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Babysitting the Twins


The Beginning

I was surprised when Mrs. Pinard called me.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing some babysitting.  She quickly explained that her 'babies', Raymond and Rodney, who were almost eleven, were long out of diapers and knew how to wipe their bottoms as well as shower and dress themselves.  The twins were very unhappy with their girl babysitters but still needed some supervision.  After she mentioned the pay, I was definitely interested.  What fifteen-year-old young gentleman does not need additional cash for the real essentials of life that parents are so stingy about?  I stopped by the next day for mutual inspection.  I wanted to be sure that the little angels did not have horns.  We played around a bit and the two told their mom: "Luke is OK."  I had a job and was going to start in two days on Saturday.  I got two sets of rules.  The first was for the boys explaining their bedtimes and the like.  The second was for me explaining that my phone time was limited, no drinking, no drugs and no visitors.  Mrs. Pinard told me that they had found that was necessary with some of their previous babysitters.

There was one provision in the rules that definitely caught my eye.  The Pinard angels got spanked.  Yes, indeed, good old-fashioned spankings like I've read (OK, saw in the movies versions) about from the old days.  Now, I did not have any personal experience getting spanked but I did not feel that my education had been deficient and was certain that I could spank an eleven-year-old or two without much training.  I did inquire, however, to determine what the lads' parents thought was the proper way.  Mrs. Pinard was initially surprised at the question but I explained that there was wide variation in procedures and implements.  I scored some points on that one when she explained.

Special Job Training

Back home, I gave my buddy Mark a call.  He agreed to help me practice.  He, of course, had a price and that was turnabout.  His folks were out for the evening so I went to see him.  As his father was into spanking he had many painful personal experiences.  He also had access to a whole arsenal of implements, several of which were too extreme even to beat a horse, for his father was a collector of sorts.  Over the years, he had experienced a variety of them and explained the pros and cons of the few that were acceptable to use on my charges.  The academic discussion over, we moved onto the laboratory part of the course.  With a great big smile my buddy made me stand in front of him, gave me a twenty second lecture and then proceeded to undress me.  That was surprisingly unpleasant, especially since we were just playing.  When I was starkers, he proceeded to take me over his lap.  He demonstrated some variations which positioned me differently and more or less restrained.  He gave me a few hand spanks of various intensity to start.  Then he progressed through a whole catalogue of household items – a soft bedroom slipper, a wooden ruler, a wooden kitchen spoon, a flip-flop, a sneaker (a British slipper) and a heavy hairbrush.  I was sore by the time he was done.  It was clear I would not need more than my hand, certainly not the first day, unless they were totally out of control.© YLeeCoyote

Then it was my turn to spank.  Mark told me to stay naked and I practiced what he had done to me.  The feelings were different but complementary.  It did not take me long to discover why so many different items were used – spanking a hard butt hard a lot hurts the spanker's hand as well as the spankee's butt.  There seemed to be an ad hoc approach to the selection of implements using whatever is within reach.  As the spankee gets bigger, then the implement is selected with the object to be able to deliver a harder whack.

I thought that the lesson was over but Mark said he wanted to show me a couple more points.  He sat on the bed and I lay across his left thigh and he put his right leg over mine.  Then he held my left wrist in a hammer lock.  When he told me to try to get free, I discovered that I couldn't even though we are about equally strong.  He then started to spank me much harder than before and explained that I needed to experience a real, honest-to-goodness spanking and that the sooner I accepted that, then the sooner it would be over.  I would say I was not going to take that lying down but I did not have a choice as I was lying down and he had control of me.  Once I accepted that, I slipped into the proper mind set and accepted the unjust spanking as right and proper.  It had an effect on me and I felt like a naughty little boy.  It was only after it was over that I learnt he had been using a flip-flop to increase his spanking effectiveness.  The pain built up and I could not take any more.  My yells changed into sobs and then real crying.  Soon after that he let me up and hugged me.  I was mad but could not express my feelings for I was just a well-spanked boy crying on my spanker's shoulder.  Even when I recovered, I was a docile boy which Mark pointed out was one of the objectives of the spanking.  He gently rubbed some lotion onto my red-hot tail and that reduced the discomfort a lot.

