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In the Leave It to Beaver episode Beaver's Bike (#109, TV-Land #104, 1959) the Beaver's new bike is stolen and as always, everything is resolved by talk.  Well, not everyone believes in that newfangled idea: Use the rod; spoil the child.  This is a sequel that many of us would like to see which returns to basics.  Ward's father, Gramps, was deceased in the series; although in my fictional reality, he is not.  The other characters belong to the show which I have shamelessly appropriated under the parody exception to copyright.

I don't recall the boys ever receiving any corporal punishment, however, in an episode about Wally and his junk car The Beaver says to Wally: "... like when dad use to spank us."  Too bad they never showed that.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Beaver's Spankings


The Beaver's First Spanking

"June, that was a delicious dinner, thank you." said Gramps as June took the last of the dishes to the kitchen leaving the "men" at the table to dawdle over her scrumptious double chocolate cake with coffee (for Ward and his father, Gramps) and milk (for Wally and The Beaver) and to have some "man talk".

"The bike shop called this afternoon, Beaver.  Your bike will be ready in the morning."

"Great, dad." said The Beaver with great effusiveness, "Can we pick it up and register it?"

"I don't know if the office is open on Saturday?" replied Ward.© YLeeCoyote

"It was when we registered your bike, son." said Gramps.

"Steve registered his a few weeks ago, dad, on a Saturday." injected Wally, ever helpful.

"OK, Beaver, we'll do it in the morning."

"Great!  I don't want to be illegal again." beamed The Beaver.

"Illegal?" asked Gramps.  Then the whole story came out.  How the bike was stolen and when the policeman was there to take the report it turned out that they had not registered the bike and did not even have the serial number.  Gramps was most interested in the failing of his son to register the bike.  He remembered when Ward was sixteen and got a fancy new bike.  He was suppose to register it but did not until he got a ticket.  He remembered what ensued.  "Ward, do you remember your three-speed bike when you were sixteen?"

Ward smiled as he thought back to those old days a half life ago.  "Yes, dad, it was the greatest.  I could really go with that one; I seem to fly!  It was so much faster that the old mono-speed one with its heavy frame and fat wheels."  Ward liked to talk about his past for he though it helped him get closer to his own boys.

The boys started to ask questions but Gramps did not let Ward respond for he asked another question: "That was when it was not locked up in the garage for the second week.  Remember that, son?  More important, do you remember why?"

Ward still smiled but with less of a twinkle in his eyes.  He did remember but he wished that he hadn't.  "That was a long time ago, dad."  Ward did not want to talk about that part of his past, particularly in front of his sons.

Gramps persisted and Ward was forced to tell that he had failed to register the bike (as he had promised) and had gotten a ticket.  Then for riding an unregistered bike he got a spanking.  Also, for not keeping his word a strapping also.  One of the results of that was that he promised never, ever to put off registering a bike again.  "It seems that you hadn't learnt your lesson then Ward." Gramps declared definitively.

Wally and The Beaver were not sure what to make of all this.  Even though they never got spanked, they knew that their father had been when he was kid.  The conversation was sure working towards some punishment for each of them had had extremely similar conversations with their father when they had transgressed.

Then it happened.  The two boys would never have imagined such a thing.  Gramps stepped into the hall just outside the dinning room archway.  "GIVE ME YOUR BELT, WARD CLEAVER, AND ASSUME THE POSITION."

"FATHER!  Please!"

"No back talk Ward or you'll get double!"  Gramps just loved that line.

Slowly Ward approached his father while his sons, frozen in shock, watched.  He slowly approached his father, slipped the belt from his trousers and handed it to his father.

"Drop 'em, son."

Ward opened his trousers and they fell to his ankles.  He bent over.

"Everything, son."

Ward straighten up, dropped his underwear and resumed the position.  Gramps doubled the belt and raised it.  Then he brought it down on his son's bare butt.


Ward flinched and bit his tongue to try not to cry out.  Both Wally and The Beaver had saucer eyes.  Their father was getting strapped by his father, their grandfather.  Strapped on his bare ass right in front of them.  Gramps was angry at his son for forgetting his promise even after more than twenty years.  The belt spoke of that wrath again and again.


Then Ward lost his resolve not to cry out.  He slipped back into the mind set of a youth being strapped by his father.  When he was sixteen he yelled and cried.  Now, almost forty, he was about to do the same.  He could not help himself. He succumbed to the pain and the dam broke.


Ward was crying.  Gramps continued for a few more blows and then he stopped.  Ward thought that it was over, but not quite.  "Into the corner, boy." ordered Gramps.  Ward, with tears still  dripping, stood up and found the corner.  He knew the rules: no rubbing, hands on head and no talking – just stand with his bright red butt showing for everyone to admire.  This time he had a brand new audience – his own two sons.

After what seem to be an eternity to Ward but was really only a half hour, Gramps sent Ward to bed.  Shortly after the boys said goodnight to Gramps and went to bed also.  Gramps said goodbye to June and left.

