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Becky's Bad, Bad Day


This was a day Becky Cundy would not soon forget although she surely wanted to.  She reckoned that it was the worst day of her life.  Hopefully, it would stay the worst day of her life for a long time.

Becky's troubles started even before she got up that morning.  She had forgotten to set her alarm clock properly and was late even before she got out of bed.  It was most unfortunate for this to happen this day for her mother had taken her younger brother to a very early doctor's appointment.  Fortunately, she awoke by herself and managed to run to school bus stop with just seconds to spare before the driver closed the door and drove off.

In her least favorite class, geography, with her stomach growing with hunger, Becky found it even more difficult than usual to pay attention to the boring lecture.  Ms. Oldmaid kept calling on her asking the silliest questions such as "Where is Timbuktu?" and "What is the longest river in Africa?"  On the third failure to correctly respond, Becky was ordered to the front of the room.  Although Becky was horrified at what this would mean, the rest of the class was delighted.  Few fourteen year olds like to get strapped, especially in front of their peers, however, they all enjoy watching one of their fellow classmates get it.

Becky wanted to move slowly, but that only would make things worse – by two additional strokes.  As soon as she was at the front, Becky was ordered to bend over the desk and grip the far side.  Then Ms. Oldmaid proceeded to raise Becky's skirt to expose her panties-covered derrière.  The girls did not care for the already familiar view but the boys were happily looking forward to it.  They were pleasantly surprised to see bikini panties in a delicate shade of pink with lace trim and butt skin rather than the required school uniform of heavy, white cotton which the girls' called granny panties.  Ms. Oldmaid immediately squawked at this infraction and ordered Becky to remove the offensive garment instantly and deposit it in the trash receptacle.  The boys, even the gay ones, were delighted.  The red-faced Becky complied and resumed her position.  Again, Ms. Oldmaid raised Becky's skirt to expose her derrière.  It was the lass' own fault that she had forgotten her regulation panties and thus was so cruelly exposed.  Many of the boys had to make some adjustments in their suddenly snugger trousers for there was not any doubt that Becky was a split-tail.

Ms. Oldmaid got into position next to the bent over girl and raised up the strap.  She quickly brought it down precisely on target thanks to her having had many years of experience.  Becky howled.  A red stripe appeared on her pale cheeks even as they bounced from the blow.  Many a teen hand groped its owner's crotch.  There were many smiles.  Three more times Ms. Oldmaid raised up the wicked strap and brought it down hard on the upturned bottom turning it a nice rosy hue reminiscent of a dark red rose.  Becky stood up and grasped her stinging bottom with both hands.  "Back in position, girl.  There is still the matter of the obscene panties."© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, ma'am." Becky sighed as she resumed the prescribed position.

"You deserve another four for those obscene panties but there is a limit of six at one time." said Ms. Oldmaid as she delivered the fifth stinging blow extra hard.  Becky jumped up howling in pain.  "Back in position, girl.  That one does not count and earns an extra."  The class was certain that they could hear glee in her old voice as she said that.

Becky gripped the desk tightly as the fifth stroke was repeated and howled.  The sixth stroke caused her to cry like a little lass.  Then the extra stroke was delivered and rendered Becky bawling.  Those who watched closely noticed that Ms. Oldmaid had shifted slightly away so that the end of the strap was centered on the middle of Becky's tail and struck low so as to get her lower lips.  "Back to your seat, girl, and pay attention."  With her tear streaked, red-face and glowing neither cheeks she made her way back to her hard wooden seat trying to ignore the boys' (and even some girls') smirks and wide grins.  It was painful to sit with just the thin short uniform skirt between her hot tail and the hard wood seat.  She truly wished that she had a thick soft pillow to sit on.

When the class was over she rushed to the lavatory as did many of her classmates.  A couple of friends helped her wash away the tear stains and a few others flipped her skirt up so admire the glowing globes.  Delighted girls from other classes also saw 'the light' and the word quickly spread that Becky was free flapping.

The Boys' Room was also unusually mobbed.  Most of the boys there had to deal with hard problems that arose when the bare shapely ass and neatly trimmed snatch of Becky got seared in class.  Since time between classes was most limited, it is fortunate that reaching a climax is easy for fourteen-year-old lads.  Of course, those boys who were there just to pee, quickly learnt why the mob scene.  The boys also spread the word that Becky was now free flapping and was wearing a short skirt.

