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The following story is fiction about a teen boy getting spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Note that the story contains unjust spankings.

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The Bad Boy
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The Bad Boy at the Mall


It was the weekend and Zachariah slept a bit late.  When he finished breakfast, his Dad told him: “We’re going to the Mall, Zachariah.  Go get dressed in the clothes on your bed.”© YLeeCoyote

Zachariah had some wonderful thoughts about getting some of the essential things (just toys to his parents) he had been wanting.  That happy thought quickly vanished when he saw the dreaded rich deep black T-shirt on the bed.  It was actually a better quality shirt than all his others and fit perfectly.  The black had not faded through many wash cycles.

It was the words emblazoned on the front that were the problem.  They read “I’m a Bad Boy”.  It would have been a neat shirt in many other places but here in Backwardville it was not considered a silly joke but shameful admission.  It was very much like Hester’s scarlet-A in Hawthorne’s novel.

Zachariah was still naked holding the horror when his dad came into the room.  Dad’s frown said everything that the boy needed to know to hurry up and get dressed as directed.  Once again he showed bad judgement and suggested a different shirt.  He was strongly rebuffed.  To emphasize the point Dad sat and pulled the boy over his lap and delivered a dozen solid spanks to his bare bottom turning it a nice rosy red.

“No more delay.  Get dressed immediately as you have been told to and get out to the car.”  The boy was now in exactly the same position as he had been five minutes earlier but now his bottom was glowing red.

Zachariah rode to the Mall with a sore butt knowing without a doubt that it was not going to be a good day.  The grins and smirks began in the parking lot as they walked to the entrance.  Everyone knew that he was a boy that got spanked often.

Zachariah followed his dad through the Mall staying close to him like a little kid to minimize reactions from adults and especially from other kids.  With the pain in his bottom, he was extremely motivated to be an angel.  He stayed close to his father and kept absolutely quiet.

He was the goodest [sic] boy he had been in ages.  Zachariah was determined not to do anything that might trigger another spanking.

Happily he survived the first store and they proceeded to the second one.  Then the unexpected for Dad got a phone call from his employer.  “Zachariah, that was my Boss.  Our best client has a problem and I have to meet him there ASAP.  Unfortunately, I cannot take you.” he said as he gave him some cash.  “Since Mom is not home get lunch at the Food Court and then take the bus home.  They run every hour starting at three.  Understand?”

“Yes, Dad.” he replied dutifully understanding that he could not stay with his father and that the risks of the Mall were now exponentially greater.

Wearing the Bad Boy T-shirt he knew that it was best to stay out of the stores where he would be watched by everyone all of whom would be absolutely certain that he was up to no good.  It probably would be best to go to the Food Court and sit facing the wall to hide the horrid words.

He slowly made his way to the escalator being extra careful not to bump into anyone.  His timing was most unfortunate for a group of unlabeled bad boys were a few steps ahead of him.  As they ran off the escalator they knocked some people aside and grabbed a couple of purses.

A hew and cry went up from the shoppers about it.  Mixed in were cries that “It was a BAD BOY.”

“There’s the Bad Boy.”

“There’s the Bad Boy.”

“Grab him.”

In just seconds he was being held by a strong and angry man who was being praised for his quick action.  His protests that it was NOT him earned him a hard slap on the face.

“SPANK THE BAD BOY!” was yelled several times.

The man sat and proceeded to open Zachariah’s jeans and yank them down along with his briefs.  In just a shake of a lamb’s tail he was over the strong man’s lap.

“He’s been spanked already today and hasn’t learnt his lessons.” observed one witness as the spanking began.  “Teach him a good lesson!”

The spanks were the hardest Zachariah ever received.  It was also the most through spanking he ever received as the spanker methodically applied spanks on every part of his sorry butt.  He quickly started to howl and then sob from the hard spanks.  It was but a few minutes more that he was bawling uncontrollably.  Then he was parked facing a column for corner time while displaying his glowing bottom and with his hands on his head.

Not only was he tormented by other kids about his hot red butt hanging out but by moms showing little boys and even girls what happens to Bad Boys.

When permitted to go he dashed into a family room and locked the door.  He washed his face and tried to cool his bottom with paper towels drenched with cold water.  It was not very successful, however.

After a bit he pulled up his pants very carefully and headed for the Food Court.  He got a burger and soda and ate at a raised counter which did not require sitting on his most unhappy bottom.

Zachariah figured that he would stay in the Food Court until it was time to go for the bus.  It was ironic that the very reason he wanted to stay would be the reason he would have to leave.  Security was tight there and he figured if he was quiet and stayed in shadows he would be safe.  Alas for him that was not to be as the security guard made him leave as he was loitering.  He even gave him a good hard spank on his butt to encourage him to hurry away.

He was halfway to the exit when he was surrounded by four dudes.  They found his Bad Boy shirt most amusing even though they all really knew what it meant.  They quickly decided that they could have a lot of fun for free at his expense, rather than shoving expensive tokens into the arcade machines.

Zachariah was quickly and repeatedly reminded that they each knew that Bad Boys must be spanked for they all had heard sermons about it for years.  “We must help you repent.” they declared in several ways justifying their planned assault by repeating Biblical quotes out of context.

“But I have been unfairly spanked a lot for nothing today.  Please don’t.” he begged but he was just as unsuccessful as King Canute was commanding the tide to stop.

It was easy for the four bullies to guide Zachariah into a dead end corridor where they could have their fun.  Then for the second time this painful day his jeans were opened and lowered.  They sadistically but joyfully took turns giving him as-hard-as-they-could spanks on his well-abused tail.  They were delighted with his howling and jumping response.  When they tired of his they abandoned him to search for other joys.

Zachariah pulled up his jeans and rushed to catch the next bus.  Unfortunately he rushed too much and ran right into a security guard as he turned the corner to the exit.

The guard was none too pleased to say the least.  “Running is not permitted in the Mall you Bad Boy.” he snarled grumpily.  “You have earned a spanking.”

“Oh please, Sir, no.  I’ve been spanked several times without cause and I’m trying to get the bus.”

“You shall get your due Bad Boy.  Now give me your belt, drop your jeans and undies and get into position, pronto.” was the reply.  Zachariah realized that his pleas fell on deaf ears so he complied.

When the guard saw his glowing hot red butt he did not show any sympathy but chuckled.  “You are truly a bad boy to be spanked so much.  Don’t move!”  He then swung the belt eliciting a yell for each of the three cuts he administered.  “Now scram, Bad Boy.”  Zachariah happily obeyed as fast as he dared until he was outside.  Then he ran for the bus with his belt still in his hand.

He was happy to get on the bus although he stood all the way home.  Once there, he stripped and lay on his bed with an ice pack on his flaming hot bottom.

His father was not sympathetic at all when he returned.  “That what happens to Bad Boys so you better be good.”

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 23, 2023

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