A little latter The Beaver was having one of his talks with his all-knowing, albeit very confused, big brother.

June was deeply affected this; learn how in Peachesicu's story Ward and June

The Beaver's Second Spanking

A few weeks latter, Ward was on the 11:57 train as planed to go a business conference for a week.  June, Wally and The Beaver all assured him that she and the boys could manage for a week without him.  "The boys are not babies." she said.

"We'll be good." the boys promised him for the umpteenth time.

It was the next day that the accident happened.  June's mother was seriously, possibility critically, injured in an accident and June had to go to her in the hospital back in their home town.  Gramps was available to "baby sit" the boys and his housekeeper would take care of the domestic chores.  She left on the 9:28 train with the earnest promise from the boys that they would be good and mind their grandpa.  Gramps assured her that all would be fine; after all he raised Ward OK.

Wally and The Beaver quickly learnt that Gramps was a very different sort of parent than they were use to.  He watched them very closely and even inspected their homework daily.  They had a strict curfew – 6:00 for dinner (so that the housekeeper could leave early) and then had to do homework until bedtime.  On Wednesday, like he frequently did, The Beaver stayed at his friend's house for dinner but forgot to call.  Since Wally was also at a friend's house for dinner and to work on a school project he could not explain that to Gramps.  When The Beaver returned at 8:00 Gramps was quite upset.  The Beaver's casual attitude was not helpful.  A humble apology might have saved him but stating that it was a normal thing sealed his fate.

"Go do your homework, Theodore." a fuming Gramps ordered.  "I'll see you later."

As usual, Gramps came in a few minutes before lights out to check their homework, but this night he came a little earlier.  After that parental task, he turned The Beaver's desk chair around and sat down.  With Theodore standing in front of him, he delivered a long lecture on responsibility and consideration for others.  Then The Beaver heard something he had never heard before.  "So that you won't forget, I'm going to spank you."

The Beaver was stunned and so was Wally who was already in bed.  He had never even been threatened with a spanking before.  Gramps pulled his pj bottoms down and pulled him across his lap.  Gramps got a firm hold on the boy's waist and patted his bottom.  Then he raised his hand and brought it down hard on the lad's bottom.


The Beaver yelped.  This was a new and unfamiliar sensation.


Then Gramps continued with hard rapid SPANKS for five minutes.


Before he was half though, The Beaver was crying.  When Gramps stopped he directed The Beaver to get into his bed.  He turned the light out as he left the room.

The Beaver cried for a while.  Eventually Wally got up the courage to comfort him.  "It could have been worse, Beaver; he could have used his belt like he did on dad."

The Beaver's Third Spanking – A Double Header

When Wally left school on Friday it was a glorious day – the sun shining in a cloudless sky and the temperature moderate.  The weather prediction for weekend was for heavy rain all weekend. "Not fair," moaned one of his buddies, "why can't it rain on a fuckin' school day rather than on the weekend."

The gang went to the park to play ball until dusk all leaving their homework for the rain days.  As they walked home from the park, Wally and Eddie were playing catch with the baseball.  One disaster they might have avoided, but four was just too much.  First, Gramps was outside looking for him as he was late.  Second, they were in the street and Eddie had to jump aside to avoid getting hit by car passing with its brakes screeching.  Third, Wally threw the ball hard.  It flew right by Eddie, now out of position.  It flew right by Gramps.  It flew right through a front window shattering the glass.

"WALLACE CLEAVER get in the house immediately!" roared Gramps.  Wally ran inside.  Eddie dashed the other way taking his slick manners with him.

"Clean that mess up, Wallace, and don't cut yourself." snapped Gramps as he picked up the hardball.  Wally did as he was told realizing that he had best be quiet.  What Wally did not notice was that Gramps was calling Eddy's parents.  They had dinner immediately for he had come home late.  After the main course was served, Gramps told his housekeeper that she could leave.  Wallace would do the dishes because he was late.

Inwardly, Wally sighed with relief.  Although doing dishes was not his idea of fun, it sure was better than being punished in many other ways.  Then he discovered that he was to serve the dessert – some scrumptious cake – but there were only two portions – one for Gramps and one for The Beaver.  He got the message.  Well, no dessert and doing dishes was not so bad.

It was after he had finished the dishes, taped some cardboard over the damaged window and taken out the garbage that Gramps started that he was going to have a "little talk" but they would wait until Edward came.  Gramps was about to explain, when the bell rang.

Eddy was his usual super polite, obnoxious self.  "Good evening, Mr. Cleaver.  My mother said that you had something special for Wallace and me and that I was to share it equally.  Hi, Wally; Theodore.  She also expressed her appreciation for your help in this matter since my father is away."

"Yes, Edward.  Sit next to Wallace on the couch."

"You two have done several things wrong, Wallace and Edward.  Do you know what they are?"