* * * * * * * * * *

Even before getting to her second class Becky was receiving a lot of extra attention from the other students.  Enough of her classmates knew that she had a hot and red tail covered only by her shirt.  In her rush in the morning, Becky had grabbed one of her uniform skirts from the previous year.  They were a size smaller because she had been smaller when they were purchased (so that they were both shorter and a tighter fit) and were kept for emergencies according to Becky's mother.  Becky had kept them not for class but for the biweekly dances since they were far sexier than the longer ones she owned.  Today, however, they were a definite liability.  Just passing through the hallways and on the stairs, her skirt was flipped up both fore and aft several times and not just by boys as she made her way to her second class.  On the staircase, Becky was on the central side and provoked several wolf whistles from appreciative boys who looked heavenward.

Becky arrived a couple of minutes late for class.  The teacher, Mr. Handsome Younghunk had special seats reserved for late comers for in each corner of the dais was a high stool.  A century ago they would have been called dunce stools but that was no longer done.  As Mr. Younghunk got to the end of the paragraph, he interrupted his lecture.  "Ms. Cundy, please have a seat right up here." he said pointing to one of the stools "It is essential that you not miss any more of the class."  Becky was certain that he had slurred her name so that the 'd' sounded a lot like a 't' especially since many of her classmates were grinning.

Becky groaned as she obeyed.  She certainly did not wish to be sent to the office now that she had a red-painted tail rather than a panties-covered one.  But with all eyes on her, eyes that certainly knew she was free flapping, she made a terrible miscalculation.  She dropped her book bag and then slid onto the stool rather than lifting her skirt in the rear and sitting down.  This was OK as long as she kept her legs tightly together.  But she had to fidget because of the pain and thus she spread her legs.  Since she was sitting on her short skirt, the front part did not fall down between her legs so that she exposed her slit to the class.

When there were several giggles and when Becky noticed that she was being stared at she was confused.  Mr. Younghunk walked about the classroom as he lectured and was in the back at the time.  Being less than twice the age of his students, he fully appreciated how the boys and even the girls were enjoying the view.  Truth be told, he was enjoying it also.  He decided not to embarrass the lass by telling her especially since that would also disrupt the class.

After class, the boys' room was very crowded as they relieved themselves and the girls talked of how slutty Becky was for sitting with her pussy on display.

* * * * * * * * * *

The third period passed quietly but in the change period Becky and several other girls had harsh words for each other and then in the cafeteria the words became shouts.  Shouts became shoves and pushing.  Then Becky and Margo Polkinghorn got into a real fight.  Everyone was watching as the two struggled; first standing and then rolling on the floor.  Once there, the girls' skirts both flapped about.  Margo was seen to be wearing regulation white cotton panties that covered her more than her bathing suit did on the beach.  The boys especially enjoyed Becky doing her bit to advance comparative anatomy studies.

It took a few minutes before two teachers could stop the fight and get the girls standing against the wall.  They were both panting.  One teacher had to leave to get to his class, leaving only the young Ms. Teacherintraining to deal with the combatants.  She sent the head hall monitor, Thomas Millar, to the office get Mr. Nutting, the vice-principal, and his paddle.

A few minutes later, Tom returned with the paddle and a message from the VP.  "I'm busy now, but here is the paddle.  Ten strokes on each cheek with panties down and then wall time with skirts pinned up until the end of the period."  Ms. Teacherintraining pinned up two skirts noting how Ms. Polkinghorn was wearing the proper panties while Ms. Cundy was not.  "Please follow Mr. Nutting instructions with two extra for Ms. Cundy for not wearing panties, Mr. Millar."

Tom did not have to be told twice for unlike the good feeling that his name sake in Samuel Clemens' story had for his Becky, he did not like this Becky.  He was very glad that he was wearing his tight jock strap so that his pleasure in carrying out this most odious assignment would not be so obvious.  A couple of chairs were properly positioned. The two miscreants were instructed to bend over them and Tom then lowered Margo's panties.  Both girls were instructed to spread their feet and to grasp their chair's railing.  Margo's panties limited how far she could spread her legs and thus limiting the exposure of her privates.  Becky had no such limiting garment and Tom made her spread her legs a lot more much to the delight of the boys and Becky's enemies.  Tom then proceeded to use VP Nutting's paddle.  It was made of leather, about fourteen inches long like an oversize ping-pong paddle with holes.  It stung like hell but did not bruise the underlying bone.

