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The following story is totally fiction.  It concerns teens experimenting with diapers, spanking and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Unlike my fictional characters, you need to use condoms to be safe.

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I had to pee real bad.  The bus had gotten stuck in traffic and was almost an hour late.  Those two big sodas had decided that they want to leave and I felt like my bladder was going to explode.  But, being a proper young gentleman of thirteen, I was managing to hold it in and not piss my pants.  That's so gross; not to mention embarrassing. 

I dashed for the john as soon as I got off of the bus.  Inside I did a double take.  There were the two cutest, sexiest asses in spray-on jeans I ever seen.  My bladder needed relief but my cock sprung to attention to salute the two young ladies at the changing table.  They were changing a boy.  He must have been eleven or so and he had the greatest smile on his face.  I could see that one of the girls was stroking his cock and then he orgasmed – shooting high into the air.  When they moved I could see his hairless crotch as they pulled a diaper over it and taped it into position.

He got off the table and, as they pulled up his pants, grinned like the cat that ate the canary at me.  "Thanks Rhonda and sis.  You guys are the greatest."  He gave his crotch a very satisfied rub.  By then the girls had seen me.  They were beautiful as well as having great butts.  "Would you like your diaper changed, boy?" said one.

"You look happy to see us…or is that gun in your pocket." said the other.

After an awkward silence, I shook my head no and went to the urinals to take care of my urgent business.  I unzipped and pulled my rigid hose out.  I tried to piss but I was too hard to do that.  I couldn't jerk off either…well…I just don't do that in the john.  I was surprised when one of the girls came up behind me for they had already packed up and I thought they were leaving.  I could not move away with my rifle out.  She got up real close, like we were in a crowd, and reached in front of me grabbed my dick and said:  "Relax, boy, Auntie Tricia knows exactly what you need."© YLeeCoyote

She sure did!

With her hand covered with oil it only took a few strokes for me to blast my load on the porcelain.  "That's a good big boy.  Now pee-pee for Auntie Tricia, like a good little boy."  And believe it or not, I did just as she told me while she still held my cock.  She slipped something into my pocket, slapped my butt and washed her hands.  They all left.  I stood like a dummy with my hose out.

My mind was shattered.  Eventually I gave my rod the three shakes it's entitled to, wiped the oil off, stuffed it back into my pants and wandered out into the mall.  I must have sat in the gallery for a couple of hours trying to regain my senses.  I even pinched myself to be sure that this was just not a dream.  Eventually I pulled out the paper she had stuffed in my pocket.  In a neat bold script it read:

Call me when you need to be diapered, boy.

Phone:  555-1212Aunt Tricia

"DIAPERED!" I kept thinking.  I haven't needed diapers since I was three.  Well, OK, until eight when I stopped wetting the bed but that was only at night.  On the other hand, she was beautiful; a beautiful older woman of fifteen.  At least three times a day I jerked off thinking about her and again at night.  After three days I got up my courage and called.  We made a date to go to the Park and then a movie in the evening.  You can bet that I had a very wet dream that night.

We meet at the bus hub where we had to change buses to get to the State Park.  The park is only a short ride away but it is much bigger than the town park and part of it is wild.  It a fun place to explore because it is big and always seems empty.  There were four of us – Rhonda, Tricia and her brother Mickey and me.  Both the girls were fifteen and a half and Mickey was only a few months younger then me.  I had thought he was much younger.

I exchanged personal info with them.  The girls had been best friends since forever.  Tricia and Mickey just lived with their mom because their dad had died.  That had set up a special relationship between them.  Tricia had been babysitting him for more than five years because their mom had to work long hours.  Last year their mom suggested that Mickey could be more independent but then he started to neglect his homework and get into trouble.  They decided that Tricia should watch him again and she was granted discipline authority with his assent.  She had shared her power with Rhonda because the girls decided it was good idea.  Mickey accepted this initially because his sister told him to but by now he was not only quite comfortable with the arrangement but glad of it.

