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Series Introduction

Paul D wrote the original four part story, Bathed and Spanked and I merged in an additional four for the visit to Aunt Carolynn.  It is a story of the humiliation of an eleven year old boy at the hands of his aunt, cousins and their friends when he visits.  Then there are the stories of payback and education by myself.  Additional contributions are welcome.

The original story takes place at the beginning of summer.  To provide better continuity, the original parts have been reordered and "I Learn to Jump Rope" reset to the first, rather than the last, weekend of Paul's visit.  The episodes, in suggested reading order, are:

Page 1: Paul's visit to Aunt Carolynn (at the start of summer vacation):
      Impressed into Preschool When Eleven Years Old  – Paul D
      Read The Law of the Sea   – Y. Lee Coyote
      First Mate Allergic to Water – Y. Lee Coyote
      I Learn to Jump Rope  – Paul D
      Beth Learns to Paddle Butt  – Y. Lee Coyote

Page 2: Paul's visit to Aunt Carolynn (continued):
      Josh Puts Me In My Place  – Paul D
      In the Lair of Josh – Paul D

Page 3: Paul's visit to Aunt Carolynn (continued):
      Josh Catches It  – Y. Lee Coyote

Page 4: Paul's visit to Aunt Carolynn (continued):
      Rest Stop Humiliation  – Paul D

Page 5: The visit to Paul (at the end of summer vacation):
      Paul Has Fun Educating His Cousins  – Y. Lee Coyote

For your reading convince, the story is in proper order with each page linked to the next.  The episodes are grouped as indicated above and you may jump to any one if you choose.

Paul D has granted permission to post and extend his story.  The original version can be found in the MMSA Archive.

Bathed and Spanked – Page 1
Paul's visit to Aunt Carolynn – 1


Paul D and Y Lee Coyote <>

Impressed into Preschool When Eleven Years Old – Paul D

When I was eleven years old my parents went on a European trip for three weeks and I was sent to stay with my aunt who ran a day care center for preschoolers.  She cared for about twenty kids each day ranging in ages from three to six.  She ran her little operation with the help of her two daughters aged ten and fourteen.

Mom's advice to me on dropping me and my things off at Aunt Carolynn's was to do whatever I was told and give no trouble.  I thought it was going to be a fun way to spend part of my summer vacation, especially since Aunt Carolynn had a very large house with a huge yard to play in, and also in the past I had had a lot of fun spending time with my two female cousins.

But instead it turned out to be the most humiliating three weeks of my life.  It turns out that the day-care business really consumed a lot of Aunt Carolynn's time.  And I pretty much ended up being treated as just another preschooler, even though I was eleven years old.

And the most humiliating part was that Aunt Carolynn put me under cousin Susan's supervision, and she was only three years older than me.  Cousin Susan, with whom I used to have so much fun running around and doing crazy stuff, was now all officious and being mommy's very good little helper.  And there helping her at every turn was little cousin Beth.© YLeeCoyote

The two girls basically acted as if they were big grown-ups, and treated all the preschoolers as if they were their dolls, dressing them up, making sure they ate, bathing them, etc.

The horror began in the early morning of my second day there when Aunt Carolynn told me that each day would begin with a bath for me.  It seemed no big deal, so I asked which shower I should use.  She said Susan would be coming to tell me what to do shortly.

So I went outside to play on the swing and soon Susan was on the porch calling for me.  She said rather gleefully, "Come on little guy, its time for your bath."  So I followed her in and she led me into the main bathroom, which was specially built right off the side of the entrance way, separated only partially by a partition.  It was a rather spacious area and contained one of those large model tubs that could comfortably fit three adults.  But now it was filled instead with six little boys, all under five years old, happily splashing around.

I asked where the shower was and she said that I was to get into the tub along with the other little boys.  I, of course, was horrified and said I would take my bath when she was done with the little kids, left in a little huff, and went back outside to play.

I was back on the swing, having soon forgotten all about the little "misunderstanding" with Susan, when several minutes later Aunt Carolynn was coming towards me.  She told me to go get in the tub as the girls had a lot of other chores to do, and bath time had to be over by 9:00 AM.  I told her I could bathe on my own, that I was a big guy.  She said she didn't have time to argue and that I was to hurry along and get in the tub so Susan could bathe me.  When I expressed horror at the idea, she countered with, "Susan and Beth have seen lots of bare naked little boys, and you don't have anything down there that they haven't seen lots of times before."

