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The following story is fiction about two late developing boys who have a hard time because of it in school.  The story contains scenes of spanking, stripping and bit of sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the third part of the series and you should read the others first: Beach Disaster and then Disaster Strikes.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Beach Disasters and Beyond
School Disasters


On an unseasonably hot day, Trev and Simon, both fourteen-year-old high school freshmen, went to the beach and, as you have read in the previous parts of this, suffered great humiliations including spankings from their school mates.  That they were both pre-pubescent became known and this was instrumental in greatly increasing the humiliations.  They were both ashamed of this unpleasant fact which they had they had managed to keep from their school mates until that fateful day.

You can be sure with a couple of months left in the school year, that the two would be bullies' targets.  Those two also realized this would happen.  We have asked them about how they faired.  Like befalls all bullied kids, things didn't happen continuously or even everyday but sporadically.  Their fear of attack was, however, constant.  Both of our narrators suffered pretty much the same nasty things that you would expect to happen in their age group.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now we can begin with our interview.

Of course, you worried about what would happen at school now that others knew your secrets but what actually did happen?  OK, Trev, you go first and tell us of the first day.© YLeeCoyote

I could hardly sleep after the horrible day at the beach and it was with great dread that I went off to school the next morning.  It was terrible knowing that my classmates now knew that I was still a pre-pubescent, undeveloped little boy with nary a hair below my neck and just the teeny tiny pee-pee of a nine-year-old boy.  I had even gotten an anonymous email telling me that I should look at a new blog site called Fun at the Beach.  There to my great horror, I found that it even featured pictures.  There were pictures at the beach that showed me with my classmates and even strangers featuring my undeveloped boyhood, my freshly spanked butt and even getting spanking.  I cried when I saw it all.  Now, besides the five classmates who humiliated me, the entire school knew.  It was of little comfort to me that there also were pictures of Simon showing his identical shame and his being spanked by young Alvin.

OK Simon, I see you're anxious so go ahead, please.

I was afraid to go to school and just as afraid not to for eventually I would have to appear.  The teasing and taunting started even before the first bell when I was at my locker.  There was already a new name pasted on my locker: "BABY SIMON" along with a picture of me at the beach.  I did my best to ignore it and went to my home room.  Since discipline is strict that was not a problem.  On the way to my first class I heard comments like:

"Hi, Baldy."
"Remember your diapers today?"
"I'm surprise that Microdick came to school."

I saw several of those who had seen me at the beach.  The girls giggled behind their hands trying to hide their knowing grins.  Two of the guys, Les and Randy, were really smirking.  Although I saw Trev, who had been the nastiest of the lot, he looked liked he would like to disappear which I did not understand.

It wasn't until lunch that I learnt what was going on.  I got my food in the usual way but found that I was not welcome at my usual table and was directed to a small empty one.  There was not much I could do so I sat there.  Just a minute later Trev was escorted over and joined me.  A little sign was placed on the table: "RESERVED for BABY BOYS".  Trev immediately apologized for his nasty and mean behavior at the beach and then asked if I had seen that blog Fun at the Beach?

Trev explained the unpleasant facts.  We were a pair of almost fifteen-year-olds who hadn't a pube between us and less than ​four inches​ (​ten cm​) of little boyish pee-pees combined.  (They weren't even big enough to be called cocks.)  And the entire school knew (or would very soon) for we had been featured on a blog complete with pictures.  Since they had been taken on the beach where pre-pubescent kids were allowed to be nude they were legal.  In one way I had it worse than Trev because it was now known that I also got spanked bare and OTK by my father and that little ten-year-old twerp Alvin.

Trev also explained the humiliations that he had to endure while in the power of our five classmates.  I felt less sorry for him than I otherwise would have since he brought his shame on himself by picking on me.  I was glad, however, that I had company in my misery.

We agreed that there were only two ways out of this.  The first, was to commit suicide and, the second, to grow hair et al.  The future was certainly not looking good for either of us.

A favorite high school prank is pantsing especially those late developers like you.  I'm sure it happened more than once to you guys.