We had made our way deep into the park when we got to a nice meadow.  We spread out a couple of blankets to sit on.  Then Rhonda started to undress Mickey.  In a few minutes he was just wearing a t-shirt, a diaper and sneakers as if he was a toddler.  Then the girls said it was my turn.  I was quickly stripped by the two of them.  My cock was pointing skyward with excitement even though Mickey was watching.  I was clean and dry, but they wiped me off with baby wipes and then covered me with baby oil just the same.  I quickly understood why Mickey had been grinning when they were changing his diaper in the men's room a few days before.  Once I exploded, they lifted my legs, slipped a diaper under my butt and taped it tightly about me.  I felt great and so did wearing the diaper.  Certainly, getting a hand job from two beautiful young ladies helped me feel fantastic.  I was sorry that I waited three days to call.

We, the little boys in diapers, were told to play but to remain in sight of them, the big girls in charge.  In some ways I certainly felt silly, but it was fun being so carefree and getting sex.  Mickey and I were running around tossing a ball and it went into the tree area.  We ran after it and then we got to a tiny brook.  We got caught up in watching the minnows and tadpoles.  Then the calm was broken by our full names being called by the girls.  It was in that tone that little boys hate to hear from their mommies because it means that one has been caught doing something wrong and is going to get it.  We were dragged back to the blanket by our ears to be lectured about how naughty it was to be running off where we could not be watched.  We could have been drowned, or eaten by bears, or captured by wood elves and made their slaves.

We were, in short, very naughty little boys.  And naughty little boys get spanked.  Spanked on their bare bottoms.  When they took our di-di's off, it was noted that we were wet.  They were not upset and I even learnt that Mickey often wets when he is diapered boy and playing especially when he is caught being naughty.  They cleaned us up with baby wipes which was the first time for real for me and then pulled us over their laps.  I had not been spanked in many years but when I was over dad's lap I always cried.  (More recently when I had to bend over for the strap, I did not cry even though it hurt a lot more.)  The spanking seem to take forever and Tricia made sure that my entire bottom was red.  I even cried.  I could not help it for I was a little boy and little boys cry.  Mickey was also crying.

They made us stand nose-to-nose for corner time with our hands on our heads.  When that was over, they re-diapered us and we had lunch.  And even a nap.  The afternoon was similar except we were good little boys and did not get spanked.  This was great fun – I was being a baby yet having a date and even getting off at the girls' hands.

Back at the mall, we ate at the food court.  This was the first time I had a diaper on in public although it was hidden under my jeans.  It was a strange feeling but no one else knew.  It was a special bond among us.  Tricia was one very special – not quite a girlfriend and not quite an adult (like mom or a teacher) – someone who was very intimate and in charge.  Mickey had said that was nice that they were in charge of him and I started to feel the same way.  After eating we went to the movies.  We sat with the armrest up between us and Tricia keep her hand on my crotch most of the time.  I wanted to go to the john to pee during the movie but Tricia told me to just do it in the diaper.  How very naughty and how very strange.  All day I had the feeling that she was in charge and now she gave me permission to do it.  I felt so naughty and it was especially nice with her hand right there; right there on my crotch.  "That's my good boy." she whispered in my ear as she squeezed my wet crotch.

I needed a change and we all knew it.  We went to the quieter part of the mall (away from the movie crowds) for my change.  They explained that they use the men's rather than the ladies' room because it attracts less attention.  Guys tend not to watch unless they are AB's, TB's or DL's while the little girls always stare and the old ladies gawk at the exposed big boy crotches.  Once I was on the changing table, they pulled down my jeans and removed the wet diaper.  They got me cleaned up, oiled, powered and diapered in just five minutes.  A couple of guys came in and out but ignored us and took care of their own business.

We then waited for our buses to go home.  It was very strange wearing a diaper rather than underwear.  My boxers were in my pack along with another diaper.  Tricia wanted me to sleep in the diaper and not to remove it until the morning.  I had promised to be her good boy and do as she said.

