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Be Careful What You Wish For



I'm a graduate assistant in the psychology department of the State University and we got some new furniture.  Of course, that means it is more than twenty years old having been used by professors and instructors before it come to us lowly GA's.  Well, when I cleaned out my new desk, I found part of a senior term paper from fifteen years ago that had fallen behind the drawers.  It was entitled: The Effects of Spanking on a Nineteen-Year-Old Male.  The names were already changed to protect the confidentiality of the parties in the eight attachments I have reproduced here.

Background note (abstracted from the original source)

Drew and Patrick have been best friends since they were in the first grade and both graduated from high school twenty-nine months ago.  Patrick, after working in several dead-end jobs, finally realized that he should go back to school.  He then moved back to live with his widowed mother and is now a freshman at the local community college.  Drew, having taken summer courses, is a senior and an honor student at the State University studying psychology.


SUBJECT: Need YOUR help, Buddy
DATE: Wednesday, 19 November 1997  2335
TO: Drew <>

Got your email and glad you're doing so great both with your formal studies and especially with those extra curricular reproductive experiments <g>.  You always could get anyone you wanted in the sack <evil, but jealous, grin>.  Look forward to seeing you soon.  ALL OF YOU – UP CLOSE.

You must come over either Sunday or Monday night when you're back home for Thanksgiving.  I know it will be hard leaving your family and/or not shacking, er, seeing Terry then but you must, Buddy.  IT IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!!! – mine!  Please.

This is all in the strictest confidence.  Please; you must NEVER TELL ANYONE, EVER!

After dinner tonight mom told me that she got a letter from the dean that I was fucking up at school.  After I had read it, she asked what we should do about it.  I made the usual and expected promises but she told me that I ought to think about it in my room for a while; after all it's a very serious matter.

Well, today's Wednesday and mom cleaned my room.  It was strange that grandma's old hairbrush – you seen it, with the big oval head – was on top of my monitor.  A wave of horror pasted over me as I touched the keyboard to see what the screen saver was hiding.  It was not the desktop <gasp> but a posting that I just done to the newsgroup last night.  I must have been very tired and did not exit the program as I should have.  (Is that a Freudian slip, Doc?)  Anyway here's a copy of what mom must have seen:
ADVICE NEEDED.  Nineteen-year-old male has a yearning to spanked by his mother again.  She last did it when I was a thirteen-year-old HS freshman.  She's a big, strong woman of forty-five and can physically do it.  How do I get it to happen?
A few minutes later mom came to my room and said: "You been a bad boy, again Patrick.  You have messed up three subjects.  I think that we need to have a little three way discussion with Grandma's hairbrush."  I had set myself up for this and it was exactly what she had said to me some six years ago.  I don't know if you remember it quite like I do, but to my horror then (but not now) you were there to see and hear it all.  Well, I sort of snapped and became that thirteen-year-old boy again.  "Yes, mother." I said.  By now she had sat down and I was standing before her.

"Take off your t-shirt and sneakers, Patrick." she ordered and I did.  She opened my belt and jeans, pulled them down and I stepped out of them just like I did the last time.  Then she reached for my briefs and I started to object but, in that very special tone used by angry mothers and teachers, when they mean 'do it or else!', she snapped: "PATRICK!" and I became very docile.  She pulled down my briefs and I stepped out of them also.  "You have grown, boy" she said looking at my crotch which she hadn't seen for six years.  "Get grandma's hairbrush, young man, and be quick about it."

She pulled me over her lap and began to use the brush on my upturned ass.  As the blows rained down over and over they began to have their effect.  First, of course, it hurt and I knew I was turning very red.  Second, the pain was working its way in and through my whole body.  Third, even thought I'm nineteen, I felt like a little boy of nine and I actually started to cry like when you were here.  As a psych major I'm sure that you understand what I am trying to say.  Eventually, she decided that I had enough and stopped.  Stopped with the brush that is.  Then mom used her hand for "the personal touch".  She also told me that since I had messed up three subjects I would get another two spankings.  (They are scheduled for Friday and then either Sunday or Monday.)  I then had to stand in the corner for a half hour until she called me.

