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The following story is fiction about bulling boy who gets his just desserts.  The story contains scenes of spanking and public nudity.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Beach Disasters and Beyond
Beach Disaster


The temperature had soared ​into the high eighties​ (​to thirties​) and my dad unexpectedly had the day off.  "Son, how would you like to go to the beach today?"  What a silly question for he knew that I loved the ocean and, of course, I said yes.  It took about three minutes to grab my stuff and I was back downstairs ready to go.  I would have invited a friend but I knew that they all had plans for this school holiday.  We started to drive but Dad turned the wrong way and I questioned him about it.  After all, at fifteen (well in seven months), I could navigate pretty well.  Dad explained that a friend of Mom's called and asked if she could watch Alvin, her ten-and-half-year-old son as she had to go out.  When Mom told her we were heading for the beach, we got the babysitting job.  He was ready and we headed to the ocean.  As I usually do, I leaned on him constantly telling him what to do until Dad told me to "Can it!"  The or else was implied and I shut up.

It was still early so that the beach was pretty empty and we spread our blanket out near the water.  Dad just wanted to rest and get a tan so we were on our own.  There were a few little kids, several of whom were nude as the beach rules allowed prepubescent kids to be naked.  I felt myself to old to play with the little ones although Alvin got involved with some of them who were about his age.  Unfortunately, there weren't any guys my age.

I guess that I was bored by myself and that is what got me in trouble.  I got sucked into playing with Alvin and the couple of nude ten-year-olds he had met.  I teased him about that and after a few minutes I yanked down his trunks and took them.  He was very pissed and was yelling that I should give him his suit back.  Actually, he should have been pleased because he was more developed than the two nude boys.  (I wondered what he would think if he also knew that he had more than I did but I was not going to let him learn that.)  We had gotten back into the waves and I started to play keep-away.  It is not hard to imagine what happened then.  A wave came in and the suit went out.  It was lost forever.

Alvin howled at that and a few others gathered around to watch the fun.  Among the watchers was my father.  He was not there for this kind of fun.  He definitely did not appreciate the fun at all.  As soon as he learnt that I had pantsed Alvin he was furious.  "Simon, you're fourteen!  You definitely should know better than that.  You're acting like you're eight."  He summoned me over to him and then the thunder bolt struck.  "Give Alvin your swimming suit" he commanded, "and apologize."

"What!?" I exclaimed, "I'll be NAKED!"  It was a horrible thought.  Dad growled at me and I gave Alvin my trunks who immediately put them on.  I mumbled an apology and Alvin grunted.  He pulled the draw string tight and they fit him pretty well since I'm only a bit larger than he is.  I was horrified at being naked.  I felt that all were staring at my hairless boyhood, although they were all strangers except Alvin who surely noticed that he was bigger than I was even though I was almost four years older.  I was standing with my hands over my crotch to cover my bald nakedness.  All I could think of was getting back to our blanket and getting my shorts to put on.  This, alas, was not what Dad had in mind.© YLeeCoyote

Dad grabbed my wrist and started to led/pull me to our blanket.  "No need to try to cover yourself, Simon.  You don't have anything to hide."  Maybe he did mean that boys' little penises and balls are common enough that they don't draw attention on this beach but I was mortified that he was referring to my diminutive and hairless equipment.  So I half walked and was half dragged back to the blanket.  It seemed like hundreds of kids were gathering around to watch my disgrace although it was less than a dozen.

Alvin, happily covered by MY trunks, was walking beside me.  "I WISH I could give you that SPANKING you so rightly deserve for bullying.  Your worthless butt should be even redder than your face."  I winced at the very idea for Dad still spanked me, even though I was fifteen (almost).  Maybe I could talk him out it by the time we got home.  I did not expect the next horror in store for me.

Dad sat on the blanket with his legs stretched out and pulled me across his lap.  Before I could plead for him not to spank me publicly, the first spanks were already raining down on my bare bottom with great fury.  I did not have to see my butt to know that it was fiery red for I could tell from the internal inferno that raged there.  My past experiences which, unfortunately, were quite recent had taught me that.

The situation quickly got worse.  Dad told me to stand up which I did doing a spanked boy dance while rubbing my hot red bottom forgetting for the moment that my junk was on display and waving to everyone.  The gathered crowd was delighted.  Dad said that Alvin was the injured party and entitled to assist in my punishment just as he had wished.  They applauded when Dad ordered me to get over Alvin's lap for a second dose.  It was more than horrible!  The only redeeming feature was that it hid my front.  I was totally stunned when Alvin started spanking me for his spanks hurt like Father's did.  This was because he was using a flip-flop which is effectively a little rubber paddle.  I was howling and begging and promising when another disaster hit – I started to cry and bawl.  I sure did not feel like almost fifteen but more like five then.  Even after Alvin stopped, I continued to cry.