I felt very good when I got into bed.  I kept thinking of the wonderful day.  Of being jerked off.  Of being diapered.  Of peeing in my diaper in public.  Of being a carefree little boy with a wonderful babysitter.  I had taken my cell phone to bed with me as Tricia had said to do and then at midnight it rang.  She was calling to talk and sing me a lullaby.  It felt sort of naughty talking with her under the covers.  I was totally uninhibited and was totally open with her.  I guess that after the way she had handled me all day made me feel like that.  Of course I told her how wonderful the day was and hoped that we could do it again and that I would like to date her.

She liked the idea but said she expected that I would be her obedient diapered little boy.  After the terrific experience I had the first time I quickly agreed.  It seemed that I always agreed with her.

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee.  I was about to go to the john when I remembered that I was wearing a diaper and that Tricia had told me that it was OK to use it so I just let go.  The warmth just filled the diaper and was nice.  I quickly dropped back to sleep.  In the morning, the diaper was wet but the bed was dry.  I showered noticing that my pubes were messy from the oil and piss.  I carefully disposed of the diaper out of the house so mother would not find it.

And that is how my first wonderful day with Tricia and my diapers went.  I was very anxious to see her again.  And see her again I did just a few days later.  We played similar games but in the afternoon she pointed out that Mickey did not have pubes because of the trouble they caused.  With the continued promise of her hand jobs and other constant attention I agreed that she could shave me.  Even that made me feel good.  I was already hard when she started but I got harder as she rubbed the shaving cream in.  She showed me the razor and it had a comb-like edge that I had not seen before.  "This is a prep razor." she explained "The nurses use then in hospital to prepare patients.  The comb allows it to lift long hairs."  It was even more sensuous when she repeated it with a regular razor.  I was baby smooth but she made me feel oh so, so good that I did not regret losing my pubes that only a year ago I was so elated to get.

School restarted a couple of weeks later and I was surprised to find Mickey in my classes.  The school districts had been changed.  Now this made it easier to visit for I now had a new school friend.  Within the week I invited him for dinner so he could meet my parents.  He used my bike to get home as I was going there after school on Friday for a sleepover and would use it to return home on Sunday.  Of course, I knew that Tricia would be there to make me feel good.

That afternoon, Mickey changed my diaper.  This was a new experience.  Tricia referred to him as a big boy and to me as the diaper boy.  Mickey made me feel good but I was always thinking of Tricia who was holding my hand and looking at her.  Mickey did something that neither Tricia nor Rhonda had.  Rather than giving me a hand job he gave me a blow job.  It was my first and it was terrific.  I hadn't realized that he had his finger in my butt hole at the same time.  Then he was put into training pants.

It was another month before anything really different happened.  Mickey was naked while he was changing me.  I was, as always, very relaxed and enjoying it laying on my back.  He was playing with my butt hole a lot but he had been doing that more lately.  Tricia was also there and keeping my attention.  Then he took my cherry.  I was relaxed, lubed, positioned and he just slipped his hard cock into me.  I must admit that it felt good as his cock bumped into parts I did not know I had.

Tricia made a big fuss over him for proving that he was a man by fucking me.  It also proved that I was still a boy.  After that Mick (no more Mickey, please) stopped wearing diapers and training pants.  His pubes were allowed to grow back.

I tried to stop wearing diapers but neither Mick nor Tricia would let me.  They both liked keeping me in them and always made me feel so very good when they changed me.  It was always kept private and it was enough fun that I went along with it.  I would have liked to have been more active with Mick or Tricia but they never let me but always jerked me off.  I though about breaking away from them but I could not do it.  I actually did the reverse and tailed after Mick.  The result of this was not only was I his fuck boy but he kept me diapers.  "You wouldn't want to leak into your pants and have people laughing at you?" he would say.  One unfortunate side effect of this was that I was not able to approach girls at parties for fear that they would discover that I was wearing a diaper.  They never made me wear a diaper to school, but I was frequently in one on weekends and always for parties. 

When Mick started to go out with Cindy I had hopes that he would let me go.  Not that I wanted him to stop fucking me but that I could do more.  Those hopes were shattered one Saturday morning when I had gone over to his house.  I was on my back on his bed, naked of course as he pulled out of my butt hole after a lusty fuck with my own cum splattered on my chest.  He usually did not wear anything but this day he was and as he pulled up his jeans said.  "Time for your shave, boy."  I did not think anything of it until I heard another voice from the doorway.

