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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of judicial and parental punishment including spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Butch was a mean and nasty fourteen year old.  He particularly disliked his stepfather because he was strict and a firm believer in corporal punishment.  Butch had many fantasies about his stepfather.  They were basically all the same when they were reduced to the essentials.  In all of them, Butch was in control of his errant stepfather but as an alter ego that he named Wimp.  Butch would summon Wimp and proceed to give him a lecture as he deliberately removed each and every item of clothing that Wimp was wearing until he was stark naked.  He even imagined that Wimp was shaking in his [nonexistent] boots.  Next he would ridicule Wimp's development telling him he should have been a girl because his pee-pee was tiny and he didn't have any muscles.  In actuality, his stepfather was a large man who was almost two meters tall and very strong and muscular.  Although Butch had never seen his stepfather's genitals, what he could imagine he saw in his trousers certainly was not small.  Only then would he spank Wimp.

He would pull his imagined stepfather over his lap and hold his waist tightly so that he could not move.  He did not have to hold an arm for Wimp would have to steady himself to prevent falling as his feet did not touch the floor.  Butch would spank Wimp hard and fast.  Wimp's bottom would turn first pink, then red and finally dark red as the spanking proceeded.  Wimp's other end would also react.  He would yell for mercy.  He would cry and bawl like a little baby.  In short, Butch would reduce his hated stepfather to an impotent little kid with snot and tears dripping from his crying face.  Sometimes, Butch would imagine that he was using a heavy strap; an old-fashioned razor strap which would accomplish the same result but with Wimp draped over the couch.

The harsh reality Butch knew all too well.  It was he that got spanked and reduced to a bawling kid with a red bottom to be parked in a corner with his flaming bottom on display to one and all.  Butch's stepbrother, Morgan, was a year younger and positively loved watching him get stripped, spanked and hung out to dry in the corner.  Morgan already gave indications that he was going to be a huge man like his father.

Butch still fantasized and searched for a way to turn his fantasies into reality.  He knew that something special was needed, for his stepfather was bigger and stronger than he was and would remain so for many years and perhaps forever.  Then he began to hear stories of what happened to some of his classmates cousins'.  They were unbelievable for when a kid was caught breaking the law he got to strap his father by order of the court.  Butch was not interested in the details or the idea behind this but only in the end result.  He quickly decided that he would break the law, get caught and convicted and then have the great joy of strapping his stepfather.

Just as "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley." the sloppy plans of boys fail even faster.  The first step was easy.  Butch well knew how to get into mischief for he had been doing it for many years.  Getting caught was also a frequent experience so soon he was painting the town red – literarily.  The cop who apprehended him was most upset when he dipped the brush into the paint and applied it to the officer's face rather than to the wall.  To say that the cop was furious would be the understatement of the year.© YLeeCoyote

The officer reacted quickly.  Butch's wrist was grabbed and his arm twisted so that he was forced against the nearby lamppost.  Butch howled as the officer hit his wrist with his handcuffs which snapped around and latched and then before the howl was over snapped the mate on his other wrist.  Butch had even less desire to be a lamppost hugger than a tree hugger but he did not have a choice anymore for he was hugging the lamppost with his wrists locked in the cop's cuffs.

The cop pulled out his wallet and scanned his id card.  Seconds later he was reading Butch's dossier on the screen and actually broke into a smile.  Without a word he undid Butch's belt and pants and yanked them down to his knees.  Butch could hardly move with his pants hobbling his legs and his arms around the lamppost.  "Can hardly see that you're a boy with such an itsy-bitsy pee-pee.  I'd better paint it so I can see it."  With that he dipped the brush into the paint can and applied a heavy coat to Butch's genitals.  The cop was very careful and made sure to get into every fold and, even, under his prepuce.  Butch could not appreciate the humor that the cop saw in this situation nor appreciate the pleasure he took in wiping the paint off his face with Butch's shirt which he had ripped off.

The cop then removed his belt (not the one supporting his side arm) and folded it double.  "This is going to be great fun." he chortled as he moved into the right position.  Ten seconds later Butch had forgotten the pain in his wrist from the cuff strike and the strange feeling of the paint on his privates for the belt had violently connected with his butt several times.  The infuriated cop was strong and swung hard.  Butch was yelling until the eighth cut when he stopped.  He could not bawl and scream at the same time.  His ass was soon as bright red as his newly decorated bat and balls.

Butch was very fuzzy about the details until he realized that he was standing in the corner, his pants still about his ankles in a jail cell.  He was afraid to move so he remained still until the next check by the jailer.  He collapsed on the cot and sobbed in pain.