I thought that I would be spared corner time because, simply, there just are not any corners on the beach since there aren't even walls.  I was not that fortunate.  Again I had to stand and Alvin led me to a steel pipe post about ​two inches​ (​five cm​) in diameter.  "Keep your nose to the post and your hands on your head, Simon, until you are called." was the order.  I was appalled about it all.  It is bad enough that I am still spanked, naked and do corner time at home but today it was out in the open with witnesses.

A steel pipe is not a good place to do corner time.  No matter where it is done, one's red butt is hanging out for all to see but this was worse.  All it provides a place to put one's nose awhile not providing any cover for the body.  As I stood there with teary eyes and a hot red tail, the other kids were getting a good look at me.  Not only were there comments about my roasted tail but that my tackle was small and hairless.  "The inchworm boy has a roasted butt." was one of the worst.

There was another indignity that I had to bear.  Alvin came over and said: "Hold still while I put some sunblock on you.  As little as it is, you don't want a sunburnt pee-pee."  He insisted that I keep my hands on my head while he applied the lotion to my hot tail and my tackle.  It was horrid as I got hard – all ​two inches​ (​five cm​) – to the amusement of the gawkers.

Eventually, the half hour passed and I was allowed to move.  I rushed back to the blanket to get my shorts but Dad was adamant.  "Simon, you did not think Alvin was entitled to a swim suit so you shall be naked for the rest of the day."  I tried to just lay on the blanket but Dad would not let me do that but made sure that I was up and about fully exposed.

There was not any place to hide except the surf so I hung there doing the best I could to hide my privates and my red ass.  This was not entirely successful.  Alvin hung about me with his new found friends who loved mocking me since I was an older boy.  A new hurricane started when Alvin decided that he would like some ice cream.  Dad came up with the money but he said that I had to go with him.  I begged for my shorts but I was refused.  I balked at going but Dad said if I did not go, he would spank me again.  I did not have a choice.  "I can do that for you if you like." said Alvin to my dad so I got going before Dad could say OK.

We walked up to the ice cream stand on the boardwalk.  I was blushing all over so my butt was not much redder than rest of me.  As we approached the stand, I was spotted by a group from my school.  One guy, Trev, was in my homeroom and all were in my grade.  They were most amused by my nakedness.  They made the most witty comments about my forgetting to get dressed and the like.  I could have killed Alvin for being most helpful and explaining.

"Simon was a very naughty boy.  He pantsed me and then lost my trunks so his father made him give me his.  I got to spank the naughty little boy also." he carefully elaborated.  The cretins found it very funny.  They even appreciated that I still got spanked bare bottom OTK and did corner time with additional hoots and whistles.

"It's OK, Simon, that you're nudey – like the other little prepubescent kids – you ain't got anything a ten-year-old doesn't have." quipped one almost falling over laughing.

"SHUT UP!"  I yelled at him and took a swing.  He caught my arm and I fell.  The others all laughed.

"You want another spanking, Simon?" asked Alvin.

"The little boy sure deserves one." said one of the girls.  Two of the guys grabbed me.  "To the bench."  Alvin dashed ahead and sat down and they put me across his lap.  I was hopelessly outnumbered.  They were all laughing.

"Here.  Use his flip-flop." said one.

"Thanks." said Alvin who proceed to spank me again to the great amusement of my peers who held me in place.  The flip-flop really packs a wallop and with my butt still sore from the morning, I was howling like a fire truck.  Eventually Alvin stopped and I was let up.  "Apologize for trying to hit him, Simon." said Alvin.  Of course, I had to or they would have spanked me again.

We went to the ice cream stand where Alvin got cones for both of us  and we returned to Dad on the beach.  Alvin told Dad what had happened.  Dad was disgusted with my behavior and said that if my peers felt that I should be spanked, it was right that Alvin did so.  He added that he would have spanked me otherwise.

Even for the trip home, Dad did not give me my shorts and I had to ride in the back seat like I was a little kid while Alvin rode shotgun.

Things got worse later when I checked my email.  Alvin told me how much fun it had been to spank me and make me cry and that he would love to do it again.  My classmates had taken pictures of me naked on the boardwalk and being spanked by Alvin.  I'm dreading going to school tomorrow.

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© Copyright A.I.L. January 19, 2012

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