Margo got her first ten WHACKS on her left cheek.  She took them well staying in place and not yelling.  Becky did not do so well although in fairness it should be mentioned that she was already tenderized from Ms. Oldmaid's strapping.  Nevertheless, she was going to get this paddling.  When Tom delivered the first stroke, Becky jumped and howled much to the amusement of everyone else.  Tom asked Sean Vibert to hold her in place.  Sean had a crush on Becky for years but she always scorned him and Tom knew it.  Sean knelt in front of Beaky and held her wrists tightly as he relished the clear view he had of the haughty pussy that was unreachable.  Tom then proceeded to inflict the specified dozen strokes leaving Becky in tears.

Tom then returned to the other naughty lass.  He switched the paddle to his left hand to spank the right cheek.  Ten times he applied the heavy paddle inflicting the authorized punishment.  Then, of course, it was back to Becky.  Tom, as could everyone else, saw how paler one cheek was than the other even though it had been strapped in the morning.  He set to correct that with the required dozen stokes.  When he was done, the two globes matched.  The two well-paddled girls were stood up against the wall until the end of the period.  Margo's panties were pulled up as the protocol did not require them to be left down.  Becky did not have any panties to be pulled up so her glowing derrière was left on full display.

After the bell rang and the other students had departed, Ms. Teacherintraining unpinned the raised skirts and sent them onto their next classes.  Both girls had missed lunch and since she had also missed breakfast, Becky was very hungry.

* * * * * * * * * *

The afternoon went wonderfully by comparison for Becky did not get spanked, paddled, strapped or any such thing.  However, everyone in the school knew that she was not wearing any panties under her short skirt.  When she dressed after PT, she found that the zipper on her skirt was jammed.  Since wearing gym shorts to class was prohibited, she had to continue to wear the defective skirt.  Again, Lady Luck was against her as the skirt had a back, rather than a side, zipper.  She hope that her crack would not show but since the skirt was tight the zipper gapped to the delight of many.  Of course, many times she was subjected to her skirt being lifted and comments made about her pussy and about her red-hot butt.  There were great choruses of laughter and hoots of approval whenever her skirt was lifted.  The girls tended to lift the back but several lifted the front for appreciative male audiences.

Becky was one very unhappy lass by the end of the day.  She had to make a very hard choice.  To stay behind and walk home alone or to take the school bus and surely be subject to more ridicule.  There was also the low, although real, risk of meeting some rowdies if she walked who might do some very bad things if they discovered how exposed she was and the pain in her bottom made it most unpleasant to walk.  With some trepidation she boarded the school bus.  Needless to say she wanted to stand but that was not permitted and she had to sit near the rear.  As she walked to the seat, several girls taunted her about her zipper being open and that her crack was showing.  "It's jammed." she explained not that anyone cared and pretended not to believe her.

Hud, a boy a year older whom she did not like, stood and blocked the aisle to politely offer her the window seat next to him.  Since it was the last seat, Becky was forced to sit next to him.  She was the only girl in the mist of the boys in the rear of the bus. Hud immediately placed his hand on her thigh and she tried to push it away.  Her pushes just seemed to have the effect of moving his hand further up her leg under her short skirt and closer to her sex which was not even protected by thin panties.  Becky yelled at him to move his hand and she was surprised that he did.  "Why are you being so shy now, Becky," he asked loudly, you've been running about naked all day?  We've all seen your trimmed bush, your glistening cunt, your crimson ass and even your winking asshole."  Everyone around laughed.  Becky turned beat red.

After an eternity, her stop came and she jumped up and rushed for the exit.  What she had not noticed was Tony had caught hold of her skirt when he removed his hand.  Her sudden movement stressed the button threads past their breaking point and as she went up the aisle, her skirt dropped to the floor leaving her bare-assed once again.  The skirt about her ankles hobbled her and caused her to fall.  Again she was on her hands and knees and the boys cheered how she exhibited her holes and roasted tail once again.  The bus driver berated her for her disgusting conduct and took her name for his report.  Of course, she was standing before him sans skirt so he had a good view of her sex as she searched for her id card in her bag.  As she got off the bus she dashed to the side and saw her skirt hanging out a window.  She hoped it would be dropped and she could recover it but that did not happen.

The three girls who got off at the stop called her a "slut" and "whore" and "hussy" and rushed away from such an evil bitch.  The boys were smiling.  Becky put her book bag in front of her sex and headed home.  Even when she turned up her walkway they continued to watch.  She was only halfway up the walkway when the front door suddenly opened and Mrs. Cundy stepped out on the porch.

"Becky Melissa Cundy." yelled her mother.  "You are in big trouble, young lady."

Becky could not believe how bad her luck was.  After all she had gone through there was more to come for she saw what her mother was holding.  That hairbrush did not bode well.

