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The following story is fiction about a youth being spanked.  The story contains a scene of a tawsing.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I based this on the recollections I have of the old British TV series "Upstairs, Downstairs",_Downstairs_(1971_TV_series) set in the early twentieth century.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Best Boxing Day Ever


The details were beyond me but what was important was that the Master, who I dare not name, had done very well and had advanced.  A fancier than usual Christmas dinner was scheduled with lots of guests.  Of course, that meant a lot of work – extra work – was required and that none of us could slack off.  Mr. Merwin could not promise but he expected that we would be happier than usual on Boxing Day.  Mr. Merwin was the butler, who was in charge of all of us servants in the great household.  I was the least important being just twelve and new to the household.

It seemed to me that I had to specialize in the dirty jobs.  Cleaning up after others and running about doing errands would pretty much cover it.  The best part of everything was that there was plenty of food although often old leftovers from the Master, his family and guests.  This was a far cry from what I had in the orphanage.

For the holiday dinner I was pressed into service to help in the dinning room helping the servers and especially to clear away.  The Master's second son, fourteen-year-old Chester, was a trouble maker and had taken a dislike to me.  Fortunately he was away at his fancy public school most of the time and where he often got into trouble.  I heard the Master talking to him about the bad reports and that he must mend his ways.

The trouble started pretty late on Christmas Day.  I was carrying a tray of dishes and glasses and I fell.  Actually I tripped and, coincidentally, Chester was right there.  Before I could even get up, he was yelling at me for being a careless oaf and breaking expensive dishes.  "You should be beaten."  I started to clean up and a maid and a footman helped me, Nick.  "Don't say a word, lad." he whispered to me, "It will only make things worse."  I took his good advice and kept quiet.

The Master actually came over and asked if I were hurt.  "No, Sir."  I replied and added: "I'm terribly sorry, Sir."© YLeeCoyote

I was shocked when the Master turned to his giggling son and spoke sharply to him in public.  "Your conduct is disgraceful, Chester.  We shall discuss this tomorrow.  Wait for me by the library at nine.  Go to your room, immediately, boy."

I was shocked but Chester just said: "Yes, Father." and left.

As we finished cleaning, Nick asked me: "Did he trip you?"  That really struck home for there was not anything else that could have happened.  I would have liked to have given the brat a good thumping but I didn't dare.  Any satisfaction would quickly disappear when I faced the magistrate so I just carried on.  I just hoped that Boxing Day would be better.  Mr. Merwin sent me to bed before everything was over admonishing me to be up on time in case the Master required anything and there would be plenty to do in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning when several of us were working on cleaning up the Master came into the room.  We all greeted him and he again asked last night's incident.  Wait a couple of minutes and sit by the library door and be quiet.  He went to his library and did not shut the door after Chester entered.  As I sat, I could hear him lecturing Chester about his conduct at the party.  Actually about his MISconduct.  I was surprised at how naughty he had been even before he tripped and threatened me.

Again, my anger grew and I wanted to rush in beat him.  Fortunately, I kept control although I had to grip the chair very tightly to restrain myself.  The Master then got to the final point.  "Chester, take this tawse and ask Bill to give you a severe thrashing on your naked bum."  I could hardly believe my ears.  I had often thought that they should thrash Chester but never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that his father would suggest that I do it.

Chester tried to reason and negociate with his father but it didn't do him any good.  He was told to get to it immediately or else.  I quickly turned away from the library so when Chester stepped into the hall it would not be obvious that I had been listening.

Chester was upset when he got to me and started to stutter and to hem and haw.  It took him a while until he could ask me to punish him and then more until he could actually get it all said.  I was not sure where I should do it, but he suggested his room and I agreed.  I followed him there.

Once in his room he closed his door and just stood like a tree with deep roots.  "Drop your trousers and pants, …er," I was about to address him formally.  However, that seemed wrong so, "… Chester and get into position."  He made stupid noises that he was sorry but that was not going to get him out of this.  My years in the orphanage had taught me that one just accepted the punishment hoping one would take it bravely and be respected by the others.  Maybe it was different in his fancy public school.

"Just get into position, please.  Your father surely will check if I did a proper job." I told him.  I was hoping that it would scare him into cooperating.  He dropped his stuff and leaned on the bed.  His bum presented for the tawsing was a delight to behold.  A blank canvas for me to paint; paint bright red.

It took a couple of tries before I found the right place to stand.  "Be still, Chester." I told him.  I raised the leather tawse and brought it down on his pristine bum.  He yelped like a puppy and I loved how the stripe formed on his bum.  The next few were all the same and left his bum a pale red.  I could tell he was quite unhappy about this.  Did the taswe hurt that much or because I was a mere servant boy.  I'm not sure although my cock was as hard as rock.

I went back to concentrating on the task at hand and gave him another few cuts to bring the count up to a dozen.  "Two more to match your age." I announced.  That the end was near was surely comforting but the last two cuts were surely not.  I aimed low and got the top of his legs and the bottom of his bum where it's most sensitive.

I was rewarded with yells of pain.  I tossed the tawse on the bed and left him.  I hurried to the loo and took care of the rod in my pants keeping the vision of Chester's bright red bum in my head before returning to work.  I felt much better about the world.  I wondered if I would ever be able to leather him again.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was midmorning so we servants assembled to receive our boxes.  The Master gave a nice little speech and then handed out little gift-wrapped boxes to each of us.  Everyone properly thanked him.  I was especially happy because The Master gave me an extra gift – a Crown.

This surely was the best Boxing Day ever.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 27, 2018

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