Aunt Carolynn led me back into the house as I followed almost as if in a trance.  She led me to the bathroom, where both Susan and Beth were soaping up the little boys, and told me to undress.  I fumbled a little and she told me to hurry it up.  As I started to remove my clothes I just started sobbing uncontrollably.  And to my greater surprise and horror both Susan and Beth started taking a conciliatory tone, which I'm sure they thought would calm me, but only humiliated me all the more.  They were saying things like, "Oh, come on little fella, don't be afraid.  We'll get you nice and clean."  This from one girl who was only three years older than me, and from another who was one year younger!

With my clothes off, and my hands covering my pee-pee, I moved like lightening to get in the tub and sit down, to hide myself.  Here I was; a big guy having to be bathed like a little kid by a couple of girls!

Aunt Carolynn left saying, "See, it wasn't so bad now, was it?" Susan and Beth really had an assembly line thing going.  Beth would shampoo the hair, and Susan would stand the boys up and soap them up, wash and then rinse them.

When it came my turn Beth had me scoot over to where she was, in my sitting position, and put baby shampoo in my hair and them washed my hair just like she was a mommy.  I was so humiliated.  This from a girl younger than me! Then she rinsed me off.  As I was the last one in line she now took the first boy out of the tub and started towel drying him.  Then when she was finished with one, she took another one out and dried him.  I noticed that when she was finished drying each of the little boys had to stand over on the side of the bathroom in a line, still with no clothes on.

By the time it was my turn to stand up and be washed I was numb.  Susan took the washcloth and started soaping me all over, though she sort of froze when I stood up.  And Beth who was drying a boy stopped what she was doing and just gazed wide-eyed at me for a while before getting back to her toweling.  Although my pee-pee was small, it was a lot bigger than that of any other boy in that room, and I'm sure it was the first time either Susan or Beth had seen an older boy naked.

As she washed my private area, I just turned my head up and closed my eyes.  Her touching of it made it get a little bigger, and once again both Susan and Beth were momentarily diverted from their tasks as they kinda of stared at my thing as it changed shapes before their very eyes.

After my rinsing I had to get out of the tub and little Beth started toweling me.  In humiliation I just took the towel and started drying myself.  She didn't protest, as she now went to the first boy in line, and told him to hop up on the big sink counter top.  The first little boy did and Beth put a diaper under him and proceeded to sprinkle baby powder all over his body, as she rubbed it in.  She then sprinkled his little boy area, told him to "lift up" as she sprinkled his bottom.  Then she rubbed the powder in all over.  Finally she pinned up the diaper, and took the next little boy.  Susan meantime had brought in the clothes and was dressing the little boys after their diapering.

I realized that each little boy in line was going to get powdered, diapered and dressed.  When it was my turn Beth told me to get up on the counter. I didn't move.  Susan said, "I'm gonna get mom!", and simply walked out of the bath area .  Aunt Carolynn was just on the other side of the partition receiving mothers and fathers bringing in their young children.  It was the busiest time of the day for Aunt Carolynn.  And it was a time of day when she simply had no patience.

In a second Aunt Carolynn came storming in followed by a smirking Susan and about five parents and their various children.  In a rush and without a word Aunt Carolynn came over to me, and with her one arm pinned my arms behind my back, as she spanked me with her other arm in a standing position facing the gathering crowd of parents and youngsters.

With each spank on my hinder my little eleven year old pee-pee would bounce up and down.  The shame of seeing all those people, and so many younger than myself, watching me get a spanking like I was a three year old was more than I could bear.  I was crying and crying.  When it was over Aunt Carolynn told me to "Hop up on that counter young man!"

I hopped up on the counter, crying, shamed yet protesting, "I'm too old to be diapered".  And the girls and everyone in the room laughed.  Susan said, "You silly one, do you think were gonna diaper a big boy like yourself?" And Beth, genuinely astounded at what I said, said "Big boys like you wear underpants!" I was at least somewhat relieved by that remark.  But couldn't get out of my mind that I was laying on the counter, exposed to a crowd of gawkers, about to be powdered like a little baby by a girl younger than myself.

