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The following story is fiction about bully who gets bullied.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is a sequel to Beach Disaster which should be read first.  The author uses the Australian variation of English.

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Beach Disasters and Beyond
Disaster Strikes


Steam Train <>

The other day during the school holiday I had gone down to the beach as the temperature was soaring well into the ​eighties​ (​thirties​).

I was not alone but accompanied by Lisa, Rachael and Di along with Les and Randy who are fellow ninth graders.

We had been at the beach about an hour when the three girls who were accompanying us guys decided they wanted ice cream.  Les, Randy and I were all trying to impress the three girls, so, being gentlemen, we three offered to buy the girls their ice creams.

At our ages, I am fourteen years and six months, Les will turn fifteen in three months and Randy will be fifteen in a few weeks, girls are a constant thought and desire.  Rachael, Lisa and Di all look great in their bikini swim suits.  They show off their well-developed tits and curves to perfection.  None of us boys look as mature as the three girls but brown haired Les is the tallest and has a well-defined chest from working out at the gym and some light fuzz on his shins and in his pits.  I guess that means he has pubes as well but there was no sign of a happy trail peeking out of the top of his swimmers.  Randy is the next tallest and has pit hairs, so I guess that means he also has a bush, but he has no other visible signs of hair apart from the blonde hair on his head.  Me, I am the shortest, in fact Lisa and Di are also taller than me and Rachael is about my height of five foot three.  I don't have pit hairs yet and no hairs on my legs apart from baby fuzz.  I hope the girls don't think I look too young.  I'm wearing loose trunks so the lack of a bulge wouldn't be noticed unlike Randy's tight swimmers that proclaim his maturity and development to the world.

Any worries I had about what the girls thought of me were wiped away as we walked up the boardwalk towards the ice cream stand, when Rachael drew all our attention to the blushing naked little boy approaching from the opposite direction.© YLeeCoyote

"Isn't that Simon?" she blurted out!

Sure enough there was my fellow ninth grade homeroom student, Simon, walking stark naked towards the ice cream stand accompanied by a slightly smaller and younger looking boy who was wearing trunks.  I did not know him.

You see younger pre-pubescent kids naked at the beach all the time but seeing Simon naked was a shock.  I know he is only a month younger than I and I would be totally mortified at our age to be naked in public like this.  The way Simon was blushing all over, you could see that he was totally embarrassed and humiliated.  The real shock was that Simon was not breaking any rules as he had very diminutive and hairless equipment.  He was very much still a little boy!

Simon soon became the centre of our attention.  Cell phones were taking pictures and we all tried to make witty comments about Simon's nakedness, my comment I felt was the best as I focused in on his lack of size and hair, "It's OK, Simon, that you're nudey – like the other little prepubescent kids – you ain't got anything a ten-year-old doesn't have."

Everyone thought my comment so funny except Simon who yelled at me "SHUT UP!" and took a swing at me.

Luckily I noticed the anger rising in his face just before he took that swing and I was able to catch his arm and twist him off balance till he fell over.

All the others laughed and I felt I had made a good impression in front of the girls!

The little boy who Simon called Alvin, then asked, "You want another spanking, Simon?"

Picking up on my witty comment, Di said, "The little boy sure deserves one", causing Simon to blush all over again.  You see Alvin had already been most informative in telling us that Simon is regularly spanked naked and over the knee at home and that he had spanked him earlier today on the beach.

Les and Randy grabbed Simon as I directed, "To the bench."

Young Alvin dashed ahead and sat down and Les and Randy put him across his lap.

We all had another good laugh at Simon's expense.

Les lent Alvin one of his flip-flops and he proceeded to spank Simon on the beach out the front of the ice cream stand to the great amusement of us all.

Alvin could pack a wallop for his size and with the assistance of the flip-flop he soon had Simon howling like a fire truck.

When Alvin finally stopped spanking Simon he made him apologize to me for trying to hit me!


After Simon and Alvin had left we bought our ice cream and sat and talked about what we had just seen.  Up until they saw Simon naked the girls confessed they had thought him pretty hot, but now they had seen he was a hairless little boy he had quickly slipped off their radar.

Much laughter filled in the next half hour or so as we all checked out the photos we had taken of Simon and I continued to make witty comment about how it was ok for a little hairless boy like Simon to be naked at the beach.  It was Randy who made a comment that I didn't seem to have any more hair showing on my body than Simon. Di picked up on this and looking me in the eye asked, "Yes what do you have hiding under those trunks Trev?"

My embarrassed reaction only helped build my class-mate's curiosity.

My hesitation was enough to get Les and Randy's hormones raging even more than usual as Randy ordered, "To the beach."

Les grabbed me under the arms and Randy my feet and the three girls lent assistance as they carried me the short distance to the sandy beach.

"Let me go, get off!" I shouted, but it did no good.

"Strip him!" shouted Di.

It was as if some spell on the boys had broken and their fears of retribution about pantsing someone in public had completely vanished.

"No!  Nooooo!" I screamed on hearing Di's order.  I couldn't believe they'd dare to do something so unbelievably outrageous.

"Oh God!  Stop!  Stop!  Enough!  Please!  Enough!" I begged.

But no one was paying my pathetic pleas any attention as my hormone crazed so called friends feasted on my body that was so close to being stripped naked.