He had me sit next to him and told me that ones hand also benefits from the lotion and proceeded to squirt a lot onto my hot hand.  I was about to rub my hands together when I saw that he was demonstrating the correct way to rub the lotion in.  Mark was quite right.  Rubbing the lotion on our hot hands did relieve more than the sting in my hand.  After we had relaxed, Mark apologized for spanking me so hard but said it was necessary for me to understand things and if I really thought he had gone too far he would get over my lap so I could get even.  I just forgave him because he is my best friend (and the lotion treatment had relieved a lot of tension).

The First Day on the Job

I reported at six sharp and Mrs. Pinard had dinner ready to serve for the three of us.  Pinards went off for their party leaving us alone right away.  Ray and Rod immediately had to test me in the time-honored tradition of boys faced with a new authority figure.  I quickly learnt how those substitute teachers must have felt when my classmates and I hassled them.  "OK, guys," I said, "if you don't want to eat your Mom's great grub that's OK.  I'll just put it away after I finish and then we can get you to bed."  I think that they were taken aback and was I not surprised that they objected to such an early bedtime.  "Well, if you can't eat, then you must be sick so it's right to bed."  I ate a bit more and added: "I reckon, I better also check your temperatures to see if you have fevers.  Your mom said that the thermometer and the Vaseline® are in the medicine chest."  I was certain that they would not like anyone, including me, sticking something up their butts.

"If we eat then may we play and watch the movie, Mark." they asked.  I agreed and we high-fived on it.  They even loaded the dishwasher without being reminded.  Naively, I thought that the war was over but that had been only the first battle.  We ran about the backyard playing catch and I was surprised at how much energy they had.  At a quarter to nine, I made them go for their showers because the movie was going to run past their bedtime.  When they objected and wanted to play more, I said that was fine but then they would have to be showered and in bed by ten.  At nine, two freshly showered boys sat next to me on the couch to watch the movie.  They ran about for every commercial usually jumping on me.  That was sorta fun as I could manhandle them.

After the movie, they were showing a short and they insisted on watching.  "Sorry, guys, it's past your bedtime.  Your 'rents said only the movie."  They did not see much of the short but neither did they get to bed.  I grabbed the remote, killed the TV and then dragged them upstairs.  "Brush and pee." I said pushing them into the bathroom.  They grumbled but complied.  Then it was to bed.

Alas, they kept making noise and after a couple of warnings, I decided that I would spank them.  They promised to be good but I had already made up my mind.  "You've been pushing me all evening, Ray and Rod, trying to see if I would spank you.  Well, now you know that I will."  I grabbed the nearest one and pulled him over my lap.

They both got very quiet and then there was a final plea from the one over my lap.  "Please don't spank me, Mark.  We'll be very, very good; promise."

"I want to be sure of that, young man."  I pulled his pj's down exposing his little tushie.  I gave him ten sharp hand spanks which elicited yelps and cries.  I stood him up and turned to his brother.  "Your turn."  He did not fight or argue but got into position over my lap.  I'm sure he could not have refused since his twin had just been spanked.  I gave him exactly what his brother had with similar results.

"Not fair." they said getting into bed at my direction. "Not fair, Mark."  But they were absolutely quiet after that.

Their parents returned on time, paid me and gave me a ride home.  Mr. Pinard said that he hoped they had not been too difficult.  My report minimized the problems and did not include anything about spankings.

The Second Day on the Job

The twins evidently accepted me for a week later I was back on the job.  This time was for an afternoon gig.  The boys and I played ball in the backyard until the promised rain came at which time we went inside.  They told me that they had a little playroom in the cellar and we could play Indian.  I questioned if they meant Cowboys and Indians but they definitely did not mean that.  They apparently were full of facts about the Hopi and their play space was usable as a kiva – a ceremonial place – and I could be one of their clan.  They insisted that it would be lots of fun for me and more fun for them if I joined in.  We first had to dress the part, and they had the outfits.  Imagine a skimpy loincloth – a string to go about the waist with bits of decorated cloth fore and aft.  "It is warm in the kiva." they insisted.  They did not have any reluctance to striping down perhaps because I had seen them naked when I had spanked them.  I was a bit hesitant but they said they knew what older guys, like me, had with hair and bigger dicks having been to the town pool a lot.  I stripped down and put on the costume.  Then came the paint.  They had body paint and they decorated each other faces and bodies.  I could hardly refuse and so I sat there and got painted.