Beth proceeded to sprinkle my little boy area with baby powder as a crowd of parents and youngsters watched laughing.  Fortunately the crowd of on looking parents quickly dispersed as Aunt Carolynn went back to her business of receiving the newly arriving preschoolers.

Beth proceeded with her task by smoothing and rubbing the baby powder in all over my body.  When her hands touched my little thing it became big again.  Her mouth was opened the whole time she powdered me.  Standing next to her, with her mouth agape and her eyes wide open, was Susan holding my underpants.

When Beth was done, they let me put on my own underpants and get dressed by myself.  As I scurried out of the bathroom to get away from the girls Susan shouted after me, "Make sure you are in your room at 2:00.  It's nap time!"

For the remainder of my three weeks at Aunt Carolynn's I was pretty much their living doll as they controlled every aspect of my day.  The humiliation I felt at being their living anatomy lesson increased each day in their care, as I was subjected to ever more and more indignities.

Read The Law of the Sea – Y. Lee Coyote

My first full day visiting Aunt Carolynn and my cousins was drawing to an end.   The big shock had come at 8:30 in the morning when she forced me to strip and get bathed by my two cousins Susan and Beth.  I was treated just like another one of the little preschoolers in the day care center that she ran.  She smacked my fanny a few times in front of her clients and daughters.  Then after the bath Beth – just ten years old – even rubbed baby powder all over my responsive male parts before I was allowed to dress again.

Then at two, Susan came looking for me – it was NAP TIME.  She dragged me upstairs and made me strip (for the second time this day) completely and get into bed.  Can you believe making an eleven year old boy do that?  After how her mother spanked me this morning I was afraid not to do as she ordered.

In the evening, after dinner was finished Aunt Carolynn finally paid some attention to me.  I was not happy with what she had to say.  She lectured me for a long time in front of Sue and Beth.  They both has smiles on the whole time.

The first part of the lecture was how busy her life was running the day care center leaving her precious little time for herself or to enjoy with Sue and Beth.

The second part was about what she expected from me.  She told me to think of her house including the day care center as a ship at sea and she as the Captain.  Just like in the day of sailing ship the captain and the other officers must be obeyed.  She was the CAPTAIN, Susan the FIRST MATE and Beth the SECOND MATE.  I was just the new little cabin boy who must obey every one of the crew but the ship's cat.  To emphasize her points she waved her right hand at Sue when she called her first mate and her left at Beth when she called her second mate.  She pointed her finger at me as she accused me of being the lowly cabin boy.

I tried to say that I was sorry but that I was eleven and could do things for myself.  I could even help out.  She would not let me speak.  I felt like I was a shanghaied sailor on an old sailing ship and the captain had ordered the mate to read the Law of the Sea to the crew, particularly the parts about punishment, like in one of adventure books about the sea that I had read.

She told me that she had promised my parents that she would take good care of their little boy as they had asked.  Also that they had told her: "Paul is a good little boy and has promised to listen to his aunt and not be any trouble."  She particularly emphasized the little each time she said it.

"Paul", she asked, "what happened to the sailors who did not obey orders?"

"They were put into the brig, Aunt Carolynn."  I answered, proud to know something from reading of adventures on the high seas.

"That was on the military ships mostly.  What about the commercial ships; the fishing and whaling ships?"

"They were flogged." I said getting horrid thought of being tied up to something and beaten.

"The men were, Paul.  What about the boys who were too small to flog?  They went to sea young then, some even at your age."

I was silent.  My books had not talked about that.

"They were put over a cannon or barrel and strapped.  On their bare bottoms."

I was silent.  I was afraid.  Was she going to do that to me?

"Paul, you have been a lot of trouble today.  Trouble for Beth.  Trouble for Susan.  Trouble for me.  We just don't have time for your shenanigans, boy.  You started this morning not cooperating for your bath with Sue and Beth.  You embarrassed me in front of my clients so that I had to smack your fanny.  Then Sue had to search you out for your nap.  Now, when I'm talking to you, you again give me backtalk and attitude.  I'm NOT going to put up with this Paul; not one little bit.  You are going to obey me and Susan and Beth.  Do you understand me, Paul?"

"Yes, Aunt Carolynn." I said with fear.  She went on.