"I got the stuff right here, Mick."

At first I though it was Tricia but when he said:  "Thanks, Cindy."  I nearly died.

And it got worse for she was beside me in an instant and spraying me with shaving cream.  Then she noticed my cum on my chest and whipped it off.  I made some incoherent sounds and Mick just ordered.  "Be still boy and let Cindy clean you up."  By then he had moved to the side and was holding me down.  Cindy was cooing at me as she scrapped away the little hair that had grown in the last week.  Then she oiled me carefully covering my cock, sac, and crack before putting a diaper on me.

We became a threesome to the world but the truth was I was trapped.  I was just their baby to be diapered and fucked.  Cindy liked that Mick had me to fuck to help keep him satisfied and they both liked to diaper me.  Mick was equally happy with the arrangement.  They were also intimate.  I tried to break away but they had pictures; hundred of pictures and if I wanted then kept private I had to obey them.  Rhonda and Tricia generally had developed other interests (they met them when changing Mickey in a john) but they occasionally played with and diapered me also.  They did promise that they would stop if I wished when the summer came.

Then came that awful late spring weekend.  I got my usual delightful morning treatment from Mick and Cindy.  So fucked, shaved and diapered I went with them to the mall.  Cindy went off with her girl friends and Mick and I with a half dozen of our classmates.  Then one of them had a brainstorm.  "Let's go to the park."  Everyone agreed so we got food and hopped on the bus.  I should never had gone but I did not foresee what was going to happen.

We messed about for a while, ate and eventually got to the lake.  It was a very hot day and Kevin suggested that we go swimming.  The lack of trunks and towels was quickly dismissed and a couple of guys started to strip.  I made poor excuses but that was a very bad thing to do because no one else did.  "We're not here to put on a strip show for a voyeur like you." said one of them.  I tried to push the diaper down with my jeans but it was too tight.  As I struggled the others got around me and started to tease me that I was a baby for not just stripping down like a man.  And then there was a cry: "He wearing a diaper!"  I was doomed.

My jeans were yanked down hobbling me and the diaper was fully exposed.  Kevin was kind for he said: "Let's leave him.  He probably just has a problem.  Half of us need glasses."  That would have saved me except that Mick had fucked me earlier.  The tapes were pulled off and the diaper dropped exposing my shaven pubes.  I was the only hairless one.

"Smells like he came in his di-di." said someone.

"So what?  Everyone does that." said another.

"Yea, my mom says I should wear a condom so I don't stain my pants." joked another.

And then I wished the ground had opened up and swallowed me.  "But the stain is not in front but in the back." explained Dan.  "The diaper fag has been fucked."

When the guys had been stripping there had been some locker room banter about the others wanting to suck or get fucked now that all got redirected at me as they groped themselves.  I was quickly held and they finished striping me.  Regardless of anything else they were all horny adolescents and I was surrounded by seven hard, ready and anxious cocks  "Let's give him the what all fags want; let's all fuck him.".

"You like fucking boys?" asked Mick.  That gave them pause but it did not solve the bigger problem.

"Any port in a storm…or in the woods." was the come back.  "It's not like he's a virgin even though he's in diapers."

"Maybe we should just tell Jase and his gang."  Jase was the class tough and homophobe; there was little doubt what that would mean.  "Or he could ask us to not to tell…."  The implications were clear.

"If you promise you won't tell, I'll let you…."  I couldn't actually say it.

Mick came to my rescue.  "You all agree not to tell if Ricky bends over for you?"

"You his agent…or his lover?  Is Cindy just a front?"

"Just his agent.  Neither of us are gay and Cindy gets him off and diapers him.  I'm too much of gentleman to say about Cindy and me."  They all agreed and Mick led me to over to a fallen tree and bent me over it.  Then he had me suck him to get his cock wet and then proceeded to fuck me.  "That's how it done, guys; gently so we don't hurt the baby."  One by one the other six did as Mick had.  Then they went swimming and left me to cry.

