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In the Leave It to Beaver episode Beaver the Hero (TVLand #207, 1963) The Beaver is a football hero – briefly.  The fame went to his head and got him into trouble.  This is how I think he should have redeemed himself.  The first three paragraphs summarize the plot of the TV show.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.  The copyright characters of LITB are used under the parody and fair use copyright rules and are not mine.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Beaver the Hero – Not


The Beaver was hurting. He was hurting real bad and it was worse for he knew it was because he had been a full fledged total asshole.  It had started almost a week ago when he became the football hero of Grant Avenue Grammar School (GAGS) by catching the last pass of the game in the end zone thus scoring the winning touchdown.  He had played a whole two minutes of the game.

He had absolutely no doubt that he was THE HERO of ALL HEROES.  His picture had been in the paper.  The girls at school were panting after him.  The jocks, including Football Captain Terry the best player, wanted his company.  The soda jerk at Roberts Malt Shop named a Sunday after him.  He was flying high.

At first his family praised him but after a few days Wally explained to him about how he was not doing the right thing for he was acting like a jerk.  His balloon was really punctured the evening before the next game.  The coach phoned to find out why he skipped practice that day.  Being told not to even suit up for tomorrow's game caused The Beaver to crash.  Of course, his family supported him and he got over the initial problem.  He asked Ward not to lecture him as Wally had already told him how he been acting creepy but he had not listened.

All the next day Beaver was distracted in class as he contemplated how much of a creep he had been since the last game.  He knew that he had let down the entire team and disappointed his family.  He really wished that he had listened to his big brother who always told him the right stuff.  By the end of the day, he had decided what to do.

It would not be fun.© YLeeCoyote

It would be embarrassing.

It would even hurt.

He knew that he did not have to do it.  He could stay a boy; a baby boy – a little longer.

But he did not want to be a boy; he wanted to be a MAN.

A man takes responsibility for what he done.

A man makes amends for his errors.

And a man accepts the consequences even when they are unpleasant.

He wrote a letter to Wally and a speech for his team members.  He went to the novelty shop and got the implement that he needed.  He dragged Wally to the football game telling him he would explain things latter.  They were in time to see the GAGS win the game in the last few minutes.  Beaver waited a few minutes for the coach to give the team the congratulation pep talk and then hide in his office while the team showered and changed.

It was hard for Beaver to say what he needed to say.  It was awkward but he eventually got it all out.

"Guys, I'm sorry for being such an asshole.  I did not win the last game by myself but because YOU all did so much.  YOU guys blocked the other team.  YOU setup the pass situation.  YOU threw the football.  I just caught it and stepped over the line.  I only played a couple of minutes.  I'm really sorry for being a stuck up prick and not coming to practice yesterday.  I promise to change and be a real team member if you'll have me."

There was some applause.  Then Beaver picked up the package, opened it and handled the paddle he had gotten to Terry, the captain and best player.

"I'm really sorry and my ass is yours to prove it."  He then dropped his pants and shorts and stepped out of them.  After stripping off his shirt he bent over and took a firm hold of a bench.

Terry hesitated and looked questioningly at Wally who was just as surprised.  A high school senior he knew that Beaver had to do this and would not want it stopped.  (His brother must have had another reason for wanting him here.)  He nodded a little and Terry stepped over to Beaver.  He raised the paddle and brought it down on the upturned butt.  Beaver gasped but remained in position as his bottom started to turn red.  Terry felt a stirring in his package.  This was very different than when his father spanked him.  He raised that paddle and again WHACKED! Beaver's butt.  Beaver gripped the bench tighter for he was determined that he would not move.  The stirring in Terry's crotch got bigger.  He did not want to spring a hard on in front of the team doing this.  Terry handed the paddle to Denny.  The Beaver looking backward through his legs saw this and was pleased.  Terry was the biggest and strongest member of the team.  Also, Beaver wanted to repent with each member of the team.  It was only now he realized that there were over twenty guys waiting their turns.  Second thoughts flashed through his mind but his resolve held.

Denny did the same thing as had Terry.  He took two WHACKS at Beaver's ass and passed the paddle on.  The pattern was set by Terry and seconded by Denny.

Close observation showed that Terry was not the only one with a stiffening problem.  One could see that jock straps were bulging more than usual.

This was repeated until the entire team had their turns.  Terry then announced: "That's it Beaver.  Everyone had their turn.  You can get up."  Fortunately, none of them got carried away and all kept the paddle whacks moderate.  But with almost fifty paddle hits, Beaver was hurting but he managed not to cry or even yell.  He knew that a man does not cry.

Beaver, holding back the tears, managed to say: "Thanks guys.  I promise not to do this again."  That provoked a lot of laughter and, after a little delay, applause.

Naturally there was a wise guy on the team.  "Anytime, Beaver.  I'll paddle your butt anytime you want it."  Everyone laughed.

"Just be on time for Monday's practice, Beav." said Terry smiling.

Wally came over to Beaver and gave him a brotherly hug.  "That was very brave and grown up of you, Beav.  You made me proud."

"Thanks, Wally.  But I have something to say to you also and I want the guys to hear it."  The team members stopped drifting away and returned.  Beaver had given them a great show and now he promised more.

"Wally," Beaver continued taking out a piece of paper from his pocket and reading from it, "you gave me some very good advice and I ignored it like a little ba…, er, boy.  That got me into trouble.  Maybe next time I'll get into really serious trouble."  Wally was nodding and the team had no idea where Beaver was heading.  "If I act like that stupid little boy, rather than like a man, ignoring your good advice again, I want you to really correct me.  So that I remember – give me a real spanking.  OTK and bare assed." Everyone was shocked.  Just when boys are feeling that they are really to old to be spanked, one their classmates was asking for it to happen and not even from his father but his brother.

"Beaver, I don't know about this.  Dad probably would NOT approve."

"But that what's happens to little boys when they do stupid things that they know they shouldn't."  He paused.  "And for this time too, Wally, right now."

Wally realized that his brother must have done a lot of thinking.  He evidently decided that this was the way to undo the damage he had done to his reputation.  He surely wanted the team to know how serious he was about this.

Beaver let himself be glided into place as the team watched in silence.  Wally caressed the target and felt how it was already warm; very warm.  No matter how lightly he spanked, The Beaver would really feel it and probably cry before his team mates.  There was not any way for Beaver not to have known that would be certain to happen.  He was letting himself be shammed, no, humbled in front of the team.  He was proving himself to be truly repentant by being punished in two ways publicly.  Wally hoped that the team would also see how much courage it took to do this.

Wally raised his hand and brought it down hard on his brave brother's hot buns with a loud SMACK!!  He then repeated the act with rapid fire blows knowing that this was what his brother had decided should happen.  After a couple of minutes, Beaver started to sob and then to cry.

Wally continued for another minute and then stopped.  He stood Beaver up and pulled up his pants.  Using his own handkerchief he wiped Beaver's face.  The team drifted away and left them.  They were at a loss for words.

On the way home Wally kept his arm protectively about The Beaver shoulders with the precious letter close to his heart in his shirt pocket.  They had never felt so close as now.  They stayed silent as there was not any need for words.

Wally could not help but to think how his little baby brother was really growing up.  He was becoming more than a brother; he was becoming a real friend.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 8, 2001

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