"Paul, when you misbehave you are going to get spanked.  You will get spanked by me or Susan or Beth or anyone else who is helping us.  Do you understand me, Paul?"

"Yes, Aunt Carolynn." I said with even more fear.  Not to mention the horror that even little Beth (now with a big shit-eating grin) was allowed to spank me.

"Paul, because you have committed so many transgressions today, I'm going to spank you right now.  Not just a few smacks on your fanny like this morning but a real spanking.  I sincerely hope that this will be the only time I have to do this.  That, of course, is up to you Paul.  If you are a good and obedient boy then you will not be spanked again."  With that final tirade, she pulled my T-shirt off and told me to remove my shoes and socks.  Then she dropped my shorts and pulled down my briefs.  This made the third time today that I was stripped.

She put me over her lap and held my waist tightly so that I could not slip off.  "Girls, I want you to watch closely to see how a naughty boy is spanked."

"Yes, mother." they said in unison.

Then she started.  My parents had not spanked me in several years.  She hit harder than mother had but not as hard as dad had.  Even though I was older it still hurt a great deal.  I did not want to cry, particularly in front of my female cousins, but I could not help myself.  After a few minutes, I was really feeling it and my initial sobbing changed into crying.  I was also promising to be really, really good and to do everything that she said to do.  Everything the girls said to do.  "Please stop, Aunt Carolynn." I begged.  But she continued to spank and spank and spank me.

I was overwhelmed and completely broke down.  I went limp across her lap and was bawling uncontrollably like a little baby.  Eventually she did stop spanking me.  I continued to bawl.

I heard Susan say; "That's wonderful mother.  You turned him into a crying baby."

"Please, you have to teach me how to do that, mother." added Beth.

"Certainly, I intend to teach you that and a lot more.  But now please put him to bed and if he does not tinkle, put him into a diaper like he suggested this morning.  I don't need any extra laundry."

She lifted me up and still bawling, Sue lead me upstairs to the bathroom.  Once there she stood me in front of the toilet.  "Paul, tinkle or I'll have to put you in a diaper for the night."

I could not tinkle until Beth turned on the water.  They watched me the whole time while Susan held my pee-pee to aim.  Then they put me to bed and kissed me goodnight.  I laid there on my tummy crying for hours before I was exhausted enough to sleep.

I still hurt in the morning and my bottom was still red.  But I did just as Sue and Beth told me to for my bath and nap.  I did not want to get spanked again.

First Mate Allergic to Water – Y. Lee Coyote

Susan was mad.  I did not understand why.

Susan was furious.  I did not understand why.

"It was a little cool clean water." I said to her.

"It was not the time." she snapped back.

"I was just playing." I tried to explain.

"I was working.  I'll deal with you later; sit on the steps, Paul." she yelled at me.  I dried off and put on my clothes and waited.  And worried.

Then last of the day care kids left.  Susan came over, grabbed me by the ear and started upstairs with Beth following us.  It was almost two hours ago that I had splashed Susan with just a tiny little bit of water while romping on the lawn in the cooling sprinklers with the little ones.  Now she had the time to deal with me.

"I'm really sorry, Susan.  It was just a little water.  It's all dry now.  I won't do it again.  I promise." I pleaded as all little boys do when their mommies or their big cousins drag them off by their ears to the inevitable spanking.

But my big cousin Susan was not hearing any of this.  She did not hear any more of what I said any more than had her mother did a couple of evenings ago.  In her mind what she had by the ear was an insolent brat that needed to learn his place.

"Please, Susan, don't spank me.  I won't do it again, I promise."

"Paul, mother explained this all to you not 48 hours ago.  She is the Captain and I'm the First Mate.  You were a very naughty boy throwing water at me like I was one of the tots.  You were flaunting my authority, Paul.  You were disrespectful, boy.  You were rude."

"I, I, I did not mean anything like, Susan.  Really, please." I begged in a stammer.

Sue pulled off my T-shirt.  She yanked off  my shoes and socks.  Then she yanked down my shorts and undies.  I stepped out of them, now naked before my big angry cousin and her little sister.  I felt more naked than when I was naked for my bath in the day care center with the other kids.  Even more naked than when they powdered my bottom and gawked at my little pee-pee and balls.