We then went to the cellar and the kiva.  The way in was through a crawl hole.  "It keeps the girls out.  We have several cousins and they won't crawl in their dresses."  Ray entered first and I followed.  It was a tight fit as I crawled through the tunnel.  I looked around as soon as I could and the ceiling was specks of light like the stars and they had a fake fire in the middle.  It was neat and kewl even for me.

I was having a little trouble squeezing through so Ray grabbed my wrists to pull me in.  It was a trap for he slipped rope loops about each wrist and tightened them up very fast.  He pulled me in but only a couple of feet.  He then pulled on a rope attached to the wrist loops and I was securely attached to the wall.  I tried to pull forward to stand, but Rod had also been busy.  My ankles were also restrained.  Then Rod came in through a sliding panel so clearly they had planned this well.  They sat next to me, one on each side.  I was about to demand that they untie me but they spoke first: "Keep quiet, novice, to learn the secrets and to become one of us."  I had terribly mixed feelings about this.  I was disappointed in myself for letting two eleven-year-olds capture and tie me up without even being about to resist.  But on the other hand, I had to admire their setting up an effective trap for me and it was sort of exciting, to tell the truth.  I had loved playing Cowboys and Indians especially when I was captured and tied to the stake.

"Does he have the muscles required?" asked Ray.  Their hands roamed over my back from my shoulders down to my toes.  They pinched me and I tried to tense each muscle that they were testing.  You can imagine, they definitely gave my butt a lot of attention and even a few spanks.

"This side isn't bad.  Let's turn him over."  They then rolled me over.  By tying me only by the ends (so to speak) they could do that since I was out of the entrance tunnel except for my feet.  They repeated their muscle inspection on my front side.  Here there were more things of interest and sensitivity.  My nipples were the first to get tested.  I could not do anything to try to reduce the pain of their pinches there.  They switched to my feet after they got down to my loin cloth and proceeded upwards.  Now they removed the little cover I had and proceeded to closely examine my package.  Although they knew about how a guy grows, I think that I was the first post puberty guy that they examined closely.  I was glad that I rose to the occasion as they thought that was good.  Fortunately, they did not think to make me squirt.

They taught me some secrets that were really nonsense but were part of the game we were playing.  They turned me over again to test my pain tolerance.  They started with their hands and spanked me.  They each had one cheek to deal with.  They were happy with how their hand prints formed and with how I answered their test questions and did not complain.  They, like Mark and his dad, had a large variety of toys to use.  At the end Rod was using a switch and Ray a strap and each attacked both checks at one time.  The pain was intense and I lost it, breaking into crying.  As soon as I did, I felt quite relived like I had when Mark drove me over my limit.  They continued to spank me for a while after that.  While I was crying, they untied me and dragged me over their combined laps and rubbed some cream into my butt.  They were very gentle for which I was grateful.  I was also feeling like I had after Mark had broken me, peaceful and submissive.

The pair of them explained that they spanked me so hard because I had spanked them unfairly.  They did not think that I should ever spank them even if they deserved it but maybe, just maybe that would be all right if they consented.  Actually they wanted me just to tell them that they had really earned a spanking and they promised that they would act as if I had actually spanked them.  An unfair spanking would result in my tail getting roasted every time.

I agreed.  After all, even if they did not know it, I knew that I was a well-spanked little boy who had better behave properly.

When I told Mark about it even confessing my feelings, he predicted that the twins would get bossier with me and that I would like it more and more.

Twelfth Birthday

The twins and I had grown close so I was invited to their twelfth birthday party along with a few of their closest friends in the kiva.  It was just a half dozen guys because we had to dress (or should I say undress) for the occasion and use the crawl way.  This was in addition to the regular party with family and friends and singing happy birthday and candles to blow out on a cake.  They had played spanking games with all of us and wanted to get proper birthday spankings that would be a rite of passage.  Everyone was delighted to cooperate and spank them good and hard.

They really performed very well for they each got it with four different implements: a switch, a strap, hairbrush and, from me, a hand.  Their butts were very red and hot but they did not cry or yell for the event.  They were praised and we had some Indian dishes conjured up by Mrs. Pinard rather than white-man's cake and ice cream.  It was fun.  It also signaled the end of my sitting for them for they had convinced their parents that they could stay by themselves.