Wally hesitated a minute and admitted to breaking a window and being late.

"Excuse me, Sir, but I did not break a window nor was I late."

"That's true Edward but you and Wallace were doing something very dangerous – playing in the street and in a very careless manner.  You were almost run down right in front of here."  Then he asked what might be a fair punishment.

Wally was trapped and Eddy did not know where this was all leading.  Wally's brother had been spanked for being late just two days earlier.  "I guess that I should have to pay for the window and be spanked like The Bea... er, Theodore was."  Eddy had not known that The Beaver had been spanked.

"Yes, Wallace, definitely spanked for being late but also STRAPPED for playing in the street with traffic which is very, very dangerous.  Fortunately, only the window was hurt and not you or your friend.  That, Edward, is what I have special for Wallace that your mother said for you to 'share'."

Eddy was shocked.  He had never been even been spanked and now he was about to be strapped by his best friend's grandfather and with two witnesses.  Eddy could only stutter.

"Your mother said you can get your due now with Wallace or you can wait until your father returns and get it double."

"Wallace, give me your belt and get into position, lad."  Wally vividly remembered what Gramps had done to his father a few weeks earlier.  He slowly slipped the belt out of his pants and took up a position near the hall.  Then he dropped his pants and briefs.  "You're going to get one for every year and I want you to count them." stated Gramps as he took his position.

WHACK! went the belt.

After the unfamiliar pain stimulated yelp, Wally managed a weak "One".  The Beaver was watching and he winced in sympathy.  Eddy watched in horror.

WHACK!  "Two."

WHACK!  "Three."  WHACK!  WHACK!

Wally was confused for he realized that he was getting a hard-on by the time WHACK! he said: "Six."


Wally could also feel the tears building up but he managed not to cry until WHACK! he said: "Ten."

WHACK!  "Eleven."

WHACK!  "Twelve."  By now he was bawling.

WHACK!  "Thirteen."

WHACK!  "Fourteen."

Wally straightened up and Eddy was in a daze.  "Edward, get into position." Gramps said in a commanding voice worthy of a Marine DI.  Slowly, Edward walked forward and took Wally's place.  Three pairs of eyes were on him as he dropped his pants and briefs.  Slowly he bent over and Gramps said:  "You know the drill, lad."

WHACK!  Eddy howled like a banshee and squeaked out a week: "One."


Eddy was like a crying banshee as he tried to count "four".


Eddy missed counting stroke nine so Gramps repeated it.

WHACK!  "Nine" he said – sorta through his bawling.

WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  "Thirteen."

WHACK!  "Thirteen."

WHACK!  "Fourteen."

"Each of you go stand in a corner." ordered Gramps.  They did as they were told.  As they stood there, their tear rates diminished.  Both youths remained very hard.

The Beaver was all eyes as he watched this.  His great big brother and obnoxious buddy were getting strapped on their bare bottoms by his grandpa.  He was confused that he found this so exciting.  Apparently Wally and Eddy did also for even though they was crying like a babies, they were hard.  He wondered why his own equipment was tingling.

He continued to stare at Wally, who was always so strong, and Eddy standing in the corners with their freshly strapped asses hanging out and glowing red and crying.  "Have you finished your homework yet, Theodore?"  Gramps asked quietly.  The Beaver took the hint and went to his room.

The Beaver's Fifth Spanking

A half hour later, The Beaver heard the front door open and close and then Wally joined him in their bedroom.  He had stopped crying but did not want to talk.  He quickly stripped and showered.  He put on his pj top but not the bottoms and stood in the corner.  The Beaver was not sure what to think but he had no doubts about what to look at – his brother's still hot butt – as he sat at his desk not really doing his homework.

A few minutes latter, Gramps came in.  Not surprisingly he pulled out the desk chair and called Wallace over.  "It time for your spanking for being late, Wallace."  Wally let himself be guided into position just as The Beaver had done two nights ago.  He took a firm grip and patted the naughty boy's already hot bottom.  Wally winced for he knew that this was going to hurt.  He clenched his teeth in the hope that he would not yell as he did with the strap.  He was very aware that his little brother was watching.

"SLAP!"  Gramps laid on the first spank real hard.  It took all of Wally's will power not to yell out.  As spank after spank crashed down on his butt checks, he managed not to yell but could not help but to cry.  Eventually, Gramps stopped and both boys got into bed and Gramps said goodnight and put out the light.

The Beaver wanted to know which hurt more – the belt or Gramps's hand.  Wally refused to answer as he sobbed himself to sleep.

In the morning Gramps took the boys to the hardware store to get a replacement pane of glass and the other stuff needed.  Then during a break in the rain, they all replaced the glass.  Wally arranged to pay Gramps in three weekly instalments for the materials after he got his allowance.

After lunch, Gramps took the boys to the movies and then they picked up Ward.  Gramps never said anything about the window or any of the spankings.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 14, 2000

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