Even my little boy's penis was affected by the fear and was shrunken so as to be smaller than usual.  Sue noticed that and laughed at me showing that to Beth.  I was practically crying already.

She was sitting on the bed and pulled me over her lap.  I was far to scared to resist in any way.  She sat as far in as she could and I was supported by the bed at both ends.  My little boy bottom was nicely centered and unprotected.  I pleaded one last time but in vain.

In retrospect, I don't think that it mattered what I had or hadn't done.  She wanted to spank me.  She was going to spank me.  She was going to spank me very hard to prove that she could.

Sue raised her hand and brought it down hard on the target.  SPANK!  I was the target.  She paused to admire her first hand print forming in red on my pale white cheek.  SPANK!  She smiled.  SPANK!  She was having fun already.  SPANK!  She was determined to emulate the spanking that her mother had given to me just two days ago.  SPANK!  I yelled in pain.  SPANK!  My cousin hit hard.  SPANK!  She continued with many spanks.  SPANK!  In less then a minute I was crying.  SPANK!  I was crying loudly.  SPANK!  She was not moved.  SPANK!  Her mother had explained that this was only the beginning.  SPANK!  The boy being spanked must yield completely.  SPANK!  The boy must accept that she was in charge; SPANK! she was in power SPANK! and that would not change.  SPANK!  The boy, I, must change.  SPANK!  I must yield totally.  SPANK!  I must surrender completely to my very core.  SPANK!  She spanked more and as hard as she could.  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!!

I yelled and cried.  I could not resist.  I collapsed.  I was broken.  I was a baby bawling uncontrollably.  Susan had crushed me just like her mother had with her little sister watching.

Susan should have stopped.  But this was her first experience giving a heavy duty spanking.  She had spanked a tot or two but that never took more than ten seconds for a few swats on the bottom.  Five year old kids yield easily.  The bottom she was spanking needed much more.  It was getting much more.  I was getting much more.

Fortunately, mercifully, Beth stopped her big sister.  My bottom was already bright red and swollen.  She got up and left me lying on my bed.  I was bawling.  I continued to bawl for a long time.  I bawled until I collapsed in sleep and remembered nothing.

A few years later, Beth told me how Sue had she boasted to their mother that night: "I don't expect that Paul will come to dinner.  He flaunted my authority and I spanked him like you did a couple of days ago.  I don't think he will do that again."  Also that, Aunt Carolynn checked had checked me and instructed Sue to put an ice bag on my hot bottom for "We do want him to heal".  Later, how she replaced the ice bag with a pair of diaper-pants so that I would not wet the bed.

When I woke up in the morning my bottom was still hurting.  Then I discovered that I was in some sort of diaper-pants and that they were wet.  I was horrified.  I guess that the diaper things being wet were better than the bed being wet but it was still awful.  In addition to feel humiliated for bawling like a baby from Sue's spanking I felt ashamed for wetting my pants.

I made my bed immediately and went downstairs carrying my clean clothes for the day.  I hoped to hide what had happened so I put the wet nightie in the soiled disposable's container and waited very quietly in the big tub for Susan and Beth to bathe me.  I hoped that they would not notice that I peed in the diaper and talk about it.

Aunt Carolynn noticed me waiting naked.  "That's being a good boy, Paul.  I'm glad that you are getting into the routine of things and cooperating to make things easier.  The girls will be here in a few minutes to bathe you."  She was too busy to ask about the diaper-pants.  The girls did not say anything either.  At least, I was spared that humiliation or so I thought then.

That evening I got another surprise at bedtime.  As I was changing with Susan supervising, Beth walked in with another pair of those diaper-pants. "I don't need those." I said firmly.

"You did last night, Paul.  The rule is that after you wet you must have two dry nights before you can return to big boy pj's." explained my little cousin with a smile.  She then yanked down my pj's.  As I stood there half naked, she asked if I had tinkled.  After I told her that I had, she said: diaper time and helped me into the diaper pants.  Both Susan and Beth thought that was very funny.

I still had another seventeen days in this hell hole.

