled them down to join his pants to fully expose his butt.

It was now the major event time.  I raised the belt and brought it down on the target.  It made a resounding WHACK and he responded with a gasp.  A lovely pink stripe quickly formed on his butt.  I admired it for a couple of seconds and continued with the strapping.  By the time I had given him seven – the half way point – his ass was quite pink, almost red.  Jerad was reacting a lot more now so I could tell I was having an effect.

I resumed strapping him.  It was a pleasure watching how he reacted to the pain.  He jumped as much as he could and yelled as I roasted his tail to a deep red.  "That's all." I said after the extra hard fourteenth cut which got an extra loud yell.

Jerad was very subdued now and after I untied him I lead him to the corner.  I enjoyed watching him heat up the room while his hands were on his head.

I told Dad that he was a good sitter and did not do anything improper like most of the girls did.  I hope that he will agree to sit me again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 5, 2019

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