"The school called about your terrible and disgusting behavior.  Three neighbors just called about your shameful exhibition of your behind and even more in the street to a gaggle of boys."  Becky could see Tim, her grinning thirteen-year-old brother, standing in the doorway watching and listening.  He loved to see her getting punished.

Her Mother stepped to the front of the porch and summoned her wayward daughter.  "Come here, you sinful girl." she snapped and slapped her palm with the hairbrush.

"You may come closer to see the Act II of the Naughty Girl Show." Becky's Mother yelled to the interested boys.  They did not hesitate to come closer for they were not in any danger.

Calmly, Mother unbuttoned Becky's blouse and slipped if off her.  A quick twist of her wrist undid the hooks that held Becky's bra in place.  The boys' eyes grew larger as the bra fell to the floor.

"Please, Mother, it not all my fault." she pleaded but to no avail, standing totally naked in public.

Pulling her naked daughter along, Mother sat down on top of the porch steps.  Just seconds later, Becky was over her mother's lap in place for still another spanking.  Tim had taken the prime viewing spot two steps down on the side.  The neighborhood lads stayed respectively just below the steps for the show.  Everyone, save Becky, thought it was a wonderful show.  The neighborhood boys understood the finer points of the demonstration having been subjected to it themselves.  They fully appreciated the deep meaning of each whack of the wide, hard hairbrush on the glowing cheeks of the very naughty lass.  Each and everyone was glad that he was not the star attraction.  Tim, of course, had all those feeling and thoughts but had the additional pleasure of being flashed by his big sister who had cheated at I'll show you mine if you show me yours.  Her mother was certain that this hard spanking would prevent such disgraceful behavior being repeated in the future.  Becky was far too engrossed in her bawling and her pain to think about anything.  She did not even hear her Mother said: "You're fourteen and are not even responsible enough to dress properly for school.  Girls as young as twelve are responsible enough to be babysitters and apparently you still need one."

When the spanking was over, Becky stood on the porch.  Then as required by her angry, stern mother, she thanked the audience for coming to the show.  The lads all applauded vigorously as they appreciated her complete nakedness openly.

"You may stay for the one-hour encore – The Naughty Girl Contemplating Her Well-Paddled Bottom."  Becky, now just in her birthday suit was led to the wall to meditate on her errant behavior and roasted bottom with her hand on her head.  After a few minutes, Tim and the neighborhood boys all went off to contemplate their own feelings.  "You are to stay here until Tim comes for you, young lady." were her Mother's final instructions.

About an hour later Tim came to fetch his sister.  He carefully explained that he had been given strict instructions and been authorized to spank for any noncompliance.  Only after that did he led his sister to her bedroom.  "Becky, Mother has ordered me to clip and shave your sex.  If you give me any trouble, you will be spanked again.  Please, for your own sake, cooperate.  I promise to be gentle and not hurt you.  If you do not cooperate with me then you with have an even more unpleasant discussion with Father and his thick, heavy wide belt."  Becky was too beaten to do anything but comply.

She lay on the towel Tim had placed on her bed and spread her legs.  As he studied the fully exposed privates of his naughty big sister, he gently ran the barber clippers over her Venus mound.  Satisfied, he then placed the washcloth soaked in hot water over her sex for a few minutes before replacing it with shaving gel.  Then with a fresh pink razor (supplied by their Mother) Tim carefully made his sister baby smooth.  He then told her to shower.  When she had finished, he rubbed some Sportcreme® on her and led her, still naked, down for dinner.

Becky was usually appreciative for her brother's small acts of kindness with the smoothing cream, for providing a pillow for her at the dinner table and not mentioning her exposed state.  Of course, in actuality, he was scoring points with their parents for just behaving nicely.  He knew from unpleasant experience that this was best.

Becky slept badly that night even on her tummy for she feared returning to school.

At breakfast Becky learnt that Tim was now in charge of her with authority to spank – even in public.  Tim checked that she was wearing the proper panties before he led her to the bus stop and warned her that she had better behave most properly or else.  "A couple of my friends called last night and told me what a slut you were yesterday.  Just the slightest misstep and it's over my lap, panties down for a spanking."

Tim was not happy with the comments he heard for the scorn heaped on his sister also included him.  The only way he could limit his shame was to publicly exercise his new powers over his sister to show that he was dealing with her forcefully.  He was helpless to prevent the auction that one most enterprising young man had setup.  There were signs in all the boys' rooms and gym.  "Auction tomorrow – Becky's pink, lace trimmed, bikini panties.  Guaranteed worn and unwashed."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 4, 2009

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