I Learn to Jump Rope – Paul D

The first Saturday I was staying with Aunt Carolynn she came to me in the morning (I was allowed to sleep later on the weekends) with a pile of my underwear and showed me the poopy stains in them.  She told me to give her the pair of undies I was wearing because she was going to bleach all of them.  She also told me that since I obviously didn't know how to wipe myself after going poopy she was going to have Beth show me how to wipe myself before giving me my bath that morning.

She asked me if I was ready to "do my business" yet, and I told her I was.  She then told me to get Beth (who is a year younger than me) and tell her that her mom wanted her to go into the bathroom with me when I pooped so she could show me how to wipe myself, and then afterwards she was to give me my bath.

So I had to go all bare wearing only a T-shirt to little Beth and ask her to teach me how to wipe myself.  When I found Beth and told her she went complaining to her mom that some of her friends were coming over.  Aunt Carolynn told her that she had to do her chores just like her sister and I did, so that she should just do it.

So Beth took me into the bathroom (on weekends we used the regular bathroom with a normal sized tub, not the big one used for all the preschoolers) and I sat down and made poopy.  Then Beth had me stand and showed me how much toilet paper to take.  Then she ordered me to wipe myself with the first piece of paper.  Then she said I was doing it wrong, so she had me bend a little forward and pull my cheeks apart, and then she started swabbing my crack, as she explained that I had to get all around the hole, not just the hole.

Then I had to rewipe so she could watch me and make sure I had done it correctly.  During this demonstration the bath was filling with water, so now it was full and she had me get in.  She was obviously in a hurry because I no more than sat down, and couldn't even soak, when she had me immediately stand up so she could start scrubbing me.  She was in a hurry and was real rough.  She did wash my poopy area real good, though, and she told me that from now on after every poop I was to go to her and have her check me out to make sure I was wiping myself properly.

She let me dry myself, but she always baby powdered me up.  Because there was no counter in that room for me to lay on I had to stand up and spread my legs, and she would first sprinkle the powder in her hand, and then rub it on my body.  She did me all over, and paid special attention to my little pee-pee and sack, and my behind.  She said that it was good that I got a little stiffee as she powdered me because that way there was more to grab onto as she rubbed the powder into my little wiener.

When I got back to my room all my undies were gone.  So bare naked and wearing nothing but baby powder I go to Aunt Carolynn and tell her I can't find my undies.  She said they were soaking in bleach and that since it was a very warm day, I didn't need any clothes, and that I was to stay that way until the clothes were washed.  I knew better than to protest so I just went to my room to read comics until my clothes were ready.

Around noon Beth's two little friends arrived , aged eight and nine, to have lunch with Beth.  When Aunt Carolynn called me to lunch, and I realized Beth's friends would be there, I told her I wasn't hungry.  She demanded I get right down, so I had to down.  There I was, an eleven year old boy having to enter the kitchen wearing nothing but baby powder, in front of my aunt and three girls all younger than me.  Beth's friends started giggling as soon as they saw me.  Fortunately I could sit and hide myself.

After lunch I start to run upstairs but Aunt Carolynn told me to make some iced tea for her and some of her friends who would be coming in a few minutes, and that I was to serve them.

So I'm in the kitchen making iced tea, while Aunt Carolynn is receiving her three friends in the back yard,  and setting up lawn chairs and chatting, and Beth and her two friends are back there playing games.

Finally Aunt Carolynn calls out to me and tells me to bring seven glasses of iced tea out back.  I ask her what I should wear, and she shouts, "Just bring that tea out now, young man!"

So out little bare naked me goes carrying a tray of iced tea.  Aunt Carolynn's friends smile real wide when they see me.  She has two lady visitors, who seem even younger than Aunt Carolynn's forty something years, and a man visitor she calls Erik, who is a tall good looking Nordic blond type, about thirty years.

"My, my, what have we here?", giggles one of auntie's friends.

"I just didn't have anything else to put him in, all his clothes are being washed.", says Aunt Carolynn.

"Well", suggests Erik, "maybe he could wear some of your daughter's panties while his are being washed!"  They all laugh as if that was the funniest thing in the world.

Boy, adults sure do have some sense of humor!!  Anyway after serving them, and Beth and her bratty friends, I head back into the house.  As I go I hear Beth saying, "Mom, we need Paul to play Jump Man.  We need four people."

Aunt Carolynn yells back to me just as I enter the house, "Paul, come here the girls want you to play with them."