In the corner it was strange but I truly resolved to do better – the best that I could do.  It was just like that time six years ago when we were freshmen.  It worked then and I hoped it would work now.  I'm not complaining, Drew, in some way I desired this and that makes two ways that I asked for it.

Mom then called me into the bathroom and made me stand in the tub.  "Since you acted like a little boy and I spanked you like you were a little boy, you should LOOK like a little boy also, Patrick." she declared firmly and took out the barber clipper that she used to give me haircuts with long ago.  She turned it on and clipped half my pubes off  before I could even open my mouth to say a word.  It was too late to complain for by the time she slowed down to do a careful and through job there was not much left.  I was so shocked and embarrassed that I did not even get hard through any of this.  I was then sent back to do my homework.  Amazingly, red-tailed with a hairless crotch I really got lots of work done.  I was just a good little boy doing my homework as I should, albeit with a hot bottom.   At ten o'clock sharp she came back to my room and told me that it was bedtime.  She tucked me in and explained that things were going to change.

Why I'm telling you all this.  Because she also said that I must provide a witness for at least one of the other two spankings.  I know that I can trust you not to tell (like last time).


Had to make this brief for it is late and I should be asleep.  I'll give you any additional details you want later.  Oh, dinner is optional.


P.S. I still dream of your man-rod being in me again. <bg>


SUBJECT:  Re: Need YOUR help, Buddy
DATE: Thursday, 20 November 1997  1730
TO: PJ <>
FROM: Drew <>


Of course, I'll be there good buddy!  Terry and I got plans (tickets, reservations, condoms etc.) for Saturday night <bg> and mom insists on all day for Sunday.  So Monday night it is.  See you at 7:00 for dinner and your spanking <g>.  Let's hang after that (even if you're grounded).  Maybe we can do something about making your dream reality – again.

Really looking forward to seeing you.  And I sure do remember that last time – vividly!  Boy, were your butt checks RED.  Your mom sure gave it to you.  Although I never told you, I came in my jeans that time!  The joys of adolescence.  I forgot what you did to earn it.

Oh, since we wouldn't be able talk at length until after your third spanking send me an email right after the second, so it will have your first and most compelling impressions.  I'm *really* interested so be sure to put your feelings into it.  I'll try to read it before I leave Saturday AM or, failing that, at home with Dad's PC.

Oh, don't worry your secrets are safe with me.   I'll just think of you as a patient. <g>

Your friend, Drew

ATTACHMENT #3 Extract from phone call Thursday, 20 November 1997 @ 1800 between Drew and Patrick's mother (P.M.).

Drew: I know he's not in and I sent him an email but it is you I wanted to talk to just now.  He asked me to be the witness on Monday and I'll be there at seven for dinner and his spanking.
P.M.: That's fine, Drew, glad you'll be able to make it.  Obviously, he told you about what happened.
Drew: Yes, I got an email today explaining it all.  As a psych major I think it a great thing that you are doing and it will really help him to focus on his studies.  I was sorry that he stopped school when we graduated two years ago, but overjoyed that he finally did go.  Do you plan to keep his pubes smooth and bare?
P.M.: I wasn't sure about that.  Do you think that I should, almost Doctor?
Drew: Absolutely, Mrs. Jones.  He's my best friend but he needs to get to be more disciplined and being a boy again will give him another chance to grow up – better.  You definitely should keep him shaved until the end of the school year.
P.M.: I'll think about what you said Drew and we'll see you on Monday.
Drew: Oh, it would be better if he didn't know we discussed this.  Just tell him that I called, will come on Monday and to check his email.  OK?
P.M.: OK.


