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The following story is fiction about youth, new to town learning the price of his ball in a flower bed.  The story contains scenes of spanking and mouth soaping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Ball & Flower = Spank & Soap


My brother and I had just moved to this little village the previous week.  It felt like we were back in the nineteenth century except that there were horseless carriages rather than animal pulled vehicles.  The mentality was still early nineteenth maybe even late eighteenth century.  How dad got a job here I don't know but we are stuck here for foreseeable future.

We had meet some of the other inmates of this village who were our age.  There was Mike, fifteen like myself, and Red who was twelve like my brother Ned.  Mike lived practically on the other side of the village all of ​one thousand feet​ (​three hundred meters​) away.  We were playing ball in the empty street and I made a bad throw and the ball went into someone's yard.  Both Mike and Red were horrified.

"You're in deep shit, Brad." said Red and Mike agreed.

"It's not like it broke a window.  I'll just ring the bell and ask for it back." I said as a know-it-all teenager with a complete lack understanding of the situation.

"That's what we did before." added Ned, "It was never a problem."© YLeeCoyote

"You don't know Mr. Sonderecker!" said Mike and Red in unison.

"I don't know anyone in this town except you two.  It time to meet someone other than a store clerk." I said with the enthusiasm of youth. "Be polite.  Be very polite and meek." advised Mike.  Red was nodding agreement.

I set off to get the ball.  Not only did Mike and Red stay back but they keep Ned from going with me.  "It's better if you are alone."

I started on my quest.  Yes, it turned out to be a quest rather than the usual forgettable thing I expected.  I walked up Sonderecker's walkway, the three steps up to his porch and rang the bell.  I stepped back a foot and waited.  It was a long wait but eventually this brute opened the door.  He stared at me.

I almost ran but I didn't.  "Excuse me, Mr. Sonderecker.  I'm Brad Acorn and we just moved to town and I'm sorry to disturb you but my ball went into your yard.  May I get it, please?"

"Stay here, boy.  I don't want you trampling the Misses's flowers."  He then went down the steps, got a long pole with a net (like used for cleaning a swimming pool) and in a few minutes was back with the ball and a flower.  "Time to pay up, laddy."

"What the fuck?" I blurted out.  "Pay?"

That was definitely the wrong thing to say.  Sonderecker grabbed my upper arm and started to walk around to the back.  I had to follow since my arm was going no matter what the rest of me attempted.  I was smart enough to know not to even try to fight a gorilla.  He dragged me over to a sink used for garden work.  He picked up a bar of soap, got it wet under the tap and said: "OPEN YOUR DIRTY MOUTH, BOY!"

"NO!" I shouted and he shoved the bar of soap in.  I tried to stop it by bitting down but that made it worse.  I opened my mouth and he twisted the soap around.  I was terrible.  I almost puked. "You don't use that sort of foul language around here, boy." he snared.  "Understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."  I tried to spit out the soap but it was useless.  The foul taste remained as he dragged me back to the front of the house.

"Now, where were we.  Oh, yes." said the gorilla.

"What?" I said.

"You have to pay for your misbehavior.  He sat on a chair and calmly began to open my shorts.

"NO!" I yelled.  "Leave me be."  He did not stop and he easily got my shorts open and yanked them down along with my briefs.  He had absolutely zero trouble flipping me over his lap like I was little boy.

I howled in pain as the spanks rained down like hail from hell.  I had never been spanked before.  It was agony.  I yelled and kicked like a baby (at least that what the guys told me later).  When Sonderecker lifted me up I was crying, worse – bawling.  I was jumping up and down and rubbing my butt trying to extinguish the nova that was blazing inside.  It was so bad that I forgot how bad the soap in my mouth tasted.

I heard a little of Red introducing Ned.  Ned asked Sonderecker: "May I have my brother back please, Sir?  Mother is very fond of him." and I was led away.  I leaned on Ned because I was pretty much out of it.

We had gone a block before I realized that I was still half naked with my butt lighting up the world and my dick waving in the breeze.  "Where the hell are my pants?" I demanded.

"You kicked them off like a little boy when you got spanked."

"I want my pants!" I insisted.

"You want to go back and ask Sonderecker for them?" asked Red.  "I wouldn't if I were you."

Just then I was slapped on the butt.  With my tail already red-hot I jumped and howled.

"You're glowing like an emergency truck, Brad.  You got one hot ass." laughed Mike.  "You're as sexy as a baboon bitch in heat with that glowing butt."  My shorts and briefs were lost – probably in the bushes surrounding Sonderecker's porch.  "Come to my place and I'll lend you a pair." he offered.

Mike his place was just a couple of minutes walk away.  Once there he gave me a cup and showed me the sink.  I spent some time trying to get the soap out of my mouth.  As I worked on clearing my mouth, we were joined by Zed, Mike's ten-year-old kid brother.  He was introduced.

"He sure has a red-hot, glowing butt?" laughed Zed.  "Is that why his little pee-pee is hanging out?  What happened?"

"He asked Sonderecker for his ball."

"Oh.  It looks like he was crying and got his mouth soaped also.  Welcome to the club, Brad."  I just continued to rinse out my mouth and ignored the little brat.  Unfortunately, I could not get the soap out and, of course, my butt felt like it was on fire.

"Come." commanded Mike.  "This will help."  He led me to the family room and after I lay down on the floor put an ice pack on my ass.  I think I heard it sizzle as it made contact but it did help.

I cooled my tail for an hour, borrowed some shorts from Mike which, fortunately, were loose on me.  Ned and I then returned home as I wondered how I could explain what had happened.

I hate this place already.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 15, 2011

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