His stepfather let him stay in jail for a couple of days until night court was in session so that he would not have to take time off from work.  Thinking that his plan was proceeding with only minor hiccups, Butch quickly agreed to plead guilty on the promise that he would not get sent to the reformatory as the court appointed lawyer explained was the prosecutor's offer.  His stepfather let him make his own decision and he knew that the rest of the sentence would be the same and his mother would prefer this outcome.

Butch surprised his stepfather by insisting that they go to the punishment center and get the strapping over with immediately.  His stepfather was puzzled but readily agreed.  Butch was shocked in the punishment center when they were immediately shown to an anteroom and he was ordered to strip.  When he hesitated, he was informed that five cuts extra would be given for any delay.  "But I thought I was going to strap him." he whined to the attendants.  "I heard of that in school."

The attendant and his stepfather all laughed heartily.  "Don't be daft, boy.  You broke the law and you are the one to be strapped.  That may be what happens in never-never-land but not here, boy."  He paused and Butch's stepfather swung the strap on the bench.  It made a frightful WHACK.  "Here we know how to punish naughty boys, like you.  Now, strip and get over that bench in twenty seconds or you will get extra."  Butch, crushed, complied.  The attendants were extra kind and allowed him thirty seconds.

With Butch well strapped in place, his stepfather began the prescribed strapping.  The first cut was hard and Butch screamed.  The counter dropped to fourteen and a wide red stripe appeared on Butch's bottom.  The next three cuts were quite the same and Butch was sobbing as well as yelling.  The fifth cut was easier.  Butch still felt the pain but the counter remained the same for it was not up to the required standard.  The attendants smiled at Butch's stepfather for he understood how to game the system.  Butch got some thirty cuts although the official record indicated just fifteen.  His bottom would hurt for a month.

He was totally out of control when the attendants unstrapped him.  His stepfather picked him up and carried him to the medical office for an examination.  He remembered nothing about that, even though the injection into his abdomen was painful.  His stepfather carried him out, still naked, to get the bus home.  The photo of him draped over his stepfather's shoulder, showing his well-strapped butt, would make the local weekly two days later along with the story of his crime and punishment.  Many people sent images of him standing next to his stepfather on the bus to their friends and they were soon all over the web.  Within three days everyone at Butch's school knew what had happened.  Unlike the newspaper, the pictures on the web showed both his bright red front as well as his bright red back side.

Butch stayed in bed for two days, sleeping most of the time.  His thoughts switched between two ideas.  First, that his plan had totally and completely backfired.  Second, the pain in his butt was terrible.  It was only after he was able to sit (albeit still uncomfortably) that his stepfather explained that his life would be different.  He was given a long list of rules with a much earlier curfew and bedtime and standards for school.  There was now an official punishment strap hanging on the wall in his room as a reminder.  With good reason, he feared what it could do and understood that his stepfather would not hesitate to use it.

It was a week before he inquired about the soreness from the injection.  "The doctor said it would take a couple of weeks to heal.  A slowly dissolving thingamajig has been implanted that will continuously release a drug to calm you down and help keep you out of trouble." explained his stepfather.

Within a month, Butch discovered that he was changed.  He was no longer the leader that he had been for he just did not have the drive that he had previously.  He dropped out of the hard-hitting contact sports although he really did not have anything to replace them.  He even noticed that his sex drive had dropped.  Not only had he stopped lusting for the girls but he rarely even masturbated.  He inquired of the school nurse and who explained that was a side effect of the implant.  This was not quite the whole truth for it was not a side effect but just one of the desired effects of the testosterone blocker.  He even lost the name he loved for he was no longer the tough guy and he regressed back to the name he rejected years before – Bobby.  He found it most irksome that people insisted on making it two syllables rather than the more adult single syllable.

A few months later when Morgan entered high school, he was granted more privileges so that he had the privileges that Bobby had before his fall.  Morgan also seemed to be bossier that he had been before but Bobby did not have the will to fight back.  Soon he was relegated to the position of the inferior brother.  When they were left alone, Morgan was in charge and after a few times even had the authority to use the strap.  Bobby accepted his dominance, authority and his strappings.

It was only when Morgan was watching a nature program about lions that he understood exactly what had happened.  When a lion takes over a pride, he kills the previous male's cubs thus eliminating his genes from the world as well as bringing the females into heat faster.  Once he realized this, he became even more dominant and aggressive with Bobby.  He studied the information about the judicial implant and then convinced his father to have a second one implanted after the three-year life of the first.  The second one would last five years and after that it would not matter for the effects would be irreversible.  His cruel and nasty stepbrother would forever be a cipher in the great scheme of things.  His revenge would be eternal.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 18, 2008

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