SUBJECT: Report of second spanking
DATE: Friday, 21 November 1997  2245
TO: Drew <>

Its your red-tailed buddy again.  Here's the press flash as you requested.  As I key this, I am prone on my bed with the keyboard. I don't know if I'll be able to sit tomorrow but certainly can't now.

Mom finished up with me a while ago.  My first impression is a bigger OUCH than the first one.  The second impression is the same.  I can not imagine why I wanted a spanking at all – they hurt.  They really do hurt!  But I'm sure you know that (at least from hearsay <smirk>).  I also have the feeling that I desired it: I was bad and now I've paid (well 2/3 so far) of the penalty.  I've been feeling better since the first one and the second one will be good reinforcement.  (Is that the right word Doc?)

Well, after dinner mom send me to my room to think about my 'errant ways' and the spanking to come.  I couldn't concentrate lying on my bed so I stood in the corner like I had to when I was ten.  It did help.  I realized that I was really goofing off with my school work and forgetting how I had hated those two years of shit jobs.  I think it's really and truly connected:
That's real punishment; the spanking is just a preview.  But I decided/realized that I need it.  And so I promised myself that I would not resist mom when she came.

And come she did.  We talked about it a while and she after she saw that I really knew what I had done wrong asked me if I still wanted the spanking.  "No … but … I … need …. it."

"I think that you do also, Patrick." she replied.

She had me strip to my briefs and sit on a towel on the bed.  Then she pushed me down and pulled my briefs off so that I was naked.  She ordered me to stay still and went to get some things.  When she came back, she placed a hot wet wash cloth on my crotch and told me that she was going to shave me so that I would be as smooth as a real little boy.  I was about to object, when I remembered my promise to myself and remained quiet and passive.  I hoped that 'mother did know best'.  It was all very sensual as she rubbed the shaving cream all over my pubes and ball sack.  Even the razor removing the clipped hairs was sensual.  I even had a strange feeling of relief as the 'unnatural stubble' was removed.  In less than ten minutes she was done and I was completely smooth.  She finished up saying: "A sprinkling of baby power on my baby."

She directed me into position.  I knelt by the bed so that I could rest my torso on the bed leaving my butt up, out and vulnerable, fully exposed.  Mom took the belt from my jeans (I'm very glad I never got the studded one!) folded it double and told me to count the strokes.  She swung the belt and it hit my left ass check with a loud hard WHACK.  It HURT!  I yelled and finally said "one".  She alternated sides until she stopped with stroke ten on my right butt followed by my sobbing "ten".  After she sat down on the bed she had me lie over her lap and gave me an additional twenty spanks by hand.  I was bawling like a baby when she left.

I have very mixed feeling about my shaved pubes.  On the good side they feel so nice and are sensitive.  I know that I'll like it when I jerk off tonight.  On the down side, I don't know what about gym class when school resumes in ten days.  When she just used the clippers Wednesday night, I expected to grow enough back by gym time; now I doubt it.  I'll be the only one without hair there.  Will they tease me like we did to the late bloomers in HS?  And what about on a date?

Say Doc, when you open your office will you have a couch or chat room on the web? <chuckle>

Watch out for the snow when you drive down here tomorrow.  Be sure to have something sweet and cuddly in case you get stuck in the snow <g>.



SUBJECT: Re: Report of second spanking
DATE: Saturday, 22 November 1997 0830
TO: PJ <>
FROM: Drew <>


Thanks for the update.  Hope your butt is not too sore. <g>  See you on Monday night.  Hang in there 'till then.  Don't sweat the gym thing to much – the frat pledges are all shaved here and they survive.  Some are kept that way for four! years.  Got to run now – it is a long drive home and the other guys are here and ready to go.


ATTACHMENT #6 Account by Patrick's mother of the first and second spankings written at Drew's request.

