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This story is fiction and deals with a school machine spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  In The Price of Fame (episode # 65) of Leave It to Beaver he snoops around looking for a spanking machine but only gets locked in the principal's office and rides home on a fire truck.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.  Please note that the copyright to Leave It to Beaver (Beaver, Mrs. Rayburn, Larry, Wally) are owned by some big company and I'm just using those characters under the parody exception to the copyright laws.

I have added a name for character that I don't believe was named in the original – the janitor of Grant Avenue Elementary School – Charlie Gutekunst so I don't need to keep saying 'janitor'.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Beaver Finds the Spanking Machine


The Beaver was obsessed by the spanking machine that the school supposedly had.  Larry had told him about it weeks ago and he could not get the idea out of his head.  He tried looking everywhere for it but never found it.  Once he even stayed after the final bell and snuck into Mrs. Rayburn's office.  It was not there; not even in the closet.  However, the janitor had (unknowingly) locked him in [bad] and he had to use the fire alarm [fun but naughty] to get help.  He got a ride home on the fire truck [fantastic] but also a talk with his father [awful].

This fateful day he had gotten out of class to use the toilet.  As he made his way to the boys' room, he kicked something on the floor.  It was a key.  It had a tag labeled "S.M." on one side and engraved "G.A.E.S. / B-101" on the other.  The Beav stared at this for sometime; for what but Spanking Machine could S.M. stand for.  The terrifying but fascinating machine DID EXIST.  He had the key and the room number.  "B" must be the basement.  He put the key in his pocket and went to pee.  Miss. Landers had to admonish him to pay attention three times that afternoon.

After the final bell, he slipped away from his friends and hid in the boys' room until all was quiet.  Then very careful to be as quiet as a mouse he slipped across the hall and into the stairwell.  For the first time ever he went into the basement.  It was not like the rest of the school with wide corridors and bright lights.  He started to look for room B-101 amidst all the service areas.  He found it at the end of the corridor.  The door was different from all the others like it was new.  He took the treasured key from his pocket and slipped it into the lock.  He turned it and heard the bolt slide.  It was the right key.  He opened the door.  There was a big machine in the middle of the room.  He turned on the light and walked toward it instantly mesmerized.

It was at least 8 feet high and wide and a yard thick.  It was unlike anything he had ever seen before.  There was not any doubt what it was for there was a large nameplate attached.

Peerless Spanking Machine
Model ES-3
Reg. US Pat. Off.© YLeeCoyote

If he had been older, he would have shouted: "Eureka!" but instead said: "WOW!  I found it!"  He studied the control panel carefully committing it to memory.  There were two switches – on/off and paddle/strap – three knobs – strokes (1-20), interval (1-5), and force (1-10) – and red and green stop and start buttons.  He searched for the paddle and strap fearful that he would find them.

He never heard the janitor come to the doorway.  He turned when he heard him say into the phone: "Mrs. Rayburn I found the miscreant with the stolen key.  Please come to room B-101."  There was no escape for the big janitor was blocking the doorway.  The Beaver stood there shaking as he waited for the strict Mrs. Rayburn.

A horrible thought crossed his mind as he waited.  Certainly he had wanted to see the machine in action but not <gulp> as its target.  He could not help but to put his hands to his butt protectively.  As horrible it was to wait for the principal, Beaver feared her arrival at the same time.

Beaver was right to be worried for Mrs. Rayburn was most angry when she showed up.  "Where is the thief, Charlie?"  she demanded as she entered the room.

"There he is." said Charlie pointing at a very nervous Beaver.

"Theodore Cleaver I am shocked that you would do such a terrible thing as to steal a key – especially one belonging to your school."

That she used his full name was not lost on Beaver.  "… but … but I did not steal the key, Mrs. Rayburn; I found it." he protested.

"Then you should have brought it to the office so that it could have been returned to the proper custodian rather than using it – especially since you knew that it was a school key from the markings.  Surely you know that you have no business down here in the basement."  Perhaps she was being a little harsh for having lost the key in the first place and trying to get over her own culpability.  "Give me the key, Theodore." she added putting out her hand.  She clipped it to the others she had.  "I suppose that I must give you a note for your parents, Theodore."

"Oh, no.  Please don't do that Mrs. Rayburn; they'll be…." a horrified Beaver said although not able to finish describing what might be the result.

"Perhaps the young man would like to volunteer so that we could test the machine." suggested Charlie.  He was just as anxious to see it in action as the Beaver.  "Obviously he was very interested and can atone for his transgression without disturbing his parents."

Beaver's head practically spun as the thought as he tried to balance being a test subject [bad] and keeping this from his parents [good].  There was a movie he planned to see this Friday and a party to go to on Saturday.  This definitely would not be a good weekend to be confined to his room.

"An interesting thought." said Mrs. Rayburn.  Both adults turned and looked at Beaver.

After a while Beaver got his courage up.  "You won't tell my parents if I volunteer, Mrs. Rayburn?" he asked hopefully.

"I won't Theodore.  Now follow Mr. Gutekunst's instructions."

Charlie stepped to the machine and turned it on.  Various lights went on and it seemed to hum happily.  "Come here, boy and remove your trousers."  Beaver complied glad that he was not told to remove his briefs also.  Charlie glided the Beaver into the position and strapped his arms and torso into place.  Then he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of Beaver's briefs and yanked them down.  "Your briefs don't need to be spanked, young man." he said sternly as he strapped Beaver's legs into place.

Beaver could not see Mrs. Rayburn step to the control panel and set it to one stroke of lowest force with the paddle and push the start button.  The paddle slipped out of its lair and struck Beaver's upturned bottom and withdrew.  It was a soft stroke they concluded from the minimal reaction of the target.  Carefully she proceeded through the settings with single strokes of the paddle.  Beaver increasingly reacted and his butt was turning red when he yelled at a setting of 7.  "Please, Mrs. Rayburn; that hurt!"

"It is suppose to, Theodore.  This is a spanking." she said coolly shifting the setting to 8 and pushing the button firmly.  The Beaver howled in pain.  The adults admired the redness of the target.

She switched the setting to 'strap' and dropped the force to 3.  The change was unexpected and new areas were hit causing Beaver new pain although not as intense as before.  She gave Beaver one cut of the strap at a 9 and was quite pleased by the reaction as Beaver pleaded that it was enough.  Mrs. Rayburn noted that the upper grade lads would need most extreme setting or many strokes or both.

"Now Theodore we will begin a real spanking for coming to the basement and not turning in the key."  She set the machine to 10 strokes of force 6 using the strap with a 15 second interval and pushed the start button.  The machine did its job and the Beav was crying before it was over.

"Please release Theodore, Charlie." she ordered.  He unstrapped the boy and pulled up his briefs and trousers.  "You may go now Theodore.  I hope that you have learnt a lesson.  You are not to talk about the machine."

"Yes, Mrs. Rayburn." he answered as he rubbed his hot bottom.

Charlie escorted Beaver to the hall where he ran to the boys' room to wash the tears away before going out and then to inspect the damage to his seat.  Mrs. Rayburn returned to her office and Charlie locked up the spanking machine.

That night after their parents had said goodnight, Wally sat on his brother's bed.  "Beav, you've been acting funny since you got home.  What's wrong?"

It took a while but eventually after Wally promised not to tell Beav spoke.  "Wally, there really is a SPANKING MACHINE.  I found it in Room B-101 at school and they used it on me."  Wally was skeptical until Beav showed him proof.  "They are keeping it secret for now but they got it."

Wally wondered if the high school had one and if so how long before Eddie would be in it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 10, 2005

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