Mick came back a few minutes later.  He said he was sorry it happened but that was the only way  to get the guys to promise not to talk.  But they expected that I help them out occasionally.  He dragged me back to swim and wash off.  They had worked out a deal for me.  They would keep my secrets provided that I agreed to getting fucked and to blow them.  They even agreed to limit the how often.  To seal the arrangement, I had to give each of them a blow job right now.  Sort of a variation of the literal meaning of testify where one places a hand on the elder's testicles.  [See: Genesis 24:9.]

They did keep quiet that first week although I got a few winks and slaps on my butt.  It was when I went to Mick's for my usual Saturday morning fuck, shave and diapering that I learnt of the rest of the deal.  Limits had been agreed to so that I would not have to suck or be fucked more than twice a day or ten times a week total.  But that would hold only if they had proof positive that Cindy did what Mick had said so they were going to watch.

It was very hard stripping down with them all watching even though I had been naked and fucked by them all just a few days before.  Then they had also been naked while this time they were dressed.  I was teased about being a baby and babies don't worry about modesty.  Mick corrected them that I was not a baby but just liked the way a diaper felt.  He even noted that they wore variety of different style underwear.

Cindy, bless her, wore her tightest jeans and made sure that I got a good long look at her ass before things got going.  (She knew that I drooled at it.)  Well, just like the very first time that I saw Tricia and Rhonda changing Mick, my cock snapped to attention.  She had a similar effect on the others.  She spread the nice warm foam over my pubes and stroked my cock with it also.  Then she made sure that I stayed hard as she used the razor on the pubic stubble.  She made me forget the rest of the universe before she even gotten to the best parts.  After she wiped me clean she dried me off.  Then she started with the baby oil.  She had made it warm and it was extra wonderful.  I just laid back while she jerked me off to an explosive climax, having completely forgetting about the audience.  Putting on the diaper was an anti-climax.  The guys were impressed.

Then they got an offer that I was sure they would all refuse.  Cindy said one word: "Next."  There was silence for more than a minute.  Then Dan stepped forward pulling off his shirt.  Cindy reached forward and opened his belt and jeans.  He kicked off his shoes and she pulled off his jeans and boxers.  He was hard and almost dripping when he laid in place.  She gently lathered up his thick bush using both hands for at least five minutes before starting with the razor.  She had come prepared with a prep razor and before he knew it Dan had lost his pubes.  I think he was surprised and had planned to back out when the regular razor got clogged with the long hairs.  But with her gentle caresses he remained hard as she finished the shaving with a regular razor.  Then she dried him and started with the oil.  He blasted his load straight up in only a couple of minutes.  Then he was diapered to everyone's amusement.

He told everyone that it felt great and suggested that they try it but they all declined.  A couple of the guys said they were off to meet their girlfriends.  Then I followed Mick's suggestion of being forward.  "Have you gays worked out who gets my boy-ass first?"  They did not expect that.

Then Cindy chimed in.  "I don't mind re-diapering the boy when you fags are finished."

They were dumfounded.  Suddenly they saw things in a differently perspective.  I had just had a straight experience and now they were the gay ones.  They did not like that idea since that was the threat they were using.  They quickly found excuses to leave.  They somehow let the whole issue slide which I was happy about.  Cindy and Mick wanted to be alone so Dan and I put on our pants and spent sometime together that afternoon.

I was surprised that Dan wanted to talk about diapers.  He had done something that I had not though to do in the months that I had been playing in diapers – he searched the web.  It turns out that there are diaper lovers in the world that chose to use them full time and many more who like to play occasionally.  It had intrigued him and that is why he jumped at Cindy's socially safe offer.  He even admitted that they fell good but after that hand job from Cindy everything would feel good.

