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The following story is fiction about girls dominating boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and young femdom.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Boy #1 – Thirteen-year-old and initial narrator
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Twelve-year-old girl cousin of Boy #1
Her twin sister
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My life was returning to normal now that we were more than a month into the fall term at school.  The summer had been a horror for my parents had gone on a cruise and I was left to stay with my Aunt for almost a month.© YLeeCoyote

Aunt Mandy could not understand that I was a thirteen-year-old teenager and treated me like a little first grade kid.  I didn’t have any privacy and she even spanked me.  My twin cousins, Kim and Kori, got their paws on me as well for they were Mother’s Little Helpers.  They were often in charge of me so they constantly saw me naked and spanked.  Worse they even spanked me.

Things were bad even out of the house especially at the beach where I learnt that hairless little boys like me don’t need swimsuits.  My younger girl cousins had two piece swimsuits even though their chests were as flat as mine.  It was some minor consolation that there were other naked boys on the beach.  Being short has me looking younger so it was a bit less embarrassing as I did not tower over the little kids.  Surprisingly, there was actually a benefit for skinny dipping is extra fun.  Alas, the embarrassment suppressed much of that.

Happily this year the Twins are still in the sixth grade in the elementary school while I moved onto the seventh grade in the junior high so they cannot torment me every day.

This Friday is special for my best friend Gary is staying for dinner and a sleepover while his parents are away.  When we got home we were surprised that Mom wasn’t home but when we raided the refrig for our snacks we found the note.

Boys –
I had to tend to some errands.
I’ll be back soon to make dinner.
Do your homework so it won’t keep you in tomorrow.

We took our snacks upstairs and broke out the video game to play while eating.  After a while Gary said we should stop and get our homework done.  I laughed and said we could do that later.  We argued a bit as we both insisted about being right.

Gary reminded me of the horrid stuff I told him about from the summer and said  “I’ll teach you a lesson appropriate for a naughty little boy.”  I couldn’t believe it that he meant it but I surely should have as I found out very soon.

The problem is that I’m small for my age while Gary is large so that he is ​five inches and twenty pounds​ (​thirteen cm and nine kg​) heavier.  He got hold of my arm and dragged me so that I was standing before him while he was sitting on the chair.  As I protested uselessly, he opened my pants and got them along with my briefs down to my knees.  At this point I knew I was doomed.

In just a blink of an eye I was over his lap and feeling his heavy hand turning my tail into a pain center.  Over and over his hand crashed into my bottom until I was crying.  I’m really not sure exactly what he said over and over but it was something about homework first you naughty little boy.  Remember that it is difficult to hear over loud sobs and spanks.

As I stood up, I saw THEM standing in the doorway – my horrid domineering twin cousins, Kim and Kori.  “So introduce us to your spanker, Timmy.” they said with big smirks.

I immediately did that but I was so discombobulated that I forgot to pull up my pants.  Gary said “Hello.” and spontaneously explained why he had spanked me.

The young ladies also explained.  “We are here because your mom called us.  Your parents won’t get home until late and we are here to make sure you don’t get into trouble and to fix dinner.  We had expected that you would have been more responsible now, Timmy, but we were wrong.  Since little boys don’t need to be modest, take everything off immediately and stand by the bed.”

Miss Kori was giving the orders while Miss Kim fetched something.  I knew what was going to happen when I had to lie on the towel.  It brought back more horrid memories of the summer as they wet my small patch of pubes and covered it with the shaving foam again.  What took me months to grow disappeared in just seconds. <sob>  I was a hairless little boy anew.  “Get into the corner.” was the order.

I was instantly back in the horrors of last summer and knew that I must obey them without hesitation or I would be spanked once again.  “Yes, Miss Kim.” I said dutifully and did as ordered.

I listened as the three talked.  My cousins agreed with Gary that I surely deserved the spanking he had just given me but he was not authorized to deliver it no matter how well intentioned.  He counted that it couldn’t wait as my behavior needed to be dealt with right away.

Gary soon found himself on the horns of a dilemma.  The Twins would call his parents and report his terrible conduct which would lead to a spanking or he would have to accept that they were totally in charge.

They strengthen their case by showing the now laminated card I had signed during the summer accepting their authority over me and pledging my obedience.  When I shuddered, it was obvious to Gary that they were authorised to be in charge of me and thus by extension also him.

It was clear that either way he was going to get gored.  He tried to bargain not to be spanked by they were immovable and he soon yielded.

They proceeded to strip him just like they had done to me in the summer like he was a little boy.  When they got to his boxers, he was reminded that naughty little boys don’t need clothes and that spankings are always on the bare butt.  Once he was in his birthday suit, they sat close facing each other to form a double lap for him.

Gary was quiet at first as they spanked with just their hands.  Things changed when they switched to their hairbrushes.  Soon he was sobbing and then begging Miss Kim and Miss Kori to stop and then for mercy.  When they finally stopped spanking, Gary had been transformed into a sobering, naughty little boy.  Metaphorically he didn’t know what hit him.