"No hair on his legs, no hair under his arms.  His chest and belly are smooth" Randy commented.

The girls stared fascinatedly as Les took hold of trunks and began to tug them down.

Rachael reached over and rubbed my chest in the mist of all the horror, causing me to pop a boner which no one noticed due to the loose trunks I was wearing and maybe due to the puny size of my dick.  It was absolutely wonderful until she said: "Smooth as a baby's bottom."

As Les was about to pull my trunks down, he stopped much to the disappointment of the girls as though a thought had just struck him.

I breathed a great sigh of relief and he began to laugh nervously, "Oh fuck, I thought you were really going to do it" I said.  "Okay, you can let me up now."

"Oh we aren't done with you yet Trev" said Les with a grin, "I just wanted to make sure the girls had a good view first.  Any of you ladies want the honours?"

"I will" said Lisa and Di simultaneously but it was Rachael who moved in next to my waist before either of the other two girls could react.

"No hold on, let's talk about this, I'll do anything, just don't please…  Be fair, I haven't done anything to deserve this.  Have I?  Really?  Come on!" I begged.

The hormones had overtaken all reason however and my begging was totally ignored.

"You got any hair under there Trev?  Is the rest of you as bald as Simon?" asked Randy with a sneer.

"What do you think Rachael?" asked Randy.

"I don't know but I guess once we pull his trunks down we will find out" said Rachael.

"By the lack of any bulge I expect it isn't very big" commented Di.

"Yeah is your little dicky is even smaller than Simons two inch pricklet" Lisa taunted.

So much for impressing the girls, my life was turning into as much a disaster as Simon's!

"Yeah he's not exactly well endowed is he?" said Les as everyone there laughed.

A few other strangers had already gathered around to watch the fun at my expense!

"A bit on the little boy, weeny dick side' said Randy, "Maybe he's even smaller than Simon's, even though he's older?" Randy commented.

"I'm only a month older" I protested trying to defend my juvenile look.

"You're fourteen and a half not a little boy, Trev or are you?  Tell us Trev how big is your cock?  How much hair have you got?" Randy demanded.

I was in a no-win situation so I took a deep breath and flew into a rage of furious struggling, trying to break free from Les and Randy, while at the same time screaming out, Heeeeeelp!!!"

Di put her hand across my mouth but not before my scream bought additional kids over to where I was being held on the beach, unfortunately no adults were in earshot to come to my rescue!

"Guess he is not going to tell us, so we'll have to find out for ourselves then.  Go on Rachael, pull Trev's trunks down."

"No!" I croaked as humiliating tears sprang from my eyes.

Rachael lowered herself to her knees and bent over me!

Taking the waistband of my trunks carefully between her fingers she drew them slowly down.

"No…  please…  Oh God, don't…" I begged in the most pathetic childish voice as tears streamed down my face.

Everyone watched intently as my trunks came down.

Rachael didn't rush her task, nor did she drag it out!

Gradually more and more of my hairless lily white groin appeared and then my little boy boner!

There were gasps as everyone began to realise quite how underdeveloped I was.

I haven't any pubic hair and my penis is very slim and short, slimmer and shorter, in fact, than even Simon's!

I may have been fourteen on my birth certificate but nine was stamped all over my groin.

I was crying heartily of humiliation and embarrassment as Rachael pulled my trunks off over my feet, I could feel my face glowing scarlet as the tears flowed over them.

"He's a fucking baby!" Randy exclaimed with a laugh.

From the crowd one boy who looked no more than eight exclaimed, "Mine's bigger than that" and his Speedo's had a bulge to prove it!

"Yeah mine's bigger than that too!" said Di.

Everyone fell about laughing at that comment except me.

"Fucking perverts!" I yelled at my tormentors through my tears.

Bad move as Randy sat down on the sand with his legs outstretched and pulled me across his lap and began to publicly spank me on my bare bottom with great force whilst he lectured me about a little boy using bad language!"

When I was finally allowed to stand up, I did the dance of the spanked while rubbing my hot red bottom, totally forgetting for a moment that my totally bald and diminutive cock and balls were on display and waving to everyone.

The now large gathered crowd was delighted with my dance!

I wanted to hide, to die, anything but remain under the harsh gaze of these boys and girls, some of whom I had known for so long and from whom I had kept, like Simon, the shameful secret of late development. I thought my misery was over for the moment when Les said with a laugh, "OK, we better let him put his trunks on, now we have seen how little he has and how big it doesn't get."

"Oh no need for that" said Di.  "It's OK, Trev, that you're nudey – like the other little prepubescent kids – you ain't got anything a ten-year-old doesn't have." Using the exact words I had used to make fun of Simon!

Les was quick to remind me that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

The girls insisted on putting sunblock on me so my little boy parts and red bummy would not get sunburned.

The insults and jibes continued to rain down on me about my hairless little package for the duration of my visit to the beach and the girls along with Les and Randy were only too happy to pose for pictures with me.  Being a little prepubescent boy I was never allowed to cover up and they of course all had at least their swimmers on!

My day at the beach had been a disaster.  The girls were now treating me like a little boy, not a fellow ninth grader and just like Simon, lots of pictures had been taken with cell phones and cameras.  I was dreading going to school tomorrow!

It's back to school tomorrow and things get worse in School Disasters

© Copyright Steam Train January 30, 2012

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