I had already gotten the dean's letter by the time I was doing Patrick's room and it was an accident that I saw what he wrote about wanting a spanking.  I just moved the rodent-thing and it was there; I wonder if he did it on purpose?  Regardless, it made me think that maybe I failed him; perhaps by being excessively lenient when he was in high school or for the last two years.  On its face, it surely was a cry for help.  Then at dinner when he sounded just like he did when he was thirteen I decided that I would spank him – unless he really objected.  If he wanted it, then I guessed that he really needed it.   Making him ask for it would have been unrealistic; for spankings can not be voluntary.  He seemed to accept – even desire/need – being treated like a child again.

When my siblings and I were in HS, my mother always used her hairbrush on us.  It seemed to be the exact tool to use now on Peter.  On the other hand (sorry, pun not intended), my dad made us feel it with just his hand.  Although I hated it then, there was that nice imitate touch of flesh to flesh.  By the time I went to his room, I knew that I was going to spank him naked – first with the hairbrush and then with my hand.  For a male of nineteen I was surprised at how easily he cried, even though I did not hit him that hard.  He was acting just like a little child.

When pulled down his briefs, I did get one surprise – his pubic bush.  I hadn't seen his body since he was thirteen and, in my minds eye, he was still a hairless boy.  He'll always be my baby.  It was déjà vu when he was over my lap except he was a little bit bigger than the last time.  He never objected to any of it and cried just like he did when he was only five.  Then I was sure I was doing the right thing.  While he was doing his corner time, I considered the problem of his pubic hair: it was incongruous with his being a boy.  With it he seemed to be an adult and thus should not be naked in front of his mom nor over her knee; the solution was obvious.  (I was reassured of that when you recommended it for the long term.)  He changed instantly as I used the clipper to remove this sign of his manhood.  He had been blushing a little but as soon as his hair was off he stopped.  Naked little boys aren't embarrassed in front of their moms like young men are.  His behavior also changed; he was much quieter and more passive, even juvenile.

By spanking time on Friday, I had decided to shave him first like you had suggested.  I had him lie on his bed, naked on a towel.  I wet down his pubes and covered them with shaving cream.  Then I carefully shaved him baby smooth from his navel to his anus.  I felt like I was changing his diaper again and he just did as I wanted.  I finished up with baby power, again, just like when he was a baby.

The second spanking, like the first, I also made in two parts.  First, like a big boy and then, second, like a little boy.  I had him kneel next to the bed so that he was half lying on it and then I took his own belt to his big boy butt.  With each stroke I could see the white cheeks turn red.  He had a lot of trouble counting them, particularly after the fifth when he was crying.  I eased up for the last five, but I think that they had full effect anyway.  I took him over my knee then for part two – a hand spanking.  I wanted him to feel that it was really an intimate thing.  I could feel the warmth of his butt as I spanked it.

I hope I'm doing the right thing for Peter.

ATTACHMENT #7 Drew's report of Patrick's third spanking.

The three of us, Patrick, his mother and I, had a very normal dinner and the other event of the evening was not mentioned.  I did notice, however, that Patrick was a little bit nerveless.  He himself had told me all and I had seen him spanked before but it was probably the ritualistic effect that there was going to be an official witness.  At 8:30 Patrick's mom sent him off to his room to contemplate what was going to happen.  He was to stand naked in the corner during that whole time.

When we were alone, she told me everything she had done and felt [see attachment #6], and what Patrick had done.  She was amazed at how much he had changed in just three days.  He was acting just like he was thirteen and minding her.  Instead of wasting the school break he was really studying and trying to catch up.  (He was acting just as I had expected.)

I explained that it was important that he continue to feel like a boy while he catches up on his studies and that his crotch must be kept smooth and hairless as a boy.  When she demurred I suggested that she did not have to do it herself each time, but could just supervise Patrick in the shower or use a depilatory.  Patrick would be reminded of his boyness when ever he saw himself dressing or in the shower.  It would even happen every time he went to urinate and reached into his pants for he would feel his bare pubis.