"I don't wanna play, Aunt Carolynn, I wanna read.", I shout back.

"Don't you use that tone of voice with me, young man.  Now get out here!"

So out I go to Beth and her friends, while the adults are all laughing and chatting.  Their dumb game is some jump rope game.  I don't know what the rules are but they want me to swing one end of the rope while they all take turns jumping.  Boy, girls are dumb!

There I am naked in front of three girls younger than me having to do what they say while four adults watch and laugh and hoot.

Finally Beth tells me it's my turn to jump.  I tell her I don't want to jump.  "Mom!  Paul won't jump.  It's his turn to jump and he's on my team."

When Aunt Carolynn tells me to jump, I tell her I don't know how, and that I am not gonna jump.  She asks Erik if he would go over and "convince" me, and Erik obliges.

Erik comes to us and says, "Hey Paul,  what's the big deal?"

I tell him I don't know how to play the game but he says I am to do whatever the girls say.  I say a firm "NO" and he, to my complete surprise, pins my arms behind my back and starts swatting my behind real hard.

I start bawling like a little baby, and he leads me to the center of the rope line, and says,  "OK girls, start swinging the rope now, because Paul is gonna jump, and if doesn't jump he's gonna get something a lot worse than just my hand on his bare behind!"

So there I am bawling, and jumping like a fool.  Bare naked, and jumping some silly rope game with girls on each end of me swinging a rope.  The adults laughing at me.  Me crying and jumping like a trained monkey.  My little pee-pee flopping up and down.  Three girls younger than me ordering me around, with their eyes glued on my bobbing wiener.  The more I jump the more ridiculous I feel so the more I cry.

But what the hell, Aunt Carolynn and all the girls were having fun.

Beth Learns to Paddle Butt – Y. Lee Coyote

Since the Saturday that Aunt Carolynn saw that I did not know how to wipe my bottom clean after pooping because of the marks on my underwear, Beth had another job and another chore.  Actually neither of us really liked it but there were certainly parts of it that she relished.

Ten year old Beth was going to teach almost twelve year old me how to go-potty!

I felt so humiliated that I had to get my younger cousin to teach me how to poop.  The first time was the worst.  I had to go Beth, who wanted to prepare for her friends visit, hear her instructed by her mother, my aunt, in her new duties.  Since Beth was not happy with this new chore, she was nastier than usual.  I'm sure she would have loved to have taken down my pants but she was denied this pleasure since was only wearing a T-shirt so she removed that and my shoes and socks leaving me totally naked.  I think that she sensed that it made me feel weak and helpless before her more than anyone else because she was smaller and younger.

She watched me "do my business" like I was a puppy dog being walked.  Then I had to wipe myself while she watched closely.  I did not do it adequately as she proved by wiping me herself.  I had to re-wipe several times to show that knew the technique.  Of course, once I was clean, she could not really know if I was doing right.  Then she gave me my bath.

She ordered me to report to her after every poop for inspection.

Sunday I was OK, but not on Monday.  Then she told that she did disliked having to see and handle my poop.  It was bad enough that she had to do it for the toddlers in diapers and the next time I was not clean she was going to SPANK me.  She explained that she meant a real spanking like her mom had given me the second evening I was there not just a few slaps like I frequently got from her, Susan and Aunt Carolynn.  I was extra careful on Tuesday and passed inspection.

Wednesday, I messed up, literally.  I was rushing for lunch and did not clean myself properly.  Beth did not have the time then to check and I put it out of my mind.  Then it was nap time.  After the regular day care kids were napping downstairs, she came to my bedroom to inspect me.  (I was also required to nap.)  I failed the inspection.  She ordered me to stand in the corner with my pants down, while she went for her mother and sister.

Beth had watched as both Aunt Carolynn and Susan had each spanked me into bawling baby.  Now she was going to get the chance to try.  I was certain that she – a little ten year old girl – would not be able to do that to me – a big eleven (almost twelve) year old boy.  I was certain that I would have the last laugh (silently, of course, or Aunty Carolynn would be angry) as I waited in the corner.

"Paul, I'm so disappointed in you.  Everyone of my graduates learn how to do this simple task and you haven't.  Beth decided that you a such a willful boy that you need a real spanking.  She is going to give to you.  I'm here just to instruct her." snapped Aunt Carolynn as the three females come into my room.  "First we have to find the right position, Beth."

