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The following story is fiction about paddling.  The story contains scenes of a paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The pen pals are tweens.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The babysitting woman (Aunty)
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Babysitter’s Paddling


Dear Pen Pal,

I’m sorry to hear in your last email that you got spanked again.  It happened to me also last Wednesday.  I brought home a note from school and … well you know what happened.  Suffice it to say that Dad was not pleased at all.  My tail was very, very red and hot.

But it is the weekend that I want to talk about.  My folks went away for a wedding of a friend, to which I had not been invited.  I was to stay with our neighbor whom I call Uncle Martin and Aunt Mildred.  They have a baby, a dog, two cats and a mess of fish so what is one more mouth to feed with dozens already. <haha>

Let me remind you that I’ve seen these people many times at our pond now that it has been hot.  Aunty is normal like we expect most mothers and wives to be.  Uncle is strange.  He is always naked when he comes over to swim.  I usually skinny dip unless there are any females about other than Mom.  Dad, my uncles and older male cousins follow the same rule.

Apparently he is a nudist which is a bit odd.  Also, he does not have any hair about his dick which is very small.  I’m not sure but I think that I’m already bigger. <bgf>  He explained that some guys shave it off because they prefer that way.  Sort of like facial hair where some men are clean shaven and others have beards.  Even though he is tall – almost two meters – that combination makes him look like a kid.  He does wear clothes other times and places including work.© YLeeCoyote

There is one other strange thing to mention.  He gets SPANKED!!!!!  I’ve seen his red bottom and he has even admitted it.  He gets spanked more often then I do.  Not good for him but I most definitely prefer getting fewer spankings.

So rather than get me a sitter, the folks just sent me next door.  That was nice since I was still able to swim since at least one of them will watch me.

My visit started early this morning for the folks dropped me off before breakfast as they headed for the wedding.  It wasn’t any surprise that Martin was naked.  Nothing special about the morning and I just played.  Actually, Martin plays chess very well and he has taught me a lot.  I’m sure that I will do much better now playing others.

It was after lunch that we went back to my house to hike and swim.  It was hot so I stayed naked like he was for the hike.  Of course, we both skinny dipped even when Aunt Mildred came over in her bathing suit with the baby.

What I had not mentioned is that Martin confuses me for I’m not sure if he a man or boy.  Of course, he is officially a man because he is over thirty but he also acts and looks like boy a lot of the time.  And I have a confession to make.  I’ve slapped his butt a few times at the pond especially when I’ve seen that he was spanked recently.  Dad sort of thinks it funny but told me not to do it especially when Mom or Aunty is about.

Well we were playing about in the water and he was tossing me about.  It was pretty rough but really fun.  Aunty told him not to be so wild as she did not approve.  He said “Yes, dear.” but within a few minutes was back to being rough.

Aunty was most displeased and summoned him from the water.  I followed.  When she stood up I saw she was holding a PADDLE.  In a few seconds he was bent over with his hands on his knees and his butt sticking out for ‘kisses’ from that paddle.  Her lecture was but a sentence: “I told you not to be so rough.”

I thought of saying that he did not deserve to be paddled as we were just having fun but she is not a woman to be told anything or corrected or argued with so I just remained silent and watched with BIG EYES.

She easily found the right spot to stand and started swinging.  I counted ten hard whacks.  They surely were hard from the sound they made and his butt immediately turned red where the paddle had struck.  She spread them over his entire backside.

I don’t know how he did it but he kept quiet for the whole time although it surely was painful and hurt.  I would have screamed and so would you have.  I guess that the man side of him showing.

Now for the surprise.  I was very surprised and you will be also.  Aunty handed me the paddle and said to give him three pops.  I was totally shocked!

I was in quandary.  I didn’t think he should have been paddled at all yet Aunty was one of those women like we have met in school and elsewhere that can not be told anything.  I was scared not to obey as I might become the target for that huge scary paddle.

I gave the thing a few practice swings and it was very hard to control as it was heavy.  I found the proper spot and gave Martin a whack.  It was not nearly as hard as the ones she gave because she is much bigger and stronger.  Martin hardly reacted however.  I repeated the action twice to deliver three pops as required and returned the paddle.  I don’t think that I made his butt any redder than it was.

Aunty told him to get up and he thanked her for paddling him.  He even thanked ME!  We went back into the water and I whispered to him that I was sorry and I did not think he deserved to have been paddled.  I also said I was afraid not to give him those three pops Aunty ordered.

Uncle was most forgiving.  I hope he was not too embarrassed that I saw him paddled.

It was absolutely thrilling to paddle Martin.  When he was bent over there wasn’t any doubt that he was a man and that made it even better.  I have no idea if it could happen again.  I certainly don’t want Uncle Martin mad at me because then he would not be so much fun.

Your pen pal,


The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 28, 2022

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