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The following story is fiction about CP with a cane.  The story contains scenes of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Beating the Virus


The virus was rampant.  Twenty percent of the students could not be sent home so remained.  The trustees posted strict rules to minimize the spread of the virus through the school.  The penalties started at three cuts for a first offence.

Head Boy Alderwood heard the loud sneeze and saw the bare hand at the face.  It should have been a double tissue or an elbow but that was better than nothing.  The sneezer walked right by the hand sanitizer without using it and even the lavatory a few steps further.

"Mr. Bentley, please use the dispenser as per the Trustees' orders, Sir." said Alderwood most politely.

With a grunt of disgust, Bentley ignored the suggestion and walked on.  The Head Boy dutifully filled out the violation report.

The assembly that afternoon was held outdoor on the stadium seats with the students spread out.  The Head spoke of how important it was to follow the hygienic rules to prevent the spread of the dreaded disease.  He had several reports of violations from the Masters and Prefects.  As he threatened, er, promised and warned violators would receive inspiration from the cane to comply before all.  "I am very disappointed to have received so many reports of lapses.  Alderwood will call each to the front for his due." he said handing the cards to the Head Boy and removing his gown and jacket.© YLeeCoyote

"Tracy." called the Head Boy and continued with "Failed to cover his mouth and nose when he sneezed crossing to the field house."

"Drop them and bend over for six-of-the-best."  The lad obeyed knowing the procedure well.  The Head quickly dispensed justice without a further word as the school.  Many could tell that the Head had put his all in this trashing.

As the Head wiped down the cane with a sanitizer, the next boy was called and the procedure was repeated.  Ranhorn got only four since his infraction was less serious.

When Alderwood called out Bentley things got very quiet and it was easy to hear of both the infractions and the refusal to compensate.  When Bentley did not immediately come forward, the Head called him.  Slowly he approached and quickly was rewarded with verbal lashing from the Head about his horrid conduct and disregard of the Trustees' directives and the health of the school members.  As with the one before, he was ordered to get into position.

When he hesitated, the Head commented: "I suppose that I'll have your resignation within the hour."  Bentley quickly removed his coat and dropped his trousers and pants and assumed the required position.

The student body and the other masters watched silently as the Head raised and lowered the cane with great effect.  They were surprised when the sixth cut was not diagonal but parallel and quickly followed by a seventh.  It was the eleventh and twelfth cuts that were diagonal to make a double gate.

It was an after climax when the other two reported students got swished and signed the punishment book.

The Head was most pleased with the universal compliance after that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 20, 2020

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