You're certainly right about that and I even expected it to happen nevertheless I was not prepared for it.  Some guys can take it but I was not like Henry.  He was the youngest in the class.  In the first month of school he was pantsed at least once a week.  He was terribly cool about it.  Except for the location, it was pretty much the same.  A batch of sophomores would surround him.  They held his arms and the others opened his belt and yanked down his jeans and boxers.  He didn't give a damn.  As everyone looked at him, he took his sweet time before bending over to pull up his boxers and jeans.  The time I saw it happen we were in the hall where a large gaggle of girls were leaving gym class.  Not one of them laughed, most had huge eyes and few gave wolf whistles.  He waited more than a minute before re-dressing and then only after asking: "May I get dressed now, ladies?"  I don't know if I would kill to be endowed like that but I'm sorely tempted.  Henry had a huge thick bush and as the girls whistled, his cock stood up and listened carefully to their glee.  It was HUGE, certainly compared to my little thingy, and I would have been satisfied with just half of it.  I looked up penis size on the web and he was already in the top tenth percentile.  He was more popular with the girls after that.  The guys that did it also regretted it for now the girls expected a lot more they had.

Well, I was heading for gym class and that meant I had to pass the girls coming and going.  I was grabbed and immediately realized what was about to happen.  "Please," I begged, everyone knows already, please."

"DROP 'EM and leave them down a minute OR we'll take them, little boy." they snarled at me.  A dreadful choice at best.  "Perhaps you'll be able to find them in the lost clothes bin in the girls' locker room." they warned.

"Please" I begged."  The answer came swiftly for a hand started to open my belt.  "All right, I'll do it."  I was released yet surrounded and I did what I was forced to.  I opened my belt and jeans and let them down.  The waistband of my briefs was snapped telling me that they had to go also.  Blushing all over and with tears in my eyes I pushed my briefs down.

Everyone laughed at me.  After an eternity, I got a couple of hard spanks on my bare ass and the Sophs vanished.  I pulled up my pants and rushed to gym class.  I tried to get to one of the changing cubicles but my way was blocked.  "You ain't got nothing to hide, little boy." I was told.  "Beside, everyone saw you in the hall."  I had to change or be late so I changed by my locker.  Several of the others made sure that I saw what a real man has.  I did my best to ignore them but it since I always blushed it was clear that it did annoy me.  I feared that things would get worse.

If you would be so kind, Simon, to tell us your pantsing experience.

On the first day after lunch I was thinking that I would get out of school without any more trouble.  I was, most regrettably, very wrong.

I was heading for the door when I was surrounded and pushed into the john.  There I was stripped of my jeans and then lead out into the courtyard.  I had to watch my jeans hoisted up the flag pole to flutter out in the breeze.  It wasn't so great standing there in just my briefs but at least I was wearing them for they covered me as well as my bathing suit did.  Well they did for a couple of minutes until they got wet.  Totally soaked!  I had been doused with a bucket of water.  Wet briefs are transparent especially when tight and then I was given a major wedgie.  It was most certainly clear then that I was a little boy just like in the pictures posted on the web.  I was then hung on the fence by the back of my briefs and it seemed that everyone came to stare and take souvenir photos with their phones.

The janitor released me after a half hour and got my jeans down from the flagpole.  He thought it was very funny to ask what I was doing in the high school because little boys belong in the elementary school two blocks away.

A strange condition for technically you were dressed but functionally you weren't.  That almost sounds like a fable sort of story.  Now we know that you both got spanked on the beach, did that happen again in school?  I see you're both nodding.  Go ahead, Trev.

It had been an especially difficult day and I had been pushed far beyond my capacity to just grin and bear it.  I responded in what the others claimed were inappropriate and excessive ways.  What they were doing they did not consider to be anything but minor teasing.  They got me after I had showered and was returning to my locker clutching my towel tightly around my waist to hide my little privates (which, alas, were all too frequently public).

When I was surrounded by six guys, I knew I was lost as there was not any way I could fight them off.  I opened my mouth to say "please" but quickly shut it as I realized it wouldn't help in any way.  I got lectured about annoying people, using bad language and even for just existing.  A kangaroo court does not need any evidence nor logic.  In a couple of minutes, one of the bigger, more muscular guys sat down.  "Spanking time, boy." and patted his lap.  It was clear I had a choice – let them force me over the lap or just doing it (hoping) that they would go easier on me.  I chose the later.

Once over his lap I felt his strong arm grip me tightly and several other pairs of hands take hold of my wrists and ankles.  It was clear that I could not escape.  He started with his hand and he hit very hard.  I yelled in pain and a pair of briefs was stuffed in to my mouth to keep me quiet.  The spanks rained down hard and fast.  I would have been howling if not for the gag.  Then he switched to a sneaker and continued.  This hurt even more and I was soon bawling.  Eventually, he stopped and I was let up.  The pain was so great that all I could do was rub my hot red butt while doing the spankers' dance to the hoots of the crowd.  At that time, I did not care that my bald little boyhood was on display and waving.  I washed my face and got dressed to go to my next class.

