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Beach Spankings


It was only the first weekend in June and it was already blazing hot.  There was only one way that Russ and his single mom figured that they would find relief and that was at the beach.  She knew of a small ‘secret’ beach and decided to go there.  Even though Russ was almost eleven she thought he should have the pleasure of being nude on the beach.  Until recently that was always the case even on the usual crowded beaches.  He never expressed and discomfort being naked until recently.

They arrived early and were surprised that there were a couple of other people there.  Ezekiel, similarly naked, was about the same age as Russ and also in the care of his mother.  It was a very happy coincidence and they paired up nicely.  The two boys were having great fun going and out of the surf and tossing a ball about.  The sea water kept them delightfully cool.  Their mothers chatted in the shade of large beach umbrellas.

Both mothers were delighted at how things were going.  They were also pleased that they could enjoy the sight of the beautiful young lithe bodies of their sons.  To avoid confusion, let it be said that it was not lustful.

It was late morning when ‘the others’ showed up.  It was a gaggle of three tween girls, Ginger, Polly and Terri.  Hank, Ginger and Terri’s big brother was in charge.  Just sixteen he had his driver’s licence and was considered sufficiently responsible to care for the trio.

The girls had promised to be ‘good’, as in well behaved, and to follow Hank’s directions.  He had managed to gain disciplinary authority for he stipulated that otherwise they would return home IMMEDIATELY if there was any problem.  The girls in their wildest moments could not imagine that he would exercise any such power when they agreed to his terms.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Ezekiel who first spotted the group setting up on the beach.  “Russ!  Look!  Girls!” he said unhappily.  “Do you have a bathing suit?  I don’t.”

“Ugh.  Neither do I.  Yipe!  Two of them are in my class!” responded Russ with horror.  “Those two are most definitely big trouble.”

The boys did not have any idea how terribly true that last comment was but, unfortunately, it did not take long to find out for the girls soon joined them uninvited.

The taunting, snide and otherwise demeaning remarks quickly started to fly.

There was a constant flow of remarks such as these: “What little pee-pees you have.” and “Only bald little boys go naked.”

Both boys easily thought of good retorts mocking the girls for the inappropriate staring at so called babies and the silliness of their bikini swim wear without the sexy bits underneath.  Ezekiel conferred with Russ about saying such things but Russ immediately nixed the idea.  “Mother will also hear and then I’ll be in real trouble.  She’ll say that I was disrespectful of females and then totally embarrass me with a spanking in front of the rude immature girls who are to blame.”

Ezekiel thought for a minute.  “You absolutely right.  My mom would very likely do the same thing.  Thanks heaps for saving my ass.  Let’s give them a cheery ‘Good morning.’”  And they did so to the girls’ confusion.

The girls did not realize the equivalent things that the boys did about others hearing their remarks.  In this case it was Hank who was dismayed at what he was hearing.  His kid sisters and their friend were acting like babies and bullies.  It was quite inexcusable behavior.  He would have to stop it immediately and assure that it would never recur.  That meant immediate punishment for best results.

“Ginger!  Polly!  Terri!” he bellowed loudly, “Come here.”  Of course, that attracted everyone’s attention as he wanted.  The girls objected so he added “NOW!”

The boys recognized what that sort of call meant and were delighted that it was not for them this time.  They kept their distance while watching closely.  Hank immediately began chastising the girls for their terrible behavior.  He vividly remembered how he was treated just a few years earlier for some similarly poor behavior.

“You have all earned getting your mouths washed out with soap but unfortunately we can’t do that here.  But you all are getting spanked now.”

“You can’t spank us.” they insisted.

“Yes I can and if you don’t cooperate we will go home and you will get spanked there by Mom and even get your mouths washed out with soap.”  They were shocked.  It was extremely rare that they were punished like boys were even though they were well deserving of such treatment.  The boys were also surprised but thought that it was eminently fair and proper.

Hank sat on the ice chest and called Ginger to his side.  This was not a familiar position for her.  He gave a quick, hard yank which opened the string which held her bikini bottom in place and it fell to the sand.  (“A bikini style swim suit is totally inappropriate for such young girls.” he thought.)  It was easy to flip her over his lap and he immediately commenced spanking her.  She howled to all the males’ delight.

Over and over he raised his hand and applied it to her well deserving tail.  He was pleased at how her bottom was turning red and that she was in discomfort as he remembered his being spanked experiences and what made them effective.  When she was cherry red and crying he stood her up.  He also yanked the top string so that she also lost the rest of her swim suit before she collapsed onto the blanket crying.

The boys were delighted, especially Russ to see Ginger get her just reward.  They continued watching as Polly got the identical treatment.  They agreed that having kept silent rather than retorting had been the best thing that they could have possibly done.© YLeeCoyote

With the two older red-tailed and naked girls, Hank turned his attention to Terri.  She got a longer lecture including instructions not to always follow what big sister did but a shorter spanking because she was just a follower.

The girls stayed with Hank under their umbrella until they stopped crying.  Then they were instructed to go to the boys and apologize for their bad behavior and were not permitted to put their inappropriate swim suits back on nor to try to cover up.

The boys had the good grace to accept while enjoying seeing the girls naked as they were.  After a while of playing together, the girls agreed that it was really fun to be naked in the water.

Russ was very happy that he would not be teased back in school because of this day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 1, 2022

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