For the next few weeks, I encouraged Dan in the wearing of a diaper and I even put then on him.  This also gave me the opportunity to kept him shaved.  I had convinced him that Cindy was Mick's girlfriend and until he found his own, I would help him out.  He even diapered me.  One evening we accidentally met Mick and Cindy at the movies.  Dan was seated between Cindy and me and we planed to get him to wet in public.  (He had already done it a couple of times in private.)  I confess that I spiked his drink with a diuretic to make it easier.  Cindy also encouraged him by keeping her hand on his crotch.  When he wanted to go to the john, we made him stay (just as Tricia had done with me).  "It's OK to go in the diaper, Dan." Cindy whispered in his ear a few times.  Eventually he broke and let it happen.  He was hard throughout the show.

In the ice cream parlor he admitted that it felt good although strange to be wet.  Cindy insisted that she had to change him because he could not go home wet.  He never expected it to happen in the john in the mall.  When we pushed him in the john he was too shocked to object.  Mick and I told him we knew for a fact the changing table was strong enough since we had used it.  Cindy quickly lowered his jeans and removed the wet diaper.  Then, the ever prepared babysitter, cleaned him up with a couple of baby wipes.  The oil job which drove him wild before she taped the new diaper in place.  He really loved it.  We hung in the mall for another hour and he was still smiling broadly.

Dan had a bad habit of being tardy which I decided I would break him of.  I told him that he would have to change and I would spank him whenever he was tardy in the future.  When he realized that it was an ultimatum, he agreed.  I made him give me a card that not only gave me permission but requested me too.  It was less than a week later that he was late for the movie and we had to wait for the next show.  That gave me lots of time to punish him properly.

I led him through the back parking lot which was almost empty to the sitting area.  It was empty.  I sat on a bench and made him confess and ask to be punished.  "And what is the appropriate punishment for a diaper boy like you?"

"I should be spanked." he said after a pause.

"And how?"

He had trouble saying it but he did: "Over your knee and on the bare…until I cry."  With that I opened his jeans and pushed them down.  I then pulled him over my lap and undid the tapes on his diaper.  His cute bottom looked up at me.  I gripped him about the waist and began to spank with my hand.  In the light from the street lamp I could see him turning pink.  I also was glad than I anticipated that this would probably happen and the difficulty I would have.  As I was spanking him he started to hump my leg – the naughty boy was getting off on my spanking him.  I noticed that his butt was as tough as my hand and I could not keep this up very long.  I extracted the little strap that I had the foresight to have brought and started to use that.  It was a lot more effective in expressing my anger and without my hand hurting.  But it did not stop his humping me; in fact he humped harder.  Then he came.  I was glad that the diaper was still there to catch his cum.  After a few more strokes, Dan was reacting differently.  Just like a little boy he started whine and promise.

I was very pleased with this and I kept at it complete with a lecture about being punctual.  The strap also had some very visible effects – Dan's butt was now bright red.  As I continued, I could sense that it was being effective as he had more and more difficultly begging and promising.  I kept at it and he broke.  At first gentle sobs and then the flood gates opened.  He was bawling like a little baby.  I gave him a few more with the strap and then finished his spanking with my hand.  I loved doing this.

I got him off my lap and kneeling between my legs.  There was another item to take care of.  Spanking him made me very horny and I needed relief.  I opened my jeans and pulled my rock hard cock out over my boxers.  I did not have to tell him what to do.  It was a great pleasure to be enveloped by his hot mouth.  As he sucked me I realized that it stopped his crying.  Even after I blasted my load down his throat, he kept at it.  I stopped him and closed up my pants.

I had him lie on the picnic table and re-installed his cum stained diaper.  We stayed there a while (he stood) and then went back into the mall.  After washing up, we went to the movie.  He was very glad that those seats were padded.

It was the next time I diapered him that I made my move.  I was very liberal with the oil and even spilt some into his crack.  This gave me the excuse to play with his butt hole and once I got my fingers in the game was essentially over.  My playing with his prostate made jerking his cock much more effective.  Before he came I replaced my fingers with my cock.  With all the oil it slid into his dilated butt hole easily.  After a bit he did realize what was happening and said: "Rapist." with a big smile but did not try to stop me.

Evidently he loved this and as much as I did.  When we had both cooled down, I finished diapering my diaper boy.  We became boyfriends (yes, one word) that day. 

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 23, 2004

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