"Paul pull up your pants and come here." ordered Beth.  She was now sitting in the simple chair in the middle of the room.  She pulled me over her lap, the way her mother had.  After just a minute she told me to get up.

"Try the bed, dear." suggested her mother.  She sat down on the bed as Susan had and I got over her lap.  She was smaller than Sue and this still did not provide sufficient support.  "Try the other way I showed you dear."

Pushing me off she twisted slightly, spread her legs and indicated that I should come over.  She guided me over her leg so that my body was supported by the bed.  Patting my butt a couple of times, she said: "Yes, mother, this is much better.  Get up Paul."  It's humiliating enough to be spanked, but to have to help find the best position for it is even more humiliating.

As I stood before her, she started to strip me.  I wished that I could have melted into the floor but I couldn't.  First, my T-shirt, then my shorts, my shoes and socks so than I was just in my undies.  Then she started to lecture me about how to wipe my bottom.  How disgusting it was to be poopy like a baby.  How she how showed me so many times.  How I was wasting her time making her do an unpleasant task and not learning.  She went on and on.  Not only did I wish I could melt into the floor but not even leave a mark.

Then she pulled down my briefs and pulled me across her knee as she had before.  This time it was for real.  She raised her hand and hit my bottom.  SLAP.  I hardly felt it.  SLAP.  SLAP!  She went a little harder.  She stopped.  She couldn't do it.  I was certain that Aunt Carolynn would take over.  I would get spanked.  I would cry.  I would be humiliated but not as if my little Cousin Beth had done it for auntie was a big adult.

I was wrong.  Oh, how wrong I was.  "See, Beth, that's the problem mothers have had for ages.  That is why god created hairbrushes.  In her wisdom, she made them of heavy oak with big oval heads to SPANK naughty boys' bottoms without their mommies hands hurting.  Try his one, it was your grandma's and it was used many times for this purpose.  It performed wonders on your Uncles Luke and Sam many times."  Beth's Uncle Luke was my father.


I howled.  That hurt far more than I expected a little ten year old girl could do.  And she continued.  Over and over she raised that horrid heavy hairbrush and brought it crashing down on my bottom.  It hurt like you wouldn't believe.  And I was crying.  I did not want to cry.  But I was crying.  I was crying because my little cousin – a ten year old girl smaller than me – was spanking me.  She was spanking me with the same hairbrush that had spanked my father.  I was crying like a little baby.


"Please stop.  I'll wipe properly every time.  Please Beth, please stop.  I'll be good.  I promise."

"Get the extra sensitive part at the very bottom, dear." instructed her mother.


I howled like never before.  The pain was intense.  I went limp.  I was bawling.  A little ten year old girl had broken me.  As awful as Aunt Carolynn and Susan doing it was, this was worse because she was younger and smaller than I was.

"Finish up with your hand."  That is exactly what Beth did.  This time, as I was all nicely tenderized, her unaided hand hurt me.  I yelped at each and every spank.

Then it was over.  They left.  I remained on my bed crying for hours.  The pain was intense both inside and outside.  I could not believe how she was able to spank me so effectively.  I resolved to always, for ever and ever, to wipe my bottom very thoroughly.  Years later I would look back that this visit to hell and realize that this spanking was both the worst and the fairest of all the ones I got.  An eleven year old boy should know how to wipe his own bottom.  His ten year cousin should not be spanking him.

Later, in the evening Beth came to my room.  She walked in without knocking and sat next to me on the bed.  I did not look at her.  She talked very sweetly and said that she was sorry that she had to spank me but I had to learn to wipe my bottom clean.  Then she put an ice pack on my hot red swollen bottom.  It felt good.  She rubbed my back a little and told me that she had brought a sandwich and milk for me and that I should eat, brush my teeth, go potty and to bed.  She gave me a little kiss on the back of neck.

A lot happened over the next week including the horrible things with Josh (which follows next).  It was at dinner, Beth made the big announcement.  Fortunately there were not any visitors to see me turn red.  I had passed poop inspections for an entire week and asked her mother if she could just do occasional checks.  Aunt Carolynn agreed.  Of course, there were only another four days left in my visit.

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