Just a few minutes before we were to go upstairs to spank Patrick the phone rang.  It was her employer and she had to go immediately.  As she put on her coat, she said: "Drew, you'll have to take care of Patrick now.  It is not fair to postpone it now."  And she left.

I called Terry and explained the situation.  She agreed to be the witness and would be right over.  She reminded me that she often spanked Joel, her own brother.  He was now thirteen and she had done it just last week on his bare butt.  She even brought over a spanking paddle that their father had gotten for her to use on Joel.

I called Patrick down to the living room and explained.  "Your mother had to go to work and left me in charge rather than make you wait until tomorrow for your spanking.  So think of us as Uncle Drew and Aunt Terry."

At this time Terry said: "Hello Patrick."  Pat turned and saw, for the first time, that Terry was there.  He realized first that she had seen his bare butt and now his bare (hairless) genitals.  It would be an understatement to say he was embarrassed being naked with a shaved pubis.  It was quite obvious that he did not like that Terry was there, but any delay would be worse and maybe someone else would get to know.  Terry assured him that she wouldn't tell.  Also, that he shouldn't be embarrassed about being naked for she often saw her brothers (both big and small) being bare-assed spanked by their father and she still spanked Joel and he now has pubes.

"Why are you getting spanked, Patrick?" I asked even though we both knew the answer.

"Because I fucked up at school and I need to be reminded that it has very bad long term consequences."

"Very good, Patrick."  I explained that first he was going to get paddled for running around so much that he did not have the time for his school work and then he would get spanked for being a naughty boy and messing up at school.  Showing him the paddle I told him that he was going to get ten and, like a frat pledge, have to count and thank me for each one.  Now bend over and hold your ankles.

After he assumed the position, I stepped to his side and swung the paddle for the first blow.  TH-WHACK!  Patrick yelped and said: "Thank you; one."  After the fifth one, he was crying.  I eased up a bit but gave him a real hard last one.  TH-TH-W-WHACK!  Patrick yelped real loud and dropped to the floor.  Then he said the required: "Thank you; Ten."  We let him rest for a while and then Terry called him over and pulled him over her lap before he could object.  One could see that she had practiced this maneuver (boy-euver!) with Joel.  She gave him a hand spanking and he soon was crying again.  Then to finish up his punishment she ordered him to go stand in the corner with his hot red butt showing.

Terry and I were sitting together on the couch and she started to play with my cock which she had noticed had been tenting my pants even before I had started to paddle PJ.  I tried to return the favor but she stopped me, explaining that she was off-limits for a few days.  In a conspiratorial whisper she suggested that I do PJ like I had told her I had done in the past.  She also said she was just dying to see a guy get it and it seemed the perfect time.

I called PJ over and made him kneel with his head right before my bulging crotch.  After a while he was mesmerized by this familiar sight although he hadn't been at it for several months.  "Take it out, boy." I directed.  He quickly undid my trousers and pulled down my briefs as he had in the past.  Then, without a moments hesitation, he took my rigid rod into his mouth and started to suck it.  He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he forgot he had an audience.  After a little while, I stopped him and had him turn around so that he was on his hands and knees before me.  I slipped on a lubricated condom (I had been boy scout) and knelt behind him.  I pushed forward and pressed against PJ's butt hole.  He gave way and I slipped all the way in.  This particular pleasure was one that I hadn't had in several months.  PJ was my first fuckee and was as tight as ever.  In just a few moments I blasted my load into the rubber and PJ shot over the rug.  While PJ cleaned up the rug, Terry and I said good night.


DATE: Friday, 23 January 1998  2204
TO: Drew <>

Hey Buddy,

Final grades came out today.  I got: A-, B, B-, C+ and C.  Mom is so proud of me particularly considering that at mid-term I was B, C, D-, F, and F.  As a reward, I'm going on a ski trip with a couple of guys from school tomorrow.

Mom also said that if I get good grades next term and she doesn't have to spank me more than once a month, she'll let my pubes grow back for the summer.

I suppose that you got all A's again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 28, 1997

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