The two young ladies got him up and pushed him down on the towel like I had been.  They didn’t waste any time getting his pubes wet and then covered with shaving foam while he was still in a daze.  It took only a few passes with the razor to destroy the little bush he had and make him a bald little boy once again.  It was only a small area but I’m sure he felt the lost deeply as I had when they shaved me again.

We were told that we had five minutes to wash up, examine our hot red tails and get down to the dinning room and start on our homework.  The ladies went to prepare dinner.  Proper dress was our birthday suits they explained.

Of course, we did what we were told immediately without any questions.  I admitted to Gary that I just returned to the submissive little boy I was in the summer but asked “How did you fall into that same abyss?”

“I don’t know.  It just happened.  It was like when Mom beat me with her wooden spoon.” he replied puzzled.  Soon we were at the dinning room table doing our homework.

A couple of hours later we had finished our homework and diner.  The Twins told us that now we were free to play and we retreated back to my room and the video games.  That suddenly came to an end when the Twins came into the room without knocking proclaiming that it was bathtime before bedtime.

I tried to argue that we could shower and Gary helped but like in the summer I was soon in the tub although now with my buddy.  Perhaps if we had been dressed and still had our pubes we could have won but that was not the case.  They washed us like we were little boys.  Then we had to brush our teeth and pee with them watching.  At least they did not aim for us.  They did tuck us into bed, however.

Now I am alone in bed and thinking about the weekend and how terribly similar it is to last summer at Aunties.  The Twins managed to transform Gary and I back to little boys totally subservient to them just like they had done to me last summer.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an appalling experience staying with Timmy once his twin cousins showed up.  Before that I could not truly understand what Timmy had gone through during the summer and then it happened to me in just a few hours.  I’m thirteen but somehow those two tween girls turned me into a little kid completely submissive to them.

It is positively weird for it’s never happened with anyone else including my parents and teachers to whom I am respectful.  It was a mind-blowing experience that they got me naked, throughly spanked and even shaved off my little bush leaving me feeling like a little kid who must obey his babysitters.  I can’t help wondering if they are witches with extraordinary powers and put me under a spell.  Adding to my confusion is that although I don’t like what they did I don’t resent them as that is surely their right to do such things if they have the power.  I guess that part of the spell.

What I’m sure of is that I’m confused.  I’ve talked with Timmy who shared these experiences and he feels the same way.

Just three weeks after I stayed at Timmy’s and encountered those young ladies, I returned the favor as his parents were going away for a day so he is visiting me.  Like they often do, my parents went out for the evening and we returned to the empty house for supper and an evening of fun after being out for the day.  My parents have agreed that now that I’m a teen that I don’t need a babysitter any longer.

It was then that we got a big surprise.  The house was not empty and you can guess who was there.  They were angry because we were two hours late.  My parents had not told me they would be treating me as a little boy again and getting sitters.  Timmy and I therefore hadn’t thought it would matter since my folks were out so when met some friends we ate at a burger place.  It was still hours before our weekend bedtimes.

It wouldn’t surprise you that the Twins disagreed.  Of course, there was not any doubt that they would want to spank us like last time.  I could not see any defense for Timmy as he signed that pledge during the horrid summer accepting their power over him although I was going to plead his case just like mine.

I tried to explain that since we believed that the house was empty that eating out was just a schedule adjustment that didn’t make any difference.  They didn’t buy that and they were here.  Timmy added that we were back well before bedtime.  It didn’t help one iota.

We were told to strip pronto for our spanking and warned that further delay would lengthen our spankings.  That got Timmy to cave immediately and I followed suit as I realized that I would eventually yield and extras were not attractive.

Timmy was soon over Miss Kim’s lap being forcefully reminded how hard a girl could hit when wielding a hairbrush.  He really got whacked and I felt sorry for him while worrying that my own ass would soon be under an identical painful attack.  When she decided that he was bawling enough she stopped spanking and got him up.  He just stood there crying and rubbing his hot roasted butt.

It was then that I was summoned by Miss Kori to suffer the same fate as my buddy.  I wondered if I could escape crying but quickly learnt to my shame that I couldn’t.  She pounded my butt mercilessly with her heavy hairbrush and it did its job very well and reducing me to a bawling little boy suffering his punishment.

When she got me up, I stood there trying – unsuccessfully – to rub out at least some of the pain and fire.  It was then that she used a hair clipper to remove my small regrowth of pubes.  That was followed by her smearing some cream on the area.  While that was happening, Timmy got clipped smooth and also creamed.  We learnt later that was a powerful depilatory cream to keep us smooth for much longer than shaving would.

We were parked in corners until they took us for our baths.  I was not up to even trying just to shower and Timmy even less so.  They bathed us well and after we brushed and peed then tucked us into bed.

I was worse off than the first time and shuddered every time I thought of her saying “I’m going to be your regular babysitter.”

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 11, 2024

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