The Weekend Gig

A few months later, the Pinard's wanted to go away for a long weekend and the twins wanted to stay home rather than being farmed out.  I was the compromise.  I would stay for the weekend and the boys could stay home.  We had scheduled a couple of excursions (museum and zoo), a movie and visit to a friend so I would not be in loco parentis all the time.  After dinner on Friday, they wanted to go to kiva and have a talk with me.  They were very serious and I agreed.  We, of course, had to get changed and painted.  I saw that the few pubes they had on their birthday had been most fruitful and had multiplied.  They each now had nice, although still growing, bushes.  I was surprised that it was easier to use the crawl way and they explained that it been designed to be adjustable.

Once inside and past the usual incantations they got to the point.  They insisted that they were young men and must be treated as such.  I had to agree because I thought they were more mature than many of the teens I knew.  Then they said that they felt that I needed another major spanking.  I was incredulous.  They explained that after they had spanked me to tears, my behavior changed for months afterwards.  I was much nicer, more reasonable and, if you pardon the expression, a good boy.  They felt that I needed another spanking like that especially at the beginning of this long time together.  I didn't know what to say and Mark's words were everywhere in my head.

"We noticed how you let us lead all the time.  We were responsible and it was very easy for you.  When you weren't dealing with getting tickets and stuff, you were like little boy in our charge." said Ray and Rod agreed.

"We'll all have more fun this weekend if you agree.  You can be that little boy again and we can be the grown ups." said Rod with Ray's agreement.  "We will make all the decisions and you can relax."

We were all silent for a while and then they pointed out that I had not made any objection nor even expressed outrage which surely meant that deep inside I liked the idea.  "Right after your spanking you'll become our ten-year-old nephew except when you have to deal with the world for us.  It will be our secret."

"Remember how good you felt after that first spanking?  You can experience it again.  All you have to do is say 'yes' and it will happen.  We bet that you have thought about such things."

That did it, for I had thought about being a little boy again.  "Yes.  I've been a naughty boy." I said.  I was terribly excited and even a bit fearful.  Yet, I knew that as soon as I broke into tears that I would be a little boy without any worries.  My heart was racing.  "Yes, spank me."

They sat legs outstretched, facing each other and after they removed my loin cloth had me lie over their double laps.  I was very secure and couldn't shift about in the least.  Even if I had not submitted willingly, now I no longer had a choice.  I felt their four hands – two on my back and two on my about to be spanked butt.  They alternated spanks starting lightly and getting increasing hard.  The pain was building up and I resisted crying because, well, even a boy doesn't want to be seen as a baby.  It wasn't until they spanked a long time and even switched to using straps that I gave in and started to cry and soon began to bawl.  Like the other times I told you about, it was a great relief.  Now, I can look back and use a fancy word – catharsis – to describe what happened when I went over the cliff again.  As I sobbed, I promised to be a good little boy and they hugged me and made me feel safe.  After a while I just lay flat on the floor and they just stroked me.  They also took a clipper to my pubes and I did not even realize it at the time.

Eventually, they led me back upstairs to put me to bed, of course, that meant a bath first.  They ran the water and got me into the tub.  They gave me a good bath like I hadn't had since I was six.  It was only after they had rinsed me off, that they got a razor to shave the stubble left by the clipper.  It was then that I realized what they had done, but they said that good little boys don't have hair there and it had to be done.  It seemed absolutely correct and proper.  After being dried, I brushed my teeth and went pee-pee.  They tucked me into bed and read one of the Captain Underpants stories – The Day My Butt Went Psycho to me.  I trust that they got to bed like they should have.

It was, in a word, a wonderful weekend.  We had a great time, they behaved perfectly and I was totally relaxed as a little boy doing as they told me (except for those brief times I had to deal with outsiders).  Their parents were delighted and I had a batch of extra cash in my jeans.


Mark listened to my weekend report in complete silence.  Then he smiled and said: "I told you so." going on to remind me that he had predicted that they would take charge of me.  I told him that I was not unhappy about that in the least because they made me feel better.  He hugged me and, with a spank on my butt, said I could have done worse.

We got together as often as we could and I usually got a good, made me cry, spanking to insure that I remained a boy; their good boy.  I knew that I wanted things this way because every few days I shaved my crotch as the twins said I should and every time I did I was wishing that I would have pubes like the other guys in my class.

Even now, as I approach thirty, I am still their good boy.  It is even more fun now since they deal with the adult stuff themselves.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 31, 2008

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