Just like bullies – they push you over the edge and then they go after you for falling.  OK, Simon, how did it happen to you?

It was after gym and I was trying to get dressed.  The guys once again decided to have fun at my expense.  Suddenly, my clothes were the objects of a keep-away game which everyone else found amusing.  My pants and briefs managed to get thrown out into the hall.  I should have been suspicious but I thought I could get them since I was nearest the door.  Even if I was locked out, I would have my pants so I could go around the other door to get the rest of my clothes.  I wish that had been the plan.

Once I was in the hall, several others dashed out (all dressed, incidentally) and grabbed my stuff again.  Then my clothes were thrown into the open doorway across the hall and I dashed after my stuff without thinking.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  It was a big mistake for that was the entrance to the girls' locker room and the girls quickly caught me.  A scarf was tied about my eyes so that I could not see anything.  If I was hung like Henry, I'm sure that I would have been welcomed as a pleasant treat.  I doubt that I would have been blindfolded but lovingly touched and admired.  The girls would have eagerly showed their charms in hope of dating me.

However, I was not Henry with the big cock just a little boy with a tiny bald pee-pee who had the audacity to invade the girls' locker room to be a peeping Tom.  I guess that all the girls inspected me closely both visually and manually.  Their comments about my lack of development were cruel.  It was quickly decided that I was a naughty little boy and everyone knew that they get spanked.

I was force to lie on my back on what I suppose was a bench.  My little package was grabbed and pulled forward and up.  Then my legs were pushed together and raised.  Several of them held me in this strange position.  I did not realize what was going to happen until there was a hard SPANK on my exposed bottom.  I was spanked for some time with a variety of implements until I was crying like a baby.  Later I learnt that this is called the diaper position.

I was then ejected from the girls' locket room and my clothes also thrown out.  There was much laughter as I pulled off the blindfold and tried to put my clothes on.

I hope that you both mature over the summer so next year will be easier for you.  Did any thing happen out of school not counting coming and going?  OK Trev, tell us.

I was dumbfounded when Lisa called me one Saturday morning and asked if I would come over in the afternoon to help her and some friends.  Presley, she said, was supposed to but had to cancel because of illness.  I quickly accepted for, after all, since Presley was a very popular guy so that I felt flattered.

It was only after I was in an easy chair in Lisa's family room with Rachael that I discovered what was going on.  Presley's help was to bring his little brother so that Lisa and Rachael could teach a gaggle of eleven-year-old girls diapering skills so that they could babysit.  "You will be perfect for them to practice on since you have such a little boy pee-pee."

"I don't think it appropriate for me to be naked with a batch of young girls.  Please get someone else."  They insisted that it was just fine and not any different than on the beach.  They warned me if I did not do it, there would be consequences.  I was trapped.

For the next four miserable hours, four little girls and two big ones diapered, oiled, powdered, washed and otherwise paid close attention to my bald, little thing.  At times I got hard and that was also an educational points.

They also instructed the girls in how to spank a naughty boy.  I was placed over Lisa's lap for a real demonstration and then each of the little ones had a turn.  It didn't really hurt but I did not like it.

There was one pleasant thing, however.  After the little ones had left, Lisa and Rachael gently jerked me off.  Well, to a dry come.  Unfortunately, they thought that was funny also.

That was absolutely awful.  Do you think that you could have avoided all this pain in anyway.  Go ahead Simon.

Of course, starting puberty a year ago would have avoided it and I would have felt better too.

I see you don't think that something I could have done.  Well, I guess that the event that precipitated everything was taking Alvin's trunks.  If I hadn't done that, then I wouldn't have lost mine, gotten spanked and been seen by my classmates.  Of course, they could have discovered my lateness anyway.

OK, Trev.

Well, certainly if Simon had been wearing his trunks, I wouldn't have started with him and then maybe I would have gotten through the year OK.  I guess that I've paid for my nastiness that day because it got turned back on me many fold.  I've already apologized to Simon for that.  Perhaps, if not for me maybe school would not have been so bad for him.

That is the story.  I want to thank both Simon and Trev for telling us of their